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5 Backyard Skateparks Built For Pro Skaters


Backyard Skateparks Owned By Pro Skaters

Very few professional skateboarders have the luxury of having their own private skatepark, let alone a skatepark in their backyard.

In this hub, you're going to see five backyard skateparks built for pro skaters. These skatepark projects range from small to large, and are located in the backyards of the best skateboarders alive today.

Here's who made the list:

  • Chris Cole
  • Shane O'Neill
  • Jordan Hoffart
  • Bob Burnquist
  • Tony Hawk

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5. Jordan Hoffart's Skateable Home

Front Yard Volcano

Front Yard Volcano

The Skateable Home

Jordan Hoffart is a Canadian skateboarder who made the move to California and later bought a house there. This house was completely gutted and then re-built with skateboarding as the general concept.

The front yard features a mini quarter pipe, and a volcano with a palm tree planted in the middle. In the backyard, there was at one point a miniramp. It has since been replaced by concrete quarter pipes.

The backyard also includes more mini quarter pipes, the "Canadian mud lump", and the main feature, a perfect 5' concrete bowl with 7' clamshell on one end.

Watch the video above to see Jordan take you through his unique skateboard inspired home.

Jordan Hoffart Backyard Pool

Jordan Hoffart Backyard Pool

4. Tony Hawk's Backyard Skatepark

Tony Hawk Backyard Skatepark

Tony Hawk Backyard Skatepark

Backyard Skatepark Specs

Skatepark Size: 4,500 sq. feet

Skatepark Designer: California Skateparks

This backyard skatepark is beautiful. It was designed and built for the legendary skateboarder, Tony Hawk.

A little bit of everything makes up this park. It has the 9' oververt swimming pool feature in the deep end, a halfpipe element using the square walls, and incorporates street skating with the ledges, rail and pyramid.

Watch the video below to see the Flip Skateboards team and friends skate Tony's backyard skatepark.

Skating Tony's Backyard Park

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3. Chris Cole's Backyard Skatepark

Chris Cole Backyard Skatepark

Chris Cole Backyard Skatepark

Backyard Skatepark Specs

Skatepark Size: 4,500 sq. feet

Skatepark Designer: California Skateparks

On an 8.5-acre plot hidden away in San Diego County sits this $125,000 concrete skate park, built for professional skateboarder, Chris Cole.

Here's what this beautiful skatepark features:

  • 9 Stair Handrail and Hubba set
  • A-Frame Ramp with Rails
  • Big 4 Stair with Rails
  • Small Hubba Ledge
  • Flat Ledge
  • and more!

*Portable MiniRamp and Kicker Ramps not shown in photo

Having a skatepark in the backyard allows Chris to skate whenever he wants, and gives him the advantage of having a place to practice tricks.

Let's see if he can make it count and take home another Street League Championship trophy.

More Of Chris Cole:

2. Shane O'Neill's Backyard Skatepark

Shane O'Neill Backyard Skatepark

Shane O'Neill Backyard Skatepark

Backyard Skatepark Specs

Skatepark Size: 8400 square feet

Skatepark Designer: California Skateparks

Shane O’Neill now has a skatepark in his backyard and it's incredible. This is the type of skatepark you dream of.

Everything you could want to improve your skate game is here.

Watch the video below and see Shane skating what's said to be the "most comprehensive backyard street plaza in existence".

Shane O'Neill Skating His Park

1. Bob Burnquist's Dreamland

Bob Burnquist's Dreamland

Bob Burnquist's Dreamland

Bob Burnquist's Dreamland

Ever since getting introduced to the X Games and Bob Burnquist, it's been inspiring to see what he's done on a skateboard.

From jumping into the Grand Canyon, jumping from a helicopter into a ramp, riding switch through the loop, looping a fullpipe, and stringing together ridiculous tricks on the halfpipe, this guy makes things happen.

Bob's Dreamland started years ago with a 8000 square feet vert ramp. As time went on, Bob kept building and adding to his Dreamland.

Skate Obstacles at the Dreamland

Mega Ramp

The Mega Ramp is a HUGE game changer in skateboarding. It was first introduced to skateboarders by Danny Way in the 2003 DC Shoes video. Since then there are only a handful of skaters with the skills and courage to ride this ramp.

Bob Burnquist's MegaRamp is roughly 360 feet long, and 75 feet high at its peak.

The Roll-In is 180 feet long, with two launch ramps. One across a gap of 50' and the other a 70' gap, both with trapeze netting below. The landing ramp is 27' long leading to a 30' high quarter pipe.

In September 2006 construction was finished on the MegaRamp. The total cost was $280,000 and was partially covered by his sponsors, Oakley and Hurley.

Vert Ramp

This vert ramp started as a wooden ramp layered in SkateLite, but has since been resurfaced in concrete by the crew at Grindline Skateparks.

Having a concrete half pipe makes for a taller and faster ramp than before. And one that will last much longer as well.

Full Pipe

There's also a individual fullpipe in the yard, which Bob has looped, of course. The FullPipe can be seen in the video below. There's footage of him online somewhere looping it like it's easy.

The Loop

In the 2003 while filming for a skate video, Bob Burnquist became the first skater to ride the loop in the fakie position. Later that year he looped it again while riding switch, and another time, with the top of the loop removed.


This is the only corkscrew you will find in a backyard skatepark. In the video below, you can see Bob skate this obstacle.

Bob Burnquist

Bob Burnquist

What Do You Think?

Every one of these skateparks is awesome in its own way.

Imagine having a skatepark in your backyard, being able to skate whenever you want, and never having to deal with pesky scooter kids. That would be sweet!

So tell us... What skate obstacles do you have to practice tricks? And what do you think about these backyard skateparks? Leave a comment below.

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