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3 Best Beginnner Golf Club Sets in 2020

For many newcomers to the sport, Golf can be very overwhelming. With so many different options of cub sets, it can be difficult to choose the set that is best for you. Although I would personally recommend getting fit for a set of clubs by a professional in your area, that is oftentimes something that people are not interested in or it may not even be an option. This list is for golfers who are new to the game or for experienced players looking for a set of clubs to improve their game.

3. Precise M5 Men's Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

In the set: Driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons (5 - PW), putter, head covers, golf bag

Price: $250 - $300

Review: The Driver and fairway woof both have oversized heads, which allows the golfer to hit the ball further. The irons are offset, which makes it easier for the user to hit the ball higher and straighter. All of the clubs focus on forgiveness, which is perfect for newer golfers.

2. Wilson Ultra Men's Complete Package

In the Set: Driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons (6 - PW), sand wedge, putter, head covers, bag

Price: $220 - $950

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Review: The price range is so broad because these clubs are very customizable and the price will vary depending on the options you choose. However, the price should be relatively low unless the selections you make are more rare (Example would be if you are left handed and taller than 6'5). This sets rates higher than the previous one because it comes with a sand wedge, with is much better than having to rely on a pitching wedge up close to the green.

1. Wilson Platinum Men's Golf Clubs

In the Set: Driver, 5 Wood, 5 hybrid, irons (6-9), Pitching wedge, sand wedge, putter, head covers, bag

Price: $220 - $945 (average around $400)

Review: Just like the previous set, this price range is broad because of the many options that Amazon offers. This set takes the number one spot mainly because it is a premium set, but it still offers the same benefits of a beginners set. With maximum forgiveness in each area, these clubs are perfect for beginner to average golfers who aren't looking to spend a fortune on a set of golf clubs. Many beginner sets of clubs are not as durable or high quality as higher priced sets, but this set does not fall short in either of those categories.

I tried to avoid the more expensive sets, mainly because beginner golfers usually aren't looking to invest a lot of money into a set of clubs. Comparing value to quality, these are among the best options on the market.

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