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1974 National Fencing Championship

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I am retired and a former epee fencer at CCNY Varsity and USFA. I have achieved the rank of A and have competed in National tournament.



I came across this 28 page booklet on the 1974 National Fencing Championship held at the Commodore Hotel in NYC. I remember this event very well since it was the year we won the bronze medal in the epee team event. It was the highest achievement of my fencing career. I had just graduated from CCNY and joined the NY Turn Verein club.

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Back then, the fencing world was run by the AFLA, amature fencing league of America. There was three weapons for men and only foil event for women. The two major fencing powerhouse was the NYAC and the Fencers Club. The fencing equipment was provided by two local companies of Santelli and Costello. Both were well respected as fencing maestros. The president of the AFLA was Steven Sobel. The chairman of the Metropolitan Division was Kevin McMahon.

Among the patrons were Mrs. Dale Carnegie, Julia Jones and among the boosters were Ralph Goldstein and Maestro Edward Lucia.

That year, there were 152 foil competitors, 105 sabre, 147 women’s foil and 149 epee. In addition, there were 23 foil teams, 12 sabre teams, 29 women’s foil teams and 23 epee teams.

My Personal Recollection

This was a great year for me personally. I had just graduated from CCNY and starting on a long career with IBM. I just hit a personal high in the previous year Martini and Rossi Invitaional. See the link below for details. I had joined the NY Turn Verein club and taking lessons from maestro Neiderkirshner. Our team consisted of Arnold Messing, an All American, John Karousos, a recent All American, and Ron Linton and me. We were a great team. We ended up with a bronze medal and honestly we could have done even better if one of our team member did not sustain an injury in the semi final round. He pulled out and put in our substitute.

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My Team Medal


The Winner Trophy - Sword of Honor



What a great find in the archives of the Fencers Club. The details of that year and the fencers, some of which went on to achief great things and some are still active fencing today 44 years later.

  • My Return to Fencing in 2017
    I started fencing in college in 1969, and after college till 1982. I restarted fencing in 2002 in my 50s then stopped in 2007. Now, after 10 years I am back fencing for exercise.

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