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15 Fun and Relaxing Outdoor Activities that Must Be on Your To-Do List this Autumn

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As soon as September arrives, the day becomes shorter and shorter with each passing week. And the leaves start to change their colors too. But the sun is still powerful though not that powerful that you have to stay hidden inside and think of ingenious ways to cool off your body. On the contrary, the autumn’s sun is very inviting.

Its warmth says it’s your last chance of enjoying beautiful weather until winter settles in and freezes everything.

And there are so many reasons why we should all take advantage of this great season and stay outside as much as we can. Fill our lungs with fresh air, enjoy all the fruits the autumn is giving us and ultimately spend more time with our loved ones while doing some engaging and fun outdoor activities.

Because autumn is my favorite season, I have thought of a few interesting ideas on what we could all do to enjoy the season to the maximum. Did my research and came up with 15 very nice outdoor activities for adults and some for children as well. Some fall into the category of relaxing and others in the fun category, so let’s see which one best suits your needs.

After all the summer’s heat, autumn brings with it a new mood. All of a sudden we feel like cooking savory meals and drink more warm drinks, and spend more time outside since the sun rays are so gentle and warm with us.

Also knowing that this good weather will slowly fade into freezing temperatures makes us want to have each of our morning or afternoon coffees outside. Which is a very pleasant thing to do no matter the time.

Try to never miss any Barbeque or Cookout in the autumn.

Barbecue food is always the best!

Barbecue food is always the best!

It’s a great way of spending time outside and enjoying really tasty food. You can prepare your own candy corn or caramel apple, whichever you think it’s easier and faster. I bet they will be the stars of the cookout among your friends and family. Not to mention how happy the kids will be with these tasty goodies.

Autumn is the season of picking fruits.


After waiting all summer long for them to ripe and in some cases caring for your fruits, you can finally reap the benefits of your hard work or patience. Venture yourself somewhere at the countryside, if you live in the city, or in your own orchard and pick all the apples, grapes, pears, prunes and whatever else you can find.

It will be a relaxing moment for you but it can also be a fun time if you bring along children or grandchildren. When you’re done, those fruits can go into seasonal dishes and pies and really feel the season’s richness and uniqueness.

Such activity could revitalize your body and mind, starting with the small effort of picking the fruits and continuing with seeing so many colors and inhaling all those wonderful smells! That will spoil your senses for sure.

If you can and have the right space, don’t hesitate to have a bonfire!


They are awesome possibilities to bring people together, make new friendships or strengthen old bonds between adults and children alike. And since nights in the autumn are colder it’s a nice way to warm yourself up and maybe fry a marshmallow or a sausage. Tell scary tales and drink hot tea in the cold air, you’ll sleep like a baby afterwards.

For some time alone you could always get your favorite book and go outside, under a tree, on the grass or on a bench, and read for as long as you want to.


It can be a park, a field or the back of your yard. It would be ideal if you’d found a spot to sit with the back to the sun so you can keep warm too. Wherever it is, the important thing is to spend your reading time outside in the fresh air and the chirping of the birds.

That’s almost like a ZEN state of mind, which of course it can be used to meditate a little too. It’ll only recharge your batteries and fill your body with some Vitamin D from the sun.

Picnics are also great autumn activities and a convenient way to get your sun dose and enjoy a nice meal surrounded by nature.

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A picnic can be very relaxing when you’re having it with nice company. It always matters with who you’re sharing your meals and add to that the relaxing sounds from nature; you could be having the best meal in the whole week.

Make time from your busy schedule and go to the nearest green space you know with a basket full of goodies and your special someone and enjoy your time outside!

There’s nothing more pleasant than spending a sunny and warm afternoon gardening.


It doesn’t have to be hard work. Just tearing out some weeds, dig a little dirt around the flowers, maybe even plant new ones and moist their ground so they can still thrive and bloom. Plants and flowers are always great medicine for sore eyes, and their smell could also be reviving.

Sightseeing is one of the most pleasant autumn activities.


Walking slowly around a lake or a crop or field somewhere can be pretty relaxing. The multitude of colors that spread out before your eyes is almost magical during fall. And the walk itself will also have a good impact on your health.

Carving pumpkins for Halloween is usually a family’s recipe for success.


Children and grownups altogether will have fun carving and chopping the big pumpkins, making them look funny and scary at the same time. It’s the perfect reason to bond some more with your kids or friends, eat a pumpkin pie or other goodies, tell jokes and laugh at all the unexpected moments that may occur throughout the day.

Ever felt like being a little childish and forgetting about problems?


I’m sure you did. We all want it at some point and flying a kite is the perfect reason to achieve that serene peace of mind. You can either go with a kid to a park and help him fly the kite or you could go by yourself. If you'd take your special someone with you, then you’ll be able to do what you like while the other’s setting up a picnic too. That would be an awesome spent autumn day.

Another funny outside activity is playing ping pong.

Indeed you’ll need a proper setup and if you don't have the ping pong table, you could always find one in a park that’s close to you and it'll be worth it. It’s an easy sport for two or four, so it’s perfect when you’re looking for a little workout in the nature and a good laugh with your friends or family.

How about a backyard sleepover?


That would be like a new adventure but in the comfortable premises of your home. Just camp in your back garden and spend the night in a tent, a sleeping bag or even a hammock if you feel brave enough.Just keep in mind that autumn nights are cold.

You and your company will feel the real outdoor experience of sleeping outside and you could also make it more fun by telling some stories or even look back on some nice forgotten memories.

Another fun activity that’s worth doing under the warm sun of the autumn is playing a game like the scavenger hunt.

This game can be played in numerous ways. You can either follow the original rules and bury and hide things or you can even introduce some family history if you’re playing with children.

Thanksgiving is a late fall celebration and it’s always a good idea to invite people over to have a great fun and relaxing day.


With so many people around you’ll definitely have a wonderful time and you’ll also have help in the kitchen when needed. Not to mention all the yummy food being served that day!

The autumn weather is perfect for those who want to work out.


It can be a lot of fun to do your workout sessions outside for once. You could always try some easy exercises and fitness outdoors, in a group if you’re looking for extra motivation or alone. Depending on the type of workout you’ve chosen, many can be done in a park or in the backyard.

Running, walking, cardio jumps, stretching are just a few workouts that can be done in nature. This is also a very good way to fill your lungs with clean and fresh air and oxygenate your brain properly.

And of course, for those who love to travel throughout the world, I wouldn’t recommend any other season to do it.


Seeing a city for the first time in autumn will definitely stay imprinted in your mind. All those warm colors of the fall and the perfect weather will always make a powerful impression. So yes, autumn is the best season for city breaks! Go out and explore as much as you can.

Of course these are only a few of the many outdoor activities that can be done during autumn. Hopefully all these ideas will inspire you to get out each weekend if possible for as long as there will be sunny and warm outside.

And let’s not forget that when winter comes, it’ll be a very long and cold time until we get rid of it again!

Whatever you choose to do outdoors, it’s important that you have fun and relax yourself so you can face the next days with a healthy condition and an uplifted spirit.

Do you have a favorite autumn activity? And which one of the above mentioned tempt you to try this fall?


Laura (author) from Bucharest on September 29, 2015:

Nah, that's only a problem with little stores. You need to go big and make sure that no matter how much you munch you'll have enough for months :)

Paola Bassanese from Ireland on September 29, 2015:

Time to store food away for winter! Mind you, I'm too greedy, I eat everything within a few days of picking!

Laura (author) from Bucharest on September 29, 2015:

Thank you very much Paola! Autumn is a very rich season indeed. It's almost like you can't keep up with the cooking and eating all those veggies and fruits.

Paola Bassanese from Ireland on September 29, 2015:

Autumn is the perfect season for foraging! As you mentioned, you can pick fruit but also there's plenty of edible vegetables around (and even mushrooms!).

Great article

Laura (author) from Bucharest on September 23, 2015:

Many thanks Nancy for being so supportive :) I guess it shows that I love Autumn.

Nancy Yager from Hamburg, New York on September 23, 2015:

What beautiful pics and great ideas. I forget how much fun the Fall can be.

Laura (author) from Bucharest on September 23, 2015:

Aww thank you bunches! I had lots of fun writing it too :)

Richard Francis Fleck from Denver, Colorado on September 23, 2015:

I enjoyed reading this along with your catching images.

Laura (author) from Bucharest on September 23, 2015:

Thank you for your nice words! It seemed appropriate for an article about autumn activities :)

Vagabond Laborer on September 23, 2015:

Hi Laura,

Beautiful photograph of an autumn leaf.

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