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10 Reasons Kane is better than The Undertaker


His Costume

Let's be honest, whilst both Kane and the Undertaker have had a few different costumes, Kane's is much more memorable than the Dead Man's. Whilst Undertaker has had some memorable entrance outfits (spiked robes etc) each costume Kane has had is much more memorable and much more colourful than his kayfabe brothers.

Kane in 2014


He's Freshened up his Gimmick

Apart from the American Bad Ass (although I think we'd all like to forget that phase) the Undertaker has been largely the same character throughout his entire career. Whether he was the leader of the Ministry, the Zombie or annually defending the streak - he's still very much the same character in appearance, move set and on the mic. However, Kane has transitioned from a silent, burnt monster to a more humanised beast and finally to a corporate bootlicker - all the while evolving his character to ensure he remains interesting.

Looking Corporate


He Puts People Over

Particularly during the American Bad Ass phase, the Undertaker has been a burying younger talent for the past 30 years. He killed the Legend Killer, buried Bray Wyatt, destroyed Booker T, absolutely murdered DDP and refused to let Brock Lesnar beat him first time round (ending in a draw). Alternatively, Kane has always been willing to put younger talent over which has made him a more important character to the WWE in the past 10 years as he's helped legitimize several WWE wrestlers.

He's A Better Performer

I'm aware that a lot of Kane matches aren't the best on the card, but at the same time, he does put on quite a few hits. Think of his matches with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in recent years and then compare them to matches the Undertaker has had recently. Each of his matches with Lesnar have sucked, his matches with Bray sucked and (aside from Shane jumping off the cell) his match with Shane sucked too. Undertaker is long past it whereas Kane has at least some fire left in the tank - pun intended.

His Debut

The Undertaker's debut was impressive, but hugely memorable either. However, ask anyobody whose watched wrestling since 1997 to recall a more memorable debut than that of Kane. The sight of him ripping off the door to the cell and costing his brother the match was a visual many long term WWE fans will never forget.

Kane's Debut

He's A Team Player

Aside from putting people over, Kane has allowed himself to look stupid several times (Katie Vick I'm looking at you) and is nearly always the near-winner (Royal Rumble 2001 for example). However, the Undertaker is sure to always look exceptional - whether it's his overly long entrance, inability to lose a match, no selling of moves, desire to push himself as an MMA style grappler or refusal to show any angst about any opponent - the Undertaker always makes sure he's the focus, no matter if it takes away from other wrestlers.

He Has More Acting Range

The Undertaker plays one role well, very well even, but he's always stuck in that same role. However, Kane has shown he's capable of playing a destructive monster as well as a comedy character for the WWE. His interactions with Daniel Bryan during their run as Team Hell No were hilarious and showed that Kane had a much greater range than his brother.

Kane's Funny Moment

Breaking Kayfabe

I think Kane has a greater ability to interact with fans because he can break kayfabe. Whilst it's not the Undertaker's fault that the WWE wants him to play the character 24/7, I do feel it hinders his ability to communicate effectively with the fanbase. After all, there's nothing more cringe-worthy than watching a 40 odd-year-old man kneeling down and sticking his tongue out as a sign of respect.

He's Around More

They've both been in the business a long time but Kane has certainly been more present that the Undertaker. Whilst the Dead Man has returned for several one-off annual appearances, Kane has been an ever present on WWE TV, competing in several dangerous matches including Hell in a Cell and MITB whilst the Undertaker lay at home resting.

He Works in any Tag Team

Whilst the Undertaker has been WWE Tag Team champion several times, none of his tag teams are very memorable apart from the Brothers of Destruction - with Kane. On the other hand, Kane has formed some memorable alliances with a variety of wrestlers including Daniel Bryan, the Hurricane, X-Pac and even Spike Dudley.

Team Hell No


To Conclude

Evidently, there is a lot of merit to an argument that says Kane is more valuable to the WWE than his kayfabe brother, The Undertaker. In the past, Undertaker may have been the better wrestler (although Kane was more than serviceable as well) but his unwillingness to put people over has hurt the company (no new stars) as much as it has helped elevate his own reputation. Now that Kane is the better performer, which he definitely is, and consistently puts new, younger wrestlers over I think it's safe to say he's had a much larger impact on the WWE in the long-term.

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