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5 Camping Activities to Keep Children Busy

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Kayla is a mom of three, taking life one adventure at a time. Kayla has her BA in Psychology. She enjoys reading and traveling.


Getting into Camping

If you love nature and being outdoors, camping is a great place to start. It's especially nice to unwind and disconnect from all the electronics that have consumed our daily lives. Thankfully our camping trips include no electricity so electronics do not work where we are, but this could be turn into a rule- no electronics while camping.

However, camping can becoming slightly boring for children when they have nothing to do. But here are some easy activities to put together to help keep children busy.


1). Nature Scavenger Hunt

This is one of my kid's favorite games to play while camping. Walking trails is something we all enjoy doing, and they can do this on their own, so it's very fun! During nature scavenger hunt you can decide what to put on the list- then find a designated place to put the found items, or put them into a bag or bucket.

The kids like trying to race and beat each other for this game, but don't forget to add an item that will take awhile to find, this will keep them busy for awhile. ;)


2). Nature Tic Tac Toe

All the pieces needed for nature tic tac toe can all be found outdoors while camping, which means no packing necessary. For nature tic tac toe you need to find sticks to create a number sign, or as kids now days would refer to them as "hash tags".

Then you'll need to find 2 different objects for the game, things that are easy to find in larger quantities would be rocks, acorns, dandelions, or pine cones. The kids will also have a fun time finding the objects to play the game, as well as put together.

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3). Leaf Rubbing

In order to do leaf rubbing, you'll need to gather a pile of leaves. You'll also need crayons and paper handy. The kids will have fun gathering the leaves, try having them look for different sized and shaped ones too.

Once they leaves are gathered, place them underneath the paper. Take the crayon and start rubbing it over the top of leaf on the paper. The image of the leaf will appear with whatever color crayon used at the time.


4). Paper Plate Ring Toss

This can be prepared before hand or even during the camping trip. For paper plate ring toss, you'll need paper plates and an empty paper towel roll. You must cut out the center of the paper plates in order to make them ring like. The paper towel roll is to throw the rings onto. The kids can decorate the plates any way they'd like. There could be multiple games made up with the ring toss.


5). Night Time Bowling

The kids are going to love night time bowling! Not only is it fun, but it looks awesome. I think even older children would like this game. For night time bowling make sure you have 10 water bottles, still filled with water. You'll want to crack glow sticks for each water bottle and place them inside.

Any ball will work, but to make it more fun you could look into getting a ball where you could add glow sticks into it as well. What kid doesn't love glow sticks?!


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