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Yin Yang Symbol Meaning - Chinese Philosophy

Yin and Yang Symbol

Yin and Yang Symbol

Yin and Yang Symbol

What is Yin and Yang

Yin-Yang is one of the most famous symbol of Chinese philosophy. The image of the symbol is a circle which consists of two teardrop-shaped halves – one black (yin) and the other white (yang). Within each half (the two halves are equally big in size) is contained a smaller circle of the opposite color.

This symbol represents the perfect balance of the positive and negative energies. It is the Chinese perspective of balance and continual change. Since the circle is whole, therefore the two halves cannot be complete without the other. Since ancient times, these two major forces is believed to control the universe, including ourselves. Ancient Chinese scientists and philosophers also understood that opposites must exist in order to create a whole.

Yin Yang Examples

If the Yin is Female, Night, Cold, Soft, dark, passive and downward. Then the Yang is Male, Day, Hot, Hard, Bright, Active and upwards. When the Yin is contracting, then the Yang will be expanding. If the Yin is descending, then the Yang will be ascending. The nature’s contrasting forces are represented as Yin and Yang. Another simpler way of understanding this philosophy is to notice that there are two sides to everything – happy and sad, enjoy and suffer, good and bad. Yin and Yang are the opposites that make the whole and they are equally important and powerful. They cannot exist without each other and nothing is ever compIetely one or the other.

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Yin Yang in Medicine and Acupuncture

The symbol of Yin and Yang is said to be created by scholars in their effort to locate the position of the sun. The Yin Yang is also used as a basic foundation theory for Feng Shui and many other theories including the theory of Five elements. In the Chinese classic medicine Yin-Yang refer to energies and functioning modes of organs and the body. The healthy state is believed to be brought by the right balance between Yin and the Yang. If one force dominates the other, then it will bring about an imbalance that can result in ill health. Therefore we have to choose the right food and nurture a psychic equiIibrium in order to acquire longevity and health.

One of the acupuncturist’s main aims is to make the Yin and the Yang balanced within the whole person in order to prevent iIlness occurring and to restore existing health. Acupuncture is said to be Yang therapy because it moves from exterior to interior while the nutritional and herbal therapies are Yin therapies as they move from interior theroughout the body.


Dinesh Pal on October 23, 2015:

i wear a simple yin-yang locket of rupees 10 . i put red thread in order to put in my neck. is it okay. will it benefit me??

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