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Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui

The route of the flying stars.

The route of the flying stars.

Basics of Flying Stars

Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飞星) are also known as Nine Palaces Flying Stars (九宫飞星) or Purple White Flying Stars (紫白飞星 ).

Flying Stars feng shui has been very popular since the 20th century. It is a sophisticated Classical Feng Shui system that takes into account time, qi distribution and landform when evaluating a property.

Flying Stars refer to the nine celestial stars that have certain influence over every individual. Whether a Star is timely (positive) or untimely (negative) will depend on numerous factors of Time, Direction and Location.

The time factor is the “Three Cycles, Nine Periods” or “San Yuan, Jiu Yun” (三元九运 ). The Three Cycles are made up of the Upper, Middle and Lower Cycle, which totalled 180 years. Each Cycle (Yuan 元) consists of three 20-year Periods. Each Period (Yun 运) is governed by one of the nine Purple White Stars.

The Luo Shu Square

The Luo Shu Square

Four Flying Stars Charts need to be created before any evaluation can begin. The first is the Earth Chart, known as Di Pan (地盘) or Yuan Dan Pan (元旦盘) in Chinese. It is the same as the Luo Shu Square (洛书).

Next, is the Heaven Chart, also called Tian Pan (天盘) or Yuan Yun Pan (元运盘). The last two charts to be plotted are the Facing Stars Chart (Xiang Xing Pan 向星盘), and Sitting Stars Chart (Zuo Xing Pan 坐星盘).

A combination of these three charts into one will give you the Natal Flying Star Chart (宅命图), which shows the basic pattern of Qi within a structure.

Plotting a Flying Star Chart requires patience and practice, as well as some crucial pieces of information.

The sample case will give you some idea on how the chart is analyzed.

Auspicious flying stars in Period 8

Under the Three Cycles Nine Periods, the current period is Period 8 (from 2004 to 2023). There are five flying stars that are considered positive. They are:

(a) # 8 White Zuo Fu Star or Wealth Star (八白左辅星) (Earth Element) – This is the Wang Qi (旺气) Star and the most auspicious star in Period 8. (Note: The Star that shares the same number as the current Period is called the Wang Qi or Prosperous Qi Star .)

Associated with wealth and prosperity.

(b) # 9 Purple You Bi Star (九紫右弼星) (Fire Element) – This is the Sheng Qi (生气) Star, representing future prosperity. (Note: In each period, the Sheng Qi or Growing Qi Star is the one with the next successive number .)

Associated with joyous occasions, such as wedding, promotion, etc.

(c) # 1 White Tan Lang Star (一白贪狼星) (Water Element) – This is the Jin Qi (进气) or Upcoming Star, as it represents distant future prosperity.

Associated with career, human relationship, knowledge, wisdom, and romance (tao hua).

(d) # 4 Wen Chang Star (四绿文昌星) (Wood Element) – Strictly speaking, No. 4 Star is untimely in Period 8. However, it is often associated with academic or literary success. It governs matters such as intelligence, wisdom, education, and academic research. It is also considered to be a romance star.

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(e) # 6 White Wu Qu Star (六白武曲星) (Metal Element) - Like No. 4 Star, this star is actually untimely in Period 8. However, No. 6 Star together with No. 1 and No. 8 stars are traditionally known as the “Three Auspicious Stars” (1, 6, 8) in feng shui.

Associated with career advancement, power, authority, yi ma, and windfall luck.

Inauspicious flying stars in Period 8

During Period 8, the following four stars are inauspicious:

(a) # 5 Yellow Lian Jing Star or Misfortune Star (五黄廉贞星) (Earth Element) – the cause of most disasters, such as great financial loss, accidents, illness, or even death.

It is the most malicious Sha Qi (煞气) (Killing Qi) Star among the unlucky stars.

(b) # 2 Black Ju Men Sickness Star (二黑巨门星) (Earth Element) - Can cause health problems and ailments, especially concerning the stomach and digestive system. It can even lead to miscarriage.

As it is associated with Earth, it can lead to disasters such as earthquake, landslides, or losses in real estate investments.

It is the Si Qi (死气) (Dead Qi) Star, and is the next disastrous star, after Five Yellow Star.

(c) # 3 San Bi Lu Chun or Su Yu Quarrelsome Star (三碧禄存or 蚩尤星) (Wood Element) – This is another Sha Qi Star and is associated with gossips, rumour-mongering and back-stabbing.

It can lead to misunderstandings, quarrels, arguments, conflicts, legal tussles, and even theft. The health of the liver or the limbs can be affected.

(d) # 7 Red Po Jun Star (七赤破军星) (Metal Element) – This star is the Tui Qi ( 退气) (Retreating Qi) Star as it was the Wang Qi Star for Period 7. Its qi is waning and growing weaker over time.

It can lead to robbery, burglarly, fire hazards and injury, as well as back-stabbing. Health-wise, it is associated with the mouth, surgery or venereal disease.

[Note: The nine stars may display characteristics that vary from the abovementioned, depending on its timeliness and untimeliness in different periods.]

Secret of Xuan Kong

The term “Xuan Kong” (玄空) means “mysterious and void”. The secret of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui lies in Time and Space, as revealed by the renown “Purple White Classic” or “Zi Bai Jue (紫白诀).


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