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what is the significance of lord surya

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lord surya riding his vimaan

lord surya riding his vimaan

about lord surya

According to vedas and puranas, lord surya have always being an inseperatable part of indian mythology. lord surya commonly known as sun god and the actual energy of sun ,also known as various names like diwakar ,aditya,hiranyagarbha etc.

he was the son of aditi who was the mother of all gods and the wife of rishi kashyapa and the daughter of prajapati daksha .he was consider to be elder of all demigods.he is one of the five dieties who were considered as eqivalent aspects as mean to realizing brahman in smarta tradition.he is one of the tweleve houses in zodiac indian tradition. he also have another name ravibecause of which we also have a day named ravivara in the indian calender also called to be as sunday in english . in most of his idols and images he is depicted with a dharma chakra in his have and riding a chariot with a chariotier sitting below him which is pulled by 7 horses and have 12 tyres , the seven tyres depict 7 days and the 12 tyres depict the 12 months of the year but it is very interesting as in in indian mythology we do not have the seven day system earlier when the vedas and the puranas were wrote.

according to theIndian scriptures, there are two schools of beliefs as in puranas he have two consorts who were devi sandhya and devi chaaya ,and in vedas he have two consorts who were devi Ushas and Devi Ratri .He was having 10 children namely,
Shradhadeva manu , Yama (god of death) , Yami (Goddess yamuna ) , shani (God of saturn planet),Ashwins , Tapati (holy river),Sugriva (Monkey king ) , karna (Warrior king ), bhadra and survarchala , from all these when we come to the mention of them in puranas we have the most mention of yama ,yami , karna ,ashwinis and shani .Having survived as a primary deity in Hinduism arguably better and longer than any other of the original Vedic deities apart from Vishnu , the worship of Surya declined greatly around the 13th century, perhaps as a result of the Muslim conquest of north India. New Surya temples virtually ceased to be built, and some were later converted to a different dedication, generally shiva . A number of important Surya temples remain, but many are no longer in worship. In various respects, Surya has tended to be merged into Shiva, or seen as subsidiary to him.

some interesting facts and folklores about surya dev

  • abandonment of the shani -After looking his son, who is not even looking like his father as Lord Sun- glowing and solid, resulting that Lord Sun declined to accept him and abandoned both his son, Shani and Chaya. Both mother and son faced disregard and disgrace and suffered through great pain of desertion.
  • pain of sanjana /sangya -According to Hindu mythology, God Sun resides in Suryaloka and has two wives Sanjana and Chaya. Sanjana, his first wife was not able to cope with the energy and heat of Surya and therefore decided to leave him. She transformed into a mare and fled into a forest. Surya learned about it and followed her into the forest. He transformed into a horse and impregnated her several times. Later on, they got re-united as well.
  • cutting off the rays of surya - To make the heat of the Surya bearable to his daughter Sanjana, Vishwakarma cut off some fragments from the Sun. However, those fragments itself were so powerful that no ordinary being could touch or handle it. These fragments were later given to the supreme Gods and deities. Lord Shiva made his trident from it, Lord Vishnu got his chakra or discus from it and Kartikeya or Swami Ayappa got his lance from it. It is also considered that Lord Kubera’s club is made from one of those fragments.
  • surya and shani relationship -Lord Shani who is a revered deity in the Hindu religion is the son of Surya and Chaya (the shadow form of Sanjana). God Sun undermined the capabilities of Lord Shani because of his dark complexion. However, this led to a feeling of animosity between the father and the Sun. Lord Shani is said to have cursed his father that he too will be dark one day and that we can see in the form of a solar eclipse.

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