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what is clairsentience?

Scylla is a psychic who is working on learning the differences between clairaudience and clairvoyance, etc.

Clairsentience is Feelings Heavy.

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings

Yet another talent I have that causes me stress, clairsentience involves clear feeling, or picking up on someone else's feelings as a subset of empathy. Feelings are your guide to what someone else may be feeling. Clairsentience is a psychic talent that makes you feels things that someone else is probably feeling. Clairsentience is about feeling certain ways around certain people, around certain objects, or having your emotions influenced by another's feelings towards you. Clairsentience is something that guides you on what people are feeling around you. Some clairsentient people can pick up on memories. My psychic talent affects every area of my life, where it is hard for me to hide it.

Psychic perceptions are pretty much something that is there to guide you. It means that you have trust in your feelings, and understand where they come from. Clairsentient people are good listeners. I'm high in clairsentience, but I'm also very shy in person, even with being as schizoaffective as I actually am. Clairsentient people blend into the background, the Kasamba article says, and I understand why that is. I hate that my mania makes me talk too much only because I wish I could shut myself up, and so medication helps a lot with that.

Tell Mother I Feel Fine.

Large groups of people at shows, large concert venues, workshops, or other events can wipe a clairsentient out. As a clairsentient with a mental illness, I'd better be dealing with my feelings because I cannot have a denial complex about anything. This is why I need to take my medication. I have to. You cannot talk me out of it. You do not want someone with my skill set flying into a fit of out of control emotion of any kind. Clairsentients, like all those gifted people with psychic talent, are people who need to be gentle with themselves.

Clairsentients literally feel what another person is feeling. It can be difficult to filter. I need my medication to do that only because of feeling what someone else is feeling in Technicolor detail. Clairsentients are also classed as a type of empath, of which there are many kinds of empathy. Non-psychic people look towards psychics because they lack insight. I'm starting to understand why being psychic is a legitimate job in Western countries. However, in my mother's native Spain it can be hard to find a job as a psychic or operate your own business as one.

Sometimes I Feel Like, My Only Friend

Its why I don’t live there, because in the United States we are lucky to have our freedom of religion or from religion, depending on whether you choose worship practices or not. In Spain, the social climate is less freeing. I've got several of the clairs, many of them in fact, and I'm trying to keep myself under control. I'm vulnerable to stress, which I'm trying to learn how to manage better.

Clairsentience is not a great talent to have while inside a hospital only because if you do not block it out, you wind up feeling people's pain inside the hospital. For your own personal sanity, you have to block out people's pain. You cannot take it all in without causing yourself damage. You have to be careful with what pain you take away, and how you take it away. Pain can be shunted into the center of the earth, which can handle it seeing as your physical body cannot necessarily tolerate extreme amounts of pain that do not have to be in your physical body.

It Always Feels Like, Somebody's Watching Me

The human mind can only take so much exposure to pain. Sometimes a clairsentient/empath will feel intense pain at sites where intense pain happened, such as the World Trade Center Memorial, Gettysburg, or Auschwitz. Historically, pain can linger in these sites. Haunted houses or buildings are only haunted because a spirit died a painful death there. This is why I emphasize psychic shielding for all clairsentient people because you need to, although some of you may not want to. The thing about pain is that non-psychics maintain a barrier between them and another person. This barrier is all about separation between two people. This separation keeps you sane; I'm talking to those people who feel maintaining a distance is not necessary.

Suffice it to say, how much pain do you really want to be in? Do you need that pain, or not? To make my argument strong, you have pain of your own if you do. If you are lucky enough not to have a painful existence for a variety of reasons, you will see to it that you have the energy to live your life without as much pain as some of us. Clairsentience is a gift but it doesn't have to run your life. Nothing has to run your life, it does not matter how much pain you carry around, and it does nothing for you.

You Do Not Have To Help Everybody

Clairsentience is a cool talent, which can bring others closer to Infinite Intelligence. But mind how you use it, since it means that you have to be wary of how you influence other people around you. Clairsentience is something that can affect your every day life, depending on how you shield it out. If you pick up on empathic everything, this means you are being a sponge that needs to cut it out. This article emphasizes, you do not have to be a sponge, you were not born with the necessity to be one either. Sponges have limits. They get so soaked with water you have to wring them out.

So this is why clairsentience does not mean you have to carry around loads of pain. It helps you guide someone who wants the guidance but not everybody wants or needs the guidance. Empathic people sometimes get harassed for help when out and about. You don't have to help everybody; there is no universal law that says you have to help everybody around you. That is something some of you cannot resist doing, but that doesn't make your life easier. You have to be able to filter feelings that are not always aired out in the open as this is because some people have the right to privacy.

Trust Your Feelings...

Patience is necessary for your own good if you choose to live on this planet. But there is such thing as having too much patience. When you ask someone repeatedly for something, they are busy not giving it to you, as this becomes playing politics. You do not have to be nice to everybody. There is no universal constant that demands you be the nice one. The nice person is seen as the weak person by ordinary Muggles. Then again, they have no clue how mean they actually are to each other. Yes, even I am capable of being mean to others, but I have the awareness to rein it in. Meanness temptation can be controlled by self-discipline. Then again some of us have none, giving into the temptation to drink. Alcohol and sensitives are another topic altogether, because alcohol should not be had by our kind. It makes you open to mind manipulation, entity/demonic possession, and more. Psychics need to keep their boundaries together at all times otherwise we risk overwhelm, period.

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