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Weird Truth - Believe It, or Not!

Over the years, so many "WEIRD" things have happened to me or to my family, that I could fill several books about them. Here are just a few.

It has happened to me!

It has happened to me!

Truth Truly IS Stranger Than Fiction!

Believe me, I know it...

  • Have you ever had something totally incredible happen to you? Something weird, bizarre, supernatural - but, true?
  • Did you ever hear someone speak clearly to you, who you knew was miles away?
  • Have you ever seen something, that no one else around you could see?
  • Did you ever miraculously find something that you lost?
  • Have you experienced the inexplicable, the unbelievable, the unimaginable?
  • I have - repeatedly, and so have innumerable others.

We hope you enjoy our true-life stories, and as you read them, remember... this, could happen - to YOU!


How Could This Be? ~

My Mom and Dad's Story...

My mother and dad were married in 1938. They were always together. The first time they were separated, was during World War II. Dad was stationed in Germany, and he did not like to speak about a lot of what he saw, but he certainly had some interesting stories to share about some of his unusual experiences. Among other things, he used to tell us the following:

"When I went into the service, in 1942, they asked me what I wanted to get out of this war? I told them - 'ME'!".

"At any rate, I was a Private First Class - that's all I wanted to be, despite my college degree. I served in the 880th field artillery, in several places in Germany. As the war drew to a close, in 1945, I was in a tent hospital out in a field, with a 4-day old ruptured appendix. My weight had dropped from 174 pounds, down to 120 lbs - within two weeks!"

"As I lay there, on a flimsy Army hospital bed, the heat was almost unbearable. It was so hot that day, that the tent flaps on the makeshift hospital were all rolled up, in an attempt to give us all some relief from the heat. I was sweating profusely, and in a great deal of pain. In the midst of my agony, at 4:00 pm, I distinctly heard - quite clearly - my wife calling my name."

"That was impossible. My wife was in our apartment, in Cincinnati, Ohio - in the United States. I was in that field hospital, in Germany!"

"I wrote my wife a letter, every day, no matter what. I told her what I had experienced. When I got her response back - she told me that at the same time, which would have been about 9:00 am or 10:00 am, in the States, depending on the Daylight Savings factor - she heard ME calling out to her. Impossible? Maybe...but I heard her halfway around the world, and she...heard me."

"My wife passed away, at 90, in January of 2009. We had been married for 70½ years. I am 94, as of July 4, 2010. I STILL write my beloved wife a letter, every day. Somehow, I think - she knows!"

As a child, I never forgot that story, and Dad told it time and time again, to his children, and his grandchildren. Dad passed on January, 2011, and finally met up with my mother, again.

The people it happened to...

My parents

My parents

My Mother and Dad

Here are my mother and dad. Dad, in the middle photo in his Army uniform, is wearing an untypical scowl. He is a happy man, and has been a marvelous dad. The first photo, is Mother and Dad in Hattiesburg, Mississippi - when he was stationed at Camp Shelby. The third photo is Mother and Dad dancing at one of my sons' wedding. They were married in 1938, and Mother passed away at 90, in Jan. 2009. As stated above, just about until the day he died, he continued to write her his "morning love letter".

This story is spooky - and true!

This story is spooky - and true!

Alone With the Dead ~

This is a bizarre true story from a dear friend...

"Many years ago, my son worked as an undertaker. He was called, in the wee hours of the morning, to pick up a body and bring it to the morgue. When he got to the house where the body was, the deceased was in a bed, surrounded by her husband and the rest of the family. She was in her 40's, and her husband appeared to be very angry that she had died.

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As my son was putting her into a body bag and onto a stretcher, the husband came in with a rose. He told my son that he wanted her to have the rose in her hand AT ALL TIMES...even in the coffin, and that it was NEVER to be out of her hands. My son said that the guy behaved like a total control freak, and that even his manner, was threatening. The husband demanded that my son give him his word on the matter - which, of course, he did. The man then put the rose in his deceased wife's hands, and helped my son carry the body out to the van.

By the time my son arrived at the funeral home, took her body inside, and undid the bag, so we could begin to prepare the body - the rose was out of her hands. He put it back into her hands, undressed her, and decided to embalm her right then and there, since it was too late to return home and go back to bed.

He began the embalming process. By law, between each interaction with a body, the hands of the attendant must be washed. At one point, he ran out of embalming fluid and had to go get another bag, so he turned around to wash his hands. When he turned back around, the rose was on the floor.

Thinking there might have been a breeze that came in, he went over, picked up the rose, and replaced it in her hands. Again, he needed to wash his hands. When he turned back toward the body, the rose was not only on the floor again, but it was about three feet away from the table.

He started to get spooked, but reasoned that maybe they were having some small earthquakes - not at all unusual in that part of the country. So,...he went back and put the rose in her hands again, and taped her hands and the rose together. Once more, he washed his hands, and went to get the additional bag of embalming fluid.

When he returned to the room, the rose, along with the tape, was on the floor. There was NO ONE else in the building - at 4 a.m. there aren't a lot of people hanging around the morgue, either - there was NO earthquake, NO breeze, and...the woman was most definitely deceased.

He was so upset by the whole thing, he just turned off the lights and got out of there. It really freaked him out, and he doesn't usually get rattled about things like that. To this day, he still does not like to talk about it."

~ The NEXT one happened to me! ~

Lackland Air Force Base is a HUGE place - and we were lost!

Lackland Air Force Base is a HUGE place - and we were lost!

I Couldn't Believe My Eyes ~

I was seriously lost at the time...

In 1994, after being single for several years, I remarried. We had not informed my second son, who was an airman at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, that we actually got married. We planned on showing up and surprising him. He knew we were going to get married, but he didn't know when. My new husband's daughter lived in Austin, Texas, so we both thought it would be a prime idea to drive out to Texas for a honeymoon, and surprise them both.

We were coming from Florida, and taking our time, so I told my other 7 children to just tell my son, if he called, that I wasn't home. If he wanted to know when I'd be back, they were just to say that they really didn't know; he could call back.

When we arrived at the Air Force base, I went into the visitors center, to find out how to contact my son. The airman gave us detailed directions, we went. Well, Lackland Air Force Base is HUGE, and we promptly got lost. I saw a lot of civilians, evidently waiting to meet with their sons and daughters who were stationed there, but they didn't seem to be in the area we were told to go.

After driving a few more moments, I spotted 2 airmen walking. They were the ONLY airmen in sight, which my husband and I thought was odd. I said to my husband - "There are 2 airmen over there. Why don't we just pull over, and I'll ask them where to go." We pulled over, into an empty parking lot, and I got out of the car to walk over to them.

When I had only gone a few steps, I heard the taller one say - "Oh, my gosh! That's my Mom!" Needless to say, the walk became a run, as he swooped me up in his arms and kissed me and held me off the ground. He was SO surprised, to hear we had been married, and so delighted to see us there.

Of all of the thousands of airman at Lackland Air Force Base, what are the odds of God putting my son RIGHT IN MY PATH, at that VERY moment? Pretty slim, if you asked me...

Timing is everything!

Timing is everything!

If I Hadn't Lingered ~

From one of my daughters...

"My home is in Israel. In July of 2008, I was in the U.S. for a visit. With some extra time on my hands, I volunteered to help my oldest brother and his wife prepare for a foreign exchange student who was going to stay with them. With 5 children, 10 years old and under, they needed some extra help painting and preparing for the student. They live about 45 minutes from where I stay when I am in the States, so - I just stayed at my brother's house to save money on the cost of driving.

After being there several days, I was "antsy" to get home. They asked me if I would mind staying a bit longer, because they had arranged to meet with a couple, and needed someone to keep an eye on the children. Well, their meeting was longer than I expected, and I was wishing to go. When they got back from the meeting, my sister-in-law mentioned that they wanted to take me to a new shoe store there, that carried good shoes in large sizes. I wear a women's 13, and it is usually very difficult to find attractive women's shoes in that size. It was already long past the time I had wanted to leave, but I said that I'd go.

We were only in the store for a few moments, when a young man approached me, looked me in the face, and said - "N----, is that you?" I was in shock! I had met him over in Israel, about 2 years before. I did not even know he lived in my brother's town, and I am not usually there, myself. He worked at the store next door, and was just coming back from his break, when he saw me

All of my impatience to get back to my home 45 minutes away, dissolved in an instant. I should know to trust God implicitly, and that every delay has a reason. Had I gone home, when I wanted to - I'd have missed him. Had we not gone to the shoe store, I'd have missed him. Had we not arrived at the moment we did, I'd have missed him. Yes, this is incredible...but TRUE!"

That was one special cockatiel!

That was one special cockatiel!

The Faith of a Child ~

I couldn't believe it!

Well, this one is just incredible! If I hadn't seen it, with my own eyes...I wouldn't have believed it. Many years ago, when my fifth son was about 13 years old, he wanted to get his long-time best friend a cockatiel for his birthday. A cockatiel? What was he thinking? We were struggling just to keep a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs, and the utilities on! Buying an expensive cockatiel for his friend's birthday was completely out of the question.

I explained that to him, and told him the top limit for a friend's birthday was $10. At that time, even that was way out of reach! I told my son, that he would just have to talk to his Heavenly Father about that one, because there was no way we were going to do that for a family member - let alone, a friend. He was very disappointed, but understood, and evidently took me at my word - and prayed about it. I frankly forgot about the whole thing, because there were more pressing issues on my mind.

Much to my complete shock, he walked in the door after school only day or so later, with a beautiful cockatiel on his shoulder. Several of the neighborhood children were trailing along behind him. The cockatiel wouldn't let anyone touch it, but my son. I asked him how he managed to get that bird? I was prepared to cringe, with his answer. I should have known better...

Apparently, it had been flying around the back of his school, for many days. Tan saw it, and told his friends that he was going to get that bird. They really guffawed at that, and made quite a laughingstock out of him. Undaunted, he went outside at recess, and literally called it down. The cockatiel flew down, got up on his shoulder, and came home with him on the school bus.

I was dumb-founded, and grateful. What I would not have considered doing, God did, for one of my sons who had more faith at the time, than I did. We were not able to locate the owner, so within just a few days, my son was able to fulfill his wish. His long-time friend got one of the most expensive birthday gifts one of my children ever gave anyone, and I got new insight into just how much God cares!

Strange Things Happen When People Pray

She was my niece

She was my niece

She's Gone, or Is She? ~

From my sister...

Our daughter, Suzi, passed away several years ago, at 20. She was born with spina bifida, and spent most of her life in a wheelchair, constantly in and out of the hospital. Despite the doctors' grim prognosis at her birth, Suzi led a very full life. She blessed people everywhere she went.

Suzi had two brothers and one sister who just loved her dearly, and a joyful spirit that would not quit. During a routine operation, her 100th, she unexpectedly left us to go home to the Lord. Over the years since her passing, we have had numerous indications that she still lives, and remembers her life here on Earth.

Christmas was Suzi's favorite time of the year. Each Christmas, since her death, she "visits" us several times throughout the season. Our Christmas tree has lots of ornaments on it - they are just regular stationary ornaments. Each year, some ornament on the tree just starts vibrating or spinning, for no apparent reason - with no mechanical device attached to it. The ornament phenomenon has happened every year since Suzi's death. It never happened before. We all recognize her presence when the ornament moves. The rest of the ornaments are completely still, and only one tree ornament moves each time.

Not content just to remind my husband and I, and one brother who lives at home, of her presence; Suzi also visits her older brother's home, as well as at her sister's. We know that she is letting us know she is there, still part of the family, and that she loves us and remembers.

Distance is no obstacle to prayer

Distance is no obstacle to prayer

An Answer to My Prayer ~

...specifically prayed

A few years ago, one of my sons was going through some agonizing heartache. His young wife had left him, abruptly and completely. He was just devastated. Our large family beat down Heaven's doors, praying for her. She had heard the "call of the wild", as I call it, and decided to pursue a career in a different state. Not raised on the Word, her main exposure to Christianity came from my family. We all loved her so, especially - my son.

Days went by - maybe weeks, and he did not hear from her. He was out in the Midwest, we were in the South, and she was in one of the Central states. One weekend, I determined that I would pray specifically for God to put someone in her path to tell her

that what she was doing was wrong, and that she needed to go home. I asked God to use someone who didn't know us, who believed as strongly as we did, so she would see that there are other people out there, who REALLY believe in Him. I also asked God to have her call my son.

I prayed fervently that weekend, fully expecting a call from him at anytime, telling me that his wife had called him. I didn't get the call. Monday morning, while I was at my store, he called. He said - "Guess what, Mom?" I said - "A----- called you". He said - "No", and proceeded to tell me something else. I was SO disappointed. I told him how hard I had been praying that she would call him, and what I specifically asked for.

About 45 minutes later, he called me back. He said - "Guess what, Mom?" I said - "A----- called you". He said - "Yes, she did, but wait until I TELL you what she said!"

She told him, that she had been out walking their little dog. An elderly black woman, whom she'd never spoken to or seen before, approached her and began to speak with her. Reluctantly, my daughter-in-law entered the conversation. The older woman explained that she had been in an accident earlier that year, and her car was totaled, yet she walked away without a scratch - crediting the Lord for her lack of injury.

Then out of the blue, the older woman said, "You know...It's not too late." "Too late for what?", my daughter-in-law replied. "To go back. You had a husband that loved you, that didn't abuse you, that didn't make you work, and you didn't want for anything. This is just the devil tempting you.", she told my daughter-in-law. More was said, but those were the key points. Then, the other woman explained that sometimes the Holy Spirit puts things on her mind to say to someone, and when He does, she says it. She added - "If it doesn't apply, then just ignore it". With that, she walked away.

Needless to say, my daughter-in-law was shocked, and it upset her so much, that she called my son and explained the whole thing in detail and kept saying how weird it all was. My son's response to his wife was, "That's not weird. That's how my God works!"

In three different states, across many miles, the hand of God reached out to speak the truth to my son's wife, over the weekend - just as I had prayed He would. He put someone in her path that not only didn't know US, she didn't know a THING about the situation, and didn't know my daughter-in-law, either - but - she knew who God is!

More Amazing Answers to Prayer

just in the nick of time...

just in the nick of time...

Traffic Jam ~

This happened In our fairly large town...

One February, about four years ago, my sister and her husband were visiting us here in Florida. The day was over, at my fine jewelry store, and I was futilely attempting to pull out onto the main road, from our parking lot - to take my sister to the motel where they were staying. She had been at the store visiting with me for a few hours, and we were going to connect later, for dinner.

Because the traffic is VERY congested on the road in front of the store, we were waiting for quite some time. Finally, I said to my sister - "It would be REALLY nice if one of these people would find it in their heart to let me out". She said something like - "Good luck!".

Well, lo and behold - the very next car slowed down and hollered -"Go ahead, Mom!". I did a "double take". It was one of my grown sons, who doesn't even live near my store, nor is he usually on that particular road at that time of the day.

My sister was just shocked, and I said - "Ain't God GOOD! He sent one of the boys to let me out!". How coincidental is THAT? Of the many thousands of people who live in our town, the very next car in that long line of traffic, was one of my sons. I had my very own traffic controller! Now, don't tell ME God doesn't give us the desires of our hearts!

True - Coincidences ARE Unbelievable!

Almost halfway around the world, a chance encounter!

Almost halfway around the world, a chance encounter!

Now, What Are the Odds? ~

One of my daughter's "coincidences"?

It was August of 2008. I was attending an out-of-town wedding. One of the other guests, a middle-aged man, came up to me and said, "Your name is Natalie, right?" I replied, "Yes! I'm surprised you remember me". His next words were, "Well, I just had breakfast with your brother two weeks ago."

"Which brother?", I asked - I have six of them. "Matt", he said, "and I also met your brother Ben". I was amazed! "How?!?", I asked him.

"Well", he said, "I go to the same church as your brother Matt and we had a men's breakfast and I connected the dots and asked if he had a sister, who lived far away. He told me that he did, two of them. I realized that one of them must be you."

"And how did you meet Ben?" I asked. "Oh, I met him through somebody else, at some kind of men's gathering", he replied.

"But not at a church right?" I asked. "Right", he said. "I know he doesn't go to church, but I just happened to meet him, at the men's group. When I heard him speak about his father, I was reminded of you, and how you spoke about your father." Needless to say, I was simply amazed!

Why is this so strange, and hard-to-believe?

Because this man, lives in a small town in Texas. He had taught a week-long Bible class in 2006, in Jerusalem, Israel, where I live. That is where I first met him. The wedding that we both attended, was in 2008, in Amman, Jordan - halfway across the world! Plus, the week before the wedding, he had met two of my six brothers!

The odds of that happening, are staggering, wouldn't you say? Anyone want to do the calculations?

Some of my favorite Weird Truth on Amazon

I had to see it, to believe it...

I had to see it, to believe it...

Divine Diamond Delivery

This happened to me, in my store...

For this one, I have witnesses. Sometime in 1999, I had a customer commission me to make her a wide, 18KT yellow gold, "loaded-with-diamonds", engagement ring. You know, the "cigar band" type, that covers most of your finger, from the knuckle, down. She wanted the finished piece to be one ostentatiously spectacular ring - with a two carat, D-F color, flawless marquise diamond as the centerpiece.

Relentlessly, I sought for her diamond, among all of my diamond dealers. It was not to be found - at least, not for the money she had been allotted to spend, by her fiancé. I recalled that I was going to a huge jewelry show out of town, where I just might be able to find it, and asked if she could wait a week. Access to the show was restricted to the public; only retail jewelers could attend, and I knew a lot of diamond dealers would be there, exhibiting their wares. There was a distinct possibility I'd find her diamond there. She consented to wait.

The weekend of the show arrived. One of my daughters accompanied me, and we both checked every single diamond dealer, for that particular stone. Finally! I found a vendor who had one, exactly what we needed, and at the right price, too! The diamond was stored at their home base, about two hours away from my store, but I saw all the "specs" on it. My search was over! I told them that I wanted that diamond, and they agreed to hold it for me. That was a load off of my mind, as I was on a timetable to get my customer's ring finished - it was to be her engagement ring. We arranged to send someone on Monday, to pick it up. At long last, I was a step closer to completing her ring.

Monday came. I sent someone I trusted, with the money to pick up the diamond. After she left, I thought I'd give the diamond dealer a call, to let them know the money was en route. The owner's wife answered the phone, and told me the diamond was not available. WHAT??? They were holding that diamond for me! My mind just reeled...

In my naivety, I just thought she needed her mind refreshed, so... I refreshed it. She proceeded to offer excuses -

"We've never dealt with you, before." That's right, they hadn't. Neither had any other diamond dealer that we bought from for the first time.

"We don't know how you do business." Since when was that a qualification for purchase? I certainly don't conduct my business like they do, and I don't break my word.

"We have someone we know coming to look at it on Friday." Oh, NOW, we have the truth!

Well, how very interesting - I just happened to have someone on the way, to pick up the diamond we had been promised, and pay for it - that day. After a few more inept excuses from the owner's wife, I "point-blank" asked her if they had determined there was no way they would sell that diamond to me. Caught off-guard by my bluntness, she said "Yes, that's right". So, I was right back to square one.

As is my wont to do, I prayed. I asked the Lord to help me, as I didn't really know where else to look. I had exhausted my resources. Then, I "let it go", as I know full well that I am not God, I cannot produce a diamond, and I really needed His help quickly. I explained what happened to our customer, and told her I'd be "on the hunt", again. She was wonderful about it, and agreed to wait.

If my memory serves me correctly, a few days later that week, a spritely older couple came into my store. On her finger, the wife sported a gorgeous 2-carat marquise diamond ring. Its quality was apparent, even from a distance. Set in platinum, it was flanked by two lovely tapered diamond baguettes. The ring was beautiful!

They asked me to check the prongs, to see if the diamond was secure. I got my loupe, and did so. The prongs had endured over forty years of "wear and tear". Under magnification, I showed them how thin the prongs were, and assured them that it was a gorgeous diamond. Both of them were delighted to hear me verify its quality. The couple said that they wanted to be certain it wasn't going to fall out, because their grown children were already fighting over who was going to inherit it. Nice kids, no?

What came out of my mouth next, shocked my daughter, and it even shocked me. "I can relieve you of that problem, " I said. "I just happen to need a diamond the exact size, shape, and quality as yours, to finish a custom engagement ring I am making for a young lady." I then told them the story, recounted above. I offered them the same amount of money that I was prepared to pay the diamond dealer who refused to "deal", and added that I would replace the diamond with any semi-precious gemstone they chose. After I said that, I also told them I had never done that before; blatantly made an offer for someone's jewelry.

They laughed, and said they'd think about it. I explained to them, that I was serious. They said that they'd call me. The next day, they called, and said they decided to take me up on my offer. I couldn't believe my ears! - my quest had ended - God did it, again!


Once I had paid for the diamond, I called the customer who wanted it. I told her, that I had found the marquise diamond, for her ring. She was ecstatic! Then, I told her what happened, and how the diamond came to be in my possession. I also told her the name of the company that wouldn't sell it to me, so she would know. Little did I expect her response. She just started laughing!

It turned out, that her ex-husband was a jeweler. He took it upon himself to look for a diamond for her; she didn't want him to do that. All "full of himself", he had told her that he found her a diamond, like she always wanted. She told him, she didn't want him to find a diamond for her, at all. He made a special trip, to see that diamond. It was to the company that was SUPPOSED to be holding it for me. The upshot was, that they didn't sell the diamond to me, because they decided to hold it for him - and neither of us bought it! Isn't that ironic?

All of the fancy foot-stepping done by the diamond dealer and the ex-husband, was for nothing. God sent what I needed, right into my store! I must tell you - it happens - a LOT!

Have You Experienced Weird Truth?

What's YOUR story?

What's YOUR story?

Has It Happened to You?

I would imagine that most people have had some experience in their lifetime, that simply defied explanation. It is unfathomable to me, that these things only happen to a few of us.

At one period in my life, there were daily occurrences that did not make sense to the logical mind, but they happened, nonetheless.

Please let us know if you are one of those who have had events in your life, that had no "sensible" explanation...

Have YOU had a weird experience?

Have YOU had a weird experience?

Tell Us Your Weird Truth

If you have a first-hand experience that you would like to share, let us know. We would love to add your story to "Weird Truth" - too!

If you enjoyed this article - all of which is TRUE - please let us know. With the exception of one story, The Rose, these things - and more - all happened to MY family!

© 2010 Emily Tack


Emily Tack (author) from USA on March 06, 2015:

Thank you, Nell! The one about the ring was just incredible. Glad to hear you have experienced things like these, also. Life is quite an adventure, no?

Nell Rose from England on March 05, 2015:

Hi shades, what great reading! I loved all the stories, and yes I totally agree with you, its happened to me many times too! the ring one made me laugh, so much for greed by that seller! voted up and shared! nell

Emily Tack (author) from USA on February 11, 2015:

Thank you, Rose! I like the verse better in the KJV, but it is definitely one of my favorites.

Emily Tack (author) from USA on February 11, 2015:

Thank you, Rose! I am so glad you liked the article. You are evidently also quite familiar with the kind of experiences I shared in this article.

Rosemarie Austria Villaruz from Manila, Philippines on February 09, 2015:

"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. " _ Hebrews 11 NIV

you are a very remarkable lady. i see your faith in action on our Almighty God!

Rosemarie Austria Villaruz from Manila, Philippines on February 09, 2015:

good hub. very intiguing. "yes" some incidents here happened personally to me, to some friends, my family, and relatives. of course, people don't want to open up and talk about it. there's some negative connotation to people who don't understand and also due to narrow-mindedness they fear admitting something supernatural like these. thank you Emily, for sharing this.

Emily Tack (author) from USA on January 28, 2015:

Gemini Fox, I am so glad you enjoyed it. It is strange, is it not, that some people have lots of weird experiences, while others do not. All I can surmise, is that some of us believe ANYTHING is possible. Far too many, believe that nothing is supernatural. What a shame!

I am convinced that there is so much that is beyond our realm of understanding, but that does not mean the unexplainable is not real - it is just...unexplainable! Thank you for your kind comments!

Gemini Fox on January 27, 2015:

I started reading this hub last night and couldn't wait to come back and finish it! It's a good thing I'm typing right now because I'm speechless. Amazing!!

Yes, I've had some 'weird' things happen to me over the years, but nothing close to your experiences. I've always thought it strange that some people (like you, apparently) have had lots of these experiences yet others never do! Wonder why that is?

Very, very interesting!

Emily Tack (author) from USA on January 10, 2015:

Thank you, Kenneth. Have a happy and prosperous 2015, yourself! I am looking forward to seeing what wonderful and unbelievable things will happen this year, that I can share here.

Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on January 09, 2015:

Dearest Shades-of-Truth,

I am so thankful that I have you in my life as a dear friend and motivator. I wish You and Yours a Very Happy New Year.

Your Friend for Life,


Emily Tack (author) from USA on January 09, 2015:

Thank you, Peg! These are only a small sample of the many unbelievable things that have happened to my family. I am so glad you liked them!

Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on January 09, 2015:

These stories are truly incredible experiences of a mysterious nature. I loved the one about your Dad and Mom and the one about the rose.

Emily Tack (author) from USA on October 24, 2014:

Oh, I am 100% convinced God is involved. I used to keep journals, and could write a few books on what my family and I have experienced!

Barbara Badder from USA on October 23, 2014:

I've had things like this happen too. Do you think maybe God has something to do with it? I have no other explanation. I think maybe some people are more open to these things, especially if two people are really close.

Emily Tack (author) from USA on October 12, 2014:

My pleasure, I assure you, Kenneth. Your last comment came through in duplicate, so I denied one of them.

Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on October 12, 2014:

Hey, Shades-of-Truth,

Please allow me to briefly mentor you on naps.

It is a special time during early afternoon when it rains or doesn't rain and your body is relaxed as well as your mind and suddenly your eyelids . . .(a half hour goes by)

Yawn! Hey, where am I?

Oh, I fell asleep, Shades. Sorry.

I appreciate our friendship so much. You are a pure delight to know as well as being a talented writer.


Emily Tack (author) from USA on October 11, 2014:

Ditto - and - nap? What's a nap? Who has time to nap? Must be nice, Kenneth!

Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on October 11, 2014:

Oct. 12, 8:55 p.m.,/cdst


Hey. I just dropped by to wish you a safe and peaceful night. Been a busy day, but it is now stopped raining and I am ready to nap.

Best to you everyday.

Emily Tack (author) from USA on October 10, 2014:

Kenneth, I am so glad you enjoyed it, and am most pleased to have made your acquaintance, too! We have had so many instances of divine intervention in our lives, and deign not to call them "coincidences". The truth may be weird, but it is captivating, too! I never tire of reading about the inexplicable experiences that occur in real life, do you?

Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on October 10, 2014:

Night of Oct. 9/10:12 p.m./cdst

Shades-of-Truth . . .

Absolutely, without a doubt, THE most incredidle hub I have read in the past months.

Yes, as I voted, have had one of these mysterious experiences, but I love the story so much about your parents. What love. What devotion.

And they made you and you came into my life recently by Divine plan. Not just a random roll of the dice.

Thank YOU so very much for sharing such a heartfelt piece.

Emily Tack (author) from USA on October 03, 2014:

Emi Sue, I never was looking for any of the weird things I have experienced. If you want to experience the world of "stranger than fiction", you most likely will!

Emily Lantry from Tennessee on October 03, 2014:

I've went looking a few times but I've never found anything, yet. I definitely believe in the eerie stories, and enjoy hearing them. I hope one day i wont find more than i bargained for.

Emily Tack (author) from USA on October 03, 2014:

Emi Sue, thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it. Some of the experiences I have had, I did not write about. I would rather have not had them, frankly!

Emily Lantry from Tennessee on October 02, 2014:

I've never experienced anything supernatural. I really enjoyed reading about your experiences.

Emily Tack (author) from USA on September 23, 2014:

Yes, Country-Sunshine, those experiences ARE real - yet we still find them difficult to believe!

Country Sunshine from Texas on September 23, 2014:

I have had some strange experiences myself, including seeing my husband after he passed away. I do not know how to explain them, but I know that somehow they are "real".

tandemonimom lm on June 30, 2011:

I still have tears in my eyes from the story of your dad still writing love letters to your mom.

Senora M on November 17, 2010:

Weird. Interesting lens.

anonymous on October 28, 2010:

I have given up trying to explain the inexplicable! Very interesting lens.

KarenTBTEN on October 27, 2010:

Lovely read. There is much in life that can't be explained. Most of my own experiences have involved dreams. Blessed by a SquidAngel.

CCGAL on October 27, 2010:

Wow - I was totally enthralled by your stories! (And the formatting is delightful, as well!) **Blessed by a Squid Angel**

dustytoes on October 26, 2010:

It is amazing how God does things for us in his own way and seldom how we would like it to be, but the outcome is even better. Your stories are uplifting.

GrowWear on October 26, 2010:

A fascinating read! There is so much to this world and beyond that we don't know...

DecoratingEvents on October 26, 2010:

I absolutely loved these stories... truth is definitely stranger than fiction! Leaving you with an Angel Blessing.

anonymous on October 24, 2010:

Fascinating! To paraphrase an unknown person...the truth is always stranger than fiction.

norma-holt on July 12, 2010:

Wow, what a lens. Truly engrossing reading. *-*Blessed*-* and featured on Sprinkled with Stardust and also on My Spirituality

Emily Tack (author) from USA on June 27, 2010:

I don't think she wanted that rose from her husband, either! I am so glad you all enjoyed these! Thank you, everyone of you!

callinsky lm on June 27, 2010:

I love stories like these. They are no doubt my favorite kind of lenses. I've had many very strange things happen to me over time. There are far too many to go over here. That lady didn't want that rose. I am absolutely sure of that. I hope that she was put to rest without it.

Indigo Janson from UK on June 05, 2010:

Some incredible stories here. I enjoyed every word!

Wednesday-Elf from Savannah, Georgia on May 26, 2010:

I've had several 'weird' things happen to me over the years, so I found yours really interesting. Sometimes things happen that we can find no explanation for and just have to accept them and know they were sent for a reason. I really enjoyed your weird truth stories. Thanks for sharing.

babylovetees on May 24, 2010:

God does indeed work in mysterious ways! I really enjoyed reading your lens, especially about Suzi. 5 thumbs up :) and lensrolled to my Saved By A Guardian Angel lens.

LadyFlashman from United Kingdom on May 24, 2010:

Wow! Amazing stories, I am spooked by the rose story though. And now I have to try to sleep after reading that! These are wonderful stories, apart from being spooked I was very touched too.

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