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The Addled Order

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Have you ever wondered why physicists dither in their theories about the beginning of the universe? Why most of the ebullient, sagacious people are handicapped? Why no one has ever used more than 10% of his brain? Why unfortunate things happen when fortune is about to hit? Why the universe is so enthralling that most of us are easily inveigled by its panoply? Why do we have so much avarice that only some of us have the time to think outside the box?

An apparent and easy answer to these so many “whys” lies in the existence of a creator. It seems eloquent that someone higher than us is controlling us to generate these “whys”. People call this higher being “God”. The definition of God fluctuates from religion to religion but one thing remains the same — God is the creator.

Islam is the largest religion in the world. It attracts people because of the authenticity of scientific facts mentioned in the Holy Quran. Scientific theories of 21st century were already mentioned in the Holy Quran of 7th century. Albeit the explained text of Holy Quran answers inordinate questions — it marks inordinate questions at the same time.

“He created the heaven and Earth from nothing.” Quran, 6:101

To this date, many scientists have agreed to this verse of Holy Quran. The universe started with a small singularity resulting in a big bang and that singularity came from nothing — space and time did not exist before that event. Is that it? De facto it is not as easy as it looks — it is complicated enough to make us scratch our heads throughout our lives but to no avail.

A blasphemous kid will go around and ask stupid questions like if the creator is that mighty then why does he need thinking men for his worship — Wasn’t supernatural spirits enough? If he is justifiable then why did he put people in this world who did not want to be here? Religious scholars will shut his mouth by telling him about the desire of God for submission by brainy mankind. Also the God wants to see how will men respond — How many will understand that they are created for worship and how many imbeciles will not understand. How many will be obedient and truthful and how many will not. How many are wise and how many are not. By giving the BLESSING or the CURSE of brain to mankind — God wants to test men.

Our iffy minds persuade us to do bootless inquisition. These questions are answered but not satisfactorily. Subsequently, it leads to the conversion of ineffectuality of these questions into effectuality. Some malcontents find it ill-suited to serve someone for a creation that they never wanted or asked for.

We are the chess pieces fighting hard for our survival, while the creator sees and controls a game set up by him. It infers God as a creator who sees the game of life, changes it, controls it. In the end, God blames it all to the chess pieces if they fail. How are the pieces accountable for the wrong moves if they are controlled by someone and their fate was already written? How are we responsible for our evil natures if life was structured in a way to generate evilness in us?

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The presence of brain that has the ability to impugn God — insinuates the erroneous nature of God’s powers. If the brain was created by a perfect being, the perfect being should have instilled a limit in it so that it should not surpass the universal design — Ever! We are entrapped badly in the confusion of God. The scientific interpretation of texts of Bible of 6th century and Quran of 7th century make some people to believe that God created the universe but they do not understand why they have to serve. They are working hard to survive, they are paying for what they are getting. Why they need to pay extra for what they owe by praying all the time.

Scientists have not justified the reasons behind singularity so we have to believe that God created the first event. Either way it is the singularity or God who came by itself. If we can say that no one created God, we can also say that no one created singularity. There has to be one thing that occurred itself.

The universe is so beguiled that it is hard to conclude anything. In 2003, Nick Bostrom argued that we might be living in a computer simulation created by a more advanced civilization. This makes more sense because of the errors in universal order. A more advanced generation can commit mistakes — the biggest mistake is giving mankind the ability to reach conclusions that will one day find the whole working order of this universe. God is supreme and cannot commit mistakes. While there are errors in the universe. By the time we will reach the solution of universe dilemma, the whole construction of mankind will be ruined. Maybe one day, we will find that it was our own selves, we were fighting this whole time!

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