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Twin Souls and Soul Mates - What's the Difference?


What are Twin Souls?

What is the difference between twin souls and soul mates? When thinking of the ultimate union, most people think of a soul mate as being "The One". But in reality, we can have lots of soul mates, some of whom can enter our lives only briefly, while others become lasting relationships.

Twin souls, on the other hand, are literally the other half of our soul. We only have one twin soul, throughout all our lifetimes.

This page explains more fully the truth about twin souls and soul mates, and help you discover whether you are seeking a twin flame or soul mate relationship in this lifetime.

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A Little Light on the Soul...

To fully understand the concepts of soul mates and twin souls, we need to look at the soul and how we first incarnated into the physical world. When the decision was made for us to take form and separate from Source, souls were sent down into the physical plane. Each soul was separated into two, and sent into physical reality as part of a "pod" of many souls.

Our twin soul is the other half of that original soul - however, we do not need our twin soul to make us whole. We are whole in ourselves, and yet also a part of a greater whole, in the same way that we are all individual, but at the same time, all One, and part of Source.

Soul mates are those souls with whom we came into physical existence with. We may have incarnated over many lifetimes with them. They can be family members, lovers, children, friends, colleagues, or simply people who briefly come into our lives but leave a profound impact on us.

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The concept of soul pods, soul mates and, indeed, twin flames, is not by any means new. Mystics, philosophers and scholars alike have written about them, from the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce, to current new age writer Diana Cooper. Even Plato spoke of twin souls:

"...and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other's sight even for a moment."

- Plato

(Twin Souls)

Twin Souls and Soul Mates

Twin Souls and Soul Mates

What is a Soul Mate?

Soul mates are people with whom we have a deep connection in some way. We have incarnated with them before in previous lifetimes, and they are part of our soul family or soul pod. Although we all are one and part of Source, we came into physical reality in groups of souls, and when we meet one of those souls from our group, the connection feels stronger with that person because we recognise the soul on a subconscious level.

Contrary to the popular concept of a soul mate being "The One" romantically, we actually have many, many soul mates, and they are not all romantic. Soul mates can be parents, children, good friends, lovers or teachers, for example. They might stay in our lives always, or appear only briefly. All of our past love relationships, even bad ones, are soul mates.

It can be hard to grasp the idea that an ex was a soul mate, especially if it was a difficult relationship. These soul mates are known as karmic soul mates - connecting with us purposefully to help our souls overcome past karma or issues and to help our souls grow spiritually. Once the lessons are learned, we can choose to move on from that particular soul mate or stay with them.

While all soul mates carry lessons for each other, there are some that I refer to as divine soul mates - the perfect love or the best friend, who bring little in the way of drama, and are the perfect match for us, in this lifetime. A soul mate who was a perfect love in a past life, may not be our love in this life.

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A twin soul, as explained above, is literally the other half of our soul. The reason for the soul splitting in two is so that the soul can have as many wide and varied experiences as possible, before eventually reuniting and returning to Source.

Twin souls will incarnate in most lives together, but they may not always meet or, if they do, the reunion may be short lived. The twin flame relationship can be very hard unless we have worked on our inner selves very deeply, healing and accepting ourselves to the point of unconditional self love, because the twin flame is literally our mirror - everything we dislike about ourselves or are ashamed of will be magnified by the twin flame relationship. Some say that you will not be reunited with your twin flame until you are ready - this is not true - however, the more ready you are, the better, as it means both twins are less likely to "run" when faced with issues brought up by experiencing "the mirror".

Consequently the twin flame relationship is not for everyone. Twin soul relationships transcend the 3D concepts of romance and traditional couples. It is very much a spiritual relationship, with emphasis on a joint soul purpose. Reunited twin flames will have a deep desire to serve humanity together. While love and even romance are present in such a relationship, the romantic aspect is not the focus - spiritual meaning and a dual purpose are.

When you meet your twin soul, you KNOW on a soul level. For more detailed information on the twin soul relationship, including how to connect with and recognise your twin flame, check back for a companion article which I will post here shortly.

The absolute best guide to the twin flame relationship is the teachings of the Twin Flame Sacred Keys by Liora. It covers so much about our inner core wounds and frequency, and focuses on the key aspect of the twin flame lesson - the self.

The Twin Flame Sacred Keys

by: Liora

Guidebook and Study guide

MP3 meditations and lessons

Connecting with your Twin Soul - The Twin Flame Sacred Reunion

Twin Flame oracle card - photo taken by the author from deck of Angel Therapy cards

Twin Flame oracle card - photo taken by the author from deck of Angel Therapy cards

Photo Credit: Image taken by author from oracle deck. Buy the Angel Therapy Cards on Amazon.

First and foremost, the journey to finding our twin soul begins with the Self. Growing spiritually, dealing with our inner wounds and shadow selves, balancing our dark and light, our masculine and feminine energies - these are all key things to work on before reunion takes place. We should not seek our twin flame, but rather look to healing ourselves, and loving ourselves completely. It is then that the reunion with the twin soul in the physical begins to unfold.

Even if your twin soul is not incarnated at the same time as you, you can connect with them in spirit. It is possible to connect with their soul energy if they are incarnated here too. As you work towards balancing yourself, if you are meant to reunite with your twin in this life, then you will experience synchronicity that will eventually bring you together, even if you live in different parts of the world.

Part of this synchronistic connecting involves your spiritual growth. If one twin is making significant progress in spiritual development, the other twin may find themselves suddenly drawn to do the same. Because you are of the same energy frequency, you balance, align and heal each other.

You do NOT need to be completely healed, or at a certain level of ascension, to meet your twin flame. The reunion in itself will accelerate your spiritual growth, so the sooner the reunion takes place, the better!

Many twin souls are reuniting now, in this lifetime, to help raise the vibration of humanity in tandem with the planetary shift of Earth. You can learn more about this ascension process here:


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Are you with a Twin Soul or Soul Mate?

Further Reading on Twin Souls and Soul Mates

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Travel Chef from Manila on December 18, 2017:

I already met my twin flame, but currently he's in a happy go lucky stage of his life. I wish he could start to commit so we can start mending our broken souls together cause honestly, I'm about to give up

Deanna McLaughlin on November 25, 2016:

I met my soul mate or twin flame years ago.. he was my husbands bestfriend we only dated for a short time and then he left... i was in a new relationship and had a dream of him so i went and found him but he didnt want me at the moment.. l couldnt be alone so i ended up with someone who ended up being not good for me, emotionally tore me down and i was suffering from anxiety... after 3 years which me and my soulmate or twin flame stayed somewhat in contact, we both became single but i was so lost and mentally crazy and began drinking that he ended his pain.... im completely lost now and the pain is too hard to bare can someone please tell me if this will get better... Or can you not live an actual functioning life without your other half...

cyclone on December 09, 2015:

Has anyone ever lost a soulmate or twin soul.. is this possible and what happens?

DebraBRodriguez on November 27, 2013:

I believe I have met my twin flame again for another time in my life. We keep being brought together in each others lives just to become separated time and time again. we first met as children about 45 to 50 years ago. We did marry once as teenagers 40 years ago and have now been brought back together again for the second time since. The last was 30 years ago. We keep being brought together under unusual circumstances. Due to the death of both our spouses we are able to see where it goes this time.

Beth Buckley from Portland, OR on November 17, 2012:

I love this lens and this topic. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

goldenquill on October 13, 2012:

Yes.. I think so.. I have seen others in twin soul relationships (fabulous) and those in soul mate relationships (can be tricky! but all good!)

OMENA777 on September 24, 2012:

I see twin flames different than twin souls. I am open to learning all that I can.

Thank you for this lens.

Echo Phoenix on August 25, 2012:

I have looked into My Mirror... I met my Twin Flame yet I am not certain I was supposed to in this life. He does live in an obscure place and we met under extremely unusual circumstances. Things are askew and it gets surreal fast when I am with him. It has also been very painful coming to terms with not being able to share a life with him, the longing in my soul torments! I'd laugh but it hurts too much:) Still, we are eternal in this.

anonymous on July 30, 2012:

This is exactly what has happened to me!!

Ladyeaglefeather on July 28, 2012:

Lucky, I found my twin soul very young. I actually felt our souls blend. I hope, everyone out there, has found or finds their twin soul. There is nothing like it.

MarcStorm LM on July 12, 2012:

Well the way I've heard it, soul mates are on the other side and they're never in life when we are and vice versa. The ones down here are called kindred spirits that we end up being with and possibly have known in other lives too, family members, friends, lovers, etc. Kindred spirits have different roles in different lives and even new ones get in the mix if they haven't been around us before or if it's their first life here. It's all in the charts. But hey, I get the picture in what your conveying. Even then ultimately it's a "hey, who knows" thing as far as all this stuff goes, I was only saying what I've heard with the definitions. I wish everyone the best and hope they find or have already found the love of their life.

Nice article! Best Wishes!

Lisa Marie Gabriel from United Kingdom on July 12, 2012:

Oh yes - and meeting one's twin soul can be as devastating as it is beautiful! :)

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