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How to Find a Top Psychic (and Other Great Tips for Learning More About the Psychic World!)

Tips for Finding the Right Psychic

  • It's personal. It may take you a few tries before you click with someone. Personalities and approaches can vary, so make sure you feel comfortable with the person you choose. I like to work with someone who can connect with me where I am at this moment in life. It gives me more confidence that what is said about my future, will be on target.
  • Use established sites. There are many websites that have been around for quite a while and are good places to start. Start with some of the bigger sites, that you can easily find online with a simple google search. Many of these psychics have been vetted by the service they work under.
  • Look at ratings. Some of the better known sites have rating systems in place. Take a look to see what others have said about anyone that you are considering. One thing to note is, that sometimes a person who as had a reading may not like what they've been told, or may not have been ready to accept the information, so they can leave poor ratings for that reason. But If you see a similar pattern in what has been written, then it's probably something to consider.
  • Ask a friend. Just like any other service provider, you can often find good psychics via a friend who has had a good experience with one. If your friend has been to a good psychic and can give you a recommendation, then this is often a good way to start your search. Word of mouth usually works as a way bypass the unknown.
  • Look for a specialist. Psychics are not all the same believe it or not! Psychics often have special gifts and some specialize in reading for people in certain areas of life. For example, some psychics are clairvoyant, meaning they can see the future. Others may be clairaudient, meaning they have the gift of hearing things that others don't. In addition, some psychics may prefer to read on certain topics, such as romance, career or just general readings. Others may state that they can contact those who have passed on to the other side. Other types of readings could be a past life reading, or an angel guide reading. These are all very valid types of readings, but they are best done by those who have experience in the area you are looking for. Be sure what you are asking before you start your search for a psychic so that you can have a reading from someone who is qualified to do that work.
  • Determine how you prefer to have a reading. Some readers give readings in a variety of ways, and others only in specific ways. For example, you may have a reader that is willing to give a reading via email, mail, phone or chat. Others may only feel comfortable giving readings using one or two of these methods. Be sure you ask what the method of delivery is for your psychic reading. If you are shy and you don't like speaking to strangers about your personal life, you may prefer chat or email for example. On the other hand, if you are a people person, you might prefer speaking to your psychic directly.
  • Ask how your reader will connect with the divine source. Some readers feel comfortable giving readings without any divination tools. Other read with tarot cards, crystals, gems, or a variety of other tools. Usually the end result is the same no matter what tool readers use to begin with, but if you have a preference, be sure to ask before getting started.
  • Ask if your psychic needs additional information. Some readers can use personal effects of the subject of a reading to help. For example, if you are seeking a reading for someone who has passed, it is possible that your psychic might be helped by being able to see our touch a personal item used often or owned by the person who passed.
  • Be open. In order for your psychic to get the best read possible, you should remain open and dispense with any negative feelings or skepticism.

How to Find a Psychic

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Best Psychic Readings


How to Develop Psychic Abilities

Are you psychic? The answer is yes!

Believe it or not, everyone has the innate ability to be psychic. Like any other skill or talent, each of us starts out with a natural ability, but there are ways to develop your innate psychic abilities.

Being in tune with messages from the psychic world is possible when you tap into psychic energies. One of the main ways to get in tune with this energy is with meditation. Ten to fifteen minutes of meditation each day can do wonders for your psychic ability development.

Your main approach to the psychic world should be one of openness and readiness to receive whatever messages come your way. At first, it may be hard to figure out what is part of your own thought process and what is part of what you may receive via psychic energy.

The truth is, you may not always be able to tell, and that is ok. You will naturally pick up clues as you get better at meditation.

Another great way to increase your ability to be psychic is to practice visualization exercises. Use vivid color images, and try to use as much fine detail as possible when you are visualizing something. The more you do this, the clearer your psychic messages will be. You can choose an object that you connect with, preferably one with colors that you enjoy and something pleasing to you. Then close your eyes, and try to visualize the object in your mind, recalling as much of the detail as you can.

One effective way to develop your psychic abilities is to experiment with divination tools, such as tarot cards. There are so many different types of tarot decks, so choose one that you connect with. Each card has a meaning attached to it, but you can develop your own personal dictionary of meanings. Start by looking at each card and jotting down the thoughts and qualities of the card that come to mind. Using your own meanings for the cards is the best way to read. Try experimenting with readings for yourself and friends and family. You will notice the more you practice, the better you will get.

Finally, there is no one right way to develop your psychic abilities. Use your intuition to guide you on what feels the most natural and effective method. Each of us has the ability to be psychic, we just need to exercise those "psychic muscles" to develop them. With daily practice, you will see your psychic abilities increase!

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Famous Psychics in the United States

There are many good psychics to choose from, but some psychics have made a big splash and are considered among the top psychics around. Learn more about those who have reached the pinnacle as career psychics.

  • Edgar Cayce - Possibly one of the most well-known psychics, Edward Cayce was a clairvoyant who channeled information while in a trance-like state. He was known for being able to detect many medical issues, before they were known to the querent. Cayce was also able to see a variety of other events and was known also as a healer.
  • Sylvia Browne - Very well-known, with a huge following, Sylvia Browne was known for many predictions that later came to pass. Ms. Browne passed away in 2013.
  • The Psychic Twins - Terry and Linda Jamison are known as "The Psychic Twins". They are famous for many predictions that came to pass, including the September 11th attacks and the attack on the Pentagon.
  • Gary Spivey - Gary Spivey is known for predicting various catastrophic events. He considers himself a modern day Nostradamus. He also claims to be able to speak to those who have passed and the ability to heal.
  • Paul Draper - Paul Draper considers himself a mentalist and a magician. His background is in anthropology. He has appeared on various television shows and documentaries.
  • Danielle Egnew - Ms. Egnew is a psychic and medium. She is also a singer, songwriter and composer. She claims to be able to have many psychic abilities from helping with past lives, dream interpretation and angelic channeling.
  • John Edward - Mr. Edward claims to be an expert in being able to communicate with those who have crossed over. He was the producer and host of a show called "Crossing Over" where he gave live readings.

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