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14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

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Diana loves to write about the zodiac and love compatibility.

Leos may be very bold and confident, but they are also extremely dignified. That means, even if a Leo really likes you, they may hold back a little bit and won’t make a serious move unless you give them a hint you are into them. Yes, pride is a big deal when it comes to this zodiac sign! They don’t want to be played for the fool. Fortunately, there are some signs that show a Leo likes you. Here’s the list of things a Leo does when they have a crush!

These are 14 Signs a Leo Has a Crush on You

14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

1. They Show Off

A Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Fire element. So, those born under this sign crave to be the center of attention! Making an impression is task number 1 for them. And indeed, you can’t help but see how magnetic they are, such a task is quite easy for them.

You know a Leo tries to find a way of showing you their confidence and that they are worthy of your attention when they showing off a little or dressing up! They will always try to impress you if they like you! They tell you everything about their past achievements and their great expectations for the future. They want you to know how great they can be if they are interested in you. However, don’t misinterpret it as arrogance; it’s no more than simply nervous flirting.

14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

2. They Want to Show You Only Their Best Side

They are afraid you will see their worst side. They are not ready for this, at least not now. A Leo who has fallen for you will not get tired of showing you their best features, all talents, and sides. It’s almost like a parade!

3. They Do Their Best to Impress You

Because Leos are famous for their pride, they will always do their best to impress the person they like in every possible way. Don’t even doubt, they will use every appropriate moment to shower you with their strong points! Just let them show you everything you are supposed to see, everything they are capable of.

14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

4. Generous Spirit

A Leo is a big softie at heart. Though those born under this sign tend to show off, they are well known for emptying their pockets for those who they genuinely love! They simply can’t suppress their desire of buying things, purchasing gifts for someone they are in love with. They may want to pay you a meal or simply be generous in every way possible.

5. They Constantly Shine Their Light on You

But it’s not only about material things, about buying you something, showering you with gifts. If you notice that they shower you with their admiration than it’s more than likely you are very, very precious for them! If a Leo is in love with you, that means they genuinely admire and respect you. This zodiac sign is a born strong leader, so they need to feel that you are strong and admirable too.

14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

6. They Are Trying to Claim You

If a Leo is into you, they might want to post pictures or videos of you on social media. They want every friend, every family member, everyone in this whole world to know that you are theirs. It’s not so much because of possessiveness, as it might seem at the first look. That just means they are proud of you. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, they admire you and want everyone to know how good you are and how they love you! Also, by doing this, they might want to make you feel like you are a part of their life.

Apart from social media activities, Leos may show you the signs of their affection by finding ways of being more close to you. They will sit next to you, touch you - do everything they can to claim you like you are together, even if you officially are not.

14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

7. They’re Always Very Excited to Talk to You

When Leo has a crush on you, they simply can’t suppress their excitement and positive vibes when being around you. They can’t think of another better way to spend their time than having a conversation with you!

8. They Make Underlying Flirtations with You

They are flirting with you, but it’s not that obvious. Let’s say, they compliment your cloth but don’t make it sound like flattery. Or let’s say they invite you to go somewhere hiding the fact that they are asking you out. Does it sound similar? Well, chances are, a Leo is really interested in you! Continue reading!

14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

9. They Become Upset When They Embarrassing Themselves in Front of You

The feeling of embarrassment sucks, admit it. Some people get over it quite quickly; others deal with it on a much bigger scale. Leos hate losing, they hate being ashamed, embarrassed. Especially when in front of their loved one! Even though Leo does a great job in covering this terrible feeling, they cry on the inside. They will make themselves even more upset by constantly recalling the situation in their head. It’s more likely they will either shut down from others or laugh in an almost maniacal way. That’s what shows you they are really upset about the situation.

10. They will Allow You to Boss Them Around

If a Leo is really into you, they might allow you to tease them, even get them into the situations where they might feel a bit foolish. They don’t mind feeling so when you are with them. They might even allow you to boss them around for some time. Leos are considered the bosses. Usually, they are the ones who are in control of everything and tell everyone what to do. However, if they have a soft spot for you, why not let you direct?

11. They Try to Make You Laugh

Do you notice a Leo constantly tries to make you laugh? It’s also the obvious sign of their affection towards you! That means they want to hear you laugh, they want you to feel happy and entertained in their company.

12. They Suddenly Ignore You

However, there are times when Leo can suddenly stop talking to you for no reason. Don’t think they hate you, no. It’s not the case. They rather play their games; they want to see how you would react in order to decide whether you are worth their time or not. They need to see if you’d fight for them as they would do for you or if you just would leave them alone. If you are perfectly ok without them, you don’t take action, then why on earth would they make the next move? If you don’t do anything about this situation, that means you are not interested in them, you do not appreciate them. Goodbye.

14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

14 Things a Leo Does When They Have a Crush

13. They’re Spontaneous

Leo is really spontaneous and unpredictable when it comes to love. They are the guys that are hard to predict. They want to do things their way instead of being told what to do. They are such independent creatures that you never know what they will do next! Have you received tens of unplanned calls or text messages all of a sudden? And it’s all just about checking on you? Well, you know what that means!

14. They Look Out For You

A Leo wants to make sure their beloved doesn’t get hurt or uncomfortable and will do their best to keep you safe!


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