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A Positive Attitude is the Key to Success

Joyette believes that in sharing, through her Life Lessons hubs, she can empower others and assist them in making more informed decisions.


Have a Positive Attitude!

It is important to have a positive attitude towards life in order to enjoy the best of health and to achieve success in the things which really matter. Often people are kept back from reaching their full potential by their own negativity.

Many older persons have the opportunity to reflect on their lives and sadly, they lament their failures, blaming them on misfortune, lack of opportunities, injustice or whatever else they might think of when the truth of the matter is that they were hindered from achieving their dreams by their own negative attitude. They might have hidden behind fears and insecurities and allowed good opportunities to pass them by. They might have lived a life without faith; without hope; without vision. They might have continuously stifled their potential to succeed beneath a blanket of negativity.

Believe in Yourself and Believe in God!

Let me say that nothing is impossible with God and granted that we are all endowed with different gifts, everyone has the potential to succeed in life. However, we can be our own worst enemies when our fears, doubts, lack of confidence and lack of faith in God impede our progress and prevent us from achieving our goals. When God calls us to fullfil a duty, he is ready to give us all that we need to accomplish it. "If God takes you to it,he will surely see you through it" (Author unknown).By doubting our ability to succeed we are, in effect, doubting God's ability to deliver his promises.

It is therefore important to avoid negativity and instead speak and manifest positivity into our lives. Our positivity must begin with us!



Points to Ponder

The following pointers might be useful in finding the right approach to being positive.

  1. Have faith in yourself - Believe that you are a creature of God and so you are capable of succeeding for God does not uphold failure.
  2. Identify your God give abilities and display them so that you can be assisted in nurturing them. Do not try to be like anybody else for as the body has different parts so we, as Christ’s body, have different gifts and talents.
  3. Claim your destiny - Set goals for your life and plan the process which will lead to attainment of these goals. - Stay focused!
  4. Embrace opportunities; they do not always knock at your door twice. There is always someone else who will be happy to enter immediately through that doorway which you just ignored.
  5. Empower yourself - Practice/train/study (whichever is necessary in your case).Seek assistance from positive/experienced/successful people. Someone will be willing to listen and assist.
  6. Associate with other positive people who provide guidance, support and encouragement for those are the people who will keep you on track.
  7. Avoid negative people - the moaners and complainers; the jerkers and shirkers for they will only pull you back or cause you to lose focus.
  8. Persevere and keep the faith . Things won’t always be easy. In fact, more often than not things may appear to be daunting. However, the trick is not to be intimidated by the magnitude of the challenge for very often a challenge turns out to be nothing at all when taken step by step or with a well thought out approach. There is a creole saying, ‘say zye ki per twavay’ (it is the eyes that fear the task). This means that the work is nowhere near as difficult as it may appear to be. How true!
  9. Inspire Yourself -.Tell yourself that you will succeed and work towards making it true. Do not accept defeat or failure for there is always another road; another option which you can explore in order to achieve your goal.
  10. Treat yourself to something you like when you have had a less than successful day. Certainly you can cheer yourself up! It works! And the next day you start over with a new approach!
  11. Celebrate - Be happy for your successes and share your joy with those who support you.
  12. Pray about everything and you will experience God’s hand in your life. Never lose your faith in God! When you have had an exceptionally great day take time off to praise the Lord. And even if the day has not been that great, just stop and count at least three simple blessings that you can thank God for.

Attitude Determines Destiny

Use a Formula for Success

  • Formula for Success for Young People
    Formula For Success For Young People : Sound Goals + Education + Training + Computer Skills + Discipline and Commitment + Positive Attitude + Strong Connection With the Almighty God = Successful Life

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Joyette Helen Fabien (author) from Dominica on January 21, 2014:

Thanks for reading me and for your insights as well :)

Amanda Littlejohn on January 21, 2014:

I agree that positivity is a great source of energy and keeps us on the right track - which the track of creative thinking and a problem-solving, rather than problem-seeking approach to the difficulties that we may encounter.

At the same time positivity that is not bridled by realism can lead to as much disappointment and suffering as negativity!

But yes, to be positive is a very important life skill that many of us have to learn.

Thanks for sharing! :D

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Joyette Helen Fabien (author) from Dominica on January 11, 2013:

Thank you, blcurry. Welcome to HP

Brian on January 11, 2013:

Voted up and awesome!

Joyette Helen Fabien (author) from Dominica on December 07, 2012:

Indeed! As the saying goes, "Your attitude determines your altitude"! Thanks for reading, sgbrown.

Sheila Brown from Southern Oklahoma on December 06, 2012:

I am a firm believer that our success is based on our attitude. If you have a good attitude your outlook on life is more positive and you are a happier person. You have to realize that God does have a plan for each of us. He gives us all our own talents and hopefully the intelligence to accept these talents and use them correctly. You can blame everyone and everything else for your failures, when it really all comes down to you and your attitude towards what happens to you in life. Great hub! Voted up and awesome! :)

Joyette Helen Fabien (author) from Dominica on October 11, 2012:

Thank you very much, rajan jolly! (:

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on October 11, 2012:

I like positive hubs. So thumbs up to this one. Awesome.

Joyette Helen Fabien (author) from Dominica on October 03, 2012:

Thank you, TeachableMoments. It is a fact that people who endure their illnesses or problems cheerfully survive longer than those who moan and groan.

TeachableMoments from California on October 03, 2012:

I too believe in the power of positive thinking. I know a strong positive outlook helped my father overcome his battle with cancer. He remained upbeat throughout the entire process and his attitude, more than the chemo, is what got him through it. Thanks for reminding us all that we have the power to change our lives!

Joyette Helen Fabien (author) from Dominica on October 02, 2012:

'PIPO' - I love that one! Cheers, billybuc!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on October 02, 2012:

You are speaking my language my friend. I call it PIPO...Positive In/Positive Out.....great hub!

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