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The Indian Goddess Kali

This article is dedicated to my Goddess Kali, if I make any mistake, please forgive me.

Who Is Goddess Kali?

Kali is called the Goddess of Wrath, her anger is so fierce that even the Gods and Goddesses tremble.enemies are destroyed by the mere roar of Kali and pacifies his anger by drinking the blood of enemies But Kali also loves her devotees very much and stands with them in every situation and fulfill every wish of her devotees and always protects them from dangers.she punishes devotees also for doing wrong as well and leads them on the right path. she likes black color. on the night of Amavasya, 'sadhus' perform special worship to Kali and is very much worshiped in Calcutta.


Famous Temples of Kali

in india, there is thousands numbers of temples of kali here shows some most famous temples of kali.

dakshineswar temple calcutta

this temple is located in calcutta which is built by 'rashi rasmoni' she is biggest devotee of kali. i was also visited this place is in 2017 this place is full of peace, i did not want come back home from here but its not possible, Many people come here from all over India to see their mother kali everyday.


Kalighat temple

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This temple is also located in calcutta. this is among This place is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths,There is a special worship of Kali in this temple.thousands of people come from all over the country to visit the mother.


Worship of Kali and Its Benefits

Among the various forms of Goddess Durga, there is also a Kali form.this form of Durga is called the most powerful, Kali is worshiped in temples as well as in all Hindu homes in India.In Hindus, Kali is known for the slaughter of demons. mother is worshiped with great pomp in Navratri, Mother's idol is placed all over the country.


Goddess Kali is specially worshiped on the night of Amavasya and she is always protects those who worship her. those who worship Kali are always successful in life, they are not afraid of anyone. she will give strength and power to us

Short Story of Kali

To establish his suzerainty over the earth, the demon Sumbha and Nisumbha sent the demon Raktabeej to defeat Kali. raktabeej got a boon from God Brahma that as many drops will fall from his blood as many monsters will be born. Due to the boon, all the strikes Kali made on the demon raktabeej were born more.Seeing this, Kali manifested her innumerable forms, and slaughtered the demon raktabeej and her manifest forms. Kali drinks all the drops of the bloods before it falls on earth and thus end the damon.

After this, both the demons brother Sumbha and Nisumbha were also killed by Kali and liberated all the gods from the terror of demons.

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  1. where Kali is worshiped the most ?
    • calcutta
    • hyderabad

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  1. calcutta

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