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Sunday School Crafts - Old Testament


Old Testament Sunday School Crafts

A collection of Sunday School crafts for children, relating to old testament stories, such as Noah's Ark, baby Moses in the bulrushes or David and Goliath and many more old testament stories. As well as being used in Sunday School classes, these crafts may be suitable for use in classrooms, families, homeschools, or in vacation Bible schools.

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Six Days of Creation Crafts

Some cute printables with ideas on how you could use them eg fridge magnets or finger puppets. Alternatively you could make a cute mobile.

Some ideas for crafts for each of the 6 days of creation

God created the Earth - make a melted crayon Earth

Scroll to Continue

Make a papier mache Earth

Make another papier mache Earth

Day 1 - Light

Creation Day 1 Crafts

Creation Day 1 Crafts

Make a woven picture - use white and black paper to represent the light and the darkness

Make a light and dark picture using bleach on construction paper

"Let there be light" - Make a crayon scratch art picture - when the black is scratched off, the colors show through

Day 2 - Water and Sky

Creation Day 2 Crafts

Creation Day 2 Crafts

Make a day 2, sky and water pinwheel

Simple cloud made with paper and cotton balls

Day 3 - Land and Plants

Creation Day 3 Crafts

Creation Day 3 Crafts

Make a nature collage from collected items and clear contact paper or a collage from colored paper

Lots of origami flowers. Also if you click on the Nature button on the left hand side of the page, you'll be taken to another page with a couple of origami trees and some grass

Make a flower out of a paper plate

Egg carton flowers

Make a tissue paper flower

Craftstick tree

Day 4 - Sun and Moon

Creation Day 4 Crafts

Creation Day 4 Crafts

Scroll down to Planet Coloring Page & Handout to make a solar system mobile in color or B&W

Here you'll find an origami sun and moon

Make a sun, moon and stars collage

Day 5 - Swimming and Flying Creatures

Creation Day 5 Crafts

Creation Day 5 Crafts

A collection of birds to make.

You'll find a collection of fish crafts and more here.

Links checked Dec 2012

Day 6 - Land Creatures and People

Creation Day 6 Crafts

Creation Day 6 Crafts

Make some animal crafts.

Make some printable people with different colored skin. You could make clothes from fabric or felt or print clothes on colored paper or white paper then color.

Adam and Eve Crafts

Several printable Adam and Eve crafts, including finger puppets

Made in His image tinfoil craft

The serpent tempts Eve - a variety of snake crafts for kids

Checked Feb 2012

Cain and Abel Crafts

Abel was a shepherd - toilet paper roll craft
Abel was a shepherd - scroll down a little to the crafts section. Number 3 is a printable stand-up figure

Sheep crafts for kids
(A variety of sheep crafts for Abel, the shepherd)
Cain was a farmer - toilet paper roll craft
Make woven baskets containing good or bad fruits

Noah and the Great Flood Crafts
Several different Noah's ark crafts including paint color mixing to make a rainbow, making a collage with a printable ark and rainbow and cotton balls, and making a Noah's ark paper plate holder
Make a model Noah's ark from a paper plate
Another paper plate ark with printable template
Make a printable ark with animals inside and a door that opens and closes
Make Noah's ark out of a milk carton with printable animals and Noah
Printable Noah's ark model to construct

A raven was sent out from the ark after it landed on the mountains of Ararat. Choose from a variety of raven crafts.

After this a dove was sent out. Choose from a variety of dove crafts.

The Tower of Babel Crafts

Make a 3 dimensional tower with a spiral verse to wrap around. Printables supplied.

Make some play dough bricks and build a tower

Abraham Crafts

Camel crafts

- Abraham had many camels and his servant took camels when he found Rebekah as a wife for Isaac
Printable craft with Abraham, Sarah and Lot and a 3D tent
Several Abraham crafts including God promises Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars - make a foil covered star, Abraham believed God's promise - color the baby Isaac and stick it to a promises poster
Make an Abraham's promise picture frame

Jacob and Esau Crafts
Painting craft of the twins, Jacob and Esau
Click the download button for a model of the tent where Jacob steals Esau's blessing
Scroll down for 2 crafts - another bowl and a Jacob and Esau collage

Joseph Crafts
Several Joseph crafts including a coat mosaic, Joseph in prison - make a card chain, Joseph interprets the Baker's dream - make some bread, Joseph stores up grain - make a pyramid of wheat or barley
Make a coat of many colors using tissue paper - contains a video
Make a story wheel showing Joseph's dreams
Make some Egyptian crafts like Joseph may have seen or worn in Egypt including a headband, a bracelet, a collar (wesekh), a falcon amulet
Make an Egyptian chariot out of a small milk carton or disposable cup and printable horse templates

Please feel free to leave feedback including links to more Sunday School crafts or to let me know if any of the links are broken.

Can you suggest any more Sunday school crafts?

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