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Signs of Divine Guidance During Pregnancy

Spiritual pregnancy signs are one of life's ways of guiding us or informing us about our pregnancies and babies.

Did a spiritual sign let you know you were pregnant, the gender of your baby, or that you were having twins?

Perhaps a spiritual sign warned you about complications within your pregnancy, or alerted you to what you could do to prevent them?

Spiritual Signs

Spiritual signs are a way for God, the Universe, or our Higher Selves, to guide us in how to take our next step. When we interpret our daily lives as we would a dream, and look for meaning in what we experience, a whole new world of discovery, joy, insight, and awe opens up to us. When we notice spiritual signs in our everyday lives, we begin to see life in a new way. No longer is life just a series of random events. Instead it loses its randomness and becomes order, reason, purpose, and yes, even perfection.

Pregnancy and Spiritual Signs

Pregnancy is a time when many women notice spiritual signs in their lives. Some women first learn about their pregnancies from a spiritual sign. Others gather information about the number of babies they are carrying, the health of their babies, and even the gender of their babies from a spiritual sign. A few are alerted to complications within their pregnancies from a divine sign.

For Aileen, what started as a simple toy for her toddler, later grew into a special pregnancy sign.

Aileen reports:

"When my daughter was 18 months old, we gave her a doll house family to help prepare her for a new brother or sister. We thought it would be a good way for her to role play being a big sister.

A few months later, the baby of the doll house family disappeared. It had been left behind at a friend's house during a play date one day. My friend couldn't find the tiny doll anywhere! It had no doubt blended in with all of my friend's daughter's toys. Alas, later that same week, I had a miscarriage. I guess the lost baby doll had been a sign to me about my upcoming miscarriage, but I hadn't picked up on that at the time.

Although I had always associated the doll house baby as being a symbol of the new baby we were expecting, after the miscarriage the symbolism grew even stronger for me. I somehow felt that I wouldn't get pregnant again until the doll was found. Repeatedly, I asked my friend to search her house for the toy, but she just couldn't find it. So I put the idea of the doll out of my head, and moved on with life. I was still trying to get pregnant again, but not having much luck in that regard.

Close to a year went by, when suddenly my friend found the doll. And, oddly enough, that same week my daughter was given a new baby for her doll house family as a birthday present from another friend. A month before we'd had no baby for the doll house family, and suddenly we had two!

Well, guess what! A third thing happened that very same week! I ran a pregnancy test which came up positive!"

Jane discovered her own sign of being pregnant! It proved to be a reliable sign which never failed to let her know she was pregnant!

Jane writes:

"There was a chicken factory in the area near where I use to live. During each of my pregnancies after we moved to that town, I simply could not drive past that factory without feeling sick! Driving past the factory didn't bother me unless I was pregnant. Yet I simply could not pass that factory during pregnancy without experiencing a lot of morning sickness. I had this experience for each of my last three pregnancies, including a miscarriage. (We lived somewhere else during my first pregnancy, and there wasn't a chicken factory there.) This became my personal pregnancy test!"

Tips on Noticing Spiritual Signs in Your Own Life

Chances are, you're already experiences spiritual signs, whether you've noticed them or not. Many of them are very subtle and easy to miss. Others are much bigger, but even these are often passed off as "just a strange coincidence!"

The more you look for spiritual signs in your life, the more you'll probably begin to notice them. Anytime you noticed anything odd or unusual in your life, that's a good time to ask yourself, "Could that have been a spiritual sign?" Maybe not, but it doesn't hurt to begin to ponder it and take a deeper look at the experiences of your day to day life.

Did you know that you don't have to just sit around and wait for a sign? You can ask for one.

  1. Step One: Ask yourself what you'd like to know. Maybe you'd like to know if you're pregnant?
  2. Step Two: Think of something specific you'd like to see - something that isn't so common that you see it everyday already - and ask God or your inner spiritual guide or your higher self - or whomever you look to spiritually, to let you see that item if you're pregnant, ((or whatever it is you'd like to know).
  3. Step Three: Now here comes the hard part. Be aware. Stay in the "now" as much as you can, so you won't miss any signs that might come. Watch your dreams and your day to day experiences while you're awake.
  4. Step Four: Try to trust the answer you get. This may be a hard one too. If you've done a good job of picking something that's not common to see though, and then you see it, perhaps in a bedtime book you're reading to your child, or on the side of a truck that's driving past you on the street, or on a billboard at your local grocery store - or wherever - try to trust it.

There's more information about this in my article Spiritual Signs During Pregnancy, if you're interested.

I would like to mention that discernment is a valuable skill as well. If you ever receive an inner nudge or what you think may be a spiritual sign that points towards hurting someone else or yourself, that's not a divine message. Don't trust it. True divine guidance isn't going to be destructive.

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Also, reading any spiritual book, but especially one on the particular type of guidance you're wanting to experience (such as intuition, spiritual signs, or inner messages through dreams), is likely to help you begin to be more aware of those experiences in your life.

Have a Story About a Sign or Other Spiritual Pregnancy Experience to Share?

If you've noticed a spiritual sign pertaining to your pregnancy or unborn baby (or had any other spiritual pregnancy experience) you'd like to share for the book I'm writing about women's spiritual pregnancy experiences, I'd love to hear about it!

You may send me your story by clicking on the "Send Janiece Tobey an email" link in my profile.

Would you also like to take our online Spiritual Pregnancy Experiences Survey? It's a great way to participate in the Spiritual Pregnancy Project, and share your experiences with others!

Questions? Comments? Have you ever asked God for a sign to help guide you? I'd love to hear from you!

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