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Slender Man, Real or Fake?

One of the first pictures I saw of the Slender man

One of the first pictures I saw of the Slender man

What is it?

This is one of those legends admittedly I didn’t know a whole lot about until recently. Talking with friends the conversation turned to talking about a crime that happened in 2014 and about the Slender Man and who he was. Not wanting to look silly I played along pretending I knew what everyone was talking about but once they all left for the night I began the lengthy process of researching this man to find out what he was about. What I found was less than scary but interesting nonetheless.

Slender man has a varied description but he’s usually between 6-15 feet tall, wears a black or grey suit, and sometimes has long black tentacles coming from his back. The one thing that I found disturbing as the lack of facial features on him.

His behavior is as random as his clothes and lack of facial features; legend says that he stalks his victims for days or years slowly driving them insane before making his move. His torture tools of choice are fear and paranoia but no one can ascertain his reasoning for choosing his victims or what he does with them when he finally decides to take them with him to the dark side of the universe where he supposedly lives.


First reported sighting?

This is where it gets interesting for Slender Man, the first appearance was June 10, 2009 from a photo posted by Eric Knudsen or Victor Surge as he’s sometimes known online. Mr. Knudsen submitted a photo online to a paranormal Photoshop contest held by the Something Awful Forum and Slender Man was born. For the competition people were asked to manipulate photos into something scary that could pass as authentic. Anyone who submitted was asked to also include background information and captions to make their submitting seem that much more realistic.

Even though this scary legend seems to have a more recent beginning that doesn't mean that people aren't still seeing this creature/being out in the real world. If real or imagined people are reporting sightings. It seems after Mr. Knudsen created his creature others took off with it and created a deeper and darker legend than he started with.

It seems after the Slenderman was created a lot of people have come forward claiming to see him both legitimately and not so legitimately, see below for the video.


So, then it's all fake?

I never enjoy telling someone that a legend or cryptid isn't real and the stories they have heard are fake. With that being said, let me answer the question on if Slenderman is real or not this way; the evidence doesn't support it being anything more than a very creative product of someone's imagination at this point.

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I would never tell someone to not at least take the time to look into something and do their own research to draw their own conclusion but in this case it looks you won't have to research that long to find your answers.

Never rely on myself or someone else to give you answers that you can find yourself to satisfy your curiosity. Look for the answers yourself until you have no more questions.

Some people don't think it's fake

As can happen sometimes with legends that take on a life of their own sometimes things can get out of hand. On May 31, 2014 three 12-year-old girls had breakfast and then went out to play. One of the girls was stabbed 19 times by her friends who then told police they were doing it to appease the Slenderman and once the murder was done they would run away and live with him in his dark home. Thankfully the young girl survived and her two attackers can get the help they obviously need.

For a creepy time

A documentary I enjoyed

Looking more into it

Myself always wanting to give people the benefit of the doubt I decided to look into the documentary "Beware the Slenderman." As with any documentary it has it's moments of wondering what is going on, but the overall project is interesting and keeps your attention.

The focus is primarily on the 2014 attack mentioned above of the two girls who attacked and stabbed their friend 19 times. At times it's scary to see because it's based on a real attach but the points they bring up about why it happened are interesting.

What do you think?

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Chosen Shades (author) from California on September 01, 2017:

Hi Jude, I'm a big believer in people doing their own research about things. I'm happy to provide a jumping off point and do my own research about subjects but at the end of the day it's more about people having their own understanding about a subject more than what I say. I have to agree with you, these Urban legends and creepypastas are fun and a nice distration

Ian Spike from Cebu, Philippines on May 02, 2017:

I love how you urged your readers to do their own research and find out the truth for themselves. Apparently most people will believe anything and everything told to them when repeated over and over again. But I don't hate these so-called urban legends and creepypasta. It brings distraction and entertainment from the sad realities of life every once in a while. thanks:)

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