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How and Why I Created a Sigil (and my results)

Working with occultism is like reading a dark and enthralling book—only better because one never reaches the end.


I found myself wanting to lose some weight; I asked my spirit guides during a meditation to show me a sigil - a magic emblem. That night as I lay awaiting sleep, symbols came into my line of view...

Recap: I had been wanting to lose weight and was pondering the concept...

I was remembering how my online friend Diane had recently told me that she'd made herself a sigil. What is a sigil? It's a seal or an emblem, that by choice and intent will be created either with or without magical properties associated with it. The type I am speaking of would indeed hold a metaphysical power.

Diane had made her sigil with the help of her spirit guides in hope that it would help her focus on a diet plan. Diane couldn't determine whether it had helped or not; it hadn't been long enough. I still thought that it would be a great creative endeavor as well as an opportunity for spiritual growth for me to create one. I asked my spirit guides during meditation if they would help me create a sigil of my own. As a rule I don't get a reply when I ask for their help - I get results, which is even better!

That night I went to bed and was peacefully lying there in reflection. An image of the rune 'ken' came into my line of view. The ken rune represents a fiery torch. The next symbol to show up was not an Elder Futhark rune like the first; that said, it did seem to be based upon the jera rune. As a matter of fact it was much the same, but instead of being angular it was rounded. So imagine two half-circles offset much as the angular formations of the Elder Futhark rune jera are. The basic message of that rune suggests abundance and success. This new one - my version of jera gives me multiple messages.

The first message is that of the rune jera, already mentioned. The second message is that things will turn out better than the abundance suggested by that rune (which is already great!). I get this from the rounded features, this to me suggests the latter trimester of pregnancy - and great abundance is suggested therein. And too, it suggests new ventures destined for success.

Then an image of the rune 'isaz' appeared. Isaz represents ice. Together, these three runes suggest that I can melt down any obstacles along the way to my goal and that in the end I am really going to achieve plenty. The symbols repeated as if they were telling me something; that something, I knew right away was that I was to use these rune symbols as the basis to my sigil. Something had occurred to me at this point, that this message goes beyond just dieting - it seems to deliver a message about life in general, of all around abundance and positive forward motion.

The understanding I had was logical, as dieting after all doesn't involve abundance. I realized there was likely much more to this sigil than what I had asked my spirit guides for...

The next morning I began using my paint program to put the rune symbols together; the first attempt was the first draft shown below. I decided that the ken rune needed to sit at the top of the stem, and the offset circle that resembles jera, at the bottom; it seemed right that isaz should run through the center of both. This looked awkward, so it was necessary to put a large dot in the center of the offset circle.

How I Made a Sigil; article accompaniment image 1

How I Made a Sigil; article accompaniment image 1


Now seeing as it’s my sigil, it seemed only right that it should be ideal by my input alone; but alas, as it turned out that wasn't the case. I showed the image to my online friend Diane. She said that it was nice, and we discussed it. I said that it was only the first draft, and I felt that the top and bottom symbol should be closer together. She felt that I should think about laying ken over my version of jera. I found this interesting as it had been one of the first thoughts I’d had, and then I ended up going in a different direction with it. I knew in my heart that she was telling me this because I was meant to go back to that earlier impression of the sigil.

I made a second draft and once again put isaz as the stem; then I imposed ken over the jera look-alike; it looked and felt very good…

How I Made a Sigil; article accompaniment image 2

How I Made a Sigil; article accompaniment image 2


But being the perfectionist that I am, I asked my Tarot cards if I had put the sigil together ‘right’, and if the second draft was up to task. The cards said that it wasn't completed yet, and that I would later receive the final piece via the Internet. It immediately occurred to me that the answer was to come via my online friend Diane. I emailed her the updated version that had incorporated her suggestion. I told her what the Tarot had suggested. She said that she would change only one thing, to her the rest was perfect as it was… she suggested to add another ken inside the one already in use.

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I worked with Diane's suggestion and added some detailing too. It felt magical, it felt very right. I didn’t read the Tarot cards on this one because the truth of it was clear – this one was MY sigil.

How I Made a Sigil; article accompaniment image 3

How I Made a Sigil; article accompaniment image 3


This sigil, in the short time since its creation has suggested life answers to me in the same way that Tarot cards do; but with one big difference. With Tarot cards, it’s not always accurate to read for oneself, as we are too involved in our own lives to see the messages clearly. This sigil targets me, my mind, and my intuition exclusively. There is nothing else within it other than what I see; I know it is always what I perceive it to be.

I have set the sigil as the desktop image on my computer, I see it each day as I do my work. If I have something on my mind and contemplate it, the answer will be derived from the way the symbols read to me at that moment. It has provided me with deep insight and real, viable answers across the board of my life.


A Few of the Things My Sigil Has Told Me So Far:

* I am to pay attention to messages from Ascended Masters, as they will deliver news of what my life mission is to be; and that this will become important in the not too distant future.

* I received a caution to be very careful of cause and effect as it pertains to Universal energies. Some call this karma. Something I had been doing was not right by spirit, and I had to create a new strategy to move forth in a better manner.

* I shouldn't take spirit guidance for granted, I am to pay very close attention, especially now with the onset of so much global change and disaster. Things will continue to change and instruction will be necessary to do as I must.

* Anything is possible, anything at all. The sigil demonstrated this point by turning me into Nefertiti. I realize that this may sound like either an outrageous claim, impossible, or highly unlikely to you; I assure you that it isn't here’s how it happened. I was sitting in the tub one evening, focused on the sigil for meditation’s sake. I was thinking on how much I had aged recently, and once again the weight gain issue; I was seeking insight. I saw a bright blue orb, and all of a sudden I felt as if I had become Nefertiti.

I looked down, within my mind as my eyes were closed. I was indeed Nefertiti, I could see her face too; not by looking at it but somehow it was clear to know that I was her. I was in a luxurious bath house and everything had a golden hue, including my/her clothes. The Nefertiti experience wasn't just for fun. It delivered, as previously stated, an important message that nothing is impossible. It also told me that I’d better not take for granted the fact that I am beautiful in the way that I am. The strong suggestion that I have plenty of resources available to me didn't escape my attention either…


Now, I can assure you, this thing, this magical sigil is much, much more than a dietary aid; but it is that too. It has created a dietary awareness that wasn't so much present before its creation. But too, it is truly a logo or coat of arms that represents the entirety of me, and all aspects of my spirit; as well as all that I can be.

…which leads me to the question… are you ready to make yourself one?

Note about the video below: despite the fact the fellow making the presentation mispronounces sigil as sigual, his tutorial is otherwise top-notch.

Sigil Magick


Magickal Arts: Working With Sigils, PART 2 of 3

© 2013 GwennyOh

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