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Are Shadow Creatures Paranormal Entities?

Origins of the Shadow Creature

Many of us see those fleeting shadows just out of the corner of our eye, only to focus and find them gone. We continue to go about our day chalking it up to what it usually is, a trick of the light.

However, some shadows can't be explained away so easily. Some of them take on a full form and are quite visible for a length of time.

Still, it might be easy to write it off as imagination or the light catching something in just the right way if it were not for the similarities in the shadows that are seen.

When did the idea of Shadow Creatures begin? What is the actual history of Shadow Creatures? According to some, they have been around since the beginning of time, however that cannot be specifically determined.


There are some examples in literature that pre-date the 20th century, such as "Le Horla" written by the French author Guy de Maupassant in 1887, but little else. Some believe that they might be demonic or even Satanic in nature because of their menacing quality, while other people report being physically attacked in their sleep.

It is important to note that the existence of shadow creatures has never been proven, and while science has offered many valid explanations, does it answer every case?

The term "shadow people" was first used back in 1953 as the title of a radio program at WGN AM in Chicago, Illinois that focused on horror and fantasy tales. It was brought back to life on another radio show called Coast To Coast AM by the former host Art Bell in the 1990s.

One of Bell's guests, Heidi Hollis, claims to have studied these creatures extensively and even offers the theory that some of the shadows are extraterrestrial in nature.

The popular consensus seems to be that these entities are negative.

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The Hat Man an Entity from the Paranormal?

One of the most widely known and talked about of these potential "shadow people" is the one known as the "Hat Man." Many of the reported sightings have a very similar tone when speaking about it, although there are differences mentioned. The two common notes that seem to appear in accounts of the Hat Man are (a) the creature is wearing a large brimmed hat and (b) the entity feels negative. Some report seeing red glowing eyes while others say that the entity has no face at all. This particular shadow is noted for its solidity by those who claim to have seen it.

There is an air of negativity when reading accounts of the Hat Man, although it is rare to hear of anyone being harmed by it. Some who believe in "watchers", or entities that observe humanity from ground zero, think that this particular shadow could be one of them. Others believe that this creature is a manifestation of Satan or a demon. Regardless of how it is perceived, what is most notable about the Hat Man is how many people report seeing this creature all over the country.


It's quite possible that the sightings have increased due to the seed being planted about it. The human mind is highly suggestible, and it could be that a shadow from a tree or a curved streetlamp would matrix and appear to someone as the Hat Man. One theory about shadow people in general is that they are tulpas, or collections of thought energy. In other words, if a lot of negative events have taken place in a certain area, that energy could possibly manifest itself as a shadow type apparition. The Hat Man seems to appear in places that have had many negative things happen or when someone is in a state of distress. A figment of the mind perhaps... but it is odd that the reports are so similar in nature as far as the appearance.

The beliefs in what the Hat Man and other shadows might be are different, but the tone is the same. Fear is the predominant emotion described when someone speaks of seeing these things. This may be in part due to seeing something that is not expected, as well as a shadow form being mysterious and unknown. We can't just look at something and see a blob or a shape, so more often than not, these shadows have some kind of form, whether it is the Hat Man, the equally common Hooded Shadow, or animal shadows. Then the question comes... why is it here? More importantly, what does it want?


Shadow Creature Books

Other Paranormal Creatures of Legend

Outside of the popular shadow creature legends, there are others that do have more of an actual history. In the Islamic faith the Djinn are negative entities that are similar to the Christian belief of demons. In Islam however, the Djinn are treated with respect to their power.

Djinns are not feared, but rather recognized as an integral part of the bigger picture. The belief is that if the Djinn are appeased, they will leave a person and their family alone.

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Traditions of the Cherokee nation included a belief in an evil spirit called the Raven Mocker. This creature is described as a large menacing bird and is thought to steal the souls of the ill or dying when a shaman isn't present.

Are Shadow Creatures Evil Paranormal Beings?

Most frightening of all is when someone feels they are being attacked by one of these shadows. This happens most often when a person is asleep and just waking up, or right on the verge of sleep. Reports of feeling strangled or smothered are heard most often with more rare accounts of people being moved off of their beds. It all leaves a person feeling extremely disjointed and convinced they have had a paranormal experience.

But have they? Hypnogogic hallucinations can happen in a state of waking sleep. The person in question is actually asleep and still dreaming when these things are seen, however in their waking state it feels and appears real. Sleep paralysis has also been studied in regard to this phenomenon, as it can also cause a person to feel as though they are being smothered or strangled when the brain awakens from REM sleep before the body does.

The person cannot move or speak, and while it only lasts a few minutes it is extremely frightening. Some people also report seeing shadows when this happens and the shadows are extremely malevolent in nature. One in particular is often called "The Old Hag" as many of the accounts describe a hooded, haggish appearing creature. Explainable sleep disorder or not, it feels like a very real attack to the person experiencing it.

Real or imagined, shadows continue to fascinate many and more theories are born about their actual origin. It is all speculation, as there is no real proof these creatures exist outside of pareidolia (matrixing so a nondescript object appears to have a form), or the products of suggestions and brain misfires.

Can those possibly answer every claim or report? To many of those that have seen the Hat Man or other various shadow forms, no more proof is needed. For others, the question remains... just what is it that is being seen?

We may never know... but... "the shadow knows"!


More About Shadow Creatures

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    Shadow people (also known as shadow ghosts, shadow figures, shadow beings, shadow men, or shadow folk) are supernatural shadow-like figures of both modern folklore and paranormal popular culture that believers describe as dark humanoid forms...


Blanco on October 11, 2019:

Feel like they could be Messengers. I seen one for a few months... They threw my visitors shoes from a shoe rack about 6 feet away from the shoe rack. Tipped my garbage pail that rocked for 5 minutes as I watched in awe. At first I tried to dismiss it with science and re tipped the the garbage pail lid, re threw the shoes but it did not add up. Then it made a formal appearance that looked like a dark galaxy right in my living room. Believe what you want... My guest only seen the lid on the garbage pail rocking and my shoes and hers fly out. Good luck all.. stay safe as this is only a small bit of the actual. They have left me alone for the last 5 Years... But I will not forget

Anonymous on July 07, 2017:

I know as you call him the "Hat Man" personally, he's nice to me. But has anyone also seen an eight foot tall knight looking figure with a horned helmet and a chest that has a swirling pool of darkness

Richard on January 08, 2017:

That is exactly what i seen as a child. I was too young to know or have read any of the literature on it. I had my experience first hand then years later seen simular stuff in books and the lot. Those images are exactly what i experienced to the tee.

H_T_B on June 09, 2016:

First saw shadow creature on ceiling 2 nights ago. Woke up twice that night from what I thought was a really bad day. And both times this dark charcoal fog like blob was above me on ceiling. Then slowly drifted off to the right and became lighter and smaller, breaking up finally and disappearing. I finally realized what it was and did research on the subject. Never had witnessed this before.

Background: years of depression slowly worsening. Two years ago discovered source. Tied to occupation, parental units. Living in this house about 20 years. About 12 months ago was told by 2 different unrelated people, both "gifted" with neither knowing the specifics from the other that there was a spirit in the house. It was described the same way. The movement, direction of travel the same. Through back door. Then through kitchen. Right, through to dining room. Turns to the right and goes up the hall. Left through living room and to my bedroom and bath areas. Both people would not go further and/ or lost the spirit there. One was so scared would not go further.

Other person felt paperwork from parents in attic had a lie in them. Spirit wanted the paper lie burned. But stack is 6 inches high and has historical significance, too. As in WWII paperwork. I didn't want to burn all to find the one. I packed everything into the car. Going to take to bank deposit box to get it out of my house. In car for about a week now.

Now this black mist shows up first time. Not threatening. No feeling, really. Just knew what it was even though I tried to tell myself I was just waking up and lights from outside, etc etc.

Last night left white candle burning all night.

So when I discovered how michael_s had depression and bad stuff "tied" to him, I would like his return comments about shaking loose the hold this has on him.

Of course, anyone else with anything to add, by all means, jump on board.

At my age, ( way over the hill,) I want peace and quiet in my final years.

And maybe help others shake the grip of health problems like depression off of us. Because all else has failed. Medicine. Foods. Exercise. Counseling. So a spirit attachment makes a lot of sense.


michael_s on March 06, 2015:

Tom, never say the name of the being that visited you. To do is an invitation for it to come back unless it has tsken up residence in your home. Don't know what to say about your pain unlrss it just wanted to let you know it can hurt you.

Tom Beaty from Woodstock, Georgia on August 28, 2014:

one of them visited me in the night and said his name was golem. And i felt a pain in me balls I don't know what he was doing but it was some freaky shit.

Clay on July 30, 2012:

Over all, I get the impression that these figures aren't human.

there are different types.

some are malicious to the point where they border on being evil. others neutral, and some are very rarely helpful.

the one that follows me around seems to be helpful.

most seem neutral and just seem to watch.

they can manipulate events as well as objects and sentient people and animals.

Clay on July 30, 2012:

I've had many encounters with these beings. Some have been attacks on my person which has happened three different times. Other encounters have been conversations where the shadow requested that I relay information or pass messages.

My first encounter was the strangest. I was a sleep and facing the wall with my back to the room, and woke up to get some water. When I rolled over I noticed a chair that was always against the far wall of my room was in the middle of the room and in it sat a shadow person in a hooded robe. It spoke in a strange language, that sounds kinda like the "sumerian" voices in the movie "The Fourth Kind" (this was a decade and a half before the movie). I froze and didn't know what to do. I couldn't speak nor did I understand what it was trying to communicate. After staring at the figure in horror for a few minutes, it eventually dissipated into a shadowy mist that seemed to disperse into the air. I couldn't get back to sleep that night and have had trouble sleeping since. I've also been experiencing sleep paralysis about once a month since this encounter.

The attacks that I've experienced were very scary. The fear seemed more threatening than the actual attacks themselves.

The first attack was in my sleep and I was dreaming that I saw a shadow figure at the foot of my bed. I -think I- woke up and saw it standing there for real. it then jumped on my bed and started to strangle me. I felt as tho I had actually died and then it let go and I instinctively sat up gasping for breath. After I was able to catch my breath I saw more black mist dissolving into the air.

The second attack came again when I was almost fully a sleep. I felt my blanket lift off of me and I got very cold. and tried to pull my blanket back over me but I lifted above it. I was dropped onto my bed and was fully awake now. I had a friend staying the night that night and confirmed seeing all of this. My friend was curled up in fetal position shaking and rocking back and forth in the corner of the room. We both saw black mist move like smoke blown by wind. We couldn't sleep the rest of the night and that friend never stayed over again and was reluctant to even step on the property.

The third attack was the scariest. I had just woken up after sleep paralysis and was still shaking off the terror of the paralysis,when I heard foot steps moving towards my bedroom door which was open. The footsteps started to run around the corner and through the door into my room. I briefly saw a shadowy figure in the doorway before the bed moved as though someone had jumped on it. I was sitting up at this time and I saw impressions in the mattress before I was thrown flat and pinned. I was punched twice in the face and then patted on the head as if being taunted by it. I felt the weight lift off of me and heard the footsteps running away. My wife was in the bed during all this and didn't wake up even when I tried to wake her before and after the attack.

Positive encounters with these things have been warnings of things to come or messages as I said earlier. I was having the feeling of someone trying to nudge me to wake up and awaking to a shadow figure that backed away with hands up in a non-threatening manner. It told me in plain english that "the phone will ring with bad news". sure enough, not even a minute after I was told this the phone rang. It was a call for my girlfriend at the time so I woke her up and told her she really needed to talk to whoever was calling. She broke into tears while on the phone. It turned out to be her aunt calling to say that a family member had passed. When she was done on the phone I tried to comfort her and the shadow figure just stood and watched us. I couldn't see any features but felt a sense of sympathy from it. The shadow dispersed and returned a moment later with another non-shadow spirit. The spirit was the family member who had passed. this spirit communicated through me to say final good-byes and had me tell my girlfriend things that I couldn't possibly know, so that she knew I wasn't being an insensitive jack-@$$.

Other positive things were warnings. One such warning I was walking home at night from a friend's place and the same one that seems to follow me appeared and said "don't go that way" so I took the long way home. The next day in the news there had been a stabbing at the same time I would have been there. The victim died of their wounds.

Michael_S from Bristol, TN. on May 28, 2012:


I was once blessed, attended church and was able to pray. I was once heavy into the Christian scene .. and so was my wife at the time. But things took a turn for the worse. My wife became hooked on drugs and started staying out late at night and sometimes not even coming home for several days. Our attendance in church dropped off drastically and we eventually divorced. My faith in God is there still but I have lost the ability to pray. On April 5th, 2011 I got word that my ex. wife had passed on. Her family told me it was due to a Staph infection that got into her blood. Her friend told me she died from Morphine overdose at their house. She died while high and without God ... and I fear her soul is lost. A year prior to her death is when things for me really began going downhill. Things have only gotten worse since then. I do believe she was attached but attacked through her weakness of drugs. Whatever it is that is attached to me is getting me through my weakness and that is my finances and work. If you read back through my past posts in this thread, you'll see what I am trying to say and a bit of history. The thought of Suicide may last for days but urge is getting stronger. I have lost my drive to do anything about it. Right now the only thing that has prevented me from doing it is the uncertainty of the next day that may hold a solution to my situation and that I have Kids and Grand-kids to consider. But what is the tipping point to all this? Eventually something has to give either way. I have tried your suggestion in the past and even thanking God for the little things that helped. I don't know if I can pray or even talk to God like I need to.

I really don't want to discuss this anymore in a pubic setting. If you want, you can email me. Right now I'll accept any spiritual help I can get. Just let me know. Thanks for your advice.

Kim on May 26, 2012:

Well, my sister lives there now. All kinds of weird stuff used to happen there, like the property is surrounded by trees and on several occasions where the whole family witnessed it the trees rustled (completely moved like something big was running through them) no wind whatsoever no breeze to speak of. Just weird stuff all around. We've become used to it. Also Michael, the best thing you can do is talk to God, and leave your problems in his hands. I didn't used to be a believer, but my life has had too many blessings for me not to be. And whether or not you believe He exists, when I'm hurting or feeling down I just sit there and talk, not pray, but talk to him like I'd talk to anyone else and all my problems melt away. If the presence is bothersome, try church or talking to God as I suggested. I hope it helps.

Michael_S from Bristol, TN. on May 25, 2012:


It sounds like the property itself is the source of these experiences you and your sister had. Most likely it had and probably still has a "gateway" to the supernatural world and some of it's activities bled over to you during that time period. What causes an area of land to have a gate? Perhaps in the past a deadly violent act or acts have occurred on the property. Or someone created or opened the gate through a ritual act and it never got closed. Hopefully your family does not live on the property any longer. Some supernatural creatures are just curious about humans, some may have been human once but had passed on to the other side while others were never human at all. I personally have not experienced seeing any spirits as you described. But had several encounters ... some of which I posted here.

An update on my situation: I had to sell my home and move out of the area in an attempt to escape the haunting and supernatural depression. It has not worked. I am still under a depression and nothing I do to improve my life is working. I still feel a presence and I now realize that whatever it is has attached itself to me and not the home I sold. It is getting to the point where I am thinking about suicide. I am fighting this feeling best I can but I am being sucked dry of my will to live. I have not sought help because people would not take me seriously. I need help from somebody who has dealt with spiritual attachments but with so many scammers out there it is hard to find somebody to trust. I guess I'll have to suffer in this. Even though my Niece is a ghost-hunter, she does not know anybody who can help.

Kim, what I told you about your experiences is the best I can do. I hope you got something out of it.

Kim on May 21, 2012:

As a child, probably about 13 years ago, 2 of my siblings and myself were outside in our yard at dusk and we saw a black figure of tall bird. It had to be at least 6 feet tall. It stood there for a moment before transforming into the shape of a man with long shaggy hair. The figure slowly turned and looked at the three of us then vanished. we didn't take our eyes off of it and there was no malevolence that I recall. Have any of you ever had an experience like this? I can't find anything on it. My sister and I have both seen the hat man and there was malevolence there. And there have been encounters of "witches" on a few occasions as well. 2 of them were of a woman with scraggly blond hair and long fingernails tapping on the window beckoning my sister, the third was the same woman but she was carrying a sack of something that sounded like crying babies.

Catrine on November 15, 2011:

Mine wasn't a demon. If it was he must have thought he didn't have a prayer ha ha of trying to turn me so didn't even try to scare me. Then again someone I spoke to saying he's seen Many! over the years says there are different ones and the one I saw was just a "watcher" and they aren't the negative ones. Mine was average man sized but the big one with the red eyes is very hostile. Sometimes the man sized ones show up with the big one. This all according to someone I met online after I first found out.

I read someone asked one who he was and he said "ole scratch" and disappeared. She took it at 100% face value. He might have just been messing with her though. Like "Woooo I'm the DEVIL bwahahaha" and then wet himself laughing at her getting hysterical. It reminded me of "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Really, who knows with these things? I'm a nature worshiper btw

Catrine on November 15, 2011:

I've seen one. I saw it about 13 years ago and only found out other people have seen my "ghost wearing a hat" last year. I wasn't scared at all when I saw it. It was the silhouette of a man standing at the foot of my bed WATCHING me. There was very strong feeling of curiosity but no hostility. I was just getting into bed and had walked past the foot of the bed maybe all of 10 seconds before getting in and pulling the covers up. As I did I saw him out of the corner of my eye but not for an instant. He stayed there. He watched me and I looked at him. I kicked my BF at the time "Paddy A GHOST! It's a ***** GHOST!" but he didn't wake up. After a while I thought whatever and went to sleep. He didn't seem hostile so what else was I going to do? I didn't feel up for trying to talk to him.

Next day I asked everyone in the house if anything "strange" had happened the night before. Everyone said no except the guy who had a room above me. Same exact thing. A silhouette of a man wearing a hat watching him.

We thought we were haunted and were looking forward to it but nothing else ever happened. I've told the story of the ghost with the hat ever since mainly because my roommate saw it too so I did't care if people didn't believe me. It was always the hat that stuck in my mind "And he was wearing a HAT!" so when I heard something about "shadow people" last year and saw the wiki article mentioning a "40s style fedora hat" I about fell over and died. Tears were streaming out of my head although I wasn't crying as such. ALL the lights in the house were put on and I sat gripping a big quartz crystal I had just bought. The fact that other people had seen MY ghost and that he already had a name freaked me out a million times more than seeing him myself. It was around 1:30 AM on a Sunday first week of December last year, 2010 that I found out.

I went on a research mission finding out everything I could about shadow people. They say animals don't react to them the way they do with ghosts. It's true that the morning after we were all making fun of my dog for being a crap dog for sleeping through a ghost "attack". People tried to tell me that with the internet people copy cat each other and that's why there are so many people claiming to see a man wearing hat.

BUT....when I saw it the internet was just getting off the ground and I didn't have it. I didn't even have email. could all these people have seen "MY" ghost?

A lot of people report being scared and that it gave off negative energy but neither myself nor my roommate had that experience.

unomike on November 06, 2011:

Thanks Kim for your story.

Halloween update: I was not able to attend the Ghost-hunt due to other obligations that cropped up at the last minute. However my niece and her team did have paranormal experiences. She saw the ghost of a Civil War soldier but could not tell if it was union or confederate because the apparition was pretty well chewed up from battle. Possibly this is how he looked when he apparently died from the injuries. He was still carrying his rifle.

In my last post,, I mentioned that I thought my father's ghost was hanging around, well now I think that there is something else hanging around too. Soon after my father passed away (4 months), I lost my job due to lay-off. I have not been able to find employment despite my education, training and experience as a welder. As it stands now, my life's savings, unemployment benefits and other funds are exhausted has now been two years. And things are not looking any better and in fact it is getting worse. I'm losing everything I own. And it seems that everything I have done to find work and to improve my situation has negative results. In other words, I take one step forward only to get pushed back two steps. During the past year, I have felt like I'm being manipulated toward an irreversible event in my life.And last week I felt an unfamiliar presence in my home when I returned to it to check on things (my electricity is off and I'm not living there until I can get it turned back on). I attempted to exorcize my home based on my faith but only succeeded in making it angry. The response I got was a lot of crashing noises in the home but nothing was noticeably out of place after i conducted a room to room search. I also realized that whatever it is, it is attached to me. Hard to explain all the other things that has been going on ... personal and otherwise but I hope you get the picture.

I called my niece and explained to her what has happened and my feelings about this. She and her Paranormal group is going to do an investigation this Thursday or Friday and perform a cleansing afterword.

I know some here will think of me as nuts or just trying to place blame on something for my situation but until you walk in my shoes, don't judge me.

Kim K. on November 02, 2011:


I have had quite a few 'ghostly' encounters. But a couple have been the shadow kind. I was playing music upstairs, and kept seeing dark shadows darting around. Also the tell tale goosebumps let me know they are around. I talked to it, told it we would have to share the same house together, and lets all get along. I prayed for it. And things calmed down quite a bit. Now it LETS me KNOW when it wants to be prayed for. It gives me a psychic impression very heavy feeling, and the goosebumps. Then I pray, and it calms down and goes away. I only have to do this every few months.

I also one time had one try to talk to me in my sleep, I woke up to have it by my bedside, I was saying 'YES,YES' to it. Then I fully woke up and was shaking. It was gone. Found out that the former owner died in the room I was sleeping in. I believe it was HIM trying to talk to me.

Some other things happen around here. Doors open and close, lights and fans go on and off by themselves. Invisible hands touch you sometimes on the shoulder. Also people have seen ghosts in rocking chairs in upper room that CHAIR does not exist, and seeing people in doorways, pots and pans piled up in the middle of the floor, men dressed in turn of century clothes and hats leaning up against our tree with their ELBOW AND ARM transparent IN THE TREE. Stuff like that. The main part of my house is actually an old hotel, so I think that some of it comes because of that.

But its all good, at least we know there is more after this life.

OH I also saw my grandmother and grandfather together after they both died. That made me VERY happy.

Peace and Love to all.

Kim K.

Chelsi-anna on October 29, 2011:

I know why they can jump because they're demons. DEMONS demons. Demons jump all over.

Chelsi-Anna on October 23, 2011:

I believe they are all demons if noone likes em Or if people think they're ghosts.

Michael_S from Bristol, TN. on October 14, 2011:

OK, I had time to think about how best to describe the encounter. It was brief because I broke off contact with the creature. Even as I write this, I get goosebumps. The creature stood about 6 feet tall, blacker than black, looked solid and not transparent, no light from behind it filtered through its shape, which I can only describe as a shapeless body (no arms and neck) and head. The only facial features was blood red eyes and mouth and it was grinning at me. Yes it was aware of my presence and I believe it purposely made an appearance to me. From where it stood or floated, it was away from the wall and in front of my open walk-in closet doorway. The light from the closet did not penetrate it but went around it as light does with a normal person. I had been using the closet light to do my homework by when a shadow was cast on the book I was studying from. At first (before I looked up) I thought the light bulb blew. Can you imagine my shock when I did look up and saw what casted the shadow? I guess I stared at it for 5 or 6 long seconds before bolting out the door, ran down the hallway and leaped down the 14 steps to the first floor of the house. Of course the dogs downstairs went nuts about the time it appeared which I think brought me out of the initial shock of looking at it and allowed me to get away. After that night, I did not sleep in my bedroom often and eventually moved my bed to an open spot at the end of the hallway. I did not see it again, but I and other members of my family would hear it walking up and down the steps late at night, open doors and enter bedrooms. My mom would investigate any of these sounds, but never found the source but its presence and activities fractured my family's bond with each other. And like I said in my previous post, the awful feeling of dread and depression hung over us. Especially with me and my sister. I'd say she had her encounters with this creature too. I'm now 51 years old and I have had other ghostly encounters over the years. and recently, the encounters were of a familiar ghost ... my recently deceased father. I'm not afraid of these encounters but feel that he is there to protect me and check up to make sure I'm OK. But that is another story. This Halloween, I have a chance to go Ghost-Hunting with my niece's paranormal group and I think I will go. Not only do I seem to attract ghostly creatures, but my niece does too...more so than I. I will post an update after Halloween.

Michael_S from Bristol, TN. on October 02, 2011:

Shadow people, evil spirits ... all the same for me. I have experienced one up close and personal, face-to-face encounter with one in my bedroom when I was 15. I was wide awake doing my homework when it made it's appearance. There was and to this day, still no doubt what I encountered. And this entity still resides in that home and according to my mom, the current resident's teen daughter talks to it. So my encounter has been verified through other individuals. Even though my encounter was not horrifying, it nonetheless severely shocked my system beyond my comprehension at the time. And Still today, I don't like discussing it. Not because of the encounter itself, but also other things that has happened in that house. It affected other members of my family and they had their own experiences as well. Nothing violent, but some manipulation and an overall feeling of dread at times. - I need time to think about how to best write what happened ... I'll continue it in a few days. I take no pleasure in recalling these experiences so bear with me.

blue on September 26, 2011:

Kay out of all the stories I really believe yours not that I don't the others but I just remember another story about them not liking our odor they think we stink.That was such a small detail to mention and you made a believer out of me that the shadows and UFO's are connected.

Mikey on September 25, 2011:

I've experienced a Shadow Creature a few times. It's not that they are only around certain people, they are around ALL of us. They do things like make us believe we've misplaced our car keys. They feed off of negative energy and they constantly try to get reactions out of us. Now, the time I saw one was around the same time my roommate, girlfriend, brother and another friend were using a Ouija board... I experienced a few things while they were "playing" with that evil instrument.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on September 07, 2011:

Enjoyed it much, Kentuckyslone. It makes me feel better to know that others see shadows from the corners of their eyes. I have never seen any close up, but the fleeting shadow is very common to me. None have ever given me a bad feeling, though. I believe that we are an interdimensional species and that with the coming of the Aquarian Age we are going into another dimension, which experts say will complete on Dec. 21, 2012. I think these are merely beings that are accessing our dimension. Are they evil, good, or indifferent? I think they can be any of the above. I have heard of the evil ones that tear off bedclothes and bedevil people. In fact, one of my ancestors was the Rev. James Johnston who tried unsuccessfully to exorcise the Bell Witch in Tennessee. (Got his butt whipped, too.) My husband has Bell ancestors from Tennessee, and I'm researching those to see if they are from this same Bell family. Maybe I'll do a Hub on this as soon as I complete my research and have time. Probably the Bell Witch was one of those shadows with an evil intent.

kay on August 13, 2011:

When I was nine I fell off top bunk in my brisk room n woke up screaming, as I was half ons black hole in ground. My brisk woke n saved me. We held each other tight, crying ourselves to sleep. We never spoke of this till 20 years later, and we I mentioned the black hole and my neo cried n said" oh my god, n I saved u. I've always had bad n weird things around me.

Age 12, in my room about to sleep and bright lights shining through my curtains, and a helicopter noise. I was thinking, wow. That helicopter is a bit close. As I opened my curtains and was looking around it was to bright to see, I thought a police helicopter had their high beams shining on me. Then light got lighter and they were spinning around. It was shaped like a UFO. I got scared n ran under my blanket. Then my whole blanket lit up n I for see a shadow. I started to pray n past out.

Age 16, I woke up in a strangers car and was sorrounded by 4 men in the car. I was scared. I asked where we were going and 1 man said just den here for a min. I asked if I cld sit next to window as I'm clostraphoebic, n driver said no quietly, grunting. The passenger said it all cool hey girl. Yeh I replied. As I swopped seats I held button den for seatbelt and was saying in my head for driver to go faster. He did. The car got to 100 km then I jumped art8 out door. Bouncing for ages till o heard skids. They turned around, I tried to get up. No way I was getting up. It felt like I broke every bone. Blood everywhere. Then I felt someone pick me up by collar of my shirt n made me run. I looked down n my feet weren't even touching the ground. He ran me through scrub n told me to get down. Then in my head they said put your face in the dirt, they won't hear you breathing. The car then started coming through scrub, they were yelling we can smell you.

I past out n woke next day. I walked home all scratched up n bleeding, and that's all that was wrong with me. Physically.

Skip many more. Another day. Thankyou for your time.

Melissa on August 09, 2011:

I actually just googled shadows on my wall and ended up at this sight. I have been having some weird things going on at my home, and I would believe i was crazy if my son hadn't seen the same things. We recently seen shadows walking across my wall and across my ceiling in my room. We then looked outside to see if there were any cars going by and there were none. I have never heard of shadow people until right now when i read this website. This morning i was laying on my bed and watched something that looked almost like a stick figure walk across my wall and then go across my ceiling. A few minutes later I seen a greyish with a hint of blue color to it mans head but it was looking to the side and not at me. I ran out of my room and told my son and had goose bumps on my arms and leggs (mind you its around 80 degrees....) I am starting to get a little worried; I have said out loud in the lord Jesus name get out of my home if you evil/negative. I have also experienced the feeling of someone choking me/holding me down and not being able to move or breathe and trying to wake up it is absolutely terrifying.

Sheryl on July 15, 2011:

Shadow people are generally not considered to be good types of spirits. They've been known to be able to physically touch people, including kicking furniture such as beds.

There's been some discussion among certain people in the paranormal field that believe that shadow people are affiliated with aliens-ufos in one way or another.

Another interesting fact is that not all shadow people are seen out of the corner of the eye, but sometimes are seen straight on.

I've never seen a shadow person like hat man, but I have seen just regular run-of-the-mill shadow people that have no discernable facial features. Some individuals have reported to have seen shadow people with red eyes however.

Most of the time when you have a haunting of any kind, there is not just one spirit haunting the place, but several in tandem, at times seeming to work together.

Jeff on July 07, 2011:

They are ABSOLUTELY real! I have seen one up close and personal! One that I saw cam in the form of a sleep paralysis event. It lurked about at the foot of the bed and then jumped on my chest and had the standard incubus type thing. But I could see it and it's dark shadowy body was quite dense but still slightly translucent. It did no harm to me but that behavior is NOT what I would call benevolent.

kentuckyslone (author) on June 23, 2011:

Cool story Valeman and thanks for sharing that!

Valeman on June 23, 2011:

I have never heard of shadow people or the hat man. However, this has brought something back to mind. My great aunt, used to describe seeing a dark man wearing such a hat. She said this happened when she awoke in the night, and saw the man coming towards her, which terrified her. So, perhaps it is quite a common experience.

I also remember my grandfather, who when in his 90s began to describe shadowy figures who walked around his bedroom at night. I thought he was dreaming.

Jon on May 02, 2011:

What a load of rubbish shadow people are a shadow that is it get a life

kentuckyslone (author) on April 01, 2011:

Thank you everyone for your comments about the shadows and shadow creatures and for participating in the surveys/polls

It is a fascinating subject

Angel on April 01, 2011:

Nikko: I was raised pentecostal I know demons r real I was possessed by mom studied to b a preacher, when she died at a young age weird things happened was the devil once again having fun?

30 years of research on March 11, 2011:

Nikko - you are absolutely correct. I've been researching the preternatural for over 30 years. The majority of human sightings of "shadow people" or "ghosts" can be attributed to the demonic. Yes - they are extrememly active in their efforts to mislead and distract us. They were after all, angels of heaven, and retained their intellect and powers when cast out. They think on a level a thousand times higer than any human and have had tens of thousands of years to observe us and perfect their methods. Most people don't believe in demons anymore - but we can't pick and choose which aspects of Jesus's ministry to believe or not believe. To deny the existence of Satan or demons is to deny the bible and since the bible is the living word of God, denying the bible is to deny God. Satan is very happy that our culture no longer believes in him - that makes him so much more powerful and effective. Unfortunately, he has the help of so many naïve and misguided humans blaming his actions on ghosts, UFOs, shadow-people, and a host of other fairy-tale entities. Ironic how some people will swear with their souls that ghosts and shadow people exist, but deny that demons and Satan can exist. The bible says that satan will eventually overun the world until being beaten back by Micheal the Archangel at the end. He's well on his way and using our pop culture to seduce us into self-worship and worship of other humans - look how many people idolize pop stars and worshipt them as gods - but never open a bible, say a prayer or enter a church.

K.A.E Grove from Australia on February 25, 2011:

fasinating read, thanks for sharing it

phoenix482010 from Cobourg Ontario Canada on January 02, 2011:

first of all ,yes there are lots of things we see in this world the shadow people in our house were there i think to ward off Satin himself ,this is what i believe , no harm ever came to us from these forms ,they spent a few weeks in our house and were never seen again, my wife being native ,maybe they were there for her sake ,i don,t know , but iam still reading up on them ,when i can ...

christiansister on October 23, 2010:

I also agree with drbillfannin, this hub is very well written and thought provoking. :)

kentuckyslone (author) on October 21, 2010:

Excellent response drbillfannin, I really appreciate your thoughts on this!

drbillfannin from Atlanta on October 21, 2010:

For Nikko and anyone else. The Bible certainly gives the impression that there are only three spiritual beings, God, angels (including fallen), and the soul of man. This is not to say there there can't be more out there.

Personally, I have my own theory. I don't think that all shadows or hauntings are caused by demons (bad angels), though they certainly have the ability to do that. It is their mission to confuse and mislead.

My theory involves a complete misunderstanding of humans and their makeup. We are created in the image (likeness) of God. Once we get a grip on that, all the weird stuff starts to make sense. The likeness of God is not how we "appear" but what we are capable of. Plants were created after the plant kind, animals after the animal kind, angels after the angel kind, but man was created after the God kind. Get it? God is a creator, and so are we. We have the capacity to create and destroy. We can think of unknown things and create them. We also can think of paranormal things and create them too. If we could understand this, so much would begin to make sense. God has seriously limited our abilities so we can't accomplish much, but he did tell us that by faith we could move mountains. Believe that! We can also create evil, i.e. shadow creatures and others.

Something for the Satanists, Satan cannot give anyone power to do anything. He is the tempter and nothing else. We are the ones who actually do the evil using the power God gave us. This power can be used to serve God, or to serve self. Satan's mission is to make us all self-serving so that God will reject us. So the next time you see evil, it may just be a creature from the imagination of mankind that has become viable in the natural world.

I plan to write hubs on this and pamphlets for my Other Side of Life Ministry which I started as a way to spread this message. So the next time you hear someone say, "Satan made me do it," don't believe it.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 21, 2010:

I've never seen one and hopefully it will stay that way. Would these shadow creatures be considered the same as ghosts or are those different?

Nikko on October 19, 2010:

And that's what they (Demons) want you to think.As i see,they mislead many.Yes ,the entire earth.Very easy for them to come in any form.Plus i know people who where haunted and harass by them demons,who appeared to them like shadows,or dead people,or light figures.But once they learned the truth and accurate knowlegde,and applied it,them demons ran from them and left them alone.I dont know why so many people are blinded by this..Bible has many answers to the truth.And that's why the truth can set you free,from the sklavery of false teachings and sin, if you except it.

Lili Le Clerc from New Zealand on October 19, 2010:

Great hub, thanks. I've been doing a lot of research recently on shadow people for a novel I'm writing, and there are an awful lot of people out there claiming to see them. I still have no idea, however, what they are and what their purpose is. So many theories, such a weird world!

kentuckyslone (author) on October 19, 2010:

Hello Nikko - While I don't know exactly what shadow creatures are I must say that I disagree that they have to be demons. There are so many things out there that we as humans have yet to understand but I just dont believe they are all demons. I do believe that demons exist, so dont get me wrong on that, its just that I do not think that everything paranormal has to be a demon.

Nikko on October 18, 2010:

Demonic trickery from wicked angels..They can trick you and come in any shape and form.All they are are spirit life forms just like GOD (Yahweh),Jehovah..They all around us on this earth,the wicked sons of GOD and cant leave the earth,after being evicted from heaven,so they are out to mislead to entire earth and the majority of people are fooled by them in every catergory.

kentuckyslone (author) on October 18, 2010:

My personal belief is that there are more than just one type of "entity" that may be seen as a shadow and thought of as a shadow creature. on October 18, 2010:

I have had this feeling before while I was sleeping and woke up frightened but I never saw any shadow people. I have in fact lived in a house that was once an old Civil War hospital and you could set and watch the shadows walking past the doors.

Nikko on October 17, 2010:

They nothing more than demons(wicked angels) pretending to something else.They get a delight out of scaring and possing people and or pretending to be dead humans,and ofcourse,people who believe false teaching of dead human spirits.They also pretend to be ufo's too.That's all they are,wicked,falling angels.Now,i hope i cleared that up for you,case closed.If you want more questions,just ask me.

Jay on October 17, 2010:

Cool page, well written and really interesting. Its quite strange how so many people ffrom different parts of the world have common descriptions and experiences with these shadow critters!

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