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How To Be Empowered For a Purposeful Fulfilled Life

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” – Bishop T.D. Jakes

We all have a purpose to serve in this life , but sadly many die without ever finding out their purpose . Still Many more do not know how to recognize their purpose.

one person makes a difference

one person makes a difference

How to empower the world through dedicated passionate service

Isn't it remarkable how Love in the case of our Lord Jesus Christ , bred , Purpose and passion. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ was born for a purpose born out of love and it was that purpose that made him burn with passion for humanity. He knew why he was on earth, he knew why Joseph and Mary had to be his parents, and he understood that he had to serve that purpose from a humble stance. He never challenged anyone about their purpose, he never compared himself with anyone. He was singular in his approach to the purpose he had to fulfil.

He was born and lived to die . He was the sacrificial lamb that knew no sin but became sin for mankind. Jesus Christ the Passover lamb.

How to Practice uncommonly heard hidden life changing secrets

The challenge with many in all works of life is that they tend to stop in their tracks and get distracted comparing themselves with others and envying those that started their journey long before they did.

People tend to challenge their purpose with that of others. We are born with the need to do something fulfilling. And because half the time we don’t know what that purpose is we sort of attach ourselves to those that have found theirs, and think we don’t have a purpose of our own.

serving from the heart

serving from the heart

How to be outstanding and give successful life changing impact

I grew up with this question; “what is my purpose” How can I serve? It wasn’t clear to me what it was I was supposed to do. I knew I wasn’t born to just live. There was an expectation of something greater. It had to be something that would touch the hearts of men and get them to notice. I never thought of it in terms of fame. I thought it had to be noble. I drifted along with the idea of purpose firmly etched in my mind and I was convinced purpose had to be big otherwise it wouldn’t be a purpose. I recall thinking that all the other professions, which didn’t sound grand, didn’t really seem like a service.

“True glory consists in doing what deserves to be written, in writing what deserves to be read, and in so living as to make the world happier and better for our

I wanted to know if purpose and money lots of it went hand in hand. Mother Theresa left a name to be remembered by many in years to come. She loved the poor and went all out to demonstrate it. She left her home and went to live among them to make a difference. To her, serving, even one person made a huge difference. That was her purpose to give love where there was none , to let that love warm those that had given up hope of being loved or being noticed or even considered worthy of love. This was what made her serve and tough the lives and hearts of millions of people. She gave up everything she had for the love she believe

small things count

small things count

“Figure out what your purpose is in life, what you really and truly want to do with your time and your life; then be willing to sacrifice everything and then so

At one time I concluded there were those born with a special purpose, a mission to accomplish on earth. I asked my grandmother what her purpose was. She hadn’t gone all out for everyone in the way mother Theresa or princess Diana had. I realized in her own way she served out her purpose. She brought up fine children, was well respected in her community and loved. She touched the hearts of those around her. They remember her to date.

People everywhere bury the deeds of those that aren’t known by the world. I have come to acknowledge that wherever you are you are serving some kind of a cause. It might be in a small way but if you do it well you will be remembered by those yet to be born.

Many times people confuse themselves by comparing themselves with those that are known worldwide and seem to think that because they are only known by a handful their service isn’t worth much.



“If you have a strong purpose in life, you don’t have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there.” – Roy T. Bennett

Think of all the Doctors in the world, they save lives daily. The policemen stop crime every minute. Nurses are on call all the time attending to the wounded administering to their needs and helping them heal. Teachers churn out the finest Executives the world over. Farmers bring food to our tables. We never get to meet them but they do a great job making sure there is food in every household.

Touching the life of even one person makes a huge difference and it counts as a service. The great man and woman we read about were made that way by just one man or woman who encouraged them in the face of discouragement. Many voices were telling them they were northing ,and some were labelled worthless and they would have gone on to be nothing had not some one told them otherwise. Les Brown is one of them to name a few. His teacher told him he would never amount to anything, but today we know differently.

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Ever thought of the trees and how they serve us. We get shade from trees, oxygen, fruits, paper, desks, tables, shelves. The list goes on.

That’s the way it has been from the beginning. Does anyone notice the rains that water the earth so that the soil brings forth vegetation? The same vegetation that we enjoy in its various forms.

you can help someone

you can help someone

The Truth about Love propelled passionate never heard people transformation

Ever thought of the trees and how they serve us. We get shade from trees, oxygen, fruits, paper, desks, tables,shelves. The list goes on.

That’s the way it has been from the beginning. Does anyone notice the rains that water the earth so that the soil brings up vegetation?

Everything and everyone has a purpose. Whether you are a carpenter, a mechanic, a cleaner, the waste removers…these are all services. People have gotten too used to them so they don’t really notice that those that serve in those areas are great man and women worthy of recognition and appreciation.

Is it the fame behind the service or the money attached that defines purpose? What of the hearts that serve where no one notices or appreciates. Yet they are important to society as a whole. If communities woke up one day and found no teacher, or policeman then they would appreciate the value of those serving in those capacities.

Every purpose is important even if it doesn’t seem so. Maybe people have just learnt to put emphasizes on the not so important things.

Motherhood isn’t a small call either. The world is full of children that were born and bred by mothers and Fathers.

You can’t water down the significance of your role simply because someone else’s’ seems better. Appreciate your role and that of others. That’s where respect is born.

A janitor is just as important as the teacher or the principal of a school.

Respect all people

Respect all people

Love then is the greatest propeller of purpose. Every purpose is born out of love which is then translated in different forms or kinds of service. Princess Diana touched the lives of many though she never went to live with any like mother Theresa did , and she never gave up her own status in order to impact people all over the world. She demonstrated her love through compassion for the plight of many and became a voice for the voiceless.

Mother Theresa touched and changed lives by her presence, she didn't have the money but she served actively among the poor , living for those very people.


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