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Working With La Santisima Muerte Roja

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Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

I've had this statue for years now, and I think veteran readers remember seeing her peering down from her usual elevated perch. If I recall correctly this is the first statue I ever bought in a wedding dress.

I've had this statue for years now, and I think veteran readers remember seeing her peering down from her usual elevated perch. If I recall correctly this is the first statue I ever bought in a wedding dress.

Queen of Hearts

Subtle saint, loving goddess. Somewhere between the poles of her black and white aspects the red aspects beckons us to her. She can enhance our love magic, she can balance our emotions, she is the flaming vengeance against the straying spouse. How can one beautiful lady be all these things? She is a hot aspect, the transforming fire, red hot.

That doesn't mean she is unapproachable. Her fire can heal, her harsh and legendary treatment of the straying spouse reminds us of how good things were in the beginning and that sacred promises must be honored. And if you like your goddess fiery and with heat you will be well suited to her for the element of fire is hers.

She is a magical aspect, very good at smashing hexes, but this comes at a price. Will you face that in yourself that needs cleansing? Will you honor your own family, for she will insist on this, will you honor your promises to yourself? Although often shoved aside by male authors as a "woman's advocate" she is far more.

Remember that red is also the color of passion. Not just romantic, but her's as well. If you can handle Death's most passionate aspect, the one who calls us to her, then may your journey with her be a joyful one. But remember, an Azteca goddess she always will be.

She may bring you love but she may destroy your life if your intentions are wicked. So search your heart extremely carefully before you approach her. I will put a personal warning on, out of love. If you like to bury your emotions you will find her the hardest aspect to work with. For she will make you face them.

She will bring hidden griefs and fears to the surface to heal them, much like her black aspect. La Santisima will force you to see the broken and bad parts of yourself and force you to confront and deal with them head on. But once her fire had burnt out the rot in your soul she will heal you with her love.

She Will Take Anything Freely Given

I had the gold painted statue and everything except her crown. While not an "official" statue she accepts it gladly.

I had the gold painted statue and everything except her crown. While not an "official" statue she accepts it gladly.

Is She the Love Spell Goddess?

You mean can you use her to get endless romantic partners? Let me remind you that she is all about family and she carries the scales to judge us. That said, it isn't a Christian judgment she will pass. It is a judgment, as all pagans know, over romantic love being sacred. I don't think she would harm you, but she will, more than any other aspect point out the hollowness of endless pleasure that is not mixed with love.

Yes, she is still the patroness and protectress of those who must walk the streets to earn a living, male or female, gay or straight, trans, it does not matter. She doesn't judge in that sense and she loves everyone very much. But she will also try to lead them to a safer life where they will be loved and cherished as they deserve to be. Mi Santa is touching me gently me to remind you that they are our brothers and sisters in her and we should love and accept them too.

Also, for the sake of Goddess, do not attempt to destroy a partnership with love magic. She is seriously against that as all relationships are sacred to her. Life is complicated and she does understand that. So if you have been the other lover turn to her for forgiveness and to find your own true love and all will be well.

Her punishment will hurt, but she will only want you to learn the consequences of your actions. When you find your true love, after all, you will want that person to be loyal, right? Unless you are in an open relationship, and I would highly recommend explaining this to her, and unless both parties agree to the open relationship you are entirely on your own with the fallout of your actions.

But if you are good person seeking a lasting and true relationship, then yes, she can make this happen. She can also strengthen the bond between couples and families. I would advise you to think long and hard though before asking to dominate another person. Because it is not always La Santisima who answers and dominations or loves won by magic always falter. Always.

You want and deserve true love, but that takes time. Give her time and she will work with you to find the right person. And no, it does not matter if you are gay, straight, pan, bi, trans. She will never turn you away. She will never judge you for your sexuality unless it is predatory in nature, but she will judge the person you are in your heart of hearts. The real you, not the one you show the world or fool yourself with. And she will be very honest about this, but in a very loving way she will lead you to transformation.

Goddess, Angel or Saint?

However you see her, she will accept what you have. I had this prop for decades but when lovingly cleaned and painted she accepted it. Remember she is Death.

However you see her, she will accept what you have. I had this prop for decades but when lovingly cleaned and painted she accepted it. Remember she is Death.

She is not Greedy

People will say she is a greedy and manipulative goddess, but she is not. She will push you harder than any other goddess. She and all other Azteca gods and goddesses are tough. But there will only be nurturing behind that toughness. The world is hard, and she will toughen you up to face it and make you all that you can be.

I've seen videos of why people won't work with her, mainly because she was aggressive. Things moving or a statue activating on you? That is more or less her saying hello. When she actively dislikes someone or is angry, trust me, you will know. And in the same videos people will say she is greedy.

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No, she will push you to transform, to know yourself and this can hurt, a lot. But she doesn't demand endless candles or offerings. Love and respect, that is what she asks for, and that is pretty much it except willing offerings.

The only way you could say she consumes is that the flames of this aspect will consume your weakness. Will that also hurt? Yep, but you will love her for it. Consider her the queen of transformation, but in a very loving way. For she will love and treasure you deeper and with more ferocity than any other goddess.

Although hearts aren't her usual icon mine enjoys them. I also gave this golden skull a red maw to honor her feral nature.

Although hearts aren't her usual icon mine enjoys them. I also gave this golden skull a red maw to honor her feral nature.

Her Love

Her love is like a fire. It is ferocious and deeper than anything you have ever experienced. Think of it this way. Take two mothers even though you don't have to see her as a mother figure. A doe gives birth alone and teaches her baby two things, to run and hide. Not that she won't or can't fight, but she is no match for the wolf mother.

Wolf mother on the other hand? She gives birth alone, and in darkness, not because of weakness, but to protect her pups and she will rip your throat out if you approach her helpless newborns. And much like newborn pups, we too are weak and blind to the very real dangers around us. For to survive in both our and wolf society is not an easy thing and wolf mother trusts no one, not even the father with the pups. And there are no gentle nudges here. If they ignore a warning growl there are flashing white teeth and snarls. For that is the way of the world and wolf mother must teach her little ones to fight and survive in a world where only strength is honored.

Should she weaken or fail she knows what it could mean to her pups. So she will not fail. She will be aggressive, she will snarl and she will take down any threat to her babies. That is the love of the wolf mother. Harsh? Certainly. But not without her loving side, her nurturing side. She is not all raised hackles and bared teeth.

No matter how you see or interact with her. La Santa brings this fiery and fierce love and protectiveness to you. Now, I did not say that so that you act the fool and think she is your personal hitman. She will most certainly give you enough rope to hang yourself with if you ignore her warning growls. And the punishment she can hand out has spawned more than one Internet horror story.

I don't mean to scare you. La Santisima can be very loving and nurturing. She will even warn you when you are doing wrong, she will. But if you are willful and go against those warning she will punish you, and she doesn't do so with a tender hand.

Her three oldest aspects with red somewhere in between the extremes of white and black.

Her three oldest aspects with red somewhere in between the extremes of white and black.

Santisima Rides Out

She Is Not For the Childish People

I didn't say childlike, I say childish. If you can admit you are spoiled or think the Universe owes you something, walk on by. Because that will not work with La Santisima. She can be very loving and very kind, but she will eventually start your harder lessons, and there will be no getting out of them. If you don't want personal transformation that you have to work for she is not for you.

Let me give you an example. When I at last started working with her she was infinitely sweet and tender. This wasn't a lie or her reeling me in, this was all I could handle at the time. But as time has passed and our relationship has grown stronger her lessons have gotten harsher and her teachings are deeper.

She's gone from a sweet, bubbly and fun personality to more mature, deeper and brooding at times. Because I'm now strong enough to meet her on a deeper level. And her lessons get harder and one lesson she will teach you is respect. Now we all know we pagans don't bow before our gods.

Nor will you bow before her, but you will respect her. She is the boss lady and I can't stress that enough. She isn't a meek or timid goddess by any stretch of the imagination. She will have no problem showing you that you will respect her. I didn't say fear, you never have to fear her, but you must show her respect. She will pretty much demand this of everyone in your household too unless she chooses to ignore them.

Not everyone has to serve her, but they should show her proper respect. If you invited her into your life, you came to her with your problems. And you have to remember that. Even if she came to you, that respect must still be there, and even moreso. She demands the most out of those she calls to her.

An old photo edited to show that La Santisima is always La Santisima. No matter the color or form you choose.

An old photo edited to show that La Santisima is always La Santisima. No matter the color or form you choose.

How Do You Know She Is Calling?

It is not always easy to know. But I'd say repeated dreams or visions are a good bet. And I mean repeated. And if she tells you in a dream that she wants to work with you, or she is given to you she may want to work with you. Sometimes, of course, a dream is just a dream and you will find your offerings being ignored. In that case leave her be, she won't work with you.

Everyone may have their own Death, this is true. But she will not work with everyone. And for some this is a blessing because she would destroy them. If you are arrogant, prideful or fueled by hate chances are you will face a frightening series of lessons before she will work with you, if she responds at all.

Do not try to work around her ignoring you by getting other people to do your offerings. I had two people do this and, well, let's just say 'Death is angry' is a very valid expression. I don't care if you bought the offerings and all that. She is a goddess you must face on your own. If you can't face the harsh reality of your own Death and the fact that she will take you from this life and can do so at any time, then she is not for you.

Did you learn something here?

Does She Work Well With Others?

If you mean gods, goddesses or spirits, then, yes. So long as they know she is the queen. For general advice I'd say either give her her own space, no matter how small, or give her an elevated space. Most gods don't like being lumped together, after all, any more than we do. Your Santisima Muerte will have her own likes and dislikes and that is as far as I can advise you.

I've seen altars where she is surrounded by other saints and orisha as if she is a queen with her court. I personally have a few tiny scattered altars where she is content to share, but she has a room of her own. Now mine, she has altars to herself as well, so perhaps that is why she doesn't mind sharing.

That, and while not shoved out of the way the others respect her as the rightful queen of my home and there was no show of violence needed. She is simply so powerful that even my Baron respects her and it is hard to get him to respect much of anything. Even the ghede are as quiet in her presence as church mice, so what does that tell you?

So yes, as one person asked, she should get along with the Baron Samedi, but again, it is up to your personal Santa Muerte. She will let you know. But to start with her own personal space is best. It is the polite and respectful thing to do.

Decorating Statues

I'm happy someone asked, and as with anything else, this advice can work with any aspect, but since this is for La Santa Roja, let's say you decide to decorate your statue. First, make sure you want to give her whatever you use for keeps. Second, if you keep finding the gems or other decorations neatly plucked off, don't take it personally.

She is not being mean or rejecting your offering she just doesn't want the statue decorated and I even went up to hot glue in one case before I figured this out. I think she has a playful streak. Once I gave up and just laid the gems near the statue the game stopped.

And yes, you can use anything you like to decorate a statue. Gems, beads, sequins, puffy glitter paint, anything, (plastic gems are fine too, by the way) as long as it makes sense and has personal meaning to you go for it. Working with the "proper" stones instead of the stones your heart is insisting are right makes no sense if you have no connection to them. And what is right varies from cult to cult, person to person. Remember that La Santa is very adaptable and anyone can work with her.

The stones she is offered and why will naturally vary according to our traditions and personal experiences. I have a very witchy background so I go with stone associations that work in a broad pagan tradition and they work well for me. But, if I find a pebble by the road or a stone on a woodland walk and it is fairly singing to be an offering I'm open to that too and not worried about my traditions.

Now, working with the red you may naturally go to stones that are white, pink or red depending on your intent. If you want her to help calm your emotions, for example, rose quartz may work well for you. Or clear crystal. But if another stone, even one not known for doing so makes you feel calm and centered, by all means, use it. Yes, even plastic stick on gems.

Or you may enjoy trying to incorporate other facets of her by using white gems to symbolize purity of intent or seven colors is a popular theme, albeit a newer one and usually represents, though not always, that she can do anything. There really are no set rules outside of a specific path may prefer specific colors and associations.

From all the research I've done and continue to do decorating her statues is an intensely personal offering. The more meaning it has to you the more likely you are to get good results. And yes, you can use necklaces too if you don't want to permanently decorate a statue.

My largest statue of her black aspect, for example has some jewelery you can learn to make here that I made her from a broken vintage pearl necklace, silver skull beads and pony beads in black, blue and clear and they work well for her. Your Santa Muerte may enjoy another color entirely.

Always there, always working.

Always there, always working.

In Closing

La Santisima Muerte Roja is love. She is pure, deep and all-encompassing love. Her presence will bring you joy and happiness. But she will also bring change and lessons, lessons that can hurt, that can burn. But she does this from a very loving place. She is not evil, she is not cruel.

Perhaps she is not working with you, and that is fine, Leave her in peace. But if she is working with you, if you are looking into the red aspect she will work with you on a very deep level. You may think you are just getting a straying lover back, or finding true love, but that is just the beginning. She will transform you. Her flames will consume and purify you.

I'm including the following video, which I'm sure veteran visitors are weary of, but I can't impress you enough with how profound and deep she is. Honestly, if you don't have the endurance to sit through a video she is most likely not for you.

My own journey to her came after many years of magic, healing, working with first European then Egyptian gods and goddesses who each helped me on my way as far as they could but told me up front they were not the end. Not even my African spirits were the end and they came only after years of me being a healer. And only after them shaping me and readying me was I ready for her. So I do wish you the very best of luck and a joyous journey with her, but I do so from a place of love that warns you that she is the deep waters. She is the deepest teachings. Her love is the deepest and truest you will ever find and may you always remember that and walk with her.

Santisima Muerte/Red Aspect

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Nightcat (author) on July 30, 2015:

My pleasure!

Carfaxabby on July 30, 2015:

Thanks so much thats a really good explanation it makes alot of sense.

Nightcat (author) on July 29, 2015:

That would be something you'd have to ask on a person by person basis. For some it is just embellishment to make her prettier, to others it just feels right, but yes, some people do use stones or other decorations to bring in other aspects. With La Santa it is actually kind of hard to pin down a common theme because one, people are rightfully careful in how much they tell others, and two, we all work with her on a one on one basis. So it honestly is something that can change and is very personal. Some people may use gemstones with a specific intent such as boosting the statue with a crystal or other gem for a specific purpose, or they might simply do it as an offering as one the gems are on her they are hers. I have noticed a lot of colors carry over, such as giving her a rainbow of gems on her scythe, and that usually represents that she can do anything. All white for purity of intent and so on. If you are decorating your own statue I'd say use what feels right for you. The statue is going to work a lot better if it has personal meaning and feels right to you. Hope that helps!

Carfaxabby on July 29, 2015:

I was curious when decorating ones statue of santisma what have you found to be a common theme? I've often noticed people adorning the scythes with other gems I'm guessing to represent the other aspects would this be correct?

Nightcat (author) on July 22, 2015:

Thank you! The articles do me good as well. Having to put down my thoughts helps me reach a deeper understanding of her. But I'm happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting!

Carfaxabby on July 21, 2015:

Really great article It was a wonderful read :)

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