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Rooster symbol and its applications in feng shui

Symbolism is an important aspect in feng shui. The Chinese use symbols of flowers, birds, animals, etc. for various purposes since historical times.

Old-style feng shui masters usually use a rooster figurine, mainly for the two problems as listed below.

Gold-plated rooster

Gold-plated rooster

(1) Ominous chi from centipede-shaped objects

It is common to have TV antennae, electrical poles and drainage pipes in the surroundings of our house. Sometimes, the shape of these objects can look like a centipede. The ominous chi that emanates from such centipede-shaped objects is referred to as Wu Gong Sha (). (Wu Gong means centipede and Sha the negative energy.)

If the main door, stove or kid’s bedroom faces a Wu Gong Sha, a precaution has to be taken because such bad vibe can cause digestive system problems for the household.

The remedy is simple. Just put a rooster figurine at the place where it faces the Wu Gong Sha. Make sure the mouth of the rooster faces the centipede-shaped object. This equates to the rooster pecking at the centipede, deflecting the negative energy.

The rooster is considered a charm that drives away evil spirits, especially when it is depicted with its mouth open.

The rooster figurine can be of any kind of materials. However, the best would be one with real feathers on it.

(2) Extra-marital affairs

An extra-marital affair poses a great danger to a marriage. It can create chaos in a once happy family and can even break up a marriage.


The rooster symbol seems to be the favourite tool of traditional feng shui masters to counter such a problem.

Display a golden or brass rooster figurine, one each on the right and left hand corner of the wardrobe of your spouse. An alternative place to put the figurine will be the shoe cabinet. It is best not to let your spouse know about it.

As the rooster is territorial, it is a symbol of safety and protection in the family. With its masculine, fierce and firm looks, having a solid crown on its head, a well-shaped beak and an attractive tail, the rooster is said to peck away any third-party to a love relationship.

Specific tao hua direction for individuals

Specific tao hua direction for individuals

Prevention better than cure

It is always better to take precautions rather than looking for cures when a problem arises. Precautionary measures involve mainly making sure the peach blossom (tao hua 桃 花) luck of a couple is not activated unknowingly.

  • Please refer to the chart to locate the peach blossom direction of your spouse. Flower vase, fishes, pictures of the opposite sex, and his or her tao hua animal symbol should not be displayed in that area.
  • For example, if your spouse is of Rat zodiac, then the west of the whole house, west of the living room, and west of the bedroom are the areas to look out.
  • One important sign to look out for is whether there are any outside plants or tree twigs extending into your bedroom. As the bedroom is a private place for couples, this can be interpreted as an ill omen of the presence of a third-party to a love relationship.
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  • During the Lunar New Year, people tend to buy plants that have auspicious symbolisms. Although peach blossom flowers can bring good luck in general, they are not that suitable for couples as such flowers can also enhance peach blossom luck.
  • As an additional precaution, place a golden or brass rooster figurine at the main door, facing out. This equates to the rooster pecking away all possible problems of unfaithfulness from entering the home.

However, the rooster symbol is usually not recommended for those who are born in the Year of the Rabbit, Monkey, Rat or Dragon. In the Chinese zodiac system, Rabbit conflicts with the Rooster.

As for the other three zodiac signs, the rooster is their peach blossom animal that can, in fact, enhance the peach blossom luck. Enhancement of love luck is only good for those who are still singles and are not in any steady relationship.

Different types of tao hua

It would be useful for couples to know more about the different types of tao hua luck in feng shui.


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ZhaoQingQing on September 02, 2014:

I am horse while my husband is Rooster.

So can I place rooster on the wordrobe?

ZhaoQingQing on September 02, 2014:

My husband stay there a few weeks and come to SIngapore once a month as he need to station there.

Can I put on the top of wordrobe where is no clothing ?

Or should I put in both house?

pinkytoky (author) from Singapore on September 02, 2014:

The house in which your husband stays is the more important one.

ZhaoQingQing on September 02, 2014:

If I have two houses in different country, can I put rooster in Singapore 's house or do I still need to put it in Burma's house where my husband work in Burma.

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