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Baron Samedi For Witches II

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Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.


He Is Watching You

Want even more Baron Samedi? Then you've indeed come to the right place. For goodness knows I can't get enough of him either. Better than chocolates, he is. Here we will also go over some of the most controversial topics for Baron Samedi ever. You were warned.

Wait, he causes controversy? He sure does! Can people marry him? Can he be a lover? Can he even be in love? This and a million other details about the Baron are hotly debated. I might not have all the answers, but I have the answers that make my Baron happy.

Keep in mind he has led me down some strange paths. Absolutely no disrespect is meant to others who hold opposing views. Neither of us is wrong, just different.

My own intro photo of his very own statue. Oh, all other photos (and writing) are my original work as well, enjoy!

Who is the Lwa Baron Samedi? - Some ghede info, banda videos

His Altar, Reopened!


Open Altar, Open Heart

Now for mourning my parent's deaths, and other reasons I had neglected my poor Baron's grand main altar. But he is ever faithful and stayed by his friend, no matter what. Recently, I finally felt it was time to breath new life into the altar, or reactivate it.

This involved washing all of his altar cloths, cleaning off debris and cleaning everything you see by hand, as well as scrubbing down the altar itself. It took several hours in all, then a brief ritual with his coffee, water, candle, and incense to greet my beloved friend and welcome him back into my life more fully.

I also realized something. I am never going to be orthodox anything. I love my Baron more than life itself, and I know my beloved friend feels the same way for me. If doing what truly makes my Baron happy displease others, they can go ahead and be displeased.

He's been after me for some time to post altar photos, assuring me that it is fine to do so, and that if I truly loved and respected him I would. Now we all know some folks won't because they feel bad things can be done using the photos.

But I trust and love my Baron Samedi more than anyone else in the universe. He wanted the photo up as a mark of respect and proof positive that I listen to him about his needs and wants, and not what anyone else will tell me about him.

Give Him Your Love


Baron's First Nativity

Last year (2012), Baron's day, Saturday, fell a few days before Christmas. Now I know people some would do no such thing, but I included the Baron in all the festivities. I realized with a start I had left his candle holder where I had set up the Nativity, oh dear.

I could hear all sorts of advice. People who would be horrified to see a lwa of death anywhere near a Nativity because Jesus defeated death, and lwa are evil in their eyes. Staunch practitioners of Vodoun who would be horrified to see me disrespecting him by including him in Christmas in the first place.

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But I could also see him, in my mind's eye, eager to get his candle and be close to the baby. He loves babies you see, more than he loves just about anything else. A baby for him to cuddle and coo over, a baby of his very own. He was prattling on so happily. I was wondering how I could possibly break his heart by telling him he couldn't be anywhere near that sacred child. Then he saw the look on my face.

I didn't have to say a word. His shoulders sagged, he slumped away from his unlit candle. He had seen me move his things before, but assumed it was to make room for the baby. Those was his first year really helping, after all.

Suddenly, his whole world had collapsed. This loving, sweet spirit was devestated, keening in his grief. I'd kept him away from the baby. So he was bad, so I did think he was bad and didn't belong. He told me he'd be at his other altar if I needed him, and he'd hide himself away for the holiday season. Death had no place in a holiday about life.

Now I had a choice. I could keep him away because some folks would have a fit to see him there, for whatever reason. Or I could think for myself. Nobody loves babies and children more than he does. He protects babies and children. I've seen him call them over, and fuss happily over them. He'd die to protect a child, if it were possible.

All he wanted was to belong, to be loved. To cuddle a sweet baby to him and coo words of love. I called to him, and he came, curious. Did I need something? He was eager to help, to set aside his hurt. I can't think of a more prefect example of the Christmas spirit, can you?

So I lit his candle right beside the Nativity. I showed him to the baby Jesus, and the baby Jesus to him. I asked him to protect and love the baby, and I told the baby Jesus this visitor, who by now was bouncing up and down in his eagerness to cuddle the baby, was a man who loved babies more than anything in the world, and stood back.

For my theological error I beheld a lovely sight. The Baron, holding the baby Jesus, cuddling and cooing. Making soft happy sounds, making sure the baby was swaddled up warm, laughing softly. Joy was just pouring forth from him, and his chest puffed with pride at the idea of protecting such a special baby.

As I walked away I head him telling the baby snuggled deep into his sheltering chest that he loved babies. Especially those born at Christmas. He of course now has one of his statues near the Nativity, to be returned to the Baron after the holidays.

Forget about angels, even ones with flaming swords. Who you really need to protect a baby is the Baron. Yes, my photo. I told you I put him there.


The Baron at Christmas

Once, over two thousand years ago, a special Child was born. He was to bring hope, and save all of mankind. But he was born on the darkest night of the year, and Satan was eager to destroy the child. So Mary's heart skipped in fear as a tall dark stranger entered the gloomy stable.

Majestic and clad in black, he walked slowly to where she kneeled over the sleeping infant. The angels whom she could also see, made way for the man. But as he came into the light of Joseph's lamp, her heart almost refused to keep beating. Oh dear Lord, the man was a walking skeleton! How could God let the angel of death near the helpless child? But the man removed the strange covering from his eyes, and his stern skeletal features softened.

"I here to protect this boy child. He safe with me. Why you want these singing feather dusters?" he gestured towards the angels, "You see, me good protector." Mary glanced at Joseph, but he seemed not to see the angels, or the strange figure before her. The man's high, nasal voice only troubled her further.

Then Mary felt her vision should surely be deluded. For she saw the man pick up her helpless baby, yet Jesus was still in the crib. How was this possible? The skeletal man, crooned to the holy babe, adjusting his swaddling clothes carefully.

He looked lovingly at the infant in his arms, then started to sing as he rocked the babe to sleep. Well, if Jesus snuggled into his skeletal frame, perhaps he was a good angel, and not come to harm them. Mary watched as he carefully set the baby back in the manger.

Smiling to her, he leaned down and brushed a kiss to her cheek. "I Baron Samedi. I good lwa. I here to protect the boy child. Me go, return soon." With that the black clad figure strode out into the night, placing himself at the entrance to the stable.

Now as I said, Satan wanted Jesus dead, and the darkness was on his side. Surely, he could steal in as a shadow and kill him? He wasn't even within twenty paces of the stable before a baton smacked him in his skull, crushing it.

Dazed, Satan tried to reform, to reach the child as a pesky fly. But skeletal jaws opened wide and flames consumed him. A third and final time he tried, this time as a towering beast as tall as the stable.

But as rapidly as he grew, the Baron was quicker. He towered over Satan, and pointed his baton at the cowering beast. "You bad. You always bad. You hurt baby? No, you no hurt baby. Him good baby! Me no like you. You bad!"

And with that, Death, opened his always hungry jaws and swallowed the Devil whole. Of course God made him cough the nasty beast up later, for even Satan has a role to play in Creation. But for one night the blessed child rested in peace, and a content Baron kept vigil.

Of course that is the story I told my Baron to comfort him and welcome him as the child's protector.Yes, mine talks exactly like that. He gets even worse if he gets excited. Also my own photo, enjoy but if you copy to use please give credit and a link back.

Happy Saturday and Merry Christmas, Baron!

Here it is, 2013 and as promised my beloved Baron has returned to the Nativity scene because this is his altar space. You can see his candles lit, his water offering. There isn't room so his coffees (one black, one black with sugar) are in the kitchen near Santa Muerte's offerings. But he is a very peaceful lwa and he loves watching over the manger scene.

That is a Mexican Coke, by the way. Ever since her arrival earlier this year in May he has been sharing in the offerings so he doesn't feel too neglected. For the most part he loves and adores her, though he of course thinks he is far more handsome and dashing. Once he realized he wasn't being replaced with a girl of all things he was very happy to have her and now insits it was all his idea in the first place.

I believe him as he is very truthful. I just misinterpreted who he was trying to bring forward. He has very graciously said the angel beside him can be hers and you can see the spirit house for my parents behind him. Baron is all about family so there are others who share this altar (read: VHS shelf) as well. As long as he has one special space just for him he doesn't mind sharing elsewhere.

He after all gets a share of Santa Muerte's copal (all my spirits and ancestors do) and the two have become fast friends.


Baron As a Lover

Rowr, Tiger!

NOTE: This part would offend regular Voudon practitioners. To most, although highly sexual in his manner, Baron being dead can't do anything like sex you up. However many new age, fringe practitioners and other good folks are getting courted. Is it just a sneaky ghede (child of Baron), fantasy, or the real deal? Some say it is simply Papa Guede. (Say gayday.) That lover could even be a member of the very sexual Famille Impudique. How impudent are they? They were kicked out of the Baron family, what does that tell you? Why? Because lover Barons Lundi and Limba are always ready for action and take things to the, erm, hilt. You have to make up your mind in the end. Absolutely no disrespect or show of ignorance intended here.

Baron adores taking lovers. He is quite fond of being around them and will propose a marriage of sorts to keep them in his stable. By proposing I mean he will keep at you until you agree to marry him. Male, female or other, you will have no escape if he truly loves and desires you.

Well, this marriage is quite real, to be honest. He has a huge problem. See in traditional paths, he is deader than a doornail, and therefore no matter how many Hougans or Mambos are told he wants a husband or wife the supplicants are turned down flat. This distresses him, as every other loa gets to take hundreds if not thousands of brides and husbands as the years roll on.

But I've run into many who have gotten a very serious proposal from him. True, you will never, ever receive the fancy church marriage they hand out for the other loa. But it will be just as binding, and he is an excellent provider. Some of these marriage pacts seem to be sexless while others are quite sexual. There are a few brave souls who will marry you to Baron. Again, it depends on the Hougan or Mambo you talk to. But if no one else will do it the whole ceremony will consist of blessing rings for the two of you, and making him a feast at home in most cases. He will marry you to himself, as he is a lwa, er, law, unto himself.

Remember when working with witches he will take advantage of your beliefs and the freedom they give him. If you truly believe you can marry a god, goddess or even Jesus, he's going to propose if he takes a liking to you.

He will expect to be catered to. You get to cook for him, and to his liking. You may be exclusively his in a magical sense, and goddess help anyone who tries to separate Baron and betrothed. Ah, you are well and truly married if you say yes. No backing out because you get bored or his intensity frightens you.

He is a lot like a bull gator. His man or woman is his property and those teeth will snap closed on anyone who tries to hurt said property. I've seen full-grown men flee in terror when they get too close to his betrothed. I dunno. Maybe him leaping at them brandishing that cane, and bellowing is scary. Ok, he was snapping his teeth and fire was coming out of his eye sockets. He was sort of threatening to wither the dude's manhood off with his magic too.

He will want a special day set aside for him. It may be any day of the week, and not always Saturday. On that day he will want a lot of attention and may take the time to teach you. If you forget he will gently remind you. But please do not drop this day because something bright and shiny came along.

If you want a faithful lover there is none more loyal or inventive than a Baron. If this sounds like your kind of guy see my finding an astral lover article.

Barons like both men and women. Yes, depending on the path he can be gay or bisexual. Barons Lundi and Limba love men. Thry have on occasion gone after female horses possesed by one or the other with gusto. Baron can also be female and although not a specific one comes to mind, he/she will happily take lovers in this form as well. She sometimes posseses (or he depending on your view,) a female for some lesbian fun. He will most likely make this known. Some Barons are of course straight and will roar in indignation if called gay. So depending on the Baron he may take lovers of any gender and happily accept any hermaphrodites as well. He will accept you as you are, which is why a lot of people end up favoring him over more picky human lovers.

Do be aware that his attention will draw in other interested loa. This can be fine, but if you have several Barons as lovers, one may allow you time with another loa that will cause fireworks with another Baron. In other words, Baron A may be amused to see you sleep with Legba, but Baron B may go into fits over it. As they do tend to mimic one another you might find the same Baron telling you two different things. It will be two Barons of course and the first will never apologize.

Special note: No Baron needs to possess another person's body to be your lover. He is quite capable of entering your dreams or meditative trips to the astral plane. He is strong enough to take you in the waking world with no help at all. That said, if your Great Rites are open he is going to enjoy himself as much as possible.

And no, no Baron would ever force themselves on you. They can be very aggressive during sex, (they are up for S&M) but they can charm enough willing partners to ignore the hold outs. And also a big fat no, not all Barons are sexual. Some are disgusted at the very thought of such things.


Why so many other loa named as forms of Baron? Simple really. Baron has filled the gap for loa like Legba who lost a lot of his known associations. So he really is Legba in a sense, not that either one will admit it. Also loa can be aspects of one another. So Kalfou, Legba's dark half, is also a legitimate form of Baron. All the loa are quite real. That Baron replaced aspects of Legba does not make him a pretend loa. Nor do any of the loa replace one another. We need Baron and Legba both as they have very different functions, OK? As time goes on the loa will keep showing us new faces.

Baron Legba Yes some dreams do come true. He is a healer like all Legbas, and is truly both Baron and Legba. Luckily he is gentle and sweet and prefers the color white. He reflects that all Barons are most likely offshoots of Legba. Fillers of a void created when Legba turned from the African sexual, ferocious warrior to the frail old man of the New World. He can also appear in a dark blue suit, or a white one. He will sometimes walk with a limp, and hold a small black metal staff. He likes to be given his own staff, just like Legba. His sunglasses appear to have blue lenses

Baron Wolf He cares about the new age, witchcraft, and how he is fitting into those areas. He is the proud father wolf who guards his children well. He rules moon magic and defends the honor of the Goddess and witches everywhere. He can appear as a friendly spirit wolf, and roam about your rites and home.

Death: Will appear as the classical image of death, or an old man. Very angry and dangerous. DO NOT cross him, ever. He rarely appears, but will appear to warn you away from helping. It sounds cruel, but there is always a just reason. He will also use this form if you retreat from him as Baron. He always gets his way so just let him advise you. Death as an aspect will show up to warn of impending disasters, but in such a general way you can't pinpoint them. He may be connected to Legba in his warrior aspect. He may wear black or red robes.

Ghede AKA (Gede, Gheude, Gayday) He is the most complex being ever. Some say he is Baron. Others say they are two beings and Ghede is the servant to Baron. But even then, he can refuse to dig the grave and the person will live. Ghede adores children and protects them with ferocity. He is liked to Lacwa (Lacroix) in some paths. To make things more fun, he is sometimes seen as the master, not Baron. He can be sexless to highly sexual depending on the path. Sweet Ghede was once a God of love long ago. He will also bully poor Zaka out of his food.

Macanda Also Gnostic voodoo in nature. He is the one who will lead or harass his chosen ones into his service and that of Gnostic voodoo or other mystical sexual orders. He is not fond of outsiders or those who hate sexuality as a religious working. Some say his spirits or children are masters of sexual magic. Yes his name also means voodoo.

Mama Bridgette Ask her if she is really married to Baron and she will roar in laugher. There may be a Bridgette married to him, but it ain't her. She is the female side of all that male power. It is often left to her to clean up the chaos he leaves in his wake. She can give you practical advice on how to deal with him.

Met Kalfou Also seen as Carrerour in Gnostic Voodoo. He is the one who controls the negative or dark spirits of the graveyard and the dark loa. He is the nighttime counterpoint to Legba, rules the in-between points, chaos, and the graveyard as well. Although often paid to go away, he can be helpful in getting rid of negative energies. He can also stop self-destructive tendencies. Like all Barons he is more gentle with women than with men.

Mystere Araignee I met him through Gnostic Voodoo. He appears as a male tarantula, very large, about human sized. He is extremely heavy, and hairy. He tends to say exactly what he thinks, and this is not always flattering. But he is a good teacher and will reassure you he will do you no harm as long as you show bravery. To me he was jet black, which fits the colors of his family.

Mystere-des-Blattes His American name would include the word cockroach, because that is what he is. But a powerful magician and also one who favors the use of ending power. He can destroy bad things in your life, or of course be misused to a destructive effect to others. Like many others he would enjoy human lovers of either gender to teach his magical secrets to.

The Purple Lady A female Baron of my acquaintance. She is a lovely lady. She has a lovely purple gown, and knows all about sex and sensuality. She will help women by interfering when all that crazy male energy is a bit too much. She points out there are many female Barons. They have just been mistaken for Bridgette (which they hate!) or ignored. She also said a typical Baron thing about being able to have a hot box if she wants to. Yup, sounds like a Baron to me. She adores Bastet and hints they are very alike in more ways than one. The lioness is her totem.

High Roller He is the gambler of the family. There isn't a game he doesn't know or a bet he can't fix. He will help you in horse racing, cards, dice, any and all gambling if so inclined. He is one sharp dressed cat and love the ladies as well. Oh he loves drinking and cigars too if offered.

Baron is AKA Baron Cimitiere, Papa Ghede, Eleggue, Legba, King of the Dead, Azacca, Ghede Nibbo, Gede Des'carum, Gede Zaka, Gede Boumba, Marienette-bwa cheche, Gede juju, Ti-Moufette, little louse, gede piquante, gede mille-fwa, Uncle Bones, Mysttere Royal, Gede Flambeau la lniga, Baron Lundi Linglesoux, Baron Ti-Zariguin, Manman Zaraguin, Papa Gede Ngan-ga, Baron Cimetière, Eleggua, Guédé Nibo, Guédé Plumaj, Guédé Ti Malis, Guédé Zaranye, Mait' Carrefour, Carrerour, Kalfou Legba, Simbi

Making a Baton for the Baron Samedi

Wouah !! Quel zozo énorme vous avez, baron !

You'll need:

limb cutters

hand saw


work gloves

black paint

white paint

blessing oil







Baton is French for cane, if that helps. Well, he certainly needs one. Sure a lot of people buy them. There's no problem with that. But there is also a way to make them, taught to me by a Hougan no less. Well, he told me the colors and pattern and left me on my own to make it.

Traditionally, specialists make these batons. They use magical rituals, prayers and offerings the entire time they work. Each color, cut, or symbol they use has a sacred meaning, and the secrets are not shared with outsiders. But all witches know how to make magical tools. If you path has different practices, simply adjust. I used what works for me.

First select your wood. I had a huge amount of pine on hand due to snow damage. So of course I selected pine. It is more undulating than straight, but as he is connected to snakes, this pleased him. It has the magical properties of breaking hexes, dispelling nightmares and depression, fertility and a symbol of the God's lingam.

A word about plant spirits. I respect the spirits in all things, so I approached the wood to ask if it would work for me as a baton. The spirit of the wood agreed. I made sure to use love and remember kindness for the spirit at each stage. Yes, I talked to the baton the entire time.

Now back to pine properties. It also has the power of fire and heat. Since it will be a zozo, or male part, we are giving lots of heat and power to that part. Speaking of all that heat, pine bleeds tar, and the wood itself can almost burn sensitive skin with all that resin. Wear sturdy work gloves. You will first need to trim off and branches, saw to length, and maybe saw a few branches if they are too thick for limb cutters. Oh, it is normally about waist height.

If you can, make sure there are not too many large bumps left from the limbs. This will take time and sanding too. While you are at it, sand until you reach a level you are happy with. This will take a lot of time. Honestly, pine loves to tear up sandpaper with the sharp scales it has. But you will develop a respect for the wood at any rate.

Once it is all trimmed and sanded let the wood rest for at least a week. It has to do this to cure. You have to wait longer if it is too humid or rainy out. You will need that time to dig pine needles out of your hide and cure burns from the sap anyhow. Aloe works well, so does coconut butter.

You can then wash and dry the baton. This is important both for the paint, and because this is a spiritual tool. You may want to sing, or use a soap with herbs that feel right to you. I used tropical shampoo, and blessed and bathed the baton just like a person.

This shows both the Baron and the baton you mean for this to work. Send a lot of love to the baton and the Baron. Send loving energy to the baton. You can use loving energy from the start of the process, remember?

Let it dry. Did you do a lot of this work before his altar? I did all of mine in front of an altar, or invited him to be present. This is his baton, and I wanted it prefect. Dry? Good, now let's get your black paint on. I used an all-in-one laquer that was lovely. It has a shiny black gloss to it.

It takes many coats of black to cover anything. Just calm yourself and the Baron. It will be covered. Wait between coats, yadda, yadda, yadda. Once this is completely dry, start to paint white horizontal stipes every six inches or so, staring six inches from the bottom. These will make rings around the baton.

Near the top place the rings closer together. This is another phallic symbol. Remember Baron is proud of his zozo. I know as a skeleton folks say he doesn't have one, but half the time it is all he talks about. So butter him up with a nice paint job. My rings are a little thick, or at least I thought so. I was told thin, but we will see it all turns out well. Follow your instincts.

Once the baton is dry you will need to bless it. Baron will be crazy by now. He can feel the heat of that baton in his real zozo, or so he will tell you, so he'd like you to hurry up. Calm him down. Offer him, coffee or sweets. We have to do a blessing ritual now.

Do your normal blessing ritual. Yes, you may cast a circle and call the quarters if you like. If you do, the power will be intense. For me, I lit a candle, incense, and used his altar for the blessing. I put out food and coffee and offerings. I wanted him happy and his blessing on the baton. I had his spirit water (A glass of water) filled, and ready to use for a blessing.

You may substitute a small bowl of water for him. Then I massaged the baton with a body oil I have for Bastet rites that doubles as a blessing oil. Turns out it had hoodoo properties like roses petals in it, but I didn't know it at the time. You can certainly play music and have a feast too, but this is optional. I felt it was needed and desired by the Baron.

Anyhow, get every nook and cranny. Baron was about passing out, as the oil is sensual and you will look like you are giving the baton a, um, er, you know. If it feels sexy, go with it. Once the blessing oil is on, you can pass it above the flame, through the inscense. Be safe, this is a highly flammable wood now coated with oil.

Flick water from you offering bowl onto the baton. Say the prayers, rite, or words that come to you. Sing, play the instrument of your choice. He is very fond of my PowWow rattle, so I played that for him. Also, the shaking clears out any negative energy or spirits.

Again that is optional, do what feels right. After the ceremony is over, thank the Baron and do with the baton what feels right. He wanted it left by his bedroom altar for several days. Then it was moved to his main altar, where I offered him a candle, inscense, peanuts with chilli powder, his water, two coffees and so on.

He was happy and delighted to accept. The baton now has pride of place. I did however owe him a favor. Yes, I gave him the gift, but he did accept it. Since he accepted the fiery zozo he wanted a bigger gateway. So I had to haul in part of the trunk and install it against the altar. It goes from floor to ceiling and has kept him content.

I can't relate any of his comments during the process, but if you work with him you can guess. Sure that was a lot of work, but the baton should last just about forever.


Can Baron Love?


Note: So you don't think he is just some good time Charlie, I'd like to point out his redeeming values.

Hmm, now all the traditionalists just fainted. To them, he is incapable of love. Oh he might love the world. He might love mankind and children. But he knows nothing of real love. That is Erzuile's department.

I don't just mean l'amour, which is wonderful. And he certainly is capable of that in the astral realm. How could he marry and keep his spouse happy otherwise? Marriage to the loa is not always a cold business contract, and least of all to him. In his favor, who else would be there when you are conceived, and welcome you with open arms when you die?

Baron has a better concept of love than we realize. Though being the lord of the dead as he is, he rarely shows this side to us. What is the use? Well, maybe it works on people drawn to him, but most people are terrified of him in his Death aspect. And not even Baron can choose whom he falls in love with.

But there is infinite tenderness and warmth in him if we only look for it. Spouses have learned more about love from him, romantic and otherwise, than from anyone else. Yup, even from Gods and Goddesses of love. For he is completely devoted and knows you will be his for all eternity. True, all Barons fear being replaced to some extent, but that is only because he is keenly aware of the modern taboo on the dead espousing the living. (In his favor some countries still preform spirit marriages, so there.)

Baron in his own way, is completely human. He is rumored to have been the first human ever, so he understands what a heartache it is to be alive at times. He understands loss of those we love. He understands grief. No one understands better than him the loathing and fear we can receive from revealing our true selves. Baron is often hated and unwelcome. He also bears has responsibilities that would break any other loa. This can be hard to remember for even the most devoted spouse as he can be rude to cover up hurt feelings because you forgot to take care of his altar, or serve him his coffee.

And as he can give love, so does he crave it. To have those aspects of him the world finds repellent understood and wanted soothes him. To be held in his grief calms him. Oh yes he can grieve. For himself, for the world. For those he must take before their time. You do have to take him at both his most cheerful and morose. At least he has gravitas and dignity in his grief.

And his love is ever faithful. He does not condemn those who flee from him. He understands and loves us, no matter how many times we turn away or wound him. Baron's love is infinite, depthless. It can burn intensely. It can heal. It makes him capable of facing a task no other loa wanted. It does tend to make him a wee bit jealous as sometimes all that hard work inflates his male ego. Just pamper him at those times and he will calm down.

So we should not fear Baron. For he alone has chosen to come for us at our appointed time. He watches over our conception, our gestation, our birth. He follows us through life, and greets us in ecstatic pleasure at death. For then we are his forever, if we only choose to be so. And if we choose to be espoused to him, he makes a most devoted husband.

Yeah that would be him in the photo. Handsome, isn't he?

Going ring shopping?

Now I can't advise as to your Baron's personal taste, but mine enjoys skull rings. These were our top five picks. He insisted on the sweet skull and crossbones for me and I picked out the skull in a top hat for him.

Dealing With Grief


Baron can help us deal with the grief of losing a loved one. No matter how terrible the loss, he not only understands, he is there for you. Keep in mind some folks say he can't feel a single emotion, but to me he hasn't acted that way. Eh, maybe I'm crazy.

But there comes a time in life when you simply don't want to live. When you have lost your entire family and there is nothing, no reason to live. A time when you will curse being the one left behind, even if it did spare those who passed grieving you. That is when the Baron is the greatest help.

He can either anger you enough, or weep enough to get you out of bed. He will shelter you under his wings (figuratively of course) because your soul is shattered. As you totter around, blind to any dangers your broken self is open to, he protects you. Baron can make you laugh, even in these dark times.

Baron Samedi is also willing to take the brunt of your rage and grief. Having ferried your beloved family to the next side, he will stand silently, perhaps weeping at your cruelty, but he will expose himself repeatedly for you. Because you'll start to heal this way, and you need someone or something to take out these emotions on.

Many people would laugh to hear of such unselfish, loving, caring actions on his part. But they are real. Because if he sees anything as tragic, it is a person passing before his or her time. He will do anything in his power to help you hang on. I'm not saying it will be easy, or that you will instantly see a brighter future, but he will be there for you.

Hey, let's keep going surfers! Find my first Baron lens, a ton of stuff on the marriage lwa and more.

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Nightcat (author) on October 02, 2015:

But of course! Thanks for sharing, Senlin! :)

Senlin on October 02, 2015:

May I suggest a Baron-ish video?


Nightcat (author) on October 01, 2015:

I might, Senlin. For a while I was getting a lot of abusive comments and threats, and it seemed like the articles were doing more harm in the community than good, but Baron is certainly due something, he's been good to me. Thanks for visiting!

Senlin on October 01, 2015:

Wow. I was so happy to find these articles of yours. It seems there is really not much about Baron on the whole internet. And certainly nothing else such as you have written. I think I saw that you won't be posting any more similar, which is a shame. :-(

Nightcat (author) on August 18, 2015:

Aw, thanks for sharing, bonebeach! You don't know how many people I've had make rude and negative comments lately, but he's the one lwa who does what he wants, when he wants, and he doesn't really care if he's acting the way people say he should. I remember getting yelled at by a priest for asking which saint was a skeleton dressed in fancy clothes, lol! And it runs in my family on my dad's side. We all saw skeletons as little kids.

bonebeach on August 17, 2015:

I haven't actually finished reading this one. I've commented under a different name on one of your other Baron hubs. But holy JEEEEZ, the extent to which my Baron is similar to your Baron kind of freaks me out and I've just been going, "yes, yes, yes," the whole time reading this and honestly I had to stop halfway through from the chills.

What HAVE I gotten myself into?

Like you, mine has been around me my entire life (minus times when we had falling outs where I'm sure he was probably still around but I was shutting him out). When I was very little, I used to tell my mother that at night, the crypt keeper would come to visit me and talk, but he was much nicer and wore a fancy hat...but that had been going on long before I saw Tales from the Crypt, because the first time I did, I was surprised that my night time friend was on TV. The show just gave me a name, until I was older and found a better one.

Anyway, back to reading. Whew. Seriously. So many of your experiences are my own.

Nightcat (author) on December 07, 2013:

@anonymous: That's it exactly! Initiation isn't for everyone, but it does form a tighter bond with them. That said we can have wonderful relationships with them outside of a housed, just like other folks talk to God outside of a church, maybe not as tight, but the bond that suits us best.

Baron is a total sweetheart, he very rarely if ever looses his temper, and if he does it usually is because we are doing things that are putting ourselves in danger. And yes Barons can fear getting replaced. My Legba and Baron used to fuss until they both felt they had enough space and things. They just worry that we love one more than another, but they are both very wonderful loving spirits, and as a matter of fact, I should get an update I've been gearing up to posted today, thanks so much for the reminder. :)

anonymous on December 06, 2013:

thanks so much for this pais page. I was called a few months by Papa Legba and now Baron Samedi. Luckily I have a stable spiritual foundation and my medium abilities have facilitated my ability to feel and see them. I have just started my Baron alter and asked him to be patient which he is while I amass some stuff. I felt him come and eat the offerings I made the first time I asked Papa to open the door. He was gentle , I went into a semi trance state (I do when listening to these lwa music) and he touched me and made my head tingle(similar to Papa but different energy signature) I noticed I was very sleepy during the session and yet I had energy. I took a nap after. I am in a courting period (not courting as a lover but guide) and I have been giving him coffee and treats, I do notice he gets a bit sad if Papa is given a treat or refreshed and not him :) I think water is a good thing for him to have to keep his head cool as we do for Papa Legba. I have a small amount of friends one initiate who has been able to confirm my journey but it is nice to share lovely stories. I do not know how to use any special prayer I just ask 3x for him to come and well this bringing together was asking him for help with lost ancestors . I feel him peering he is very curious! I don't mind spoiling any lof my new lwa guide. He has shown me something I was traumatized over and 'healed it' but It was in that in between state and I do not remember what it was.. I am a former hospice worker and was once a pro-domme. Much of my spiritual practice is about helping the dead and Baron watched my ceremony and he loved it! Just like Papa they love learning and watching new things, being story tellers I feel they share what is cool to others. I feel like I made a great friend. He came knocking right on day of the dead and I was making my shrine. I didn't answer because at the time I was unaware he could be mellow when asked as I have a partner who knows I practice but I don't think he can handle me being in a trance. I have asked him and Papa for strengthening my 3rd eye and I was able to see a friend get hurt riding a bike! It happened at the same time. . I hope this page is active as I love to learn other peoples experience with Baron and even Papa. I have heard stories of him in houses btw in NOLA pre Katrina. I read 2 houses had him hanging around. HE knew. The Baron and Papa don't get too fussy about whose Voodoo is better than Voudou and Lacumi. They LOVE us all, when the Lwa like your way of working and honoring them they stay when they do not they leave or check you. That is one thing I sadly feel has been lost and it''s basic truth is so important. They are Love. Baron won't do revenge juju unless he agrees to do it, YEs they have tighter bonds with initiates because they have been taught extra stuff and Mabo/Hongoun/GodParent of course are like light bulbs with higher wattage. I heard once he rarely shows up but it seems it happens more often than I have read! Best of luck and joy in all your spiritual endeavors

Nightcat (author) on July 05, 2013:

@spellbindingsis: Thank you so very much, spellbindingsisters! I'm glad you liked it, and of course the Baron is preening as we speak. Thanks for the visit, hugs! :)

spellbindingsis on July 03, 2013:

Love your lens :) Thank you for sharing our videos from Youtube. I am very impressed with your lens and enjoyed it thoroughly!

Nightcat (author) on November 02, 2012:

@anonymous: Hi, Beebee. Some came from books like Gnostic Vodoun, but most from hands on experience. I don't belong to a house so my interactions would be a lot different from most.

I have spoken to mambos and hougans who just sigh and shrug. Every Baron is different so please don't expect your to act like mine. But he is certainly my bff. I wouldn't be here without him.

The ones I mention in bold face, I've met, one on one. Again, I don't belong to a house. The Baron family raised me, more or less, and where one Baron shows up, a lot tend to follow.

If you practiced Gnostic Vodoun you'd meet them, but I'm not sure how often they show up in houses. Sometimes they appear in dreams, but most often in waking hours.

The Barons can bless a person with the ability to see and hear them, or another spirit might do it. Trust me, it is a mixed blessing. But it happens to a lot of folks. Most mambos I've spoken to take it for granted that people can see and hear their spirits. Hope that helps! :)

anonymous on November 02, 2012:

How did u learn all of this? How have u met all of these spirits? In your dreams or in person by talking through a mambo

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