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Explore The Concept of Remote Viewing

I find a fascination with spiritual & paranormal experiences. From my research, I believe the source of energy & frequency holds the answer.


Remote Viewing - Explore The Potential

Remote Viewing (RV) involves the mental ability to move mind and consciousness from a physical location to a "remote" location for viewing. The idea (and possibility) was so strong that in 1975, the US government spend $20 million on its research in an attempt to control and train the mind for this ability. The program was canceled in the mid-90s after the end of the cold war (if it was canceled). Mainly because more sophisticated ways of "spying" were developed. However, as the metaphysical world evolves, there are numerous reports of success in this ESP related exploration.

Remote viewing is the concept in psychology that’s related to a much more common term of extrasensory perception or ESP as it's commonly called. Because results from scientific studies have not come up with the needed proof, it is called a pseudoscience. However, just think about the things that can't be explained. Look at it from the metaphysical aspect of it; science is catching up with metaphysics. Everything is energy - project that energy to another place in time. Learn to read your own mind in what exists outside the five senses.

Remote viewing is not accomplished using the basic 5 senses, but the sixth sense in a way to gain information about objects, people, and places from far away. Is it possible to obtain first-hand knowledge without seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing, or tasting it? In many instances, people have described objects in a remote room which they've never visited that were found out to have actually been there. It's amazing to discover the capabilities of our mind and develop our mental powers into realms of previously unknown abilities. Truly an adventurous journey. Explore the potential.

The Potential of the Mind is...Mind Blowing


Three Different Techniques for Remote Viewing

1. Telepathy - communication of thoughts

2. Clairvoyance - ability to see beyond natural vision

3. Precognition - seeing future events

Beneficial Uses For The Trained Mind

Today, many advanced remote viewers work in big agencies and corporations in the advancement of Remote Viewing techniques. It is used in decision making, it is used in planetary awareness, it is used by the governments for investigations and understanding the opponent's plans, and most of all, it is used for whatever intent your imagination can conceptually design. However, it is a hard technique that takes time and persistence to perfect but there are many who are truly gifted or work hard for results that are astounding.

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Developing Skills of Remote Viewing

If you believe in the power of mind and want to try your skills at remote viewing, then a little help from experts may be warranted. There is a lot of information out there from beginner to expert to assist you in training your brain and developing your sixth sense to delve into the exploration.

You may find that you actually have the talent at doing so. Or you may find it way beyond your ability and decide to try another direction; similar yet different - astral projection. They are different but still involve the extension of your five senses into an energy force beyond physical capabilities.


How It Can Affect Your Future

In many cases, remote viewing has been used to identify the outcome of any given situation. Before you start exclaiming about how exciting that is and immediately look for courses and career options in Remote Viewing, it is not COMPLETE prediction. You're using your abilities to gather resources, previously unavailable to you, in helping you determine a situation or a possible outcome.

For example, if a person is given a situation where he has to make a decision without any determining factors to use in the process, it's as much as using a coin toss to determine which direction to take. Heads, and that option will be chosen; tails and the second one will be the course of action. Whatever the toss concludes, that's the option that proves to become reality. Remote viewing is something that is seen, heard or viewed without being in that particular location. You can assist yourself in decision making by having access to information that you normally would not have. It seems to be a better way of making choices than a coin toss. Using your instincts (which is a form of sixth sense communication) can prove to be more trustworthy than a coin flipped in the air.

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Shyron E Shenko from Texas on June 22, 2017:

Toni, this is a fascinating subject and I will need to read I will be back.

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