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Top Ten Deadliest Punishments In Hell


Where Is Hell?

Where is hell located? Either it is located in the center of the earth or located in black hole, what all religions believe is that the hell exists for sure.

The Hell, As Believed By Various Religions

Every religion has certain beliefs and ideas regarding the hell but which stays common between all religious beliefs is that the hell does really exist.


The Hinduism believes the Lord Yama as the king of hell, who initially separates the soul from the body and gives punishment to the people who have committed sins. The ten deadliest punishments given for performing the wrong deeds are summarized below



After marriage, if the wife cheats her husband, or the husband cheating her wife, then the cheater is said to be punished by Andhathamisra.

The circulation of the body in abyss is the punishment for this sin.



This punishment is for people who torture the lives of others or the people who do not help others when they are in need of medical emergency and may die shortly. The merciless people fall under this category.

In anthakoopa, the punishment is that the person will be bit by several wild animals or will be run over by animals like wild elephants and wild buffalo.



The people who lead their lives without any motive, are subjected to this punishment. When it means lack of motive, it means the people who take rest, become tired and again take rest (i.e.) completely leading a life without goal. This shall also serve as punishment for those who exhibit shameless behavior.

In this type of punishment, the person is allowed to be bit by poisonous reptiles,like snakes.



This punishment is given to people who use their official stature for getting undue advantage over others. The people acting against dharma are said to suffer from this torture.

The punishment is to submerge the person in a river called Vaitarna, which would be mixed with blood, urine and faeces



This punishment is for people who torture the other people to death.

The punishment for this sin is spanking on the life organs of the people, done by Yama Kinkaras

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The people who kill others by poisoning and involving in a massacre and kill large amount of people

In this punishment, they will be tortured by wild animals.



The people defaming the elders and who are selfish suffer this punishment.

The life organs will be tortured by unknown spirits



The people who accumulate a lot of wealth by doing wrong things and those who steal others wealth are said to suffer susimuga punishment in hell

The person will be stung with sharp object like nails.



The people who are very selfish and steal everything from other’s works or people who cheat the poor for the sake of money are said to undergo Kirimibojana.

In this punishment, the insects are left to eat the body.



The people who obliterate innocent lives for food are said to suffer from Kumbipaka.

The person is roasted in hot oil.


The hell is the place where the souls suffer the consequences of the wrong deeds committed.

a) “Sheol” (Hebrew Bible), “Hades” (New Testament) are considered as hell.

b) “Gehenna” in New Testament is depicted as a place where body and soul is destroyed.

The definition of hell by Roman Catholic Church

"a state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed." People die in sin when they fail to accept the merciful love from God. The souls are said to pass to hell either through particular judgement (immediately after death) or general judgement.

“The Garden of Delights” was a manuscript made by Herrad of Landsberg. She was an Alsatian nun and she was the author of the encyclopedia “The Garden of Delights”, also known as “Hortus Deliciarum”. She became abbess in 1167, in Hohenberg Abbey in Vosges mountains.

This is the picture of hell as portrayed in the Hortus Delicarium

Illustration of hell as in hortus delicarium

Illustration of hell as in hortus delicarium



In Islam, the gate of hell is guarded by Maalik. In Islam, hypocrisy is considered to be the deadliest of sins.

The image of Prophet Mohammed visiting hell along with Gabriel and Buraq to witness the “shameless women” punished for exposing their hair to the strangers.

Naraka as believed in Buddhism

Naraka as believed in Buddhism


According to Buddhism, the hell is described as Naraka. Buddha teaches about hell in Devaduta Sutta. The Mahayana Sutra describes the sufferings in the hell.

seven levels of hell as believed by jains, depicted in a 17th century cloth

seven levels of hell as believed by jains, depicted in a 17th century cloth


This is a cloth painting representing the seven levels of Jain hell. It also describes the sufferings undergone in every stage.

The soul is said to take birth in Naraka as a result of previous karma and stays there until karma has reached full result.

After the use up of karma, the soul takes rebirth in another higher world.

In Jainism,killing or causing pain with passion is said to be a major sin.Also excess attachments to things thus performing cruel acts are also considered as sinful actions.


William M on February 24, 2019:

Only liars go to hell and never return to earth

The usual on October 31, 2016:

To be cast out is your own blessing to seek the common eye is your downfall. For why speak when you have nothing to say for why whis per when no secrets are kept.

Null on May 10, 2016:

Hell does exist! It's a damn cold village in the northern hemisphere somewhere near Norway I guess...

nesh on November 23, 2015:

Hell or heaven?

jonnycomelately on September 08, 2015:

Thanks for making me laugh, verdadero !!!!!

verdadero on September 08, 2015:

this is not the first reality Father has created. if He has enough of it He can destroy it and start again, so get over yourselves, even if you can't understand it you are subject to it, there are rules and laws, which are put there to protect your dumb asses from Fathers wrath and incentives to make sure you strive for His perfection. hell is real, if you have not sinned and are innocent you will see nothing but darkness and hear nothing but quiet, but if you do know sin, you will see hell in its full capacity, if one vexes a divinity, one can be sent to hell even if one has not committed sin. heaven is real, consisting of a divine court full of pompous pious Witnesses, Venerable Teachers, the Elder Council, First Elder Brother who stands at the right hand of Father with his bland serious countenance and Father himself. if you didn't know already, humans are impure, even if you do not sin you are tainted and corrupt, oh and btw, you can not be cleansed unless you sin, that is one of Father's rules. Father created another realm for Jesus and His followers - if you want to get into Jesus heavenly realm you must 1. love Father. 2. be an exceptional human and a pursuer of knowledge. 3. be cleansed of sin and impurity. when in the divine court, do not sit in Father's presence without permission, be honest with Him, praise Him, and DO NOT misuse words which is becoming more and more common, otherwise you'll have to listen to the whiny crap that will come from the Witnesses, they're like asshole lawyers that will turn your words against you if you aren't careful, they will scrutinize you and interrogate you, totally convinced you and yours are unclean and should be cast out of heaven. lol. oh and fyi, most beings in the divine court don't like females lol. its a whammy when an impure human turns up in heaven, it is a double whammy when that human is a female. you will find that females in divine court are scarce, and the females that are present there are divinities. oh and don't piss the right hand of God off. seriously, he is one uptight angel and he is downright scary when he's angry, if you don't know who he is - he is also known as the one like 'God', leader of all Heavens Angels and General of Heavens Armies, he stands on the right next to the throne of God, he's so still and serious you'd think he was a statue but he isnt so don't get too close, he will cut your ass down if your mouth steps out of line too much, so keep it in check, you don't have to be a sinner to die. lol.

joe on March 13, 2015:

Please pray

joe on March 13, 2015:

Please pray For thy enemies and thy love ❤ ones and thy self never give up pray

joe on March 13, 2015:

Jesus said I'll forgive anybody for anything and I'll expect you to do the same. In order to move past something you must leave it in the past because if you ever bring whatever it was back up you never moved you still need more answers how can you heal if that wound stays open. That never healing scar will haunt you until you let go. AND every time its brought up their will always be conflict and anger negative energy to hurt and to inflict pain to others .u will never see straight until you calm your mind and inner self. Don't make that battle never ending .Always love ❤ and forgive who ever please pray

joe on March 13, 2015:

Never expect no one can do more than you. You can learn to. One thing about knowledge wisdom and understanding. The first is knowing the second is growing old with what you know and the third is understanding it as life goes on.

joe on March 13, 2015:

But remember on how you treat that plant or tree because it holds your blessings. Don't go through life treating people like sewage because life is long and very imperfect. Expect for it to come back ten fold. Treat that tree like crap if you want to there will be no fruit or blessings for you

joe on March 13, 2015:

You is going to get an orange

joe on March 13, 2015:

What you do unto others should be done unto you . You reap what you sow. What ever seed you plant you going to get if you put down an orange

joe on March 13, 2015:

Jesus had the right. Idea so nobody will starve or be hungry love ❤ thy neighbor as you love ❤ thyself meaning if the world actually did this nobody wants to harm thyself nobody wants to be hungry nobody wants to see suffering than equallness would serve its purpose

joe on March 13, 2015:

GOD gave us control of self he didn't intend for us to do these terrible things that we do so he punished us who did against his will jesus had the right idea

blossom on February 25, 2015: loving,kind and meek...he is so generous and wants us to be happy...god created that was very perfect..but it was Satan who has done all not god who punishes instead the lord god loved the world so much that he sacrified his only son for our sins to make us relief come out of sin..and give a new life to live with him in heaven...god created roses but not thorns to was Satan..who is responsible for the humans struggle..god is life..god is very good..he is god live according to his law..ask forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ and start a new life like how god you don't have to fear of hell...:) My god is awesome I love my god I love my Jesus..he is the saviour..

none on January 04, 2015:

Your burned into ashes by your own people before any of this happen! Its just stupid.

vikas dixit on August 10, 2014:

This is right there have this type of punishment in he'll I believ

jonnycomelately on March 24, 2014:

Thanks for that, Sesha. I had not seen that quote before in such light.

I do not consider myself "a christian" now..... have not done so for many years. For me, there is so much more of this world to explore and discover, helped considerably by looking occasionally at other philosophies.

One very telling reason I walked away from the christian point of view is in that very quote you gave. I simply copied and pasted it into Google and found very slight mis-representions of what is written in the King James translation. It seems a deliberate lie. Whereas the KJ version tells it exactly as you have said, i.e., the Kingdom of Heaven is Within, the other versions try to deny that. They divert ones attention to "in your midst," or "among you." There is great difficulty in accepting that any enlightened person, e.g., Jesus, would direct each of us to explore our own "world within," instead of a misinformed search for some unworldly "god out there somewhere."

If each of us is capable of addressing our situation without the power-mongers, that deprives them of control in our lives. You and I, everyone, if we can claim our total, independent responsibility for our lives, then we do not need the power-brokers..... and they will kick back hard.

Seshagopalan Murali (author) from Chennai, Tamil Nadu on March 24, 2014:

Powerful words Jonnycomelately. But I only partially agree to what you say. If you go deeper, the philosophies and principles believed by all the religions are the same. And in Christianity too, there is a famous verse which goes like "Neither shall they say, See here! or, see there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you". By the way I like this line of yours "The greatest punishment would be to never enter into this sublimely sacred knowledge"

jonnycomelately on March 23, 2014:

Wise words, Sasha. Thank you. Coming to terms with the "here and now" can be a struggle to some, yet the easiest for others.

I have found that some of the christian people find this to be the most difficult. It is taught that "god" is "out there somewhere," that He is looking down upon us from afar and it intent upon punishing us for some demeanor. Whereas other religions teach that "god" is within.... therefore he/she, depending on one's own gender, is my own judge and my own companion. The Self; Devine Consciousness; I Am; Om; the At- One- Ment; each term brings us to the centre of our being.

So Past and Future joint at this moment, within the Self to make the Present.

Maybe the greatest punishment would be to never enter into this sublimely sacred knowledge; never to be released from a fear of the future, always in regret of the past.

Pure fun is something I need, more and more. It's to be had by Dancing With Now.

Seshagopalan Murali (author) from Chennai, Tamil Nadu on March 23, 2014:

@jonnycomelately May be yes. But it is constructed so well with perfection and details which make the normal mind to think it as an existing reality somewhere

jonnycomelately on March 16, 2014:

I regard hell, also heaven, as being constructs of the human mind, designed to gain control over others.

Lol on January 11, 2014:

I can't people believe an unimaginably evil and unworldly disgusting place like hell exists.

If you believe that garbage you better believe in aliens, which are not even close to being as ridiculousness this.

anonymous on November 13, 2013:

He made. "I form light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil." (King James Bible, Isahaia chapter 45, verse 7.) Those words are supposedly God speaking about Himself. The same God who created roses also created the horrific ebola virus. God in the Bible tortured and killed millions of people and killed millions to billions of animals. He often punishes for trivial reasons or for silly reasons. He punishes children for the sins of their parents, He punishes parents for the sins of their children, He punishes animals for the sins of human beings, He punishes the entire community for the sins of a single person, and He punishes the entire world for all time for the sin of two people, Adam and Eve. His punishments are monstrously cruel, inhumane, and beyond imagining. This God killed 70,000 men just because David took a census. This God ensnared Adam and Eve in a cruel, insane, immoral, destructive experiment. He allowed evil and danger to enter the Garden of Eden in the form of a talking, tempting snake and a lurking Satan. Irresponsible. He allows Adam and Eve's sin to be passed on to ALL future unborn humans which is unfair. And instead of forgiving Adam and Eve He went right ahead with cursing them and punishing them and He curses and punishes the ENTIRE world for all time for the sin of two people thousands of years ago. Nature was also cursed with diseases, predation, violence, killing, death, parasites, venomous pests such as centipedes, hurricanes, tsunamis, mass starvation, birth defects, deformities, etc. Now innocent animals also have to suffer and die as well as sinful humans. The Bible God has no common sense, and He has no reasoning. Cruel, unjust, unreasoning, unkind, unloving, ruthless, merciless, inhumane, unwise, unfair, unforgiving. Irrationality and insanity also describes this God. If Satan and demons are to blame for evil and suffering then why does God allow it? Who created Satan and demons? According to the Bible, God did. God created everything according to the Bible so therefore God is culpable and God is to blame for the horrible condition the world is in. Only in Job does Satan inflict physical torture and killing which was still under God's knowledge and permission. In nearly the entire Bible, its God and God's angels who do the torturing and killing. The description of hell as described by religion and Fundamentalists such as Mary Baxter, Bill Wiese, David J. Stewart, Saint Augustine,etc is monstrously sick. Fire, worms, excrement or a sewer like stench, suffocation, being mutilated and sliced by demons, and being buried alive in a claustrophobic environment forever. The sick preacher David J. Stewart claims that victims in hell will be buried alive in a claustrophobic environment similar to a coffin as they are burned by fire at the same time. Claustrophobia, suffocation, and burning by fire. Is this a God of love and mercy? No this is sick, monstrous, diabolical, sadistic, malevolent, fiendish cruelty infinitely vastly worse than any horror movie. I cannot imagine a God or being who is more evil than this. Its beyond sick. Its beyond monstrous. Its beyond insanity. Its beyond stupidity. Its beyond disgusting. There are more merciful, humane, intelligent, and constructive ways to punish human sin than this which are open to God. This Fundamentalist concept of hell is monstrous. And if billions of people are headed to hell for one reason or another then this is a victory for Satan and Jesus Christ's mission to save us was largely a failure. The Devil and evil rules this screwed up world as all history sadly illustrates. A loving wise God does not. I live in endless fear.

anonymous on November 13, 2013:

While people are evil and sinful and many of them pervertedly so, the doctrine of eternal torture in hell is sick monstrous inhuman cruelty and I will explain why. First of all, no one has total free will to do either evil or good. Nature, nurture, genes, brain chemistry, body chemistry, hormones, and environmental conditions also dictates and determines human behavior whether bad or good. If Adam and Eve's sin corrupted human nature then how could we have total free will? If Satan or the Devil and demons corrupt human beings than how could we have total free will? We don't have total free will. We have partial free will. The Biblical concept of God is disturbing and rhis God has a Jekyll and Hyde personality full of contrasts and contradictions which can be seen in His behavior in the Bible and in the Nature He made and in the human beings

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