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Prophecy for Philippines

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Cindy Jacobs Foretelling

Cindy Jacobs prophesied for the Philippines which according to her, God gave her instruction and vision that the gates of heaven is open for the Philippines.She said that the Philippines is an Isaiah 45 prophecy.She prophesied on philippine tv that God will thrive the nation.God will eradicate the corrupt officials in the government and make the country's economy into His economy.According to her that God will give a sign,an asteroid will pass the country in March 2,2009.On March 2,2009,there was really an asteroid passing the earth called dd45 which was spotted by NASA.But she adds that there is a condition to the prophecy.If the filipinos will change their lives and pray for the fulfillment,the prophecy will happen soon.She explains that it still depend on the people when the prophecy fulfills.

These are the words that are coming out from the mouth of Cindy Jacobs:

We have this sense of destiny tonight.Jesus.The Lord would say to the Philippines'' I am shaking everything that can be shaken so no man would glory in what I will do.For I have waited for a generation that I could raise up a purity and holiness in.And I am raising up firebrand.There is a forerunner anointing coming upon the youth of the Philippine that will prepare the way of the Lord even into the middle east,''says the Lord.

''Look and see what i will do in Mindanao,for I am going to visit in a way that you cannot imagine.I am coming to Mindanao''says the Lord,''as the God and Lord of hosts and I am going to start appearing''the Lord says''As a sign that I am going to truly change the nation,I am going to show myself to the gueriila leaders and I am going to come''says the Lord,''And I am going to begin in the places in the Philippines that have been the bloodiest,the places where the gueriilas' insurrection has been the strongest and I am ready to pour out a miracle anointing the Philippines such as the earth has never seen.For Indonesia they had a rushing mighty wind,but in the Philippines I will have the fire from heaven that will begin to fall.And this will be a purging fire and I will say I will even visit as even in the days of God.Do not think that I am not able to come in a day and begin to unravel the inquities of the nation''says the Lord.

''I am going to visit the military.I am getting ready to come among the young military''and the Lord says,''There's going to be a revolution of righteousness that comes within the military.I am getting ready to dethrone everything that need to be dethroned.For even the bowls of heaven are full.''Oh I see the bowls in heaven are just getting ready to be tipped over the Philippines and''I am going to spill out my glory''and the Lord says,''I will remove the shame that satan has tried to put upon this nation''.

And the Lord says,''Look and see for even the blood of the martyrs cries out even from Saudi Arabia.The blood of the martyrs cries out from those islamic nations and my Filipino people-they have laid their lives down.Do not think I haven't seen.Do not think I am looking away.Do not think I do not see you,Philippines,for I see you.You are the apple of my eye.You are a treasure unto me''.

And the Lord says,''Look and see what I will do.For I will open my treasure chest from the Philippines that will surprise and shake even hongkong.For I'm getting ready to move a distribution of wealth''says God,''And I'm getting to open the oil.I'm getting ready to open that which is in the ocean.I'm getting to bring forth revolution even in the economic systems and the finance system''.

''Look to the University in Manila''says God.''For I will bring a revival that the...''oh my Lord...the Lord says,''The hundred thousand and thousand are going to get saved''.the Lord says,Can I touch a whole university?Yes.I can touch a whole university .I can come with my glory and I can come with my power in ways that you cannot imagine,for I am coming,says God,''I am coming and I will remain,''says the Lord.


igorot child on June 06, 2016:

God is here he is close to the philippines but we shall take our part and repent for the sins we have done

rayanna v. barbon on May 04, 2016:

im beginning to believe this.. omg

mhay on October 26, 2014:

Please correction.. typo error

If the prophecy is bad it is time for us to intercede..

Pray until it wont happen or if it will pray for the blood of Jesus to protect you and your loved ones..

mhay on October 26, 2014:

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Prophecy is the message of God for His people through His prophets..

We should be thankful to the Lord because He loves us so much that He wants us to know what is His plan..

if the prophecy is good..

Thank God. And pray for it to happen and it will happen according to your faith.

If the prophecy is good it is time for us to intercede..

Pray until it wont happen or if it will pray for the blood of Jesus to protect you and your loved ones..

If these men and women of God has wealth.. then they deserve it.

They deserve it for we dont know what they endure to follow God's calling in their life..

The Lord said: seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you..

Riches or wealth, its included in the things that will come into your life if you seek the Lord...

Let us pray and pray for the fulfillment of this prophecy.. it is the Lord who spoke through His prophets.

Let us pray for it to fully come.

It is happening now..

Michelle on October 20, 2014:

I noticed that those who are reading this are mostly not believing it. Why do they read it and comment if they don't believe the message at the end? Do not believe in the prophet but believe in the one who gave the message , GOD. The prophet is only a vessel God uses to convey his message to his people whether they agree or not whether they like it or not. Again, this is about God' word to his prophet and not the prophet concerning herself. We ought to take it by faith and by faith we would be able to do the right thing with God's help. Thanks to Gods prophets who despite criticisms and unbelieving from the people they are able to deliver Gods message in a hard-hearted people..

Sixto D. on October 08, 2014:

THis is true. So let it come to be.../...

sugar on September 04, 2014:


vernice on August 26, 2014:

It's all true, but He's not coming. ..He is here with us already... only few knew HIM, ... many accused Him instead.

rebalang on May 28, 2014:

Hope you will be enlightened by the Spirit of God. Remember that honest people are willing to learn. But proud people are closeminded even though they really knew it.

This kind of prophecy is too far from a Biblical, Exegetical explaination. Isaiah is the prophecy of Prophet Isaiah for Israel not the Philippines. Study the context, don't be misguided with careless prophetic movement. Be clear as well, because the devil and his demons laugh at you. Study the Word of God well, apply in context. I advise please don't fool many people by a suggestive ideas and make it as the Lord says, that is a blasphemy! Watch the end read your bible.

joela on March 26, 2014:

I beliv the prophecy of cindy jacob four years ago. It' s getting true. God is really working to our country. And even the peace agreement in Mindanao it' s happening now! My fellow Filipino people let' s continue to pray for our country! Let' s continue to pray for our fellow Pilipno return unto God and live accdng to the righteousness of God! We must love our country and be proud to be a Pilipino. God bless Philippines.

G-Ann G. Rario on February 26, 2014:

Hi Mr. Denden Mangubat, i have read your article and I must say that we should believe in God and not about the prophecy. And a prophecy or not, we should always humble ourselves, repent, and believe that we can surpass this no matter what.

G-Ann G. Rario


teodorico asuncion on January 28, 2014:

Yes God is coming very soon and we can see all the signs in the sky very soon in his second coming.If the day becoming night and totally blackout for three days one week or maybe a month of darknest and then a strongest earthquake hit the intire world.Please pray,pray to our lord my brothers and sisters for our salvation if the time comes the judgement day from our lord.

denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on December 01, 2013:

MELODY MANUEL thanks for dropping by.yes we have to pray for our nation to turn back to God's ways.Only God knows when he will come but He already given us signs that He is coming very soon.

MELODY MANUEL on November 25, 2013:

Only God knows when the ENDTIME is coming. Everyone of us should humble ourselves to God. Pray, pray and endures all the plaques and other distructions that are coming to our country because we do not know the purpose of God. Just remember the song of Ms. Jaime Rivera; "HEAL OUR LAND"

denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on November 24, 2013:

God loves you too Will.thanks for dropping by

Wil on November 21, 2013:

It's happening now. Let's be 1 at heart. Let's straighten our ways. Oh God,forgive us! Please have mercy! We love you, oh God!

denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on November 18, 2013:

thanks to you aida and fe for visiting my's true they are happening

fe on November 13, 2013:

The prophecy is really happenin its true.

Aida on November 12, 2013:

What a revelation! And this was 4 year ago? We all need to open our eyes to what is happening now and then...

denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on September 19, 2013:

thanks for dropping by joseph labadan

joseph labadan on September 05, 2013:

isa ako sa mangunguna sa world wide christendom see zechariah14:9

denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on July 30, 2013:

thanks Ingenira for visiting this.

Ingenira on July 29, 2013:

Interesting to know. God Bless Philippines !

jude on July 25, 2012:

to god be the glory.. truly God is faithful to his children. God loves philippines..

denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on July 23, 2012:

thanks for you comment sir.God is love.

Ordisi on July 19, 2012:

First Filipinos, to turn their wicked ways. And many Filipinos are idolaters. They worship the created thing instead to worship the Creator. Let us worship God in Spirit and Truth. Let's hope Filipinos change their wicked ways and humble themselves to the God of the Bilble. I suggest, why not search for the truth? And God surely will help those people, (regardless of nationality and race) who seek Him. As mentioned in the book of Matthew, God said...Look for His kingdom and His righteousness and other things will be added. The nation has many vices too; such as: Bar and cabaret, gambling, prohibited drugs and the likes. They must stop involving themselves in the things like these or similar thing. And turn themselves in finding God to be with their lives then... hopefully, God will raise them up in the last days. Amen. One religion I must say, purely and majority of them, following God's will and God's commandment is... the MCGI or Church of God International by Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon. I invite all the brothers to look for and see for yourself. To God be the Glory.

May God bless us all.

rosal on June 14, 2012:

i could read different comments so i like to add mine...if we believe and it does not come true, we lose nothing; if we don't believe and it comes to pass-as in other prophecies-we could lose the joy of hoping and trusting in God. Prophecies are meant to make us humble, to prepare,to trust our Creator,to hope, and yes-to motivate us to do our best with His loving guidance...

greater hope on May 29, 2012:

i believe this is true. many of the big events in our country happening until today (as of 2012) are realities of this prophecy given almost a decade ago (2002?). To cite: Scarborough Shoal (oil), Benham Rise (that which is in the ocean), CJ Corona (dethrone corrupt judges), Magdalo Siege & Trillanes (young military), Erap (dethrone), Philippines fully paid of foreign debts:in fact, lend money to IMF/World Bank & Pacquiao (remove the shame), and many more.

lavilla gabule on May 27, 2012:

this prophecy is a motivation for us filipinos to work harder with our faith and to stay humble.GOD wants us to totally consecrate to immaculate heart of MOTHER MARY....THERE`S 5 SEERS WHO ALSO SAID THESE AND I TRULY BELIEVE GOD LOVES OUR COUNTRY....

dan erwin on May 09, 2012:

God Bless the Philippines

l on April 30, 2012:

i think this one is true cause you know she said "about an oil in the sea"...since the Philippines now is surrounded by these natural gas and oils...and have conflicts with china cause of this

denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on April 16, 2012:

thanks for dropping by Karim

denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on April 16, 2012:

thanks for your comment sir nick071438

Karim on April 04, 2012:

Filipinos are the modern slaves of the world...the future rulers of the New Jerusalem in disguise...

Beneath this country of ours lies untapped the unparalleled natural resources...riches long promised to the "Remnants of ancient Israel"...

nick071438 from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines on April 01, 2012:

In all things essential for daily living, we must reflect on even the tiniest particle before swallowing it hook, line and sinker. Thanks for giving the Philippines a share in prophesy.

denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on February 19, 2012:

thanks for visiting my article CECILLE

denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on February 19, 2012:

there were also countries that Cindy visited and revealed prophecies for them

CECILLE on February 13, 2012:


netyeung on February 11, 2012:

i have'nt read from the prophecy God shows favoritsm, the prophecies was true. i believed it God is about to make His powerful move to bless Philippines. mabuhay Filipinos. God bless u mor hub.

enshang on January 04, 2012:

the Lord! the Lion of Judah! Thy will be done Lord. let's fast and pray for our nation

Irvin on December 01, 2011:

You know guys all we need to do is unite for Christ, forget about the negatives and believe the truth that He is all powerful and nothing is too hard for Him, and He will surely not disappoint us, He loves us all and He will always be faithful to us, Yahweh Bless You my Brethren....

jimmy on September 30, 2011:

i believe it

bryan sapong on September 29, 2011:

what is her basis that god say that to her?

Wendell Bravo from Biñan City on September 16, 2011:

Wendell Bravo god creation the wonders of the earth (3:16 god gave it begotten son that who ever believe in son of god jesus christ will have the everlasting life) game begin>>>>>>>the garden of eden the devil/satan/tabernacle union of sun and moon zeus (the woman)(strength)>>>>adan and eve/cain and abel

wendell_bravo666 on August 24, 2011:

666 one world government .wendell_bravo666 one world government .god one world government.

jorinz on August 11, 2011:


ej on August 09, 2011:

God longs to own this nation. We are God's own possession! O Filipinos, turn to God!

michael jordan on July 12, 2011:

this is one hundred percent true....Be humble always filipino

denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on June 01, 2011:

it's ok if you doubt the prophecy.pls pray for the country ravenblueu.thanks for commenting.

ravenblueu from Somewhere Tropical on May 30, 2011:

this is very interesting indeed. This is good news for the Philippines howeevr, I doubt it.

denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on April 26, 2011:

i don't know who you are but thanks for visiting my hub.

dents on April 26, 2011:


denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on October 06, 2010:

thanks to your comment chinchin.maybe we don't need a prophecy to thrive our nation

Chin chin from Philippines on October 06, 2010:

I have heard and watched a video by Cindy Jacobs. She spoke a prophecy concerning the last Philippine elections but it did not come to pass. She did claim that the Filipino people have a part to play for the prophecy to come true. In this regard, prophecies are wake-up calls. May the Filipino people cause their ears to hear and take action.

denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on September 29, 2010:

thanks to your comment kimberly

Kimberly Bunch from EAST WENATCHEE on September 28, 2010:

Hi Denden,

I wonder how much money she walked away with that day?! I hate to be pessimistic about it but come on!! Religion and politics go hand-in-hand. There will be change...spiritual change as time evolves and there will be natural disasters we all know this to be true.

Nasa knows ahead of time when a comet or what have you is coming close to the earth. They know that information way ahead of time.

God talks to us because God is within us, he is in all living things. He is spirit, energy and all that is.

The lady could have been hearing her own higher self, spirit guides and others and relay information but I believe that she practiced more deceit than anything. When they line their pockets in much wealth and go off to live in grand luxury it is obvious that her key note was to gain money at the expense of others. Benny Hinn was the same way.

Oh lala how much we want to believe in these people [religious leaders] to hold the answers for mankind but in fact it is within each of us to make the change one step at a time.

We as the people all can do our part one soul at a time and we will uplift mankind. One step at a time. We all will come out of it for the better. Don't worry everything will be okay. Rough seas don't last forever. There is a calming down effect too.

We all live on this planet together. Be safe and know that the answers lie within you. You hold the key to change. Why do you think you came to the Earth plane at this time? Not just to witness but to make a difference. Raising consciousness is done one soul at a time and with that energy and vibrations will change. We all can and will rise up to accomplish much to better the world if we try. One step at a time.

Doesn't a pebble cast in the water ripple out?

denden mangubat (author) from liloan, cebu, philippines on September 27, 2010:

thanks to earthbound,madam lita,and christina.thank you for your comments.may God haste the prophecy.God bless to all!

Cristina Santander from Manila on September 26, 2010:

Great prophecies for the Philippines. Let us pray that it will be fulfilled. But first the filipinos must first learn to humble themselves before God, repent and turn from their wicked ways and learn to pray very hard. Great hub indeed. Thank you for sharing this here at Hubpages. Blessings to you.