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Bible Word Search Printables

Bible Word Search Printables for Immediate Use

The strength of online printable pages of any kind is the ability to almost instantaneously access a wide variety of them and immediately download and print them out for use.

That's the same with Bible word search printables, which cover almost every topic of interest that is in the Bible, and at a variety of skill levels so younger children to adults can use them to learn from and have fun doing together.

In this article we'll look at Bible word search printables including Easter, Mary, Angels, the well-known parable of the talents, and the Holy Spirit. There will also be a general Bible word search printable to cover a number of topics on one page.

What's fantastic about these printables is you can do a quick word search using the phrase "Bible word search printables," and then add any other topic or word you want to produce pages that will coincide with your interests.

Keep in mind that you can use other terms like mazes to find different ways to interact with material from the Bible.

Children and adults alike will appreciate the diverse ways of learning about the Bible together and individually.

Word Search Printable of Luke 1:26-38

To me one of the greatest strengths and compelling uses of Bible word search printable are those that focus on a particular part or passage of the Bible.

That's what this first printable of Luke 1:26-38 does, which talks about a portion of the Christmas story when the angel communicated to Mary that God had chosen her to give birth to His only son, the Savior Jesus Christ.

How fantastic of a tool this is to not only read the passages together with the children, but to have them look through this group of letters to find key words listed on the right.

This not only helps reinforce what they learn, but also affords an opportunity to help them understand and pronounce words and places used in the Bible.

And for those that love to color, what's not to like about having that option available in the person of the angel Gabriel and Mary.

Themes and topics are a very practical and useful part of Bible word search printables, but occasionally it's a good idea to take a break and just take time to do some general word searches that are fun to do and don't require a lot of thought or reflection.

That's what we have with this word search puzzle, which includes people and terms not everyone may hear or see often. What that does is offer opportunities to answer questions about what a specific thing is without necessarily going into depth about it unless you want to.

Some interesting words below include pestilence, parchment, Abel and Pharaoh.

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Printable Bible Word Search of Gifts of Holy Spirit

We talked earlier about topical studies using Bible word search printables, and this is a good example of that.

You can go to the Bible verse to show where the words come from and an explanation of what they mean, and then tackle the word puzzle.

One interesting observation here is technically this word search goes beyond the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, and adds some of the gifts Jesus gave. For example, apostles, pastors and evangelists weren't gifts of the Holy Spirit but gifts from Jesus.

That aside, topical word searches from the Bible are fantastic ways to help thoroughly cover a subject.


I found it interesting to find this word search printable about Easter, as it almost entirely leaves out what Easter became to represent, which was the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Savior of mankind.

There are several words associated with the historical event, including Lamb, Sunday and Palm.

For those that don't mind including the other secular elements of Easter such as eggs, bunny, hunt and chick, this particular word search printable offers all of those, and more.


Bible Printable Word Search of Parable of the Talents

Again we have a terrific Bible word search printable, this one focusing on the very wise story known as the "parable of the talents" to most people.

It deals with not growing that which God has given us, and includes great words like abilities, faithful, servant and trustworthy. All of these words and the others are wonderful to teach and train children concerning that which God is looking for and requiring of us.

This printable is a good example of using a couple of colors and clip art designs to enhance the look. Children appreciate that added dimension, as it makes it a little more interesting to them, which helps to hold their interest.

Holy Spirit, Parable of Talents, and Mary Word Search Printables

Reiterating the fantastic tool that Bible word search printables are, they focus primarily on specific Bible verses and passages, topics, individuals and general themes.

In other words, you can just about find anything that can be printed out as a Bible word search puzzle to help with your children or to use yourself when you need an enjoyable diversion.

No matter what the reason, using word search printables from the Bible are a magnificent tool to help train children and adults, and besides that, they're a lot of fun.

Grab some of these here or go get some others that relate to your current needs or interests. Once you get hooked on them you'll come back to drink of this water over and over again.

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