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Neptune in the 8th House

Neptune is the planet which governs the astrology sign of Pisces in the zodiac. Where Neptune is located in our astrological charts can be an area of our life where we experience some confusion. We may be in self-denial in certain areas of the lives we lead. Neptune indicates an area our world where we want to keep the blinders on. This can be positive or negative depending on other elements in our natal charts. The 8th house is a mystery house in astrology. It is a water house as well. Scorpio is the natural governor of the 8th house.

Neptune by Bronzino Circa 1540 -1550

Neptune by Bronzino Circa 1540 -1550

Personality Analysis

When Neptune is in the 8th house the individual will have a deep spiritual thirst. There will be a sense of deja vu in their day to day existence. Their ideal will be to find that perfect soul mate who can fulfill all of their sexual desires. There will be a strong enjoyment of role playing fantasies. They will want more than just sex. They will want a deep spiritual connection to their partner. This doesn't mean that they are necessarily skilled at selecting the right person. They have an issue with giving too much to their significant others. They tend to be a little bit too generous. This means that they can sometimes give people who do not deserve it the benefit of the doubt. There is also sometimes a risk of a sexually transmitted disease. This may be because they are not discriminating about sexual partners. There may be a tendency to idealize the men or women they fall in love with. There is also a strong attraction to dreams. These people like to keep dream journals and work with dream anlysis.

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