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Top 10 Most Mysterious Monuments in the World (2022)


10 Monuments that are Mysterious to Human Civilization

"Look Into The Past to See The Future"
As if Natural Mysteries were not enough, we were gifted man-made mysteries by our ancestors. From time to time, Human Civilization has often discovered various historical sites and monuments that hold mysteries in them. Some are decoded by us, while others still puzzle us. From past 500 years we have found thousands of ancient historical monuments but some of them stand apart from others. The reason is that their existence is as mysterious to us as the fate of Universe. We don’t know why they were build, How they were build and what purpose do they hold? Many of them became World heritage site and tourist attraction but till now no one has been able to answer the questions related to these sites and monuments. Here is the list of 10 Most mysterious historical monuments that exist on the face of earth:

10. Avebury:

Chosen as the world's second Best Heritage site; Avebury holds secrets that interests us. Avebury is located in Wiltshire, in Southwest England. Avebury has 3 stone circles built-in the neolithic or New Stone age era (that was 5000 years ago). Why they were built, Who Built them and How they were built is still unknown. The 3 stone circles have standing stones separated from each other at a fixed distance. Interestingly not all stones are equal in sizes. Some of them are tall and skinny while others are short and bulky. It is believed that they were built as a part of ritual and were used to pray gods. There is also a theory that they were built by extra terrestial life. Avebury stone circles are cited as the best prehistoric site in the Europe. In their history of 5000 years they were visited by many civilizations and generations. They were abandoned in Iron age and some standing stones were even destroyed. Currently they are preserved and maintained by a charitable organization, which keep it open for tourists. They are also cited as religious sites by many communities.

9. Olmec Colossal Heads:

Why someone will build large heads weighing in tons and spread them in various parts of land? Olmec colossal heads were interestingly built around 4500 years ago by the first civilizations of America called the Olmecs. There are total 17 Olmec colossal heads found till date. Each head has a detailed serious facial expression with flat nose and big eyes. The smallest head weighs around 6 ton while the largest head weigh around 50 ton. Each head has varied height, the smallest being 4.8 feet and the largest being 11 feet. A theory states that not all heads were made at same time but built in a period of 100 to 200 years. Many assume that they were built to represent the leader of the tribe during different periods. The heads were made from Basalt stones and rocks. It is interesting to note that all the heads found were moved from their original locations. How someone could drag such heavy monuments from one place to other in a time period when even wheel was not discovered. When the heads were found, Each head was pointing in different direction.

8. Diquís Spheres or The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica :

Why would someone carve 300 Spheres out of Basalt rocks? What would be the purpose of different size of spheres with no message written on them? Many Civilizations build monuments to give message to future generations about their existence and to hint about the technology they used in that time period. However, it is interesting to note that The Stone Spheres found in costa rica held no such message. Build about 4000 years ago The Diquis spheres are of different sizes ranging from few centimetre to 2 metres. Most stone balls are in perfect spherical shape while others are corroded over time and lost their perfect spherical shape. Many claims that they are natural while few scientists stated that the rock were softened using a chemical and then the spheres were carved. Another Popular myth is also that they came from the lost city of Atlantis. Few scientists also stated that these spheres might represent different planets, stars and natural satelites and may lead to the discovery of extraterrestrial life. After their discovery in 1930(by a fruit company), many balls are on display in National museum of Costa rica while several others are used as decorations pieces by organizations around the globe.

7. The Yonaguni Monument:

We all have heard the famous story of the Lost city of Atlantis. The city sank underwater and no one was ever able to discover. Interestingly at the Southern coast of Ruyuku islands of Japan lies a small island called Yonaguni. Yonaguni got world attention in 1987 when looking for a safe place to see sharks, a sea diver found mysterious rock formation on sea bed. Soon a team of scientist was called who later confirmed that it was man-made formations or monuments. The underwater monument was 150 meter wide and 27 metre tall. The underwater Yonaguni monument has two pillars (8 feet tall), a 10 meter long stone wall, a l shaped rock, a triangular depression, an isolated boulder and a star shaped platform all on a the base of a circle. It is claimed to be 10000 years old. It is assumed that the monument belongs to a lost city who might have sank down thousands of years ago. Some also related the monument to the lost continent of MU. Though the truth behind the existence of monument is still unknown yet they have emerged out to be the biggest achievement in archaeology in the 20th century.

6. Machu Pichu:

The Machu Picchu Mystery is very famous among historians and explorers. Not only the Machu Picchu is a site located at beautiful location but also hold secrets from centuries. Machu Picchu is located approx 3 K.M. above sea level in the cusco Region of Peru. Built in the middle of 15th century, Machu Picchu was abandoned after several decades. The reason why Inca builts Machu Picchu is still unknown. Scientists and Explorers who researched on the Machu Picchu site has concluded that Inca were not the only people who lived at this hidden place in the mountains. The Place is famous for its natural beauty but what interests more is the history of Machu Picchu. The Place was vacated during the Spanish conquest and interestingly No one was able to locate and find the place. The secret of Machu Picchu was kept within few families for years and it was not until 1911 that the place got a world wide recognition. It was rediscovered Accidentally by an explorer. Currently Machu Picchu is one of the Seven New Wonders of the World and is among the most visited place in the world.

5. Coral Castle:

Located in the Homestead city of Florida, Coral castle (Originally named Rock Gate Park) has many mysteries and myths. Coral Castle is made from Megaliths of Coral Limestones. The stones weigh in tons. Coral Castle are symbolic monuments of love and sacrifice. Which makes this place so interesting is the back story about it. The whole structure or castle was built by Edward Leedskalnin when her 16 year old girlfriend jilted him just one day before marriage. He built the place single handedly. Yes, You read it right. He worked alone on stones weighing in tons and arranged them in a formation without using any crane or help of even any other man. It took 28 years for Edward to built the castle. Originally he built the castle in Florida City but few years later he moved the whole castle to its current location in Homestead. The carvings of the castle are wonderful. He earned money from the castle by taking 10 cents from the tourists. However he never told to anyone that how he build such huge castle of stones and how he arranged them without taking any help. Several kids of his neighborhood claimed that they saw Edward moving stones in air without touching them as if he was performing magic. No one knows till now what cutting technique Edward used for making such wonderful structures and how he moved the stones.

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4. Moai or Easter Island Statues:

You might get scared from these huge monolithic statues of Easter islands known as Moai. The moai statues are in fact human figures that are said to be carved by Rapa Nui people. These huge statues represents the leaders and ancestors of those tribes. There are 887 Moais is total. The tallest Moai statues is 10 metre tall and weigh 80 ton. What makes Moai statue mystery is the way they were built and moved. Moai statue were actually carved in Rano Raraku but hundreds of them were transported to the island's perimeter. Now what sound strange is the fact that these statues were built between 1250 and 1500 at the time when there was no mean to carry and move such huge stone figures. Each Moai statue weigh at least 50 tons. The Easter island was once full of tress, around the time when Moais were carved but it became treeless island near 1600 AD when the Rapa nui people stopped carving Moais. Scientists have accepted the fact that these large Human figures were made to move but no one has cleared yet how they were moved. Many claims that the Rapa nui people tied the moais and used human force and science to move Moais by tilting on different angels. While Local people believe that the people took the help of magic to move the Huge statues. The Easter Island Mystery is still unsolved, However it has helped the site to gain world wide recognition.

3. Stonehenge

Located in the Wiltshire county of England, Stonehedge has puzzled the Humans from thousands of years. Stonehenge are standing stones in concentric circles. There is no written record of why these monuments were built and why they were moved from the quarry (main site) to 200 miles to the present site. Many claims that 5000 years ago (the time when Stonehenge were built) people believed that Sun and moon are their gods and for the survival of Human civilization they must be worshiped. So Briton built these Stonehenge as a religious place to pray and worship their gods. On the other hand Scientists have found Human bones buried in the ground thousands of years ago, the time when Stonehenge were built. So another theory was proposed that these might be used as Burial grounds by early people. However the way stones are arranged together doesn't make them look like burial ground. There are no written records about the Site and the Stonehenges. On the entrance of the Stonehenge lies the Heel stone. Many believes that Stonehenge were used to heal people. One can see the sun rising just behind from the Heel stone.

2. The Sphinx:

Sphinx is a mythical creature which has body of lion and head of human(generally woman). This mythical creature is often appears in Greek and Egyptian mythologies. However it is interesting to notice that there was no description or even a brief summary about the Sphinx monuments built by the egyptians. In fact crowned as the oldest monuments on earth,the sphin got their name 2000 years after their construction. There is no written record about what they were called,why they were built and how. The Great Sphinx of Giza has a missing nose and beard. It is a legend among people that Napolean'ssoldier broke it with a cannonball. This 73 Metre long and 20 metre tall statue is considered to be as old as the egyptian civilization itself. The body of the lion is aligned exactly along with the head. Also the sun rises from the left side of the sphinx and hides on the right side of the sphinx.From past few centuries Sphinx has been mentioned in books by travellers and explorers from different parts of world. Yet no one has still told the age of Sphinx and the true purpose it holds.

1. The Great Pyramids:

A lot has been discussed about the Great Pyramids of Giza. The Great Pyramids of Giza has actually 3 pyramids. Old theories state that Stones were carved and moved while constructing Pyramids. However again it was impossible to move stones weighing tons in that time period. The Pyramids were built around 3200 BC. Historical book account that it took 4 lakh people to build the Pyramids in 20 years.A lot of mathematical calculation was done to align the Pyramids in one line with exact lenght, height and width. Some spectulated that the Pyramids were inclined in accordance with Orion constellation. Also Pyramids are built in precision with the north pole. There was no compass at that time. More Over if an overview of pyramids is taken and the diagonals of Pyramid are increased then it will encase the nile river perfectly. Now, Such mathematical precision was impossible for such an old civilization.

An Interesting fact is that Egyptian and greeks maintained every theory. They made documents about the king they had, about their wars, about what they did, about their mythologies but never ever ever they mention about The Great Pyramids which happened to be built at their main land and involved 4 lakh people in construction. There was also no way to carry 2 tons of stones from one place to other when there was not even wheels discovered. The Pyramids are such great accomplishment to human history that several people tried to built the same exact pyramids over centuries but no one has succedeed to built them with such perfection.

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