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Ways to Use Myrrh in Witchcraft

Lydia is a practicing Druid who has dipped her toes into various occult organizations over the years.

Myrrh allows us to tune into the divine feminine.

Myrrh allows us to tune into the divine feminine.

Treasured by the Ancients

Once upon a time, myrrh was as valuable as currency. In fact, at one time its value was greater than its weight in gold. It was treasured for its mystical properties and used as a divine incense. In the Ancient Near East, it was considered one of three sacred aromatics. It is harvested from the prickly trees of the Commiphora genus via slashes in the trunk. The sap oozes out and hardens and you have a resin. This resin corresponds with the planetary energy of Mars. Plants with thorns are often assigned the rulership of Mars as they possess naturally protective qualities.

Valued by the Egyptains and Hebrews

Myrrh as a resin was used extensively by the Egyptians and Hebrews. The Egyptians thought of myrrh as the tears of their god Horus. It was widely imported starting from 3000 BCE. It was used as an ingredient in an incense known as Kyphi. It was also popular in anti-aging beautiful formulas that were most beneficial in the arid conditions of the desert.

Hebrews often used it as an anointing oil and incense. They also drank myrrh-infused wine to raise their consciousness. The Kabbalah links myrrh with Binah. This is the 2nd intellectual sephira on the tree of life. It means "understanding" and especially signifies intuitive understanding. Binah is associated with the feminine.

Using Myrrh in Aromatherapy

Myrrh as an aromatic can lift our energy or improve focus. It has been used for respiratory health, easing digestive upsets, and soothing our spirits. Myrrh is also frequently used when we wish to heal from grief. It can be used to ease the heartache of loving a loved one.

Resins from thorny plants are often burned for their protective properties.

Resins from thorny plants are often burned for their protective properties.

What Kind of Magick to Use Myrrh in?

  • Creating Peace and Serenity
  • Protective Magick
  • Exorcism and Banishing Magick
  • Healing
  • Purification and Consecration
  • Cthonic and Funerary
  • Connecting to Isis or Ra
  • Welcome a Child
  • Yule
Yin energy embodies the frequency of myrrh.

Yin energy embodies the frequency of myrrh.

Myrrh's Magick Correspondences








Isis, Horus, Adonis, Ra

Plants assigned to the element of water often have calming properties

Plants assigned to the element of water often have calming properties

Creating Peace and Serenity

The calming properties of myrrh can assist in alleviating stress. Its watery, yin energy cools our system allowing us to unify with its peaceful, receptive way of being. It is an effective choice for ceremonial purposes requiring a reflective state of mind.

It purifies the area in which it has been burned. There is nothing more serene than having our aura and sacred space purified by this fragrant smoke. The calm aids the meditation process.

Myrrh is also rumored to raise spiritual vibrations. Raising my vibration is exactly what I like to do as much as possible. Most of us really can't get enough positive vibes, so allowing myrrh to help you with that can cut down on your efforts.

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The sweet-smelling smoke of myrrh aids the meditational process.

The sweet-smelling smoke of myrrh aids the meditational process.

Protective Magick

Myrrh is beneficial in protective magick. It helps eliminate unwanted magickal energies. One of the other reasons it is good for protection is its Mars energy. Since the tree Myrrh comes from is thorny, it is naturally self-protecting. When we burn myrrh we are creating a magick sympathy or becoming more attuned to its protective properties. The same can be said for your home. Anoint your house in the morning and night for protection by putting some myrrh essential oil in a diffuser.

You might also include myrrh in a ritual to bless a new home security system, key, lock, or any other item that requires consecration. Our magick always works best in conjunction with practical action. If you feel your home isn't completely safe, take the proper precautions. Just add myrrh to your process to bring in ritual elements. You could also allow it to open your mind and make it receptive to the best ideas for security.

Exorcism and Banishing Magick

Myrrh can be used for exorcism. Burning myrrh can be a way to encourage negative energy or spirits to move away. If there is any wonky energy in your home you might consider burning this resin. Ancient Egyptian women burnt the resin to rid their homes of fleas, so it has been used for banishing more than just bad energy.

Exorcism rituals are used to remove unwanted vibes from your home.

Exorcism rituals are used to remove unwanted vibes from your home.

Healing Work

Myrrh is effective to use when we need to understand our personal sorrows. Sometimes there may be painful issues in our lives that we have avoided examining. This can stunt our spiritual progress. When we wish to confront painful issues myrrh may provide us with the calm to process these emotions comfortably. It can help us gain understanding and insight. Spiritual growth is never pain-free but myrrh can add sweetness to the sting.

Myrrh is the blood of a wounded tree. This is another reason it can be used in healing working. On a plant spirit level, we might view it as a wounded healer ready to impart the wisdom gained. Use myrrh to understand personal sorrow and increase spiritual awareness.

Purification and Consecration

Myrrh is frequently used in fumigation rituals. What is a fumigation ritual? It is essentially a smudging ritual. Smoke is often used to consecrate and cleanse magick items and more. You can burn the resin on a lit charcoal disk. This cleanses a space of negative energy. You can also burn it in preparation for ritual work. In addition to all this, it can be used as an anointing oil in your ritual. Since myrrh is considered a purifying herb it is a way of cleansing your energy and aligning yourself with the sacred.

Image by Nadine Doerlé from

Image by Nadine Doerlé from

Cthonic and Funerary

We can work with myrrh when we are experiencing loss. Use myrrh in a ritual when someone has passed on. It allows us to understand the mysteries of death and heal from the grief of loss.

Connecting to Isis or Ra

The ancients burnt myrrh in their offerings to Isis. If you are working with this deity it is a great idea to include myrrh in ritual work. It was burned at noon to honor Ra in Egypt. It makes a suitable offering to Ra, Isis, Adonis, Leto, Nereus, Poseidon, Neptune, Latona, and Protogonas.

A Blessing for New Mothers

Image by Boris Gonzalez from

Image by Boris Gonzalez from

To Bless a New Child

You can offer myrrh to new mothers. It might be most convenient to offer them the essential oil over the actual resin. Include it in gifts to magical friends who are about to be blessed with a new child.

Used at Yule

You can also add myrrh to your ritual incense blend at Yule. Burn the resin on a charcoal disk or throw it into your Yule fire. Consider bundling all your herbs together to create a fragrant offering to the gods. Use it to consecrate and bless your home or resolutions for the New Year.

Try Myrrh Out for Yourself!

Myrrh is one of the essential resins for creating incense. Why not try it out for yourself? You could incorporate it therapeutically by testing out myrrh essential oil. You can also buy the resin itself online, in occult shops, or in certain ethnic grocery stores. I have enjoyed working with myrrh a lot over the years. It has a distinctive scent that shifts the mind's focus and gets it ready for spiritual transformation, meditation, and ritual work.

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