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Esther and Abraham-Hicks, What Went Wrong When Jerry Died?

It All Accelerated When Jerry Hicks Got Sick and Died

I know, I know, a lot of people don't even know that Jerry Hicks died.

It was well-known at the time, but since, there's been a lot of denial. Even the Abraham-Hicks website, more than three years after his death, has Jerry romping around with Esther on their monster us -- probably because it's impossible to line up the details of what really happened with all their miraculous claims.

Jerry Hicks death came six months after he rejected what his wife Esther preaches as the Basic Teachings of Abraham.

Doubt and disappointment swelled among followers.

The embarrassing and now abandoned attempt to pass Jerry Hicks' cancer off as a spider bite and his chemotherapy as a treatment to control his white blood cell count put Jerry and Esther in a corner from which there was no easy escape.

The Real Stories

Esther & Jerry Hicks


Web of Weird

The weird thing is that the circumstances surrounding Jerry Hicks health leading up to his death (according to the never truly reliable Esther Hicks, on November 18) were widely known to involve treatments for cancer.

But Esther and Jerry never came clean about it while he was alive or told followers how it might fit into what they'd been pitching as easy cures for decades.

In practice now, Esther is unable to drop the charade. While Jerry's ashes were long ago scattered somewhere, the Abraham-Hicks website still claims that he and Esther continue their fairy tale life of riding around the country in their monster bus.

Jerry, their website, claims has a spring in his step that rivals men half his age. Hard to believe such a con continues, isn't it? Click here to see for yourself.

What does Esther Hicks say about sickness and death?

One of her choicer quotes:

"Death is an inevitable cycle. But sickness before death is a symptom of resistance. Most people think they've got to get sick to die. But, you could be like the cat who chooses to get run over. Or you could just lie down in your bed happily one night, so content and thoughtless, wanting nothing in this physical world; and just reemerge into Pure Positive Energy... You can play it out any way you choose."


Excerpted from the workshop in Sedona, AZ on August 27, 2005

Admitting they didn't honestly believe that magical nonsense might blow the lid off a scam that made them rich.

The news of Jerry Hicks' death after undergoing what he described as "heavy chemotherapy," even while still hoping to blow it off as treatment for a spider bite or to adjust his white blood cell count, seemed a startling rejection of what he and Esther Hicks pitched for more than two decades.

More examples follow, but here is an early look at what Esther Hicks (aka Abraham) has been telling workshops since the 1980s:

"But it does take the determination that you're going to put your thoughts upon something that does feel good. And so, here we're going to make a very bold statement: any disease could be healed in a matter of days, any disease, if distraction from it could occur and a different vibration dominate--and the healing time is about how much mix-up there is in all of that."


Excerpted from the workshop in Ashland, OR on Saturday, July 20th, 2002

Since Jerry Hicks had Abraham on the pillow next to his at night and available 24X7, why was his first choice a rigorous course of chemotherapy?

Jerry and Esther Hicks refused to answer, and the Abe Forum, the content of which they tightly control through a paid intermediary, refused to allow discussion.

The Point Is, You Have Choices

The Zen Option

Esther Hicks on Aging and Sickness

Something new: Jerry and Esther Hicks' Spiritual Money Tree, Stories Behind the Abraham-Hicks' Teachings and the Law of Attraction

She forgot to tell Jerry (or to look in the mirror.)

"What makes people decline is that they start forking in the direction that doesn't allow them to be the receivers of this never-ending Stream of Well- Being. You don't have to decline... 'Happy, healthy, happy, healthy, happy, healthy, happy, healthy, dead!' That's Esther's plan..."

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--- AbrahamExcerpted from the workshop in San Diego, CA on Saturday, August 13th, 2005

"Death is an inevitable cycle. But sickness before death is a symptom of resistance. Most people think they've got to get sick to die. But, you could be like the cat who chooses to get run over. Or, you could just lie down in your bed happily one night, so content and thoughtless, wanting nothing in this physical world; and just reemerge into Pure Positive Energy... You can play it out any way you choose."

--- AbrahamExcerpted from the workshop in Sedona, AZ on Saturday, August 27th, 2005

And death itself:

"'...death' is a matter of closing one's eyes in this dimension and literally opening one's eyes in the other dimension. And that, truly, is how all death is, no matter how it looks, up to that point.. The re-emergence into Source Energy is always a delightful thing."

--- AbrahamExcerpted from the workshop in Buffalo, NY on Tuesday, September 25th,

2001 Note: This claim, that death is always "delightful" was dished out two weeks after the World Trade Center Disaster. For pregnant women jumping to their deaths from eighty floors in the sky, for professionals supporting families, for the captured passengers on commercial flights, a few with infants in their laps, death was a "delightful" experience, according to Esther Hicks.

Jerry Hicks Health Update: He's Completely Well and Never Had Leukemia!

That was what the Abraham Hicks marketing geniuses wanted you to believe anyway.

After a number of sadly comical missteps when they tried to palm off Jerry Hicks' illness as caused by, of all things, a spider bite, even while he was undergoing what they described as "heavy chemotherapy," they then resorted to upbeat releases about Jerry enjoying online broadcasts of the workshops and making helpful suggestions.

These so-called "news bulletins" were always pivoted cynically to push for product and/or workshop sales.

While this was going on, they reduced their calendar of workshops by half and cancelled a springtime cruise.

These acts were important because they suggested a more grim concern than what was being pitched. But they had little choice.

As followers know, Esther Hicks has always said we give ourselves illnesses with our thoughts (or vibrations, whatever she popped up with at the time), but more importantly, it made it seem obvious that a return to good health would be immediate.

So, what was Jerry doing hustling into conventional medicine and not simply practicing the teachings that made him and his wife rich? And why were workshops and cruises being cancelled when he should be able to get better immediately?

In his "news bulletins," Jerry even said he was talking things over with Abraham privately, understood his mistake and would "never do that again."

So, why did Jerry Hicks' health go from bad to worse without interruption?

The spiritual marketing machine made a switch, knocking Esther out of the "news bulletin" writing business. Although "Love, Esther and Jerry" continued to decorate every email blast, the writing was clearly by someone more polished and cool.

There was also a new tactic.

Not a word suggesting Jerry Hicks' illness, the state of his health or recuperation appeared for months. Instead, the cheery, ticket-selling blasts depicted Esther and Jerry gaily riding in balloons with their family. They even attached photos.

The photos themselves, looked at closely, tell another story. In one, the two relax in a gondola, the image careful to obscure a detailed look at Jerry. (Professional photographers include or exclude detail for a reason, not by accident or because they don't know better.)

The second was worse.

In a wide view of the gondola while it was still on the ground, Esther and Jerry's children and grandchildren cluster together with them, all smiling happily, even Jerry who, for reasons unexplained, is plunked down in the back like the family homunculus and as hidden as possible.

On a lighter note, they used the crowding in this picture to pitch ticket sales by saying their workshops are roomier.In another "news bulletin," Esther and Jerry Hicks' ghostwriter rhapsodizes in a familiar vein about how Abraham continues to sharpen and clarify the teachings.

So delighted were Esther and Jerry that they sat in front of their computer screen and watched a video of the workshop twice. So, Esther did several hours of her Abraham shtick, and then, she watched herself. Twice.

And, yes, they used this as a hook to sell tickets, and, no, there was no mention of Jerry Hicks health.

In the most recent workshops, leading up to Jerry Hicks' death and trying to reinvent Abraham, Esther ditched the dowdy country preacher look Jerry always required in favor of a prettier, softer appearance, as you can see above.

An interesting piece of information about this that came to light is that the apparel change came after Esther dressed more colorfully for a Skype beta test that evolved into a focus group on her apparel.

If Jerry Hicks Snuggled With Abraham, How Did His Health Fail?

Change Is Inevitable

Esther and Jerry Hicks kept the show on the road for decades, thrilling followers on stage, in books and on recordings.

But in Esther Hicks's own words, "And that's one of the reasons that it's nice when the old ones croak and the new ones come in, because it sort of dilutes the resistance factor that's going on on this planet."

This is one of the many gag-worthy quotes the Abraham-Hicks team must contend with, now that Jerry died, fighting to the last.

Here's another: "You can live comfortably and joyfully and resiliently and healthfully as long as you have desire that summons life through you. People don't die because they pass through time. They die because they don't allow this arena to stimulate decisions. The only reason people ever die is either because they have stopped making decisions about being here, or they have made decisions about being Nonphysical."

Followers noted an increasingly haggard look on both Esther and Jerry, and Esther's recent mean-spiritedness may have been symptoms of denial just as the creation of Abraham LIVE may have been an initiative that would allow them to get off the road a bit and continue to rake in dough at the same pace.

What followers must begin to deal with is the fact that Jerry Hicks was Abraham. He always was.

Esther Hicks has been his cheerful, convincing parrot, repeating again and again what she learned from him.

Jerry's study of the subjects that coalesced into the Law of Attraction and the Teachings of Abraham led him to techniques that made him a charismatic leader at Amway, accumulating a small fortune.

The pair made it clear that she learned from him. Esther even reflected in an interview that, in their early days together, how Jerry tickled her feet while they lay in bed reading the Seth books to each other.

To sustain the innocence of Esther's Abraham act, it was necessary to make like she was a great innocent in this arena when she first channeled Abraham, but of course, that wasn't possible.

Esther is even on record for her familiarity with the Seth material before she and Jerry first sat down with Theo.

When Seth's creator died shortly after, Esther and Jerry Hicks seized the opportunity. It's doubtful they realized how big the Abraham-Hicks phenomenon might become.

Who could have predicted the wild success of the The Secret?

And without that foresight, they couldn't prepare for the eventual public scrutiny which would expose their many contradictions and sometimes laughable ignorance about modern science.

An Introduction

Wayne Dyer and Others

My experience with Esther Hicks and Abraham started with Wayne Dyer.

I'd read and admired many of Dr. Dyer's books and recorded lectures and considered him a great and gentle teacher and an inspiration. I used to wait eagerly for his annual summertime appearance on PBS during their fund-raising drives.

If Abraham Hicks passed the test with Wayne Dyer, who called them the "greatest teachers," I had to know more.

Dyer even wrote the introduction to an early Abraham Hicks book, which Jerry Hicks read proudly on my audiobook. That, along with Dyer's advice "to be open to everything" had me exhilarated.

I was open to discovery.

The first time I heard Abraham, I was stranded on a winter night in Buffalo's airport.

I'd brought the recording along to occupy me on the flight, and when USAirways delayed, I started listening. I had chills up and down my body almost immediately, and it wasn't from Buffalo's legendary cold. It was from the voice I heard responding to Jerry Hicks's questions.

People introduced to Esther Hicks as Abraham in only the last few years, maybe since The Secret, might be surprised to learn that the voice was not originally the soft, unaccented voice we now hear.

It was eerie and weirdly accented, completely unlike Esther's warm, gentle tone. It was, not surprisingly, very much like the voice of Theo, channeled through Sheila Gillette, still sounds.

Sheila, by way of Theo, initially introduced Esther to the channeling process, according to the Hicks's standard version.

The standard version is contradicted by Jerry and Esther themselves in later conversations about their reading the Seth books. Both were very familiar with this probably best known channel to precede them.

Seth's popularity was stunted by the complexity and esoteric detail of his teachings, an obstacle there is reason to believe Esther and Jerry averted by dumbing down the message for mass consumption.

I was listening to Abraham-Hicks Special Subjects Vol. 1, now sold for an astonishing $80 for ten short CD's, but then contained easily in a single book.

It laid down the basics, and I was slowly able to get passed the strange voice - these were nonphysical beings being channeled, after all.

I heard a lot that made sense, confirming some things I already believed and filling in the blanks on others.

It was honestly empowering.

I felt, as did Wayne Dyer, that I'd found a wise teacher I could learn a great deal from that I'd never found available elsewhere.

It's worth noting here that, as these recordings, published independently by Jerry Hicks, were distributed long before Ask & It Is Given, the book Esther claims Abraham announced in their first writing experience that they would write together.

More significantly, also preceding it was A New Beginning I: Handbook for Joyous Survival --1988 publication, published a decade earlier, in 1988 and now suppressed by the Abraham-Hicks operation with good reason.

A New Beginning, the first Abraham-Hicks book, is filled with end of the world prophecies, promises of massive earthquakes and social collapse.

In the kind of foreboding that cultists use to control followers, the speaker recommends that we all buy gas masks. The predictions about cataclysmic conditions on the planet, all made by Abraham (who apparently forgot them when he took up the positive messages ten years later), were preposterous.

Yes, Esther Hicks projects a loving, inclusive message that, at one time, seemed insightful, but these earlier publications show that she and Jerry are not telling the truth about their origins.

This is not what I wanted to hear when I was first learning from Esther Hicks's presentations.

In Light of Jerry Hicks Death, Tell Me More

Books, Podcasts and Forums

My excitement was high and my judgment suspended.

I went after every bit of information I could fined about Esther Hicks and Abraham.

My timing was good. This was the period immediately following the release of The Secret, which I also read, and interest in the Law of Attraction, adopted as a concept by Jerry and Esther Hicks, was high.

It was almost as if a paradigm shift was nudging into public view, hard work and effort being displaced by vibrations and deliberate intending.

Then, the teachings Esther and Jerry had arrived at - or Abraham, if they are to be believed - were remarkably simple.

First, you ask. The "Universe" always answers your asking immediately and fully. "No exceptions," as Esther enjoyed declaring.

Step three was where things go hung up.

Although the "Universe" or "Source" delivered ("It is law!" Esther proclaimed.), you still had to allow.Guess what? If step one and step two took place, and they must because "It is law! No exceptions," then the problem was you.

"You're not letting it in," Esther explained.

Books with exercises, workshops, seminars and online discussions flourished to help us get over that hump. The Abraham-Hicks Forum, set up by David and Jodi, a pair of Abraham-Hicks operatives, offered a clean, responsible, heavily monitored experience for seekers.

It's membership grew rapidly, and the last time I checked, it continued going strong, repeating essentially the same issues for the thousandth time for a new group.

By heavily monitored, I mean that the Abraham-Hicks Forum, in direct contradiction of Abraham's teachings, controlled the subjects and kept it G-rated. Monitors jumped in and cut off threads at their whim when they went wherever Jerry Hicks rules said they couldn't, even if Jerry kept a safe distance - for a while.

Among forbidden topics: open discussions of sex and other channels, such as Theo, Chief Joseph and Seth. Not on Jerry's dime, thank you.

But by that, I'm understating the controls.

Almost anything could be suddenly declared "off topic," i.e. not about Abraham-Hicks, and some of the monitors were notoriously nasty about it.

One night, during the baseball playoffs, a friend and I made off the cuff remarks about our teams, who were competing. Thread closed.

Chaffing at the restrictions, a pair of young guys launched Abe Talk, an alternate platform for discussion with no restrictions whatsoever but with no sponsorship or approval from the A-H headquarters.

Jerry Hicks went ballistic. Well, rumor has it, he did.

What actually occurred is that operatives associated with Abraham-Hicks began harassing the Abe Talk's managers, calling the middle of the night, threatening lawsuits, basically the sort of thing Abraham consistently advised against.

In the end, Abe Talk backed off and moved certain conversations into a protected area, not easily accessed by the public.

Disappointed and disillusioned with what I understood to be Jerry Hicks's questionable conduct, I got out of the forums for a while. I continued reading and listening to podcasts, but I got out of the mix.

When I felt comfortable returning, I heard about recent battles on Abe Talk in which a powerful individual who claimed to have worked for Esther and Jerry on their seminars leveled raw claims of fraud.

If Abraham had once been real, a group of teachers who made their presence known with no intention other than helping "physical beings" rediscover their eternal roots and soar into joy, they had left the building.

Esther Hicks, he argued, wanted out of the deal, preferring to stay home with the grandchildren, but Jerry insisted she continue the act.

More important, in the seminars where the most credible instantaneous teachings take place, he wrote that participants allowed to interact directly with Esther as Abraham were plants, placed in the crowd with planned questions that Esther was prepared to answer.

He'd left the forum before I returned but the residue was interesting.

There were a contingent of doubters who continued questioning, although virtually everyone trusted Esther while consolidating their doubts on Jerry.

This had the effect of leaving "Abraham" clean and free.

No one at all seemed ready to consider them a put up job. Their credibility was that high.

Wisdom in Marketing

It was then, after disputes that led to Esther Hicks participation in The Secret Movie being edited out and threats from competing forums erupted, that Abraham-Hicks adopted a new, defensive position with an increased focus on expanded marketing.

On YouTube and elsewhere, Jerry and Esther stepped up to deny the impression that their pulling out of the movie project was a ploy to get more money. It was the purity of the message, instead, they were protecting.

In The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide, the next book published, Jerry Hicks used the introduction to launch a defense of their behaviors and, startlingly, to announce the discovery of an unexpurgated copy of his bible, Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, which contained that forbidden word: vibrations!

This he used as a touchstone for justifying his own commanding control of the Abraham message. You might say, Jerry was so out of touch with reality that he didn't know that vibrations is not a forbidden word to anyone, and he apparently had never heard of The Beach Boys.

While announcing a series of books to come, conveniently released at one-year intervals, Abraham-Hicks changed the message also.

Maybe, the "You're not letting it in" mantra was getting a little thin.

Now, they launched the "vibrational escrow," a versatile gimmick that got them off the hook for not delivering.

Followers who believed they were in fact "letting it in" were told that they requests had been answered. The lottery winnings, in other words, were being held "in escrow" in wait of just the right moment to be released.

Don't think your requests haven't been answered or that, in some way, you weren't allowing,

it's just that the time isn't right. Calm down.

The Time to Get Off That Boat?


Some friends began dropping out of the forums, moving on or simply bored with the repetition. Nothing cutting edge about it anymore.

Law of Attraction has become a cliché. Creative souls were coming up with new laws. Law of Insertion was one that just sounded funny.

Others were inventing new twists on it for weight loss strategies and get rich quick schemes.

Unfortunately, Esther and Jerry Hicks joined in the the hucksters.

Whether to try to maintain the purity of the message or simply to make the financial best of the moment, the Abraham-Hicks machine began churning out book after book, recording after records, grabbing any and every niche that made sense for them.

While I still enjoyed listening to and finding new truths in the old podcasts still on my iPod, the newer produced material became a struggle.

To anyone who'd been following the Hicks trail for a while, the new books were dull and pedantic, clearly not written or even inspired by whatever Abraham is or was.

Abraham, for example, was not a thudding bore as much of the books were.

Since Jerry Hicks did all the reading and had something of a reputation for greed, I assumed him to be the primary culprit. But I couldn't be sure.

What I was sure of was that Esther and Jerry convened regular meetings among their inner circle to discuss new projects. One they endorsed was making new books by taking the recorded Abraham material and recycling it.

They claim not to have changed the message, but you can't take extemporaneous commentary completely out of context and have it mean the same thing.

Moreover, puritanical, judgmental, didactic preachiness began to influence the tone of the books.

The plodding commentaries were often indecipherable and more complexly twisted than the direct statements previously attributed to Abraham.

Remember, "You've gotta let it in," and "It is law. No exceptions?"

Then try to wrestle through this more current writing:

"I Can Attract Relationships That Agree with My Desires... People are not finding it difficult to find the mate of their dreams because that person is not out there, but because of their own contradiction to their own desire in the thoughts they offer about the subject every day.When you consistently offer thoughts about your future relationship that feel good while you think them, that means you are consistently matching the desires that you have discovered as you have lived life. And under those conditions, only someone in agreement with your desires could come to you. Under those conditions, no need for control is necessary.Through each exposure to interacting with others, you launch continuous rockets of desires of what you prefer. And only when you are a Vibrational Match to the culmination of those desires will you allow your rendezvous with someone who matches those intentions that you have gathered along your physical trail."

Boring, yes?

Inspiring? Doubtful.

What finally tipped me into the doubter category was an accumulation of evidence I wrote about in Ten Reasons I No Longer Trust Esther Hicks and Abraham.

What I then found repulsive was a new uptick in the Abraham-Hicks marketing apparatus.

In December, conveniently in time for Christmas, Esther and Jerry violated the trust of subscribers to their daily "Law of Attraction Quotes" by inserting, instead of quotes, marketing material for their new guided meditation recordings.

The capper in this barrage was the day when Jerry actually claimed to quote Abraham thus: "These will get you in the Vortex."

The "vortex" is the newest revision of vibrational escrow, by the way, a more flexible concept and the source material for new books and recordings.The nonphysical beings, once so respected for their wisdom and willingness to teach, were now shilling for Jerry's new products.

© 2011 David Stone

Do channelers really provide information from some other world?

David Stone (author) from New York City on May 04, 2019:

Love the clever use of rock music to expose the phoniness. Thanks.

Tom Daly on May 03, 2019:

For too long, I've listened to Esther's presentations on YouTube. In less than 11 minutes, the words that come out of her mouth, contradict Abraham statements and original statements from each of the 'The Secret' panel member responses (Oprah- Secret Panel Part 1 and Part 2). Flaunting 7-syllable, pseudo-scientific/spiritual terminology is a deliberate tactic of mis-direction. Deliberate planned abuse of and changing the core definition of terms, also guarantees loss of all credibility. I have more trust in The Who - "I can see right through your plastic mad. Substitute." Roger paltry and his band were right, from the get-up. John Fogerty - "I see the bad moon rising. I see trouble on the rise."

James Clinton from Washington, D.C. on March 22, 2017:

Thank you for the info and insights. I'll go to FB and like your page.

David Stone (author) from New York City on March 21, 2017:

Glad you liked it. If you're not on my A-H Facebook page, like and become a member. That's where I'll be announcing the next book. Title (so far) is "Tangled Up in Abraham Hicks."

David Stone (author) from New York City on March 21, 2017:

Thank you. New book coming by summer.

David Stone (author) from New York City on March 21, 2017:

I'll skip watching. If he's really confident, he wouldn't be trying to sell you. The best way to get him off it is to ignore and get along with your life. Every time he gets your attention, he's feeding his insecurity.

David Stone (author) from New York City on March 21, 2017:

She was working as a bookkeeper for Jerry's wife Trish, whose family had the Amway business he took credit for. Usually, that's an Associate degree.

James Clinton from Washington, D.C. on March 21, 2017:

David, Do you know anything about Esther's academic background? High School diploma, bachelor's degree?

I doubt she has an master's degree. Thanks in advance.

James Clinton from Washington, D.C. on March 17, 2017:

My spouse sent me this link. UGH! I don't even want to bother watching it. It's BS I'm sure. She'll find anyway she can to cover up the mess. He's in deep. I think this is going to take more time than I had hoped to deprogam him.

James Clinton from Washington, D.C. on March 17, 2017:

Re-reading Spiritual money tree. Fantastic.

James Clinton from Washington, D.C. on March 16, 2017:

Finished your book yesterday. Fantastic. Can't wait for your other book.

David Stone (author) from New York City on March 16, 2017:

Yep, that was clearly a cover story, but followers taken by faith are not infrequently immune to contradictory facts. That's not exceptional with Abraham Hicks.

James Clinton from Washington, D.C. on March 15, 2017:

Fire ant bite? When my husband and I were in Florida for a vacay, he was bitten by a whole nest of the damn things. He DID NOT need heavy chemo or lose 15 pounds or even need a biopsy. He did have welts for a long time but . . . Fire ants are all over Fla. they do not come over in a boat from another country. The worse part of this is that there were followers who actually bought this.

DREAM ON on March 14, 2017:

I still like to read books from Sylvia Brown and other psychics. Time in our day is limited so I never get to read all their books or teachings. I think each person honestly believes they are teaching the truth where they might only receive part of the message. It is up to us to find our own path and many believe we have the power to talk to the spirit world through meditation. The catch is it takes time and lots of practice. It is so much easier to follow someone who claims they know and criticize them when they are wrong. I know in my own life I have honestly believed many things to be true only to find out I was wrong. So I am the last person to say follow me this is the way. I do love your hub and the many facts you point out. Thank you for sharing and I appreciate your views on the teachings of Abraham and any information you discover on this topic.

David Stone (author) from New York City on March 14, 2017:

For complexity, Theo (Shiela Gillette) is about on same parr, but Seth is way over Abraham's head in terms of abstract ideas and concepts. Both have their own following, as do countless others. Abraham seems most modeled on Theo, who is openly channeled by Gillette with a very similar voice to the one Esther first used with Abraham. An acquaintance of both says that Gillette believes that Esther stole the idea from her, without credit, which is not a hard claim to accept. Theo is far less cult-like, and Gillette has a verifiable story to tell. Seth remains a huge mystery, channeled into books by Jane Roberts, with a devoted following. Jerry was a devotee of Seth prior to Abraham and one of the origin stories has he and Esther reading the Seth material aloud to each other in bed. Seth is impenetrable to me, but Theo is easier than Abraham. Where Abraham failed at one point was with those dreadful exercises. How could infinite wisdom be so boring?

David Stone (author) from New York City on March 14, 2017:

You're welcome. Kyra was the best and did the most research. Her blogs, if you haven't seen them were "Kyra Speaks" and "Abraham Hicks Fraud." She just vanished, without a word to any of us. Why is only a guess. Also very informative, although not a full blown skeptic, is Ahnalira Koan, who is still around on Facebook and publishing her own books. She has a very interesting history that's worth learning about. She and her husband worked with Jerry and Esther for years, and she started their original forum and the subscribers' rotation of quotes on the website. Cosmic Connie now has bigger, more political fish to fry, and look many of followers from the first outburst of popularity, the others have moved on and lost interest in whatever Esther is up to.

James Clinton from Washington, D.C. on March 14, 2017:

I tried a few of the 'processes' in the book. Oy vey! Too much work. Seriously. Episcopalianism was too much work. Imagine how I would feel about 22 'processes' to 'get into the vortex' . What I find ironic is the notion that Theo and Seth were more complicated per se. Granted. I've not read any of the writings of either. Don't intend to. But. If Esther/Jerry believed that Abraham was/is less complicated than the aforementioned 'non-physicals', they were fooling themselves as well as their followers.

James Clinton from Washington, D.C. on March 14, 2017:

David, I want to thank you for continually responding to others and myself here on your blog postings. The other blog authors of Abraham scam blogs have not kept up their postings or responding to comments. I feel like I myself need some deprogramming of sorts or 'peer' support from someone else who discovered the sham behind all of this.

David Stone (author) from New York City on March 13, 2017:

Clearly, it's gone on for too long. There just isn't that much to it. Ask and It Is Given was written basically by Esther and edited by Jerry. He was also responsible for those dreadful, tedious exercises in the back of the book, space fillers really that seem to have been adapted from inspirational sessions he did while still married to Trish and hooked up with her family's Amway business.

James Clinton from Washington, D.C. on March 13, 2017:

He's been in the beginner phase for a year now then. I'm very familiar with the emotional guidance scale. I read ask and it is given. My husband listens to the CD's in the car when we are traveling. He watches the videos on YouTube. Irony of ironies. EH/A tells people in the 'hot seat' when they share that they listen or watch several hours of the day 'that's too much'. My Brian listens to the CD's in the car and watches the videos on YT (at least the ones that Esther hasn't had removed) for hours on end sometimes. Seriously. It takes all the energy in my body to not turn them off and throw the damn things out the window. Patience. Yesterday. We were listening to an old Asheville seminar from a few years back. AH/E tells someone in the hot seat and the whole room that physical beings put too much energy and action and 'processes' to get 'into the vortex' . . . Uh! I guess Abraham had forgotten about the processes in Ask and It Is Given to do just that . . .

If I recall, the 'vortex' vortex was not part of their schtick back when As and It Is Given was written and edited by Jerry.

David Stone (author) from New York City on March 12, 2017:

Now you see some of the confusion that turned people off. A problem is that too many people oversimplify the original teachings and Esther and Jerry made a hash of it trying to repurpose some simple ideas (which they did not originate) to keep producing new material.

Your husband seems to be in a beginner phase where simplistic solutions abound. Actually, anger is, according to the teachings, downstream from feeling victimized. It's assertive.

Again, I'd suggest not getting into debates about it. It's not a rational topic.

James Clinton from Washington, D.C. on March 10, 2017:

one of the things that pisses me off about this whole scam is the crap about 'always just feel good'. Yesterday I was angry as hell about something and needed to express it. My husband says . . . turn it down stream. Find a better feeling thought. I was angry. I'm supposed to stuff my anger and find a better feeling thought. F that. When I'm angry. I'm f'ing angry and need to express it. Stuffing anger eventually leads to depression . . .

In the relationship meditation, Esther as Abraham says to look for characteristics that aren't there in your mate for instance and they will show up in time . . . it is law.' . . . I've been looking for certain characteristics for a year now and no such characteristics have appeared. Would Abraham tell a battered woman or man to look for the desired characteristics? The other part of the relationship meditation is that a threat isn't real . . . if you feel threatened by someone . . . that threat isn't real. Again. I refer to my example of the battered spouse. Would Abraham tell a battered spouse that the threat from their battering spouse is not real?

David Stone (author) from New York City on June 14, 2015:

At what point, Laurie, should people making fabulous claims escape scrutiny for their practices? Why should they be immune to consideration? Nothing in holding Jerry and Esther Hicks accountable prevents anyone from tagging along if they like, but shouldn't they have more to consider than just the promises of gurus who make money off a promise of "Just trust me."

Anyway, your angry response shows me that you are already on shaky ground with them. That's good. This discussion will serve to either strengthen or erode you beliefs. In either case, they will be more solid.

Laurie on June 13, 2015:

You can twist anything and make it look ugly. Ester nor Jerry have ever claimed to be perfect as humans and she says so all the time. OH yeah, you didn't include any of those quotes. It's nothing more than sharing intuition, thought... Take what works for you and leave the rest. It's not really that damn big of a deal. If people want to spend money to go see them, buy their books, download audio... what the hell do you care?

David Stone (author) from New York City on June 13, 2015:

"So call Esther and Jerry Hicks a liar and a phony if you will, but then also prove me wrong along with Oprah, Will Smith, Jim Carry, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Neil Donald Walsh and shall I just keep naming people that are seemingly crazy and all just happen to be way more successful and happy than whomever resentful depressed dude wrote this article?" How exactly did you conclude that I'm a "resentful, depressed dude?" Does that assumption just make your faith easier to maintain? Isn't it possible that some happy, successful, smart people may not be as keen on Esther and Jerry as you are.

Let's do an endorsement rundown: Oprah - never has Esther on her show anymore, even though she once paid big for a private session with "Abraham." Count all the other gurus Oprah has marched up on stage. It's what she does. Jim Carry - a friend of mine was there when Jim kicked Esther and Jerry out of his house. Louise Hay - makes money selling Esther's books. What do you expect her to do? Wayne Dyer - long ago threw away his well earned reputation by endorsing every crackpot, like Gary Renard, for example, that Hay House asked him too, a sad loss of a great teacher, unfortunately. Neil Donald Walsh - you're aware of course that Walsh, like Esther and Jerry, got caught recycling from other sources without crediting them. Walsh was caught stealing a Christmas story from a struggling young writer and claiming it as his own, claimed he subconsciously did it, not on purpose. Some endorsers.

But look, you don't have to take it personally. Look at the facts objectively and decide. Your conclusions may differ from mine, but thinking is how we sharpen our awareness. Of course, there's a lot of insightful truth in what Esther has preached and written. She got it from reliable sources in the 100 year old New Thought Movement, Seth and others. In my opinion, we are better off getting it straight and clear from the original sources. Why buy recycled and dumbed down wisdom?

Felipe Vecino on June 13, 2015:

Ok, as long and seemingly "well written" and "full of evidence" as that article is I can only ask one thing, so what exactly do you propose the alternative is? If, assuming everything that is said in this article is the truth, is it still not evident to whoever is writing this article how what you think and feel affects what experience you have? I might not be a genius, or 100 years old teaming with wisdom or a millionaire yet, but I do not need two brains to realize that all that Abraham or that supposedly phony "Esther Hicks" was trying to say was that everything in our lives is a result of what we think and we choose what we think and keep choosing it in every moment. Don't need to be a rocket science genius to realize that clearly that is a fact, and you would have to be vey blind or very involved in your own frustration with life to promote and declare otherwise.

So here's this, coming from a simple young human being who has not yet written any books, channeled any beings or made any type of fortunes promoting positivity in the world... I may not be perfect or have achieved everything I want but I would be the biggest liar if I said I don't think my thoughts affect my life, that my feelings determine my health and that my focus determines my life results. And whether Jerry died or not with cancer does not take away the fact that every single time I start thinking negative things and feeling down on myself I get a cold, every time I doubt and worry about what will happen in my future I get a headache, and every time I hold anger and resentment against anyone I get a sore-throat. So call Esther and Jerry Hicks a liar and a phony if you will, but then also prove me wrong along with Oprah, Will Smith, Jim Carry, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Neil Donald Walsh and shall I just keep naming people that are seemingly crazy and all just happen to be way more successful and happy than whomever resentful depressed dude wrote this article?

Ok I understand if you're sad and frustrated with life, I've been so many times as well, but really in there any benefit in bashing teachers that bring so much joy to so many? So what they make money, so be it, they deserve it! And funny that is Esther was forced by Jerry to do these seminars while she just wanted to be at home with the grandchildren, funny I do have to say that she would keep doing it on her own will for years after he died... Or are you gonna tell me that there is a new found evidence that the ghost of Jerry haunts her at night to keep fooling people with all this fake "feel good" theories so that he would keep amassing money from the heavens? Oh please, if you're so depressed figure life out yourself and please enlighten me as to what is the perfect what to achieve everything, always control our minds to the last thought and never get sick with anything or grow from such utter perfection.

David Stone (author) from New York City on December 29, 2014:

Thanks. Sorry to say, I've never read any of the Seth books, although I'm unaware of any serious detractors, other than Alan Alda who was once of serious follower, or charges of fraud as with Esther and Jerry Hicks.

DREAM ON on December 28, 2014:

I enjoyed your comments and your open discussion with other hubbers. I love to keep an open mind, I like to take a few tips and apply them. There are only 24 hours in a day and I want to love and enjoy my time with my family not touring around the world teaching like they did. I would love to read your views on Seth books and then we could compare both Seth and Abraham Hicks . Thank you so much for all your effort and insight.

anonymous on July 12, 2013:

@anonymous: A disciplined mind is often the root cause of being chronically stuck in a belief, Irma. There are no rules. All of life is a meditation of ourselves as being one in a kind of self-actualized dream, a dream where all the actors are reflecting a deep yearning to know thyself.

anonymous on July 01, 2013:

we know it or not, we all are channels of higher intelligence , . Almost all the great minds of mankind meditated and channeled higher intelligence in their inventions. She just calls name Abraham her higher intelligence source, is that a problem?. Law of attraction is the same as law of karma, that's all. , What you sow is what you reap. What you are is what you attract. Your mind is the master, disciplined mind is road to n nirvana says Buddha. This are same messages as all the religions are talking about. Just different words, like, vibration. Can we create deliberately? why not? we have free will and we have to use it. Main goal is to recreate ourselves to a better and wiser people. She mentions about not importance of the physical manifestation also. She is not perfect and I'm sure she doesn't know everything nor its expected from human mind, but she spreads positive message and I found tons of truth in what she is saying.

David Stone (author) from New York City on June 15, 2013:

@ishaya2: Hey, Shivaraj, I'm just about in total agreement, and I had a couple of amateurish Amway invites myself. I didn't bit.Thanks. Come back and comment whenever you like. Intelligence is always welcome here.

ishaya2 on June 15, 2013:

@sorana lm: The Vedic texts offer several stories justifying being dishonest in order to help others. Such as lying to kids who will not come out of a burning house, by telling them that you have some gifts for them but they have to come outside to get them. Personally I am more interested in being honest and real. And if they have not been real with what they are doing or honest about the source of the information then they are hurting people. I know people who deny themselves medical attention both for physical and mental issues because they believe what Abraham says. I think we all would like what they are saying to be true but is true? A big part of why many believe what Abraham-Hicks are saying is because of its supposed source, namely a group of non-physical beings which include Jesus and Buddha. That seems to carry more weight than a successful Amway man who studied Napoleon Hill. If you believe in the LOA and you find out that they have been dishonest you have to ask yourself: What kind of vibration is dishonesty? What will manifest as a result of it?Do I want to hang out with our expose myself to the vibrations of dishonesty? The frustrated (if not angry), controlling and nervous nature of Jerry is evident in his face and mannerisms. You don't have to be an FBI profiler to see it, just observe this interview (search youtube: Interview Esther & Jerry Hicks)He does not look like a joyful person who is deeply at peace, living a life of ease. And this is who Abraham claimed is really good at managing his vibration? (Side note: Those early Amway reps used some of the most deceptive and slimy practices in the whole sales arena. The MLM community still suffers the stigma from it. They include renting fancy cars and cloths and hotel rooms and lying about your income to give the impression of wealth in order to reel them in, to inviting friends over for dinner and springing a business presentation on them. Gross! I doubt Jerry was able to avoid these practices since it was the norm.)In the end the WHAT to do is the same in all teachings. Learning to direct your mind and think the thoughts that you want to think (ideally focused more on appreciation, gratitude and love or acceptance) is the most valuable skill we can develop. But do it because it feels good, do it to become a less judgmental, kinder and more loving person. Don't do it because you have some belief that it's a law of the universe and/ or you want to capitalize on that law in order to change some condition in your life.I've said enough.Thanks,Shivaraj

David Stone (author) from New York City on June 13, 2013:

@anonymous: AbrahamFan, this reads like a canned, prepared comment - five separate ideas crammed in a single paragraph? And you didn't even get the message right. One of the core messages, but only one of them is "Reach for the next best feeling thought." You were close, though.To correct your other errors, I'd say Christ, Buddha, Confucius and Lao Tse, among many others spread their simple messages much better and for far longer than Esther Hicks has.Why would I be "peeved" about Esther earning a fortune from gullible suckers like yourself? I've said many times that I don't care if she and Jerry made enough to take baths in liquified cash. And if it was only from "repeatedly saying 'Feel Good,'" then she'd be a genius too for convincing the few thousand people who follower that that's all there is too a fulfilled life.I don't know what "There is consistency to end confusion." You can't mean Esther's story, since that's full of contradictions and poorly described ideas. It does sound like the kind of thing the sock puppets who fill out phony reviews on Amazon are coaxed to say, though, and being out of context, it probably is.How come none of the Abers ever give a single verifiable "great benefit" they've earned fro listening to Esther, but they claim it all the time. Sounds like wishful thinking. No evidence.

anonymous on June 13, 2013:

We comprehend about 10% of what we see, hear touch, smell, feel. No one has ever spread a simple message as best as Esther and that is 'Feel Good'. Davestone13 seems peeved because Esther apparently made a fortune repeatedly saying 'Feel Good'.From the innumerable lectures of Abraham, one thing is clear. There is consistency to end confusion. Personally I have drawn great benefit from these lectures.

David Stone (author) from New York City on May 05, 2013:

@Rhonda Lytle: Interesting take on it, poetvix. The only thing we can ascertain from watching the Abraham Hicks phenomenon is that there is an identifiable minority of people who would rather believe than know. They're passionate about it, but it's a kind of addiction caused by spiritual and intellectual laziness.

Rhonda Lytle from Deep in the heart of Dixie on May 04, 2013:

I had never heard of these people. While it is a very interesting question to contemplate, it makes me think of another (too much coffee.) If all life is energy really, and energy is never lost per the law of conservation, then it would be theoretically possible to channel said energy. However, lets just assume for the sake of argument that one did successfully channel a spirit from some other worldly place. Who is to say it would be a good one, an accurate one, a truthful one, one that knows? Our own world is full of those claiming all kinds of bogus bull. Why would the spirit world be any different? How does one go about qualifying what was channeled? I doubt it would come with a verifiable resume. Thanks for a very thought provoking read.

David Stone (author) from New York City on May 01, 2013:

@bornot2b1: The future is hard to predict. A fairly large number of people have sworn off Esther Hicks, but a cult-like following continues. Science, I think, is so unnerved by the possibilities raised by channelling, NDEs and past life regressions that just as soon it all just went away.Keep watching. Thanks for your comments.

bornot2b1 on May 01, 2013:

Ah, that is an interesting question! Science is still trying to understand this channeling business. Thanks for a very informative lens, I never heard of this couple before. I will do some more research to see what has happened to Esther. After all is said and done, the world has a lot of people with money, who can't wait to give their money away to "a good cause" like the Jerry and Esther couple. I admire them (this couple) for having the guts to set up such a business to collect the easy money. (Wonder if there was any poor souls out there, who suddenly realized they had wasted their money and time following this teaching of Jerry and Esther? Painful in that case, don't you think?).hmm, should Esther come clean one day?

David Stone (author) from New York City on March 06, 2013:

@anonymous: Questions are meant to be sparks, as you know. Thanks for hanging in.

anonymous on March 05, 2013:

@David Stone1: I enjoyed your asking the questions! Thank you very much.

anonymous on March 05, 2013:

@David Stone1: My point exactly.

David Stone (author) from New York City on March 05, 2013:

@anonymous: If a person's claims are genuine and not manipulative for personal gain, what difference would it make?You can't wait for everyone's approval to be sure of yourself.

anonymous on March 05, 2013:

Even if Esther is a fake, it does not mean that everyone else is. I know if I were getting any info, I sure would not want to be open to the attacks of all these people.

David Stone (author) from New York City on March 05, 2013:

@anonymous: Deborah, thanks for your detailed and thought out response.

anonymous on March 05, 2013:

Why do people ALWAYS ask this silly question. The man lived a LONG life. You have to die of something. Jesus was the son of God, so why did he die? Jane Roberts was most certainly authentic, why did she die? Everyone dies, she was not Seth. He even remarked that she was MOST unwilling and unable to apply what she spoke to. I think that it was very obvious from the beginning that Abraham was Seth dumbed down, but that did not stop the fact that at least the most fundamental part of the message was ok. Some of the Abraham stuff was crap, like the take on sex. But even other dimensional beings have a distinct personality. It is up to you to use your own mind after is has been opened. I remember the first time I heard Esther as Abraham, I thought, "this is nothing new. I have been a practicing Buddhist for 20 years (at that time) and NOTHING she said was new". But, I do think that there way of presenting those ideas was novel and got the idea that you create you own environment across very well. You do not have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. No one made you pay 200 dollars to see that. You did that on your own. It does not surprise me that Esther does not function well without him. But really, does it matter whether she can or not? We will never know the answer. I think a LOT of it was probably Jerry, but so what. If she is talking stupid now, stop listening. Maybe Abraham does not speak to her anymore. We may never know. But what the real problem is, is that people feel stupid for lining their pockets all these years. But that was their choice. They still changed the way the world thinks much better than Seth (although to me there is no comparison) because the normal person will not understand Seth. And even there, some of the info sounds like personal bias. Seth's understanding of Buddhism is ludicrous. My point being, his main points changed the way I thought FOREVER. But I can still think for myself. It is the American way to bleed a dollar 'til it hollers.

David Stone (author) from New York City on December 29, 2012:

@Lady Lorelei: Ladymermaid, I couldn't agree with you more.

Lorelei Cohen from Canada on December 29, 2012:

I think that the majority of us have strong spiritual ties to the other side but as we age these are often programed out of us till we are no longer able to recognize the messages sent to us. Some individuals are closer, and can see more, while others simply pretend to have the insight so as to use it for monetary gain. There is definitely more to live than what we see with our naked eye.

David Stone (author) from New York City on November 22, 2012:

@anonymous: I think you have the right idea, Susie, although I'm not sure it's always bad. We are all in contact with things we can't see. The trouble is with people who, instead of guiding us, claim exclusive wisdom and try to sell it. Capitalism at its worst, I think.

anonymous on November 22, 2012:

I think they have what is called a familiar spirit, not a good thing...stuff of the dark side that looks like light.

David Stone (author) from New York City on October 28, 2012:

@darciefrench lm: And spiritually blind, Darcie. They think they know a whole lot more than they do and lack the discretion to shut up about it, like they discovered God or whatever the New Age term of the day is.Thanks.

darciefrench lm on October 27, 2012:

No - channelers are generally spiritually retarded

David Stone (author) from New York City on September 15, 2012:

@anonymous: Thanks, Daisy. I hear from a lot of people who have come to similar conclusions about Abraham Hicks. For me, what blew the lid off was the excessive marketing. Enlightened people don't need to do that. Satisfaction with spiritual life doesn't come down to having the most impressive car.

There's a lot more I know about them from ex-Abers like you and others who have had close relationships with them. I'm not free to use some of what I know, but take it for what it's worth the more you know about them, the less likely you are to be satisfied with their pitch.

anonymous on September 15, 2012:

I heard John Paul Jackson give about as good a definition for these folks as anything I have ever heard. They may get "information" but not "revelation". They are tuned in, alright, but tuned into the wrong channel. I know because I've been on both sides of the fence...with them, and now denouncing them. Delusion is strong, and so is deception. That's why it's called...ummm...deception.

David Stone (author) from New York City on July 27, 2012:

@anonymous: Wayne's cancer is a different, less aggressive kind, although that's a guess because we know so little about Jerry's. Another difference is that he is open about it and what he is doing to deal with it. Last I read, he'd had remote surgery with John of God.The woman you are talking about is Anita Moorjani. She's written a book about her experiences with leukemia: "Dying To Be Me." I've read an interview with her, which I found fascinating. I'm sure I'll read the book some day.Some spiritual teachers can be invaluable guides to better understand our own truths. I think Wayne Dyer is like that. Also, Deepak Chopra. Others sell snake oil.Thanks for your comments.

anonymous on July 27, 2012:

Does anyone else find it disturbingly odd that Wayne Dyer also has leukemia?there is a new woman who had an NDE and healed from type four lymphoma that Wayne is backing..(sorry i know that is off topic)As for Abraham hicks...i think any spiritual teacher replaces your own truth.

David Stone (author) from New York City on July 24, 2012:

@anonymous: Typical of those of you who post here and try to rescue Esther, you fail to respond to the question asked, and you jump in to challenge a charge not made here. There is nothing about Abraham-Hicks being a scam here. If you'd bothered to read, which you never had any intention of doing, you'd have noticed that this lens is about uncovering the truth about Jerry Hicks last illness and his death. Esther and the surviving team at AHP avoid that subject like the plague. The reasons are obvious. When reality struck, they ran away from the "teachings of Abraham" as if their butts caught fire. Even they knew there were bundles of magical nonsense jammed in among the established insights they'd "borrowed" from others. Good luck with that.

anonymous on July 24, 2012:

Seems as though the wolves have gathered quickly. I've been watching/listening to Abraham for many years. I've learned a great deal, have made use of the information to change a lot for the better (IMHO) and am pleased with the knowledge passed on. In other words, it has worked for me. Scam? A scam is when you don't get your money's worth. I did. No scam here for me. Picking apart everything now said, putting your own "take" on it as if you know more than anyone else, is nothing new. I'll keep watching to see what else of a positive nature I can discover.

David Stone (author) from New York City on February 07, 2012:

@anonymous: Yes, Esther did that. I say "Esther" because, let's face the obvious reality: there may have been some wisdom at some point, but Abraham was fiction born out of Jerry's "Think and Grow Rich" lectures merged with what he and Esther gathered in style from Jane Roberts and Sheila Gillette. It was an effective money-making con, and it worked for a lot of people at the entry or soft-headed level of spiritual awakening. Anyone with real conscious awareness found it either offensive or too shallow to bother with. As for her channelling Jerry, her latest marketing gimmick is to claim that Jerry is participating in her workshops "inter-dimensionally," whatever that mean, with Abraham.

anonymous on February 07, 2012:

The world of LOA is so full of opportunist marketers, but I doubt Jerry would have minded, being one himself.As for using Chemo, Abraham advised using the best of modern medicine and aligning your vibration to health numerous times, so no contradiction. Having Esther channel Jerry however, now that's when it starts to go real weird.

anonymous on January 11, 2012:

No, I think all channelers are charletons.

David Stone (author) from New York City on November 24, 2011:

@CCGAL: Thanks. It looks, however, like Esther is organizing a resurrection. She has already reinstated a December workshop that was cancelled and made hints about the future, including channeling Jerry. Her insensitivity, even to the man who made her famous and rich, shouldn't be underestimated. During his long illness, she repeatedly used superficial health updates to spin his fighting cancer into a sales gimmick. Then, late this summer when, as we know now and suspected then, he was knocking on heavens door, her PR operatives wedged the poor sick man into a gondola for a balloon ride that was supposed to demonstrate that all was well. It was, in a word, sickening.

CCGAL on November 24, 2011:

I do not believe information is channeled from anywhere other than the person's own mind. Like you, I found Abraham via Wayne Dyer whom I respected as a great teacher at one time. Like you, I did find inspiration in the early recordings. I finally concluded that Jerry and Esther were two of the most successful marketers of "air" that I've ever seen. If I were standing in Esther's shoes, I think I'd be shutting things down so I could enjoy the grandchildren and live on my residuals. Regardless of what I may think of the business of Abraham, my heart goes out to Esther in this time of loss, because she's lost her mate of many years, and that hurts no matter how one attempts to disguise or hide the pain. To experience this loss and to be forced by circumstance to hide the grief has got to be a crazy making experience.

David Stone (author) from New York City on November 13, 2011:

@norma-holt: Thanks. I appreciate it and will take a look.

norma-holt on November 13, 2011:

I don't know anything about this organisation but you have described your take on it very well. Featured this on Why do People Tell Lies.

David Stone (author) from New York City on July 10, 2011:

@anonymous: First, Esther and Jerry Hicks have never acknowledged that he has leukemia or any other cancer, which is why this lens is not about finding or curing the disease but about the dilemmas created by their behavior over the years.Secondly, in reference to your note that "nothing can prevent this disease," Esther Hicks claims that the right thinking can not only prevent leukemia but can cure it instantly, if that becomes necessary.Your helpful suggestions should be directed to the company, Abraham-Hicks, of which Jerry Hicks is CEO. He is almost never visible or accessible outside that umbrella.

anonymous on July 10, 2011:

I know there is a lot of speculation about Jerry's illness. I have read and use some of the teachings outlined in the books that Jerry and Esther have written. I will admit I am one of those people who picks and chooses from the materials of many and apply what I feel is right to my life. Having said that I am not going to go into a long medical dialog, but will provide a couple of links on leukemia that might be useful to you in helping you make informed decisions about the disease. will add that it isn't uncommon for patient and their family to visit more than one cancer treatment facility or doctor to determine their treatment options. Family members continue to work while their loved one is under going treatment, but will have to take time off to take them to and from the treatment center. Also, depending on the stage and type of the leukemia the patient may be able to have a bone marrow transplant. It takes time to find the match. Chemo is just part of the treatment. Based on what I have been reading, which really doesn't give much information. Some of the treatments have side effects. Some that I wouldn't personally share with the world if I were the one going through this. I would guess that Jerry is still in the first steps of managing and diagnosing his leukemia. I don't know about Jerry's family, but in my family, we could argue that for months before a decision is made. Another factor is that Jerry may still be in denial, but since we aren't in his bedroom or hospital room we don't really know. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has a good write up on the reasons people share or don't share their diagnosis. There is also something that I wish more people would do. That is called getting a second opinion. Doctors frequently advise that you tell your family and close friends first. Does anyone know if all the members of Jerry's family and friends have been notified? Are they easily reached? And if they have been notified, they may be involved in the discussion, which may be why you aren't getting the speedy response that is hoped for. Part of the family involvement could be that there is reorganization within the company going on. Who will handle things on the business side until Jerry is able to return to the helm? Jerry may be eligible to participate in one or more clinical trials. One last thing. Remember that Esther as Jerry's wife is now a caregiver. Don't scoff. Again, I will mention that the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has a good write up on the challenges that caregivers face. I provided the link, so you can read. Esther was probably given this speech or literature by the doctor or a member of Jerry's treatment team. I will add that early detection of most blood cancers like leukemia is rare. There is nothing can prevent this disease.

sorana lm on May 06, 2011:

Very interesting read. I don't know if "Who are they?" is the question. I think that more important questions are: "Are they hurting anyone with their teachings? Are they helping people with their teachings?" In the end we all have a choice: "believe them" or "don't believe them". Reading, learning, understanding different points of view is an interesting and exhilarating experience. It's up to the reader/listener to chose to believe or not. Are there any other worlds? Who can say with certainty: "Yes, they definitely exist." or "No, they are fiction."?

David Stone (author) from New York City on February 13, 2011:

@delia-delia: The Abraham-Hicks group would not consider LOA man made, but more like something eternal that has been revealed or better explained. There are probably Christian parallels to the "birds of a feather flock together" philosophy, which is as simple as it used to be.The paths so many people find to merging with the larger, ineffable whatever it is are interesting to me, and I read many beautiful lenses and articles about Christianity, Sufiism, and other belief systems. People seem to find their paths of discovery deeply rewarding. And I'm not ready to say that Esther Hicks didn't once have an angle on something potentially beneficial to many people. Whatever she once had, however, is now gone, leaving only a marketing gimmick and newer, shallower legion of followers.

Delia on February 13, 2011:

Well that as a well written and interesting read! I for one being a Christian don't believe in any man made laws such as the law of attraction, but then that's just me..I find when ever you put too much faith into a human being you will get disappointment, after all they 'are' human.I get my inspiration from my Christian faith...not from any Religious leaders either...this after experiencing in my younger days of searching the church/religions, metaphysical, channeling etc etc.

David Stone (author) from New York City on January 30, 2011:

@religions7: (Thanks. Glad to be here.) I think messages are frequently given us from dimensions we can't fully realize. The question is whether any of the messengers are motivated enough to gather someone up and draw a crowd. Unless they had something very unique and useful to tell, why bother?The kind of question someone out to ask Esther Hicks one day.

religions7 on January 30, 2011:

Glad to see you on squidoo :) I would not rule out that some channelers do provide information from another dimension, however I would trust them on a case by case basis.

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