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Santa Muerte, Baron Samedi, Loki And The Lessons They've Taught Me

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Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.


Let me preface this Hub by saying I love and respect all those I serve. But there are always those you have the most influence from. Each of these three has been a huge influence in my life. They've picked me up when I was shattered and had nowhere else to go. So I thought it might be nice to give them each a little mini article within the Hub.

And it is also a place for me to state this is just a fun article to share with you and this article reflects my personal experiences. I am not a big fan of cookie cutter, do as I say, put tab A in slot B types of articles for witches. These are just personal reflections this time, along with some insights they have taught me.

As always take what works for you and leave the rest. I'd be the last person to want to change your relationship with your gods. As always all writing and photography are my original work, all videos are included for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Gods Bless Her

I'm sure La Negra was fairly miserable, but she was sweet enough to let me dress her up pretty since they do it in shrines in Mexico.

I'm sure La Negra was fairly miserable, but she was sweet enough to let me dress her up pretty since they do it in shrines in Mexico.

Santa Muerte

Undisputed queen of my hearth, home and heart she knows very well she has me wrapped around her finger. Sedate, queenly and infinitely powerful she's taught me to be vulnerable and open with those that care about me. She has a very endearing childlike side to her, innocent, carefree and optimistic, downright sunny and happy to work at my side in the kitchen, eat my humble cooking or catch up over coffee.

Yes, she can be stern at times, but it has been the sheer joy and happiness she can bring in her wake that woke me up and brought me back to life after my mother's death. Suddenly I had no one left and La Santa stepped into my life, even though she had an uphill battle from all the negative media accounts of her.

I'm proud she switched tactics from her black robes to a lovely light brown wedding dress. She softened my heart with her tenderness and love and she rescued me. Death became Life to me as she got me back on my feet emotionally.

Santa Muerte and Loki

Oh, my goodness, not only is she all about family, so is he. So of course when these two got together his heart absolutely melted and he addressed her as his daughter. She is thrilled beyond words to have a loving and nurturing daddy in her life and it does me good to see them together.

You don't get near daddy's little girl and she has to have daddy close on all her altars now. She has a few spaces to herself, but I don't blame her. It makes me proud of her because she is very much a daddy's girl and anything daddy does La Santa laughs and joins in. So if he makes mischief in her kitchen she now joins in.

Keep in mind that kitchen is her sacred territory. Not even a god dares trespass but she loves having the comfort of her daddy nearby. I love that because she has this young girl aspect to her energy. Not a child, but childlike and innocent, trusting. I know she's in good hands with Loki as he is a ferociously loyal family man and you don't even twitch around his family.

And I firmly believe in encouraging our gods to have interactions and friendships. To see one another as family. Which brings me to how very generous and loving La Santa is, for she is crying happy tears at times to have the beautiful Hel as her newest sister.

Santa Muerte and Hel

No, they are not the same diety. These lovely ladies were tentative during their first meeting and both looked at me helplessly. I reminded them they have very different places in my heart. Santa Muerte is more of the good friend, permissive mistress who treats her servant well and Hel, well, as strange as it might sound, she's often my partner in crime.

And I promised Hel we'd make her a space as she's been trying to get my attention by grabbing my leg at night. As soon as I said this I hear activity on La Santa's altar. I turned on the lights, moved a few things and got my beloved Hel settled in with a plush pup. What? She'd my beautiful little angel.

And now the two spend time side by side, relieved to have someone at last who truly understand what life is like for female underworld deities. They want to be loved and seen as beautiful so look for more girly girly stuff for my girls soon. Not too much, just enough.

These are also ferocious warrioress deities of course.

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Santa Muerte and Legba

Best friends for life. That is those two. Legba adores La Santa and she loves being with him. They respect and admire one another and it is always good for me to know they have company when I'm busy typing up articles or what have you.

Santa just likes being with Legba. Their energies work well together, at least mine do. He is very gentle and kind with her and she is very curious and listens intently to him. I think as they cover many similar duties it is good to have a friend and I'm almost certain Legba would whisk her away on his travels.

Yup, just got the mental image of the pair in a carriage, seeing the world.

About Her on TV

If you see Santa Muerte on TV here in the US it will almost always be in a negative sense, and a lot of times they will use her black robed aspect and music worthy of a horror movie. I just saw today a show that had a supposed encounter with her and all I can say is, if the encounter was real, it was not with her. La Santa is a lot of things, but shy isn't one of them.

She will quite happily manifest right in front of you if she wants your attention and although it was an OK story, she was played up as a frightening monster and not the protective goddess we all know and love.

Can she be scary? In defense of those she loves, certainly. And she can deal out some harsh lessons. But she doesn't do vague messages or random pranks. You will know it is her, you will know she is present, and if she is angry with you you will get to see fireworks.

But she will give you a chance to make amends. She is a good girl, a beautiful lady, not one for cheap scare tactics and manifesting as anything but her beautiful self. My Santa is well aware of how beautiful she is, and the TV went a little haywire during part of the episode, and I don't blame her. She is beautiful and deserves to be admired for that beauty.

Her Love

La Santa is the most loving Goddess I have ever met. She adores people, animals, anything and everything. She is very loving and sweet and she gives of this love freely and without expecting anything in return other than to be loved for the beautiful lady she is. Mine, for example, is very big on my godly and spirit family.

There is room for anyone and any new gods she might find are always welcome. For she is a generous lady and enjoys sharing hearth and home with everyone. And with Loki back, and her going out and making sure the nest is all cozy for my beloved Greek and Roman gods to return she is beside herself with joy. One thing she has taught me is that there is room for all.

Most gods, after all, aren't really all that big on being fussed over for hours on end, so they come and go as they please, mostly staying nearby and coming for visits during my day. The other side to this love of course is her keeping this home running smoothly. We all defer to her. I haven't seen a god yet that would really want to cross swords with her.

She's sweet, but there is an iron hand in that velvet glove. And as her rulership of the household (I don't call her La Regina for nothing) is a kind and loving one, no one really minds the rules as they also come with her protection.

My Pretty Girl Likes This, Narcocorrido or Not

One My Want List

Well, hello, ladies. And gentleman. He's well aware he can make people walk into things when he comes down to Earth.

Well, hello, ladies. And gentleman. He's well aware he can make people walk into things when he comes down to Earth.

Baron Samedi

He's been another loyal companion since childhood. He more than any other sees me through the tough times. Baron is loyalty itself and out of all the gods I'm honored to know he's the one I mesh with the best. True, after my parents death I struggled with loving and caring for my best friend because things had changed. But he never blamed me, not even once. He was simply there for me and never showed me anything other than love.

Baron Samedi has an unfair reputation for being harsh and cold, and perhaps he can be at times, but I can't stress how very good and loving he's been to me. Best friend, lover, spouse (deal with it, mortals), he has been a gentleman. Yes, a crass lunatic at times, but always in a way to make me laugh.

I'm honored to know him and privliged to count him among my best and oldest friends and most trusted allies.

Baron Samedi and Ogou

My Baron and Balendjo are actually the best of friends. They respect one another and Baron, bless him, does his best to look serious and wise while they are together, even though I know they will likely be up to no good. They get like little boys on a spree in a candy store together and I'm grateful the best friends can bring that out in one another.

They often work together for my healings and they both work hard to provide for and protect me. Very rarely as long as he's sure Ogou is around to keep an eye on my reaction Baron will let me see a little more of who he actually is when the two are together. He's very fond of me like that and I enjoy the gesture, though he's not scary by any means, simply he is Baron and that's a very wonderful thing.

Baron Samedi and Santa Muerte

My Baron refers to my Santa as his little sister and he fusses and fawns over her. She is his itty, bitty helpless little sister and I love watching the two together. He adores having a sister to fuss over and she adores having the big brother. Now we all know they are both very powerful but that is what is sweet about them. They aren't worried about proving who is stronger, they like having someone like them around, someone who understands their work and carries a similar energy.

Baron Samedi and Loki

Gods, these two hated one another on first sight. If Pan and Loki weren't going at one another hammer and tongs Baron, my first Vodoun lwa to appear, was trying to chase them both off for being too wild. Yes, the father of the ghede thought those two were too wild. But as they got to know one another and realized there wasn't some threat that had to be chased off, they all learned to get along.

Now it isn't unusual for Baron and Loki to side with one another and from the smirks all three exchange I think the early fights and fussing were pure stagecraft and the male need to posture while, behind the scenes they were always the best of friends. Eh, they are all tricksters and tricksters are crafty like that.

His Love

Baron is so laid back and cheerful most of the time that he is content to give center stage for the time being to Loki, though he does do endearing things to catch my eye. I'll see absurd ads pop up of people dressed like him during the current spooky season or I'll hear a song we share and it will be one of his signals he's close.

He can be a bit of a mooch and seemingly lazy and silly, but he's actually an extremely hard working lwa. He just doesn't like me to catch him at it. Underneath it all he's something he'd rather I not think about, so he puts a lot of emphasis on being my silly skeletal best friend and partner in crime.

Or I could be writing Skulduggery fanfic, because, you know, it's so obvious the dashing skeleton detective is him. Utterly charming and utterly a scamp he shows his love in spending time with me and making sure I relax. I have a tendency to get overly intense and not relax, but he won't let that happen. Along with Loki, Legba, Eshu and several others he will get my attention and remind me to take time to play.

My Baron Loves This Song

Loki has been with me for ages and chandeliers will always hold a special place in our gothic and bombastically operatic hearts.

Loki has been with me for ages and chandeliers will always hold a special place in our gothic and bombastically operatic hearts.


He's been around forever. Not that I have always appreciated it as he seems to enjoy bringing sudden and abrupt change in his wake, but clever and sly Loki has let me closer, I think in his own way than perhaps and other God I know. For a God with a nasty reputation for ruining things and then disappearing he's never done that to me. He's brought harsh change, but ever and always been at my side. We've had the hardest relationship and there have been times when I refused to see my best friend and most beloved of husbands (Yes, more than one. Deal with that too, mortals.)

What Loki taught me that the others could not was to have faith. To hear his voice when so many other people seemed to be shouting it was wrong for us to be together or for me to see him the way I do. Loki has reminded me more than once that the gods need us as much as we need them. Why would they choose loneliness when they can choose to love us and live with us and rejoice in our growth instead?

Of course sometimes he tells me I'm his favorite pet and ruffles my hair because he can also be a conceited jerk, but that is why I love him. Loki is ever changing and when I am relaxed and working with him our relationship is more play than work.

Loki and Legba

I was almost going to say these two don't interact much, but of course it isn't true. My Legba can be very quiet even when he's present. And he's always present of course and if he didn't approve of Loki, Loki wouldn't be here, so they do get along well. Legba is the gatekeeper after all, master of the crossroads, a keeper of order. So I just didn't think he and a chaos god would get along, considering no one wants to meet his chaos-ruling brother.

But Loki is a different kind of chaos. It is the useful force hat keeps things humming. I sense great respect between the two, but other than that they seem to keep the relationship private.

Loki and Thor

My Loki and Thor get along quite well. Although I was brought up in public school and knew Loki is supposed to be Thor's uncle, the two have a closer and better relationship than any other two men, well, Gods, I've ever seen. Loki will vaguely act like an uncle if I'm asking about actual family relationships but he treats Thor as his equal. So brothers? Whatever they are, they have the deepest love and affection for one another.

Those can help me when Loki is being a bit too much and he is actually the easy-going laid back one when it comes to lifting weights or my diet or doing my roadwork. We actually enjoy lifting articles and videos together when I think Loki just wants to prove he's a better coach than Thor is.

So there's some competition there too, but a freindly one.

Loki's Love

My relationship with Loki had always been a complicated one. I've known him since I was a little girl, the same as with the others, but Loki is so changeable it's sometimes hard to recognize him. He can be etherally handsome, but vain and aloof in his love. Though truth be told he doesn't mind be invited closer in that form. And I never knew it was him, and it still strike me as odd because he looks nothing like he should.

I'm being nudged to share, so here goes. A white robe with a hood. Curly black hair and intense eyes, often yellow or grey with slit pupils. Handsome, chiseled features. Vain at times because he is aware of how handsome he is. Vaguely catlike or vulpine in appearance. Muscular yet lean and tall. Highly magical. Moody, withdrawn, brooding.

Yeah, I can see why as a little girl I wasn't instantly charmed with him. It was my job to be moody and withdrawn. But all joking aside he likes this form and he can be loving and warm in it, just there is always that certain distance there. This is the one fond of trees and the woods.

But Loki is changeable. He also likes to appear in all black, and he's much friendlier though he tends to smirk a lot because that path knows he's so very wonderful and clever. And so many other forms that after a while I lost track.

And yes, he likes his Marvel form, but it's more to get me to lighten up a little. Overall he can be infinitely sweet and gentle, but is also the teacher of the swiftest and harshest lessons, which is also an aspect of his love. Loyal and forever underfoot he likes to be right in the middle of everything I'm doing, hence his title Lord of Cats.

The God of Fire Finds This Amusing

On The Way!

I'm sneaking My Advisor In. Shh.

Legba's Love

Legba has always loved me, and he can show his love in sharing his fondness for reading, games, riddles, things that amuse him. He's generally quiet, at least mine is, and at times I have to remind myself that he is present as well. But my Legba knows eventually it will be his turn for attention as well so he's rather patient and the more vocal gods move to the front.

He shows is love by acting as my advisor, though he often wants me to find the solution on my own, he will still be happy to talk back and forth about it. He is the master of communication, after all, so he's always happy and up for a friendly chat.

He is also very wily and likes to pretend to be a harmless old man when we both know how very powerful he is. When they first arrived, Legba shortly after Baron, Legba and Baron would have a war going on over this one cane.

Looking back I think it was them getting what they could and having fun as they now get along, but Legba was certainly unimpressed with anyone having the cane other than him.

Do Your Gods Get Along?

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Nightcat (author) on October 18, 2015:

Thank you so very much, Senlin! I'm happy you are enjoying the articles. :)

Senlin on October 17, 2015:

Your hubs are truly amazing. Your writing makes the gods/spirits come alive for me as they are for you. Thank you, thank you!

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