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The Magic of Cats


The cat is one of the most magical animals on earth - its aura is so great that it covers not only a specific person but also the family, home, and territory which the cat considers its own. Therefore, you need to understand that when a cat rubs against your legs, it's more than just an expression of affection, it shares its magical and astral power with you. The one who pushes the cat away with phrases “get out, I don't have time for you”, simply refuses the positive energy that the cat wanted to bestow on him. Next time the cat will no longer offer this person a part of its astral power and maybe even take some away.

The cat not only protects the house from evil spirits, preventing it from entering the sacred territory for the cat, but it also rids the house of it in case there was one in it before. This is especially useful for those who move into a house in which someone has already lived.

Having discovered evil spirits in the house, the cat first watches them for some time, trying to determine the intentions. Convinced that this astral entity threatens its territory, the cat makes every effort to expel it by repressing it with its energy field. And if she does not succeed then she "draws" the evil spirit into itself and takes it out of the house. This is where the traditional rumor that "evil spirits ride cats" originated. Therefore, if you see that the cat is constantly in some place at home, in a tense position, obviously watching something, you should know that there might be an evil presence there. To help your animal get rid of evil spirits, read a prayer over that place or perform a cleansing ritual. If you do not know prayers and do not own any magical cleansing technique, then at least fumigate this place with wormwood. Wormwood is a very powerful exorcism herb.

The astral abilities of a cat are so strong that it can easily drive a ghost or the astral body of a dead person out of the house. For this reason, magicians do not recommend keeping a cat in the room during a seance. It can frighten astral entities. Although in some cases the presence of cats during magical rituals, on the contrary, is highly encouraged.

The presence of a cat will also protect you from any evil eye and damage, but for this it’s good at the moment of the alleged danger of damage or evil eye, or when talking with a person whom you suspect of unclean thoughts keep your hands on the cat, while stroking the cat’s neck with your left hand, and right - her tail. In this case, you will be in full contact with the animal, and your energy fields will close into a single circuit, which will help to keep even a very strong magical blow from the sorcerer or witch.

Since cats are conductors of cosmic energy, they can also bring energies into the house that will contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the whole family. The cat likes to be in places with a strong influx of energy, i.e. in geopathogenic zones, and often chooses those places where negative energy is collected in large quantities. Therefore, knowledgeable people also use this animal in order to clear the space of the house from negative vibrations. In this case, the cat, figuratively speaking, works like a kind of “vacuum cleaner”, taking on negative energy and transforming it into positive. We can say that if trees transform carbon dioxide harmful to us into oxygen, then cats do the same work for humans, but in terms of energy. This is due to the fact that the cat's own biofield has a negative charge.

In folk cultures in Russia there was a rite: when moving to a new place of residence, a cat was first allowed into the house. If the house was old, then the cat took over all the negative energy left over from the previous owners. If the house was new, then he demanded a "ransom", that is, a powerful energy charge, which the cat could give.

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Great use of the magical abilities of cats found in healing. Cats of any breed and color have the ability to heal and can involuntarily heal their owners by lying down on their sore spots. One of the easiest ways to treat with a cat is to simply stroke it, relieving a person of stress.

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