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Loki For Witches

Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

I associate Loki with the moon. On this magical night of the blood moon I was visited by a lovely bat and two owls as I shot. And we all know I associate my best buddy with the woods.

I associate Loki with the moon. On this magical night of the blood moon I was visited by a lovely bat and two owls as I shot. And we all know I associate my best buddy with the woods.

Why Work With Loki?

Why work with Loki? Well for me,, Loki is my patron God, something he is using to currently kick my tailfeathers into gear. I can no longer deny I'm His, He's my Patron. That said? I tend to think Loki Loves Me pretty much describes the God of chaos, no matter how nice and PC an image we who work with Him try to give Him..

For me the test was if La Santa would let Him near me. She is placid when He's near, and He treats Her like a beloved daughter, so I know He's one of the good guys. That and He's been with me since early childhood, no matter how hard I tried to make Him go away, there He was. But, on to my other credentials or lack thereof.

I'm a solitary witch. So any ideas or views of Him came decades before the films and most came in isolation free from books aside from collections of the Norse tales of the Gods.

That does not, however, mean you should do anything I do. The only rule with Loki is make Him happy. That's it. But if Loki has called you here, He may want to work with you. And you will most likely know He does, because He's rarely shy about letting people know things. Some of the info here might seem like a rehash of the first Hub, but there are reasons to cover the same ground twice.

All writing and photography are my original work. All videos are used for entertainment and educational purposes only. If you own the content and want credit and a link or something removed, please let me know.

God of Many Titles

Loki, Lopt or however you see Him, has many titles. Sky Walker, Spider, Closer, and many others. Yeah, I found sweetie a spider's web.

Loki, Lopt or however you see Him, has many titles. Sky Walker, Spider, Closer, and many others. Yeah, I found sweetie a spider's web.

What's in a Name?

Lokean is fine if that is what you feel you are. You may prefer servant, priestess, bride, groom, have a ball, but let it be a title you choose. Or he gave you. My special title is Idiot. I think he means it in a nice way.

And however he found you is His business. I don't care if it was through a vision or a Loki Charms shirt. Doesn't matter to me if it was the old stories or any of the movies, though you may want to aim a bit higher than Son of The Mask. Just saying.

But remember to take pride in whatever you feel you are. We are witches first. So whether you are Wiccan or more old-school eye for an eye, embrace the path you walk.

As far as his names go, I tend to make up titles and thus far he doesn't mind. Lord of Cats, Task Master, Pursuer, God of Wolves, anything that suits that path. I also address him as Lord, He's a God, first and foremost and He tends to enjoy reminding me of it. Which is why he's poking me to remind you that he is the God of Awesome.

Lights remind me of him, for some reason. Probably because the other Gods tossed me at im this time and told me he'd guide me.

Lights remind me of him, for some reason. Probably because the other Gods tossed me at im this time and told me he'd guide me.

His Family

Loki has a huge family, and although you may or may not ever meet Them, it helps to know who They are. Kind in mind to be respectful of all Gods when dealing with Loki.

Odin: Oldest of the Gods, often call the All Father. Blood brother to Loki. Much like Loki, He can be calculating and crafty and is also powerful in magic, some say Odin is a shapeshifter as well. Traveling companion to Loki, Odin is rather fond of humans and can often be gentle with them, which doesn’t take away from His warrior side.

Thor: Son of Odin, He is Loki’s nephew. Thor is strong, fertile, and of course, the defender and friend of mankind. Thor often travels with His Uncle, and the pair balance each other out. Loki, by the way, is often described as hanging from Thor’s belt of strength as Thor wades the raging waters between Asgard and Midgard.

Baldr: Be aware that this gentle God can be a sensitive subject in the Heathen community. Baldr is the gentle son of Odin who was slain by His brother Hodr. Some accounts say Loki is to blame, having guided the blind God’s hand. Happily, both Baldr and Hodr will return after Ragnarok, reunited as loving brothers.

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Hodr: Loki’s nephew as well, some say He is the God of winter and as such His part in slaying His brother can be seen as the ritualistic battle between winter and summer. But the blind God has also been described as a mortal man fighting his demigod rival for the love of a woman. Confused yet?

Sigyn: Often considered to be the most beloved of Loki’s wives, Sigyn’s name means victorious. She is considered the Goddess of fidelity and is often described as gentle, though She can certainly fight for Her family. Sigyn is the mother of Vali and Nari.

Vali: How old He was when He met His fate varies, but this Son of Loki was transformed into a wolf and having lost His reason, slew His brother Nari. His story is lost afterwards, but modern Lokeans often feel He came to His senses and went into seclusion in grief.

Nari: Nari was slain by His brother and again, His story too was lost after His death. Some feel He died and is beyond communication, some feel this God, being immortal like all Gods, is still with us.

Glut: I’m listing her here since you will come across her and her children Embers and Ashes. Some Lokeans say she is a secret wife of Loki, but no sources confirm this. Be aware you’ll be seeing a lot of her if you research Lokean sites.

Angrboda: Mother of Fenrir, some also say Jormungandr, and Hel. This is disputed, and a lot of what you will find o her outside of the classic sources is mostly unverified personal gnosis.

Fenrir: Wolf son of Loki. Said to be the slayer of Odin at Ragnarok.

Jormungandr: Sources about the world serpent can be conflicting. Some say the day this serpent looses his hold on his tail the world will fall apart, others show the son (some say daughter) of Loki has often been drug up from the depths by Thor, see Thor’s fishing expedition and other sources. He is said to slay Thor on the fateful day of Ragnarok.

Hel: Goddess of Death, many feel Her realm is a place of peace and rest for the dead, and Odin having to awaken a seeress supports this. Hel is said to have built a hall for Baldr, and is viewed today as a stern but loving Goddess.

He is both the darkness and the light. And theatrical. Mine is very theatrical.

He is both the darkness and the light. And theatrical. Mine is very theatrical.

Setting Up An Altar

Yay, I only have to write filler here as with Loki? Your best bet is to let Him lead you to what He wants on His altar, some of which will likely never make sense. And if He never asks for one, that is fine too. For the longest time He never had and official one with me, mostly because He wasn't being entirely open about being Loki. To His credit, He was being honest, He just knew I thought He was an ugly God and wanted nothing to do with Him. I was a little girl and big brawny dudes with red hair and beards scared me, OK?

And He got that form from a schoolbook in gradeschool. Sure, I admired Him and in the illustration Loki is being carried away by the eagle, but even though He is holding onto His spear for dear life, you can tell, even from the back as the eagle soars away, He is having fun. He is right where He wants to be. That kind of wildness scared me more than a little.

He has since amassed many forms, and a few altars I had no idea were His. Does that sting? Certainly. And He just stands there and grins as I yell at Him. But He's a Trickster. If He had to trick me to be here, than so be it. And, to be honest, I love that He can do that to me. I need Him to do that to me, it makes me feel safe, loved. Looking at it from His point of view, He loves those He tricks this way, and He will do anything to be close to those he loves.

So I'd just say that no matter how outlandish it seems and no matter how odd the placement, give in. It's easier than trying to resist Him. His official altar count is three, and the moment I realized each was His, He burst out laughing at me. There are times you are going to want to hit Him with Thor's hammer, but remember He is the God, and He means well when he teases. He is rarely truly spiteful.

Oh, same thing goes for colors, statues, candles, scents and fabrics. Some spiteful folks say he was never worshiped. Well, He is now. Go crazy with whatever color scheme He desires. For his three altars He picked three different color schemes and themes. And I don't want to hand them to you as one, that does you no good with your Loki, and two, that may not be the direction He wants you to go in, OK?

As for music? Go with whatever suits your Loki's personal tastes. Mine enjoys everything from The Bee Gees to Maroon 5, but I think He just randomly picks things He knows I also enjoy. Or not.

Please Note: With Loki I don't believe in telling you: "Here are His animals, here are His colors, here is what to say to Him." Because every thing you'd use from the list might exclude something far more meaningful to you and Him. I certainly don't have a problem with books, videos or blogs that do, but I've lived a very long time only to find out listening to the Gods in the first place works best.

He Saved My SD Card

Right after this some guy invited me to photograph the connected field, but I had the distinct feeling he really wanted my SD card. Loki leads me to strange encounters but gets me out of them.

Right after this some guy invited me to photograph the connected field, but I had the distinct feeling he really wanted my SD card. Loki leads me to strange encounters but gets me out of them.

My Loki Doesn't Match Your Loki!

Well, of course not, my dear. Let's imagine we could all hop in a big blue box and go see the old pagans who worked with the Norse Gods. Not only would Loki's name vary wildly from region to region, so would how He was talked of in the stories of those tribes. And as time went on He would rise and fall in popularity and would most likely look like the people of that area.

And as time has gone on, He has really changed. Loki has gone from what we assume would have been one buff dude who fought with a flaming sword, to, well, a lot of retellings make Him look like a mincing, effeminate girly man. Not that there would be anything wrong if that was His true nature, but it is the stereotypical view of Him that makes me grind my teeth in impotent rage.

So, what the heck happened? He looks different to everyone. We see Him through our own eyes, through the filter of our culture and our pasts. I still think he's got a thing for Hostess baked goods because I used to read comic books from the fifties to the seventies.

But He does have many distinct paths. Mine has a fashionista path. And S/he is fierce, honey! And catty, and extremely fey. Because I'm pansexual and let's face it, He's being nice. Every pans dream come true, yes? He can also be mysterious, dark, sexy, magical, however He feels like being. And it is all still Him.

OK, since it seems a lot of folks who like Him also like Dr. Who, same thing. Different faces and personalities, but still the same guy. He's the God who ate a witch's heart and got pregnant, He also got pregnant by a stallion, and sired children as well, but He's also the God who, in my experience likes the Marvel films. He even likes Son of the Mask. Even if, well, that film will always have a place in my heart, but it's basically a live action cartoon, so if you like Loki serious and are a stickler for proper mythology you may want to give it a pass.

Loki Gets No Grace

If you give a God a sign. I have no idea why mine liked this so much. But He was delighted with it.

If you give a God a sign. I have no idea why mine liked this so much. But He was delighted with it.

He Is Not a God of Hate

There are certain groups, who don't look even vaguely Germanic or Nordic, yet claim to be the best humanity has to offer. Tacky red flags, jack boots, ring any bells? The Loki I know doesn't work with that level of hate or crazy. Some crazy he enjoys. I'm a total fruitloop myself, but in a charming way and as I've no plans for ethnic cleansing and no hate in my heart unless sports are involved He's OK with that.

These groups do not speak for Loki any more than anyone with a "God Hates (fill in group du jour)" signs speak for Jesus or any other hate group speaks for any Divinity. Just as my beautiful Lady does not belong to the cartels, Loki is not the property of psychos who make the Joker look placid.

Loki is not hateful. Can He destroy your life if He so desires? Yup, but you'd have to really push His Divine buttons for it to happen. He is more of a God that let's you learn from doing the wrong thing, then standing nearby laughing and smiling as it all goes wrong on you. Yes, He does have darker paths, but they are more serious than angry.

He does have dark paths. Whether you believe the texts are sacred and they come from the madness that befell Him at seeing His beloved sons transformed and slaughtered, then being bound with the intestines of one son, or the stories are symbolic of a suffering we humans could not understand, it is there.

But still, He's not hateful. Unless you hurt someone He loves. Then you better run and I'm not kidding. I'm not trying to scare you but He showed His anger towards two people who make my life very stressful recently. They were not hurt, but they had property damage. And this was not something I asked of Him. As the God He will do as He sees fit, and that dark side of His nature does not like seeing those He loves mistreated. Ever.

We witches simply need to understand that sometimes Loki is a God will take drastic measures on behalf of those He loves, but not in an evil sense. The Norse gods are not exactly a basket of kittens.

One of His Darker Paths...

Do You Work With Loki?

Look Down?

We were out for our eleven month anny of sorts and He kept nudging me to look down. I did get a variety of photos but no doubt missed His point.

We were out for our eleven month anny of sorts and He kept nudging me to look down. I did get a variety of photos but no doubt missed His point.

His Female Side

He's been a mare and a maiden fair, and Gods only know what else, so yes, He of the potent masculine charms is also female. Heck, he got pregnant as a male when He ate a witch's heart. And mine, knowing full well He can do anything He likes, takes full advantage of it. And She, when She shows up, is well, She's Loki all right.

And She is, in my limited experience still the Same God/dess. Why shouldn't She be? Though I notice only in His male form does He dreamily talk about a PMSing Loki. Like it would be a grand adventure for all involved. I hope to all the Gods He is only teasing.

But He can be empathetic then towards women because He is one and He owns it. There's no better God to croon and empathize over your womanly issues and He's very tender and sweet at such times. And should He show up as a She just roll with it. That's my advice, and no, you are not a bad pagan if He does.

And since we are on the subject, Loki is all genders, all sexualities, all everything and all at once. So it doesn't matter how complicated you feel your identity is, He can understand. And yes, mine has also shown up in drag. Because He is Loki and He can. And to amuse Himself as He knows I tend to go all gooey for queens.

He Gives Gifts

Why I found a penny on my porch I've no blessed idea. It is our eleven month anny of sorts.

Why I found a penny on my porch I've no blessed idea. It is our eleven month anny of sorts.

The Trickster

As I write this it is the eleven month anniversary of two things. Owning the newish Kodak and, Loki winging His way back into my life and making an utter fool of me in the process. And, strangely, I think I know why He did it. One, to get close to me again when I hated and blamed Him for an issue that wasn't His making, and two, He wanted a trump card to play when I got upset over what Internet trolls say about being married to a Divinity.

He got an altar out of it, and He proved His love for me. He was willing to be what He had to be to be near me. And I can't be angry. Loki is pure determination. As many times as I've tried to scruff Him and throw him out of my life, the Lord of Cats as I refer to Him, gets back in.

Loki is a Trickster. That He will fool you repeatedly, so that you work with Him and let Him have a relationship with you is Loki being Loki. He's not going to apologize. Nor will He ever be sorry for being relentless for your entire lifespan. When Loki wants something He will get it, by fair means or foul. He just pointed out He is Loki, and therefore wondrous, so everything He does is fair.

So, yes, He is perfectly capable of deception, and yes, he can appear as absolutely anyone or anything before revealing His true nature. It isn't you going crazy. Remember, the same God is described as an elven king, light, a mist or golden haze, the boogeyman, a God, a Giant and other ways by many people.

Fits Him

His Path is Wonderous


God of Magic

It's I suppose, what you came for. How can Loki help your magic and should you let Him? Well, one, if He decides you are getting His help, you are getting it. And two, it is up to Loki what paths He works with you. I make no claims of being an expert, but I'd reckon if you can do it He can do it better. Because He's Loki, that's why.

Chaos magic, certainly. But also every other form of magic there is, and He will certainly feel free to "help" by making your magic go terribly awry at times or by attracting strange events to you. He knows what He is doing, trust me, He does. Loki doesn't make magic boomerang to be cruel, he doesn't divert a spell to cause chaos. He can just see a lot farther down the road than we can.

The form He tricked me with, the form that got Him an altar and back into my life among other things, is known to be a powerful magician. And Loki is a master of all the magic that being is said to possess, and He loved proving it.

Loki Talk by Torval Lokison

About The Films

Sweetie, if that is how He came to you, that is His decision. He chose a drawing and story for grade school children to come to me and He terrified me. And all the adults would assure me the old Gods were not real, but there He was. Friendly, but relentless in His pursuit. Shapeshifting, chasing, relentless.

Loki can drive you half way crazy to get to you, and I think the other Gods respect Him for that. He can get to us. He can squirm through even our best defenses, transform so well that we give Him our heart and our trust, then unmask when He feels the time is right.

I would at least say pick a film you like that shows parts of Loki that matter to you, no matter if he's the hero or the villain. Or pick a book, comic, video game, whatever. I remember seeing once that Ogou reached out to a young man through a video game character that exemplifies, well, a lot of what my Ogou is not, but do you know what? That was between them and that's how Ogou touched his heart.

Loki is the same way. Only in general He will charm you into seeing things His way when He finally reveals Himself.

Join Me

One Woman's Experiences

On My Covet List

Loki Charms

He's associated with a star, they have stars. Loki Charms.

He's associated with a star, they have stars. Loki Charms.

How You View Him Is Up To You

I don't just mean personality, but I mean the entire relationship. Don't let anyone bully you into seeing a flame-haired Trickster, if you instead get another figure entirely. Whatever form He uses with you, it's His choice and He is usually pretty good at choosing one we will feel a connection to. I am getting poked to remind you it doesn't have to be a human form.

And that applies to whether you view him as the Loki from the old tales or any other way of viewing Him. A lot of people will say, and it is their right, that we must stick to the text and old ways. Just as many say they are distorted to fit the will of Christian chroniclers, and others doubt them entirely from personal interactions with the Norse Gods.

Same goes for how you view His family tree. It's up to you. Entirely up to you. Not some author, or blogger, or video maker. Not me, or the man in the moon or anyone else. However you view Him and His relations, as long as your Loki is fine with it, go with it. It isn't anyone's business if you see Odin as His brother, father, other half of one Divinity or anything else.

Loki, and I'm repeating myself here, but it needs to be said, can be anything to you He so chooses. He's a father to some, a teacher to other, to many a friend. Some see Him as a lover, spouse, sibling, or however they choose to see Him. And as long as your Loki is OK with that, nurture that way of seeing Him. Be proud of it, revel in it. Everyone does not see Him the same way.

Lastly, and I feel it needs saying, there are so few of us who will even work with Him. It's time to stop trying to destroy one another online over the films, Godspousing, chaos magic or anything else. When did we become the Gods? We don't have to agree with how another person serves Him, but we should respect Loki's will in the matter. If He of all the Gods had a problem, trust me, He'd show it.

So let's honor one another. Let's learn from and embrace one another. There is no reason a Lokean who works strictly from the old texts can't get along with a chaos magician, and there's no reason for film or comic fans to be left in the cold if Loki called to them that way. No associations, altar colors or anything else are wrong or unworthy of Him. We need to support one another as brothers and sisters and be there for one another.

To me it is the highest honour to be called by Loki. To become His, to serve Him, to walk with Him, to learn from Him. He can be a teacher of harsh lessons, but also a tender friend and staunch defender. If we are going to work with Him, let's at least do so in a place where all views are respected. Have we witches fallen so far that we've forgotten what it means to be wild and free and answer the call of the God?

Do as you will, so long as it harms none should cover the witch first and foremost. If Loki has called to you, sweet brothers and sisters, answer that call.

PS The following video came up in my YT feed and I don't make a habit of watching Loki vids, so he was getting His two cents in in as undignified a way as possible, telling me to lighten up over something. Anything for You, dearheart.

For the Flame-Haired One

I cant draw, but He seems content with photos for offerings. And walks, and getting into everything I'm doing.

I cant draw, but He seems content with photos for offerings. And walks, and getting into everything I'm doing.

His Dark Paths

As you research Loki and Norse Gods in general you will notice two extreme camps. In one, our Gods are mean, nasty, and you might not even survive being theirs and there is no escape! And while that can be true in a sense, and Loki certainly has dark paths, He isn't wantonly cruel for the fun of it. Unless you hurt someone He loves, but we covered that.

You may never encounter a dark path. You may never meet that broken God. But if you do? He's the dark Trickster, and that isn't a bad thing. Mine, at least, in the path can be vengeful, and there is nothing I can do to get in His way over it. I'm not trying to scare you, but trying to stress that with the dark paths Loki is in control as He always is, not you.

I've seen people trying to sell Him online as a bound spirit. Do you know the level of chaos that would rip through your house if it were possible? He'd smite you for the fun of it. He can't be bound or banished. He can, however, bind or banish you.

The other camp may deny His dark side, and I don't think they are trying to spin a better image for Him. Loki chooses who He interacts with and how and why. So yes, there's every possibility you will only see a relaxed, energetic or whatever personality your Loki has and never meet the intense side.

But if you do, show respect, not fear. His burden is a heavy one. He is the Closer, the God of harsh lessons and extremely painful growth. This side shows His love by pushing you relentlessly because He knows He must. He is the alpha wolf and He will drive you to be a strong pack member without mercy.

Accept that He has chosen you, and that if He has, He has great plans for you. Loki isn't wantonly cruel towards those He loves, even in His darkest paths. He will grant you the tools you need to survive your harsh training and become a better you.

Much like many other dark Gods he is the special ops of training you into a hard core warrior whether it be mental or physical. He will not take no for an answer and He will refuse to accept failure. Because He knows how much better you can be and if He didn't believe that He wouldn't waste His time.

One Year Anny Feast!

Yep, that's smoked salmon and other goodies.

Yep, that's smoked salmon and other goodies.

Wait! What the Heck Is A Lokean Anyway?

Well, there are probably twelve bazillion Tumblr posts on it, and for every Lokean the answer is different. For me it's a new term to me, and I thought I'd try it out for a while and see what happens. It's like science, only not. And to me being a Lokean is a lot like being a crazy cat lady. I talk to him and swear he answers me. I have Loki stuff everywhere. I love Loki more than I love most humans.

He eats first, I tend to shop for him not me, and my life can revolve around him at times. He even gets toys and I named him the Lord of Cats for his catlike personality. There are vital things to do like pinning photos, videos and other things about Loki. But I'm not obsessed, I'm perfectly normal. Seriously, put down the athame.

Honestly, to me Lokean is just a word. When people start saying you must do X,Y, and Z to be a Lokean I'm not having any of it. Loki can't be bought by how much time we put into service, how much money we spend on his altar, or how heavily we study Norse this or that. I am not saying that all those paths can't be rewarding, but we humans tend to get into these contests to prove we are a god's favorite.

Loki, after all, also was worshiped in Germany and there are neat items that turned up in Scotland. He's now firmly settled in on a global scale, so maybe the Lokean is the one that listens to him and that is all there is to it. Just love him and you can call yourself a Lokean. Remember, witches answer to no one.

If you want to enter a Norse or German or any other group, yes, you will then have to answer to people, but as long as you remain wild and free you get to choose what being a Lokean means to you. Heck, there's even a Luciferian Lokean blogger that is online. How is that for thinking outside the Norse box?

Pure Marvel Silliness, God of Laughter, Remember?