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Lifestyle as Worship

Kyle is a licensed Associate Pastor/Minister in Chesterland, Ohio. He holds a Biblical/Theological Studies degree from Malone university.

What do I mean when I say 'lifestyle?'

The Oxford dictionary defines lifestyle as "the way in which a person lives." If we look closely at the scriptures we see how Jesus lived. So, we have to ask ourselves, are we living that same lifestyle. Are we following the commands of God when we wake? In our conversations? Are listening to the Holy Spirit and letting him guide our actions through the day? There are many examples and lessons that we can learn from scripture to help better us to live more in this lifestyle, to better have the heart posture of worship.


Having a heart posture modeled after Jesus

"What do you want?" This is the most incisive, piercing question Jesus can ask of us precisely because we are want we want. Our wants and longings and desires are at the core of our identity, the wellspring from which our actions and behavior flow. Our wants reverberate from our heart, the epicenter of the human person.

— James K. A. Smith from You are what you Love

As You Go

  • Far to often in church we relegate into a singular understanding of how to understand Jesus, life, and faith
  • That is, classroom learning
  • As someone who grew up in church, I spent a lot of time in children's church, youth group, Sunday school, and Sunday morning service. While I still look fondly back on the time I had in those groups, there was always something that bugged me about it, how often the faces would change.
  • We spend far to often only teaching about Jesus, and what he did, rather than doing what Jesus did
  • Our greatest witness and act of worship is within our attitude and action toward others and ourselves
  • To live a lifestyle of worship is to live like Jesus and to love like Jesus

Gospel of Grace

It seems to me that in a pastoral situation our first task is not to throw people back on themselves with exhortations and instructions as to what to do and how to do it, but to direct people to the gospel of grace-to Jesus Christ, that they might look to him to lead them, open their hearts in faith and in prayer, and draw them by the spirit into his eternal life of communion with the Father.

— James B. Torrance from Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace

Living as an image of God

  • In Genesis we are told that we are made in the image of God
  • This has a very loose meaning, but in a practical sense we are to be a reflection of who God is here on Earth
  • The reality is that a vast majority of people don't experience the love of the Father purely on their own
  • That's where we step in
  • We are an ambassador for God, for Jesus, on Earth
  • We must be those who are full of grace, full of love, and full of mercy
  • Because our actions are our greatest witness
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So What's my point?

If you haven't noticed yet, to live a lifestyle of Worship, is to live like Jesus. Be the model that was created by Jesus. Disciple people like Jesus did. Love others the way Jesus did.


No more Excuses

  • Ultimately to be like Jesus, to live like Jesus means to give all that we have to offer
  • This isn't just some casual pass time, it is a lifestyle that is riddled with hardship
  • It is a lifestyle that requires you to give up everything in your life
  • It requires you to be something, someone new
  • To follow Jesus means to die, our old selves are to die, and we are live as new creations in Jesus
  • It is impossible to follow Jesus and still hold onto who we were
  • If you can't let those things go, the hard truth is, you aren't following Jesus: you're still living they way the world wants you to
  • So I gotta ask you, what sin in your life is the hardest to give up?
  • Why do you think that sin is hard for you to give up?
  • Finally, what is the first step for you to live like Jesus live?

© 2021 Kyle Jarvis

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