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Working With La Santa Muerte Blanca

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Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

I like making my pretty girl jewelry and adoring her statues. The white aspect adores her pretties as she sees them.

I like making my pretty girl jewelry and adoring her statues. The white aspect adores her pretties as she sees them.

Enter And Be Welcome

You enter the brightly lit temple and look around you in awe. Sweet-smelling copal and other scents perfume the air and the priests and priestesses are getting ready for a celebration. Chocolates, loaves of bread, plenty of beer, iced cakes, cola and bottles of tequila are being mounded before a skeletal vision of beauty dressed all in white. You have entered the sacred shrine of the much beloved Santisima Muerte and to your amazement the skeletal visage seems to incline her head and her eye sockets gleam in welcome.

The white robed aspect of La Santisima Muerte is most likely the one given to beginners and for good reason. Unlike her hotter red aspect and her revered and equally feared black aspect, she is the most tranquil. La Nina Blanca is the sweetest natured, though she is of course, Santa Muerte regardless of what color you dress her in.

But if you were called here by La Santa I and a lot of other folks would recommend her for beginners who want one of her three oldest colors. If you have a color like pink or green that is OK by me too. She is your La Santisima, not mine, OK? She is your Death. Give your lovely lady whatever she likes as far as colors go and your relationship can only grow.

Her white form, is of course, her original form. So she is about beginnings, about building foundations for further work with her. Pagans should perk up since the Goddess Mictecacihuatl, the lady of the underworld wore white and still does. It was and still is her sacred color and was considered a holy color to the Aztecs and associated with death. Give you three guesses who La Santisima really is.

Please note: I am not an expert on La Santisima nor am I affiliated with any of her churches, cults or other devotional groups. I just love my Pretty Girl and like writing about her and sharing the truth to try and combat the tidal way of negative press mi dulce muerte is getting.

Note: I think this form is the most clever as well and the one who uses what some affronted pagans call her "New Age" colors such as pink, blue, etc. to draw pagans in to her deeper teachings. Remember she is Death, she answers to no one for her ways, so if your Santa wears neon blue or tiger stripes this advice should still work for her.

As always, all photography and writing are my own original work. Any videos are used for educational purposes only. If you wish to have credit and a link or something removed, please contact me.

I love statues of her dressed as a bride and as she first approached me as a bride I honor that commitment.

I love statues of her dressed as a bride and as she first approached me as a bride I honor that commitment.

La Santa Muerte Del Mar?

I'm including her connection to the sea here. Mine has been giving me very vivid dreams lately in her white aspect. Connected to the sea, trying to show me very excitedly and happily that the sea is hers. So the seashells on some altars are right on target and I suppose I could give her sea salt or make salt water from sea salt and do some consecrating.

Why connected to the sea? Why not? I'm not being snarky. If, as pagans, we truly believe she owns everything, and this is the aspect who adores pretties in my experience, it makes sense that she enjoys the sea and now I have video backup of a ritual, not mine, obviously, to prove it. But I love his passion for working with her! And yup, consecrating a statue like we do for any work. She is known as a road opener and it is pretty close to what I recall of other prayers to her.

Remember that underworld Divinities are often connected to the sea (think Anubis, he gets pearls) so it makes perfect sense to me even if I don't have the deeper grasp you only get from growing up inside one of her cults.

Mine also, I might as well point this out, enjoys grottoes, woods, mist and fog. All feminine symbolism, so she's not shy about showing the world that she is female.

La Santa Muerte En El Mar

Seated Statue


La Santisima Muerte Blanca is the closest to her Azteca form, so there should be no surprise that along with that sweetness and gentle, laid-back attitude is also the instinct to protect. Keep in mind this is also the aspect that has called me on the carpet in dreams and roared that she is Mictecacihuatl and how dare I forget that?

And of course, she's the one who knocked a full grown man on his six with a 220 line experience then looking at me with her eye sockets gleaming and giggling like a little girl.

She meant him no harm. He and the other man with him had been putting out aggressive vibes, which as the kitchen is hers and hers alone, she resented. Those experiences aside, she is a total sweetheart and often given to first timers because of that. She is the one you'll want to talk baby talk to and dress up her statues and fuss over and she will revel in it.

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Try this with the black aspect and she will likely knock things on the floor. The black, being more of a hard-working, muddy-boots aspect most often dislikes crowns and jewels and looks fairly miserable in pretties, when, I believe, it is the white aspect who happily takes every New Age color as hers and glories in dresses, perfumes and treasures.

She is the happy one, the sweet one and she would love to look through your pretties with you. I believe she is the cross over aspect. The one who easily fits into folk saint status yet works with pagans as well for it's all the same to her. She is pure love and downright cuddly and you will often see dolls and stuffed toys in her shrines, even if she can have her times, when she too is serious.

That said? She is still aggressive compared to most other deities. As much of a sweetheart as she can be, if you try to be the boss lady or boss man, if you try to make a slave out of her or give her orders you are going to meet her scary side. She can and will induce nightmares in this or any other aspect (like most underworld deities) and she will be respected as the queen she is. Don't like her gentle nature make you think you can hurt her.

La Flaca, of course, does not take teasing any better in her white form, so, no, I wouldn't laugh at her or tease her, or challenge her. I said she was the sweetest aspect. I didn't not say she was the fluffy aspect. She may delight in different things for different people, I noticed that for pagans at least her altars seem more austere, but by and large she is the easy-going aspect. Of a death diety, just keep that bit in mind.

She can be your tender mother or best friend, sister, whatever she wants to be for you, but just like her black aspect she will be listened to and respected. She just has the longest fuse. Most of the time.

My La Santisima is very proud of this doll. It isn't her per se, but the Polish form of Death, Śmierć, is said to be a female skeleton who wears a white robe, and I am part Polish, so she insists we were meant to be.

My La Santisima is very proud of this doll. It isn't her per se, but the Polish form of Death, Śmierć, is said to be a female skeleton who wears a white robe, and I am part Polish, so she insists we were meant to be.

She Is Active

White robe or not, she is very much a living Goddess. If you are the gentle type of pagan used to Gods and Goddesses who while loving and friendly don't manifest much in the way of moving things or using up offerings, she may startle you. She will feel quite free to get things she does not like off her altar and things she doesn't approve of will mysteriously break, though in all fairness to her things do tend to break more often and easily around any underworld diety.

I'm not saying this to scare you, she is simply a warrior goddess and she isn't shy about manifesting her presence. You can, for example, find videos on reading her candle chimneys or the speed at which her food offerings are used up.

She can also manifest as different scents you will associate with her. Mine prefers tobacco or roses, but you give her an offering she really enjoys and she simply must make the whole home smell like it.

La Nina Blanca is also more playful in this aspect so don't be surprised if you actually have visions or dreams of this one singing or dancing. Mine sings to me and I to her. Out of her three traditional colors (white, red, black) she is most often the slowest to act. Most often. Sometimes she is lightning quick, but give her time and she will get there.

If you think of the aspects as cars she is a touring car, A Bentley for the queen to ride in. The red aspect goes a little faster and would be a hot rod that's barely street legal where the black would cause sonic booms roaring down the autobahn. That doesn't make her weak or slow by any means, La Santa does everything with her perfect timing, so if this aspect has chosen you don't fret that she is too slow to see to your needs. She knows what she is doing and is one special and lovely lady.


A Guided Meditation

Again, this can work for any of the aspects, but since this is for the white aspect, we'll be concentrating on her. She is the healer, so think of something you might need healing on, physical or emotional or help with like your temper or feelings of jealousy.

You'll need:

A white candle

A glass of water

A white cloth (paper is fine if you have nothing else)

A scent offering

Fruit juice or cola for her and you

Candy or fruit for her and you

The soda and fruit are nice offerings and you need to ground after meditation anyhow, so....

Begin by finding a room where you won't be disturbed while you meditate. You may also select soft music to play in the background, but set up your cloth to make the space sacred for her, the water, the scent offering, copal is traditional but roses or floral scents will work well, sharing your own scent actually means more to her and light your candle.

If you cast a protective circle in your path or do other rituals for protection do so now, then lie down or sit back in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth three times. Repeat this process, but each time see one of your worries for the day being blown into a balloon as you breathe out. Let the balloon go and watch it float away.

Keep breathing deeply, focusing on your body. As you focus feel your body being massaged by comforting hands spreading a healing lotion on you. They start on your forehead and work their way down, and as they do each area they touch relaxes and your stress melts away.

Take as much time as you need, breathing into tight areas and just letting go. When you are completely relaxed envision your safe place. This will be your place in every meditation that is sacred to you. No one can hurt you here and your worries can't follow you. Envision the floors and the walls. How is it decorated? Take your time to explore.

Now look out a window and see a great tropical forest before you, it is in this forest that you will meet La Santisima. Envision a door to your room if you haven't already and go out to find steps leading down into the forest. With each step feel yourself sinking deeper into meditation.

One you reach the forest floor you will find a path. Walk along this path enjoying the gentle animals and the sights and sounds of the jungle. Pick flowers and fruits as you wish as an offering. As you walk along you will see a gleaming white temple in the distance. Walk to the temple, knowing La Santa is waiting to see you.

When you enter the temple it is pleasantly cool, clean and the white stones seem to glow with purity. La Santa is seated on her throne in gleaming white robes and she smiles as you enter her presence. Offer her the fruit and flowers and listen to any advice she has for you. Talk to her for as long as you both wish and when you are ready gently bring yourself back to the waking world by counting backwards from ten, waking up a little bit more with each number.

At one, open your eyes and take time to balance and readjust. Then drink your soda and eat your sweets, making sure to remind La Santa the other half is hers. You may leave the candle and scent offerings or snuff them out as seems right to you. Open your circle, than her for her presence and politely tell her she is free to go but that she may stay if she wishes.

Please don't feel bad if it takes a few tries. Guided meditation can take some adjusting to but the rich rewards are worth it. You can, of course, use this with any color aspect, just change the cloth and candle colors accordingly.

Two Words Of Warning

The first one goes out to people who already have her. If you have persistent people coming up to you nagging you to do work for them or put things on her altar or do spells or prayers or whatever, yet always have excuses why they can't serve her themselves, do not do it, OK? These people are straight up manipulating you and if La Santisima will not work with them herself they are trying to get around that and use your energy, don't let them do it. She is a goddess we must serve ourselves. I'm not saying you can never work for a healing of a loved one or send out healing energy to a friend, but be aware that like any other goddess she will need payment for her actions.

The white aspect is the one that taught me to be truly solo by letting me be taken advantage of by two different people. Then, story time, she acted. With the first person the black aspect had me get everything out of the house that person ever gave me while the white aspect was roaring me to get the filth, yes, filth that person had offered off her altar and out of the house.

I did this then did work with the black aspect we won't go into. Then the white aspect took over, and well, she scared the witch right out of me. The thing is, and many pagans will tell you, every god/dess has a dark and light side. And white robes or not, she has a side that is well, evil is not a good word, but ruthless might be. She can be vengeful and she likes her work. The black one will put you in jail and the white one will actually do a lot worse.

I am not telling you that to frighten you away from her. She is a total sweetheart. But if you mess with her if you hurt one of her own, she will shut you down. She is the one connected to health and healing and the inverse is true as well. She is Death, do not go out of your way to make her angry and I can't stress that enough.

A lot of pagans have crossed her and have the scars to prove it. She isn't going to take anything from anyone and you can't bind or banish her. And, as the one person no doubt learned, you can't threaten to send something after someone who works with her. She will got after any such people in a heartbeat. Which, of course, is why those of us who work with her don't have to bother with cursing people or revenge spells. Santa Muerte has been compared to the mafia when angry, and as loving a little pumpkin as she is most of the time (I talk baby talk to mine and cuddle her statues dressed in wedding dresses like baby dolls, she gets besos) you do not mess with La Santisima.


Standing Reaper

In Closing

Working with her had been very rewarding for me. I work with the back aspect most of all, but often with the white aspect. She is a wise and patient teacher, a cooling, calming presence. She can bring love, light and sweetness in her path. She can. She's a great protectress for babies and children, pets, the sick, the elderly, the forgotten. Very gentle, very sweet.

But she is also a full blown warrioress, unmatched on the battlefield and fearless in the defense of those she loves. Like the scales she carries to weigh our actions and show her judgment, so too she can teach us to see and accept the light and the dark of her.

She is not the evil demon portrayed in the media. She is not the Western Grim Reaper sent to drag you off to the infernal regions. She is a very ancient and powerful goddess. She is Death, and as such is beyond our labels of good and evil. Working with her is a journey of a lifetime and may you journey be a rewarding one.

How do you work with her?


A Word About Her New Age Colors

I don't use the term to be rude. La Santa presented herself to me first in black robes since that was all I knew culturally, then in a brown wedding dress as I learned more. And I mean a beautiful light shade of brown I've never seen on any statue or in art. She also would wear grey that looked like it was woven out of fog or mist.

She used to wear pink, yellow and any other color with me as much as her "true" colors of black, red and white. I respect anyone's viewpoints on her colors, but I know how she has worked with me.

I think as I began working with her more in a pagan mindset she gave up those New Age colors. (I think the term comes from the literal rainbow of the seven colored candles and dresses, but don't quote me.) And her wedding dresses. Not because they were not real, but because I would no longer accept them as real or true colors for her. I cared more about proving it was La Santa I was working with than what she could show me or where she could lead me. As far as I can tell, those people who dislike any but the three colors we are told are the oldest do so from a view that they are not traditional.

And, some worry, that some rather peaceful people may get a lot more than they expected if they think, for example, they are getting a Catholic folk saint or fluffy bunny and end up with an Azteca goddess. To me? It doesn't matter what you use. As long as your lady is happy, use it.

If I opened myself up again, got rid of my tunnel vision I think she's start wearing all her New Agey colors again and her traditional ones too. I know her both as a folk saint and a goddess, so why shouldn't she do as she pleases? Being Death, to me, she is beyond our rules and religions. She is as she is, and she is La Santa no matter how she appears to you.

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Im a newie in the the practice how do i meditate to have her presence shown to me

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Thank you! She can be different for everyone, but I find in her black aspect she tends to cut me more slack. The white aspect is the one who hands out my punishments and that's a good thing. She can be extremely fierce, she can frighten people, but she never chooses people who can't stand her intensity.

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This is very cool; this combined with your other hub teaches me a lot, I never really knew there was a difference before but I get it now. Great hub.

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