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Kabbalah - Learn The Secret Of The Red String Bracelet


The Secret Of The Red String Bracelet

In Kabbalistic tradition, the Red Bracelet (leather, cord, or string) has been used, for centuries, as a tool of protection from the threat of the “Evil Eye.” The “Evil Eye” refers to the unfriendly stares and unkind glances we sometimes get from people around us. It is the belief that when people look upon us with jealous eyes and wish us ill will, it affects us, stopping us from maximizing our potential in life.

The Red String Bracelet and other handmade Kabbalah jewelry has recently become popular as celebrities such as Madonna to Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears and Avril Lavigne have been spotted sporting them in public. But, the Red String Bracelet is much more than a trendy fashion statement. It represents an ancient means of Kabbalistic protection and blessing.

Read below to discover the more about the Secret Of The Red String Bracelet.


The Red String Of Rachel

Kabbalistic Means Of Blessing And Protection

Tradition says that a red string (or leather cord) is used for making the red string bracelet.

The Red String to be used must have been wound around the stone marker over the Hebrew Matriarch, Rachel's grave seven times. As the cord is wound, the user recites the 33rd Psalm from the Hebrew Bible and the mystical prayer Ana B'Koach and Asher Yatzar.

Then, the red string, leather or cord is cut into bracelet size lengths and is worn on the left hand as a symbolic request for protection and blessing.


"Rachel" And The Red String Bracelet

The name "Rachel" comes from the Hebrew word, "rachil", which means "lamb." This symbolizes the virtue of humility. We are to learn from this that we must be humble in the presence of G-d like a lamb stands in humility before its master as it is sheared. "Rachel" also represents "speech." This is also a form of humility as speech has no power in, and of, itself.

All that speech does is reveal the thoughts of the orator. So too, we should submit ourselves to the Will of G-d as we are powerless in comparison to His awesome power.

In the Bible, we learn that Rachel did not envy Leah's good fortune (only her good deeds). As such, we are taught to pray that no one envy our success. We learn that Rachel's prayer for a child was answered; and, therefore, we are supposed to pray that the barren be blessed with children. Rachel was cured of her affliction.

We pray, therefore, that the sick be healed.


Other Symbols Of The Red String Revealed

The Concept of a String and the Color Red. This is to remind us that each day, a thread of G-d's grace is poured out upon us. We see that G-d renews the world for one more, new, day. The red string bracelet symbolizes that this "thread of G-d's grace." The Hebrew word for "red," adom, reminds us of the unique relationship between us and G-d. For example, adom is related to many words such as adama "earth, blood," and adam "man." Red also reminds us of the need to return to G-d by repentance, as it is written "If your sins be as crimson, they will be as white as snow." So, wearing a Kabbalah Bracelet with an authentic Red String is not only a means of protection, it is a means of remembrance.

Seven Times and the Left Hand. The "seven times" represents the need for G-d's protection over us seven days of the week. It also symbolizes the seven emotions, and the seven G-dly emanations (sefirot). As for the "left", the left heart is full of blood and is the egocentric, weaker, part of a person's soul. When we wear the string around the left hand, we are reminded that we must constantly fight against our selfish and egocentric urges.

The 33rd Psalm. The number 33 correlates to the concept of the "teshuva," as the Bible states that the evil King Menashe repented for 33 years before G-d received him." The time period between the 33rd day between Passover and the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot) is a period associated with the hope that circumstances will improve for the better. The Psalm itself also consists of three parts: the introduction, the middle part, and a conclusion praising G-d for his deliverance.

You can get the full text of the Psalm and the Prayer below.

Prayer Of Ana B'Koach. This mystical poem consists of seven lines with six words per line. This total of 42 words corresponds to one of the Holy Names of G-d. The initial letters of each word also refer to this Holy Name. Perhaps saying this mystical poem is a way of asking for G-d's assistance and protection during these 42 stages of one's life.

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You can get the full text of the Psalm and the Prayer below.

The Text Of The 33rd Psalm

Sing joyously to the L-rd, you righteous ones.

It is fitting for the upright to offer praise.

Extol the L-rd with a harp; sing to him with a ten-stringed lyre.

Sing to him a new song; skillfully play songs of jubilation.

For the word of the L-rd is just; all His deeds are done in faithfulness.

He loves righteousness and justice; the kindness of the L-rd fills the earth.

By the word of the L-rd the heavens were made, and by the breath of His mouth all their hosts.

He gathers the waters of the sea like a mound; He stows away the deeps in vaults.

Let all the earth fear the L-rd; let all the inhabitants of the world tremble before Him.

For He spoke and it came to be; He commanded, and it endured.

The L-rd has annulled the counsel of nations; He has foiled the schemes of peoples.

The counsel of the L-rd stands forever, the thoughts of His heart throughout all the generations.

Fortunate is the nation whose G-d is the L-rd, the people He chose as a heritage for Himself.

The L-rd looks down from heaven; He beholds all mankind.

From His dwelling-place He watches intently all the inhabitants of the earth.

It is He who fashions the hearts of them all, who perceives all their actions.

A king is not saved through a large army; a warrior is not rescued by means of great strength.

A horse is a false guarantee for victory; with all its great strength it offers no escape.

But the eye of the L-rd is directed toward those who fear Him, toward those who hope for His kindness; to save their soul from death and to sustain them during famine.

The Ana B'Ko'ach Prayer - A Kabbalistic Prayer And Meditation To Increase Good In Your Life

We implore You by the great power of Your right hand, release the captive.

Accept the prayer of Your people; strengthen us, purify us, Awesome One.

Mighty One, we beseech You, guard as the apple of the eye those who seek Your Oneness.

Bless them, cleanse them; bestow upon them forever Your merciful righteousness.

Powerful, Holy One, in our abounding goodness, guide Your congregation.

Only and Exalted One, turn to Your people who are mindful of Your holiness.

Accept our supplication and hear our cry, You who know secret thoughts.

This is a beautiful meditation set to the Ana B'Ko'ach prayer. Meditate on the Hebrew characters as you listen to the music. I meditate on this prayer daily when I first awaken. It really sets the tone for my day.


Why We Wear The Red String Bracelet

The Red String Bracelet serves as a channel to help manifest our desire for connection and protection from G-d. Wearing the Red Bracelet (leather, cord or string) signifies your intent to receive G-d's protection and blessing; and, your intent to become a better person, by performing acts of goodness and kindness and humility.

Remember, humility is not only an attribute of G-d, its the sign of a G-dly person.

Anyone who dons the red string bracelet with the awareness of Rachel the Matriarch and these powerful meditations is surrounded by the full force of protection she manifested in our physical world.">

Learn To Practice Kabbalh The Right Way - There is much more to Kabbalah than the red string bracelet

Kabbalah is a divine technology that you can use to change your life. The Red String Bracelet is only a small part of the practice. The key to success with Kabbalah is to learn about, and practice meditating, on the 72 Names Of God. Read below to learn more about harnessing the power of these Divine Names.

Review Of The 72 Names Of God

72 Names of God

A Must Read For Any Student of Kabbalah

This is a comprehensive look at the mystic names of God by Yehuda Berg.

The 72 Names of God Meditation Book serves as a divine instruction manual to using the names of God as a light to add power and abundance to areas of your life that need improvement.

Through the practice of meditating on The 72 Names of God , you will stir the Light within your soul to help you.

Whether it is divine guidance, money and abundance, healing, or protection, the The 72 Names of God will activate the power of miracles when you need them most.

72 Divine Names Meditation - Here is a simple video to allow you to experience the Divine Names

Use this Youtube video each day as a way to meditate on the 72 Divine names. It is the one that I use in my daily meditation. It is important not to try to concentrate on the Names. Simply, watch and let the technology flow into your sould as the Names pass before your eyes.


The Ben Porat Prayer

Another Way To Wear The Red String Bracelet

In this method, have someone you love to tie the Red String Bracelet to your left wrist with one knot. Then, they should knot the string six more times making a total of seven knots.

You must then make a vow to cease all negativity and gossip against others. These attitudes will interfere with the ability to receive the protection you desire.

Lastly, have your helper finish by reciting the Ben Porat Prayer (remember to read it from right to left). This prevents the "Evil Eye" from harming you while wearing the red string bracelet.

The Ben Porat Prayer is as follows:

ayin alei porat ben Yosef porat ben

yivarech ra mikol oti hagoel hamalach

shmi bahem vyikare han'arim et

vYitzchak Avraham avotai vshem

ha'aretz b'kerev larov v'yidgu

Tell Me About Your Experience With Kabbalh - How do you incorporate the Red String, the 72 Names or Kabbalah in general into your life?

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on February 19, 2017:

From article"

"Kabbalah is a divine technology that you can use to change your life. The Red String Bracelet is only a small part of the practice. The key to success with Kabbalah is to learn about, and practice meditating, on the 72 Names Of God. Read below to learn more about harnessing the power of these Divine Names."

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