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TWILIGHT: A Spiritual Interpretation

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How Can A Movie About Vampires and Werewolves Be Spiritual?

Have you read Stephanie Meyer’s novels about the young, innocent woman who falls in love with an immortal vampire? They are compelling, passionate, exciting and agonizing depictions of young, endless love.

If you are like me then you are interested in the deeper meaning beyond the excitement. Behind the intense love between a blood consuming creature and an innocent young woman. You're interested in the inner workings of the movie, the part that wasn't explained to the viewers. The part that sets the scene and drives the characters, whether they realize it or not!

Well, if you have similar interests then get ready for some interesting reading and please do not miss out on your opportunity to vote and to add your own interpretations in the comment sections.

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2008 Twililght Movie Picture

2008 Twililght Movie Picture

Twilight The Movie

Movie Synopsis

In the 2008 movie, "Twilight", based on Stephanie Meyer's best selling fictional Twilight series books, Kirsten Stewart plays Bella Swan, a high school junior who moves to the small town of Forks, Washington in the Pacific North West to live with her father who is the town Police Chief. She chooses to move in with her dad so that her mother can travel with her new husband. She is a quiet, introspective teenager who feels different from the local teens. She meets Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner, and they become fast friends. Jacob's heritage is Native American of the Quileute tribe in La Push, Washington.

Once in school, she encounters Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson, who is a "vegetarian" vampire because he feeds on the blood of animals and not humans. Edward rescues Bella from a collision with a van and demonstrates inhuman strength. Then Bella realizes that Edward is a vampire after a conversation with Jacob, who is a shape shifter or werewolf. The ensuing story includes the two falling in love and Edward fighting his vampire instinct and desire to kill her.

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Edward and Bella in the 2008 movie, Twilight

Edward and Bella in the 2008 movie, Twilight

2008 Twilight Movie Trailer - If You Haven't Seen The Movie Yet, You Just Gotta!

This is the official trailer for the movie Twilight. Check it out!

Edward and Bella Tree Hanging

Edward and Bella Tree Hanging

Twilight & Spirituality

How is a story about vampires, werewolves, shape shifters and teenagers spiritual?

The idea of vampires and werewolves is spiritual because both are immortals. This parallels the eternal life of the Soul, the Divine, God, Buddha, the Creators of the Universe, or whichever name you prefer to use. Man has fantasized throughout the ages about these creatures in a quest for enlightenment. In these stories, we figured out the immortal part and then tainted it with evil such as in the vampire drinking the blood of humans. The evil is symbolic of man's ego, the mental overbearing part that criticizes, accuses, and blames.

With an open mind, we can see that Edward Cullen's family has set the intention, however difficult it may seem at times of instinct rearing its ugly head, to evolve away from entertaining the evil, egoic part of themselves and relishing in the Divine as protectors of human kind. And here we have the eternal battle between darkness and the light. Where there is light, the darkness cannot hide. So Edward's love for Bella enables him to save her life while drinking the toxins out of her blood, and by being able to overcome his bloodthirsty instincts.

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Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen

Edward's Feelings

Edward Cullen: "I hope you like to be disappointed" to Bella.

This statement reveals what Edward believes to be true about him, that he is not good enough to be loved. It is part of his false belief system, which he acquired as a child or the early years of being a vampire. This belief is false because it does not reflect the Divine Self, inherent within each and every person. Rather, it reflects the ego, the judgmental part of himself or of someone close to him like a parent.

When we are young, we trust that what we hear from others is the absolute truth and we take on unhealthy thought patterns. These thought patterns become our internal remote control audios as we get older and we usually do not even realize they are playing. When we become quiet and centered we can feel that they are not our truth. With intent and focus, they can be replaced with a positive, life affirming belief system that feels good to hear inside our heads.

Biology Class

Biology Class

Edward The Monster

Edward Cullen: "I am a monster" to Bella.

This is another example of Edward's false belief system. He is stating that he is guilty of evil deeds. He feels self-loathing and unacceptable. This is what the ego will attempt to tell you with increasing fervor once you set your intention to change your false belief system. The ego is uprooted and fights like a demon to gain control of your mind again. If you expect this to happen then you will not be surprised when it does happen. You will recognize it as false information, re-center with positive, loving thoughts and resume your wonderful feeling day.

Try a soothing visualization or picture a loving face (like that of your pet or child or best friend) in your mind to help your re-center.


Edward's Love For Bella

Edward Cullen: "I don't have the strength to stay away from you any more" to Bella.

Here Edward is explaining that he feels such love for Bella that he cannot deny it any longer. It is symbolic of the deep, pure love, which is at the heart of all mankind, of all the energies in the Universe. This love has been named agape and crosses all boundaries known to man. Thus, a relationship between a mere mortal woman and a vampire man is possible. It's far fetched, yes, but in the realm of love anything is possible.

Bella Swan

Bella Swan

Bella's Sacrifice

Bella Swan: "Dying for someone you love isn't so bad" to the audience.

Bella believes she is dying to save the life of her mother and she is willing to do so. The parallel to Jesus Christ is easily apparent because he sacrificed his own life for the life of mankind. Bella describes a peaceful trance that came over her in the moments before she presumed to be killed. This is similar to stories from people who have had close to death and out of body experiences. Most of these people have lead more spiritually enhanced lives once they recover from near death.

Edward's Thoughts

Edward's Thoughts

Edward's Addictive Thoughts

Edward Cullen: "I thought I would not be able to stop" to Bella.

This statement describes addictive thoughts, including addiction to food, drugs, nicotine, alcohol, sex, caffeine, etc. These thoughts occur to block you from your true, loving inner Self. Once you give in to the addictive behavior, your senses are dulled and your body is separated from your spirit so to speak. You are disjointed, not whole.

Addictive thoughts begin with man's search for love. The person wants to experience inner love from the Divine, but instead seeks outside himself for the answer and ends up using substitutes to give a false sense of feeling "good". When the heart and body are pure of these substitutes, the experience of feeling "good" provides you with clarity, focus, understanding, forgiveness, and love. Your entire person vibrates at a higher frequency and attracts what you truly want in your life's purpose.

Edward and Bella in Meadow

Edward and Bella in Meadow

Bella's Worst Nightmare

Bella Swan: "Don't ever leave me" to Edward.

This statement reveals Bella's worst fears: fear of being alone and fear of death. These are the biggest fears that lie beneath most people's anger, revenge, guilt, and hate. This fear drives the ego's lies. When you deeply consider the topic with an open heart and mind, you will realize that the fear is unfounded. Nobody is alone because we are all connected on a spiritual level.

Try deciphering your anger the next time it rears it's ugly head. Why are you feeling so angry? Think about it and consider your past history then release it and feel your inner love by focusing on something positive in the situation.


The Life of A Vampire

Edward Cullen: "Isn't one long, happy lifetime with me enough?" to Bella.

Edward is torn in this statement because on one hand he wants to be with Bella for the eternal life of the vampire and on the other he does not want her to experience the dark side of being a vampire. He fears this will drive them apart.

I couldn't imagine being alive as I am now for centuries, much less eternity, could you? I would be watching history change while living in the dark recesses of life, ewww! Many stories are written of vampires that become bored with their unchanging lives. We incarnate into human forms specifically to learn life lessons and to evolve into master spiritual beings over the course of many, many lifetimes. Although at times this seems difficult and painful, this learning process is challenging, fun and exciting once you understand the big picture.

Twilight Quotes - Favorites List

Bella and Edward Kissing

Bella and Edward Kissing

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A Spiritual Book Recommendation - "The Seat of the Soul" by Gary Zukav

Gary Zukav is one of my favorite modern spiritual leaders. In "The Seat of the Soul", he gives an incredible interpretation of human evolution and personal choice. Quoting from the Introduction, "The club that kills can drive a stake into the ground to hold shelter. The spear that takes a life can be used as a lever to ease life's burdens. The knife that cuts flesh can be used to cut cloth. The hands that build bombs can be used to build schools. The minds that coordinate the activities of violence can coordinate the activities of cooperation."

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Annie Poe from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India on February 23, 2020:

I've always been a twilight fan. This is really an eye opener. I didn't watch the movies but I just have to read the last book. Thank for the info.

rawwwwwws lm on January 09, 2013:

I love this lens, and enjoyed passing through. Blessing this lens!

I love Twilight and the whole twilight saga. I am honestly sad it had ended. I am not a crazy fan like the others, but I am fan of twilight and definitely was sad when the last movie had come out. I did watch the movies during opening day. LOVE THIS LENS!! THANKS FOR SHARING.

JackNimble on July 11, 2011:

Interesting thoughts on the book and movie.

MargoPArrowsmith on April 14, 2011:

I have been thinking about this, well done.

I joined your fan club

anonymous on January 31, 2011:

@ElizabethJeanAl: Wonderful!

anonymous on January 31, 2011:

@pixelposy: Thanks!

anonymous on January 31, 2011:

@scar4: Hey, discoveries are great!

ElizabethJeanAl on January 29, 2011:

It's nice to look a the movie from another perspective. Thanks.

pixelposy on January 27, 2011:

Wow you've made me think of "Twilight" from a whole new perspective. I think I will give it a re-read with the themes you have presented here in mind. Awesome lens!

scar4 on January 27, 2011:

I never realize that "Twilight" contains some spiritual elements before checking this lens, a big discovery.

anonymous on January 15, 2011:

@choosehappy: Love it when that happens. Thanks, Lynne.

Vikki from US on January 13, 2011:

Speaking of synchronicity (I was just at that lens;)---I just mentioned this to my husband the other day about the more deeper meanings in the Twilight movies. Long story. Short story is love this lens. *Blessed* by a Squid Angel ;)

lasertek lm on August 02, 2010:

This is something new. I have read so many articles, reviews, and the like about Twilight and this one is surely different among the others. Great job!

happynutritionist on July 16, 2010:

Though I stay on the "narrow way" described in the Bible in my spiritual life because of the dangers outside that way, I want to congratulate you on getting LOTD:-)

Khalid-Osman on April 13, 2010:

I liked your deep outstanding thoughts and feelings about the movie. I have not watched it but it reminds me of the American Werewolf in London. I give it big five* and a tweet.

BWDuerr from Henrietta, New York on March 16, 2010:

Fascinating and very original interpretation of Twilight. Lensrolled to ALL of my Twilight lenses. :D

Eliza Rayner from Boulder, Colorado on January 10, 2010:

I haven't seen the twilight movie but I have read the book. Thanks for the insights on spirituality you gave on this great page. Really interesting and thoughtful. I will need to check out your jewelry as well, sounds beautiful.

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