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Is Esther Hicks Faking?

Abraham-Hicks: Faked or Just Shallow, Cold and Not Very Bright?

Is Esther Hicks putting one over on us with Abraham or is she really interpreting infinite wisdom deposited in her mind in "blocks of thought," messages from 100 "nonphysical teachers," all intimately connect to God or "Source" as she contends?

One of the group, she tells us, is Jesus. Alternatively, she has also said, via her Abraham persona, that she is "what Jesus was."

Judging by countless contractions, gross errors in fact and the way her stage appearance and style of performance has been altered, former followers now believe Esther Hicks fakes the channeling of Abraham, at least some of the time.

Some believe she always did or just exaggerated what her own intuition, conditioned by the late Jerry Hicks instruction, was giving her.

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Esther Hicks in Her Restrained Persona


"What Jesus Was, Esther Is." Really?

One member of the Abraham group, Esther claims, is Jesus.

She also, speaking as "Abraham." said that "What Jesus was, Esther is," before going on to say she speaks for Buddha too. That was cracked enough for me, but there's more.

Although followers have dropped off in significant numbers since the illness and death of Esther's husband and business partner, Jerry Hicks, many still turn to her for inspiration.

But an erosion of trust has been eating away at this once upbeat, charismatic and reliable source of guidance and insight, accusing Esther and Abraham-Hicks of being frauds and seeding a cult.

Her message has changed in ways that throw into question everything about Esther Hicks' two decades long presentation of Abraham.

Any objective observer has to wonder - Is Abraham-Hicks real?

Put another way, is Esther Hicks making it up as she goes along,channeling an increasingly shallow, cold and even mean-spirited Abraham?

An Objective Review of Abraham-Hicks

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This Just In - Proof That They Lie

Jerry Hicks died in 2011, didn't he?

If Esther Hicks' signing off her email spam with Jerry's name, right there with hers and Abraham's, as if there are three "entities," a closer look at the Abraham-Hicks website promotes more fiction.

On this page, they claim that Esther and Jerry live "a fairy-tale life."

Not only are they zigzagging across the country in their monster bus, but they are breathing "huge lungfuls of joy" while they're at it, not an easy thing to do when you've been dead a few years.

According to the same Abraham-Hicks web page, Jerry Hicks is really not dead. In fact, he's "an adult who enjoys almost perfect health and vitality."


Yes, A-H says, the spring in his step "rivals men half his age."

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