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How to Practice Huna and the Hooponopono Meditation


Welcome to Huna

I love Huna!

Huna is often referred to as Hawaiian Huna, or Huna healing. But as you'll see later, it goes beyond those terms.

Huna is an ancient philosophy that was taught in secret by kahunas (shamans). The secret knowledge is now available for all of us to use in our everyday lives.

I will share the fantastic "ho oponopono" meditation. It's very simple to do but the effects can be life changing.

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Introduction & definition of Huna

Huna is term that was adapted by Shaman & Author Serge King.

Huna was originally taught by the Kahunas, who were the Shamans or high priests of ancient Hawaii.

The term "Huna" translated into English means "secret", but it also refers to the spiritual wisdom of Polynesia.

What is Huna?

Huna is philosophy & way of life that encompasses spiritual practice, mediation, philosophy, psychology & healing to gain peace, love & self empowerment.

Huna is holistic and based upon love. It promotes living in harmony with your spirituality, yourself, emotions, the earth & others.

Huna philosophy is not about mediating to reach a higher plane, its about gaining mastery & integrating our higher self, with our conscious self & our unconscious self, in other words to merge matter, emotion & spirit.

Huna was taught by Shamans in Hawaii

Huna principles


The 7 principles of Huna

* IKE (ee-kay) - The world is what you think it is.

We create our own reality through our thoughts attitudes & our belief system. This also means that we can change anything, since we are the creators.

* KALA - There are no limits.

There are an infinite amount of possibilities at any time. We can create what ever we want to as everything is possible.

* MAKIA (mah-kee-ah) - Energy flows where attention goes.

Focusing on something will "make is so". This means that in order to live a happy life, we must focus on happiness. In order to have love in our lives we must focus on love. If you focus on "not having love" then you will manifest that into existence.

* MANAWA (man-ah-wah) - Now is the moment of power.

This means that we are powerful & effective when we focus on the now & are living in the present moment. We are not powerful we live or our focus in the past.

* ALOHA - To love is to be happy with (someone or something).

This means that one should love & bless all the things that they want in life. It also means unconditional positive regard.

* MANA - All power comes from within.

We own our power, we have the power to change our lives. No one can take our power or have power over us unless we let them. It is our choice.

* PONO - Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

To live by the 7 principles will enable you to live an effective & positive life.

Ho'oponopono Poll

The 3 selves

A core Huna belief is the concept of the '3 Selves' & that the formula of living a fulfilling life is to

- Gain full awareness understanding & mastery of the 3 selves

- Integrate the 3 selves.

The 3 selves are:

* Unihipili - The low self or the unconscious

* Uhane- The middle self or the conscious

* Aumakua - The higher self or the super-conscious

Ho'oponopono meditation


Photo used under creative commons from Flickmor

Ho'oponopono meditation

Ho'oponopono mediation is one of many profound Huna techniques.

Ho'oponopono means to "to set things right".

The concept behind Ho'oponopono is that we create our own reality, it comes from within us & is not an external entity.

As we are the creators of our reality, we have the ability to change it.

Ho'oponopono enables you to heal relationships and let go of the past to create peace & new experiences.

I would like to share my favourite mediation that I have adapted from the Ho'oponopono technique.


Ho'oponopono meditation

  1. Light a Candle & sit down in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed
  2. Take several deep breaths until you feel centred & calm
  3. Imagine golden light pouring though the top of your head, bathing each cell within & surrounding your body
  4. Next, think of anyone who you has hurt you in the past or who you feel has hurt you
  5. Picture the person in front of you & mentally say "I apologize, I forgive you, I love you". Surround the person in golden light as they walk away.
  6. Visualize the next person & repeat the phrase, again surround them with golden light.
  7. Continue this process until you can't think of anyone else (remember to forgive yourself). This might take 5 minutes, 30 minutes or over an hour. Give yourself enough time to perform this healing
  8. Finally give thanks all the people you have visualized & thank yourself
  9. Take a few clarifying breaths & open your eyes. Have a large glass of water to ground & cleanse you


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I did ho'oponopono for a while, and I was on conference call with Dr. Len. and I read Joe Vitale's book. Nice lens on this topic. Blessing it!

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I read Joe Vitalie's book, too, and it does work. I've been a student/friend of Serge Kahili King's for a couple of years and his way of approaching Huna is slightly different. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Great lens! There is a soothing, spiritual tone about it. I visit your site often.

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Having read Joe Vitalie's book on Ho'oponopono, I practised his technique for a while and I did feel better - there's definitely something in it - but like a lot of things with me, I didn't continue, something else got my attention and I let the practise slide. Will work at it again, though. Great lens


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Thank you for sharing a wonderful technique for healing and true forgiveness. This is one of the most powerful ways to heal our hearts and our lives.