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Life Is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle Look to the Bible for the Missing Peace

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


As we start a journey called life, there are many interesting routes to travel. Each road has one more direction. It ultimately, leading you to your purpose in life. Therefore, as you take this daily walk of life, it does not tread accurately or as a GPS. And you will travel on roads that possess options. Each thought, minute, choice, and experience lead you to an alternate path. Only choosing the “right” route will be a tough decision.

A human being’s ability to choose is their free will, but having the freedom to make a decision does not mean the course of action will ultimately come to you. It is up to you to create an inner compass and find it yourself. Start by focusing on what will lead you to your motivation throughout everyday life. The method you choose may not reach the destination, but it will escort you to the special moments that will ultimately lead you to your purpose in life.

Life is all about various paths, the lesson of the journey is uncontainable. You must move on as life is moving on, but to achieve success in finding your way, you must firmly place both feet to realize each pathway is different. A whole another way of life. To an unpredictable journey called life, it is essential you decide what you need to accomplish the opportunities in front of you. As you gather experience on this journey of life, you persevere. Take care of it as you can become distracted from the targets. The journey will be long, winding, and tiresome.

Life’s journey begins the instant you open your eyes in the delivery room. Your parent leads and guides you step by step through life’s mission to complete the section of the puzzle toward adolescence. Then you start another portion of the puzzle seeking a finish, but to no avail.

In your journey to finish life’s puzzle, you face a powerful decision when you reach adulthood; it set you to assume responsibility and travel your path as you set up the interconnecting pieces one day at a time.

People may make plans in their minds, but one of life’s most excellent adventures starts when you allow God to change the direction and establish your step.

Proverbs 16:9 (KJV) A man’s heart devises his way: but the LORD directed his steps. So start planning accordingly on which particular path to follow to gain instant success.

Also, discrete parts of life frequently appear to be so many puzzle pieces to you, and throughout everyday life, it’s tricky to figure out where to put the pieces. Therefore, you shuffle and reshuffle those pieces to find an appropriate solution.


By continuously making efforts to put life puzzle pieces together, life will try you with pains and heartaches, so you must read the Bible. Reading it helps you put the mystery puzzle pieces in the right places. As you live life, you connect each section of the puzzle from different aspects of life.

Until you understand what God is creating in your life and how you fit into bringing about His purpose, you cannot put together the puzzle pieces. To walk alone on this path, you must have guts and determination. You will need God’s grace and guidance. To experience a journey where people would remember me as a lady who won a million smiles and conquer an adventure. I must continue developing my unavoidable journey with struggles and hopes. Until the day my journey will bring me to my destiny, that’s then that I will be home.

From nothing to something, life has not been an easy adventure. Envision the “picture” of life as puzzle pieces and wonder what the world is happening. It will present what causes everything to fit into your life as putting together many jigsaws puzzle pieces.

Just imagine if only life was the case that simple, but it not; life is like a pile of scattered jigsaw puzzle pieces. Although you understand God has laid stone upon the stone with a reference called the Bible for you to read. It regulates the direction to build upon, and you must remember, without God’s word, your life is a structure like a pile of scattered jigsaw puzzle pieces.

As an infant, the parent guides you through a series of growth stages. They oversee the child until the primitive guarding reflexes disappear. Through parental care, it assists you to complete the first stage of the puzzle.

Without the word of God, you can not locate all the parts to complete that section, which means you are building your lives without that solid foundation of Jesus as the keystone. You will find love and lose it. Also, gain a new one and tried to keep it. After receiving friends, only a few will remain. You will find money, but it will never really stays.

You wish to move on with the puzzle. The inversely seem to vary. So, you will spend hours and hours shuffling and rearrange the piece, hoping for the pieces to fit. But it can only be very frustrating.

After rearranging the pieces and finally reading and hearing God’s word, it will divide the puzzle into sections. Each puzzle piece will fall into place when you structure your lives according to the word of God and his guide to the way of salvation.

From where I have started to where things end, I found the journey of life is occultism, and it can be like putting together a puzzle. One that can fascinate, where you love to travel, but travel light. You know the joy of the journey, although it includes both tears and smiles. You live life to continue placing the pieces in position day by day until that very last piece inserted, and the mission is complete.

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The Diverse phases of life are a primary stage that creates lots of pieces to the puzzles. As each part of life’s mystery puzzle represents life’s experience, like the day we first commit to God, losing the first tooth, the first day of school, graduation, first job, first true love, firstborn, first car, first new home, and the first vacation, etc.

Through this journey of life, a lot has happened. You go on adding mysteries and puzzle pieces to each day of your lives. You gather the parts of the puzzle to living each day of life; it is difficult to see how to fit each piece together. You will encounter a day where you live in guilt, the fear that binds to the past. You will feel like life is rushing by, escaping through so quickly.

You will find you have done the right things and made a lot of mistakes. With so many things in life, you have been contemplating over life. You pray to God for him to forgive all your wrongs. You believe if you trust in him. There is an understanding of how and where to start the puzzle’s pieces. Some people begin life puzzle pieces by doing the external parts. Then, some start in the middle, and a person may like to build from the bottom. And another might originate from the top, while some start with the edges.

Me, I perform one piece at a time by allowing God to lead me as I learn His word is an excellent guide toward life experience and the best guide to adulthood and another way of life. Also, it is a roadmap for growth and real and lasting life.

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle look to the Bible for the missing piece, and when you let go, surrender, accept God’s word and His promise, the puzzle pieces will fit together.

If we look to the Bible and understand it, we will find the missing peace we are so in search of, and the puzzle piece will fit together.

When we give in and be submissive, accept God’s word, we will complete the puzzle. The last few pieces are simple, they fall into place effortlessly, and you flourish in life.

Your life gets more meaningful once you solve the mysteries, and you let go. Yield to God that complete the last few pieces of the puzzles, and you find the missing peace so many are in search of.


When you refuse to structure your lives according to the Bible; you are living your life making efforts to put together puzzle pieces that will not fit in the proper place. Your life will become painful. You will feel as if you are enduring a curse. Life, as you know it, looks like an eternal road stretched across miles of bumpy dirt roads.

Also, you have only been establishing the basic outline of your life and attempting to fill in the details along the way with the tendency to view them as “age” pieces in your life puzzle. It is not until you decided enough is enough. Surrender, although the roads will be rough.

When you obey God, his word is that one, a rare piece of the puzzle that everybody needs to complete the puzzle. You can reach your aim to approach the path of success, the highest peak to show people you are not weak.

Imagine this common-sense scenario of almost-disaster; I witness my best friend almost back into another car because she was not paying attention. I remember thinking how blessed she was that life is often full of “almost” — virtual collisions, dead, nearly a disaster.

These “almost” present margins of in need — how God’s grace is the protection necessary over those who do things without paying attention. Nor thinking about life’s consequences.

A similar scenario applies to children growing up as a child. They need parental guidance, but when they disobey parents that the pieces of the puzzles that will not fit together that need parent help to fall in place.

The Bible and the word of God are valuable pieces of the puzzle. And you must finish the journey to place each part of the puzzle together. All you need to do is to be submissive to God’s word, which can become splendid memories of the last piece of the puzzle to complete it for a lifelong treasure of peace.

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Life is like a Jigsaw Puzzle

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