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How NOT to be Fooled by the Darkside; Strategies for fighting Spiritual Darkness

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What is Going On?

We all know things in the world right now are not “right”, whether you are a spiritual person and can sense or feel it, or from daily observations about your surroundings. It’s pretty simple to understand that something on this beautiful planet that we call home is definitely NOT right, or unbalanced, or however you choose to define it.

We are surrounded by much hate, division, corruption, deceit, etc. These are all characteristics of darkness. The light in this world has dimmed. There are constant distractions with the intention of steering us away from God. God is truth, and I am a truth seeker. I consider myself a Christian. It is a continual process of learning that excites me every day. God guides me and shows me new things all the time and I enjoy sharing things I learn, especially God’s truth. He promises us eternal life and there is nothing better to look forward to than that.

My Motivation for this Article

As I was watching YouTube for a few minutes the other night, all of a sudden, a list of videos from a man named John Ramirez popped up. I didn’t know who he was, I felt led to watch it, and I did. This man was a satanist from the age of 8, who served the Devil as a high ranking General for approximately 25 years until he died, went to hell and was visited by Jesus who saved and transformed him. He is now a minister teaching and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is known as the “Demon Slayer”.

I watched a few of his videos, including his testimony on how he was saved from being a servant of the devil. All I can say is, his testimony opened my eyes more than anything I have watched or read in a while. You should check it out!

Now, I grew up in church, I know who God and Satan are, and know what things I need to do and what I shouldn’t do. BUT…. These videos were so intense that a feeling came over me like a very clear understanding of the workings of the devil and how I need to change some things that I currently do that I should not. My husband has probably told me a thousand times in conversations and brought things to my attention, but I never listen.

All of a sudden, all of those things were put right in my face as clear as day. I feel like God is showing me intricate details of how the devil works so I have a better understanding of how he can turn me against God, and also felt like God was telling me to, “get it right”, and write my experience down, so now you know….

What is Spiritual Darkness?

Spiritual darkness is defined as living apart from God. Think about it this way…. When you walk in darkness, you can’t see, you usually stumble into something and hurt yourself. When you are in the light, you can see everything clearly. It’s that simple. Anything demonic lives in darkness. They cannot be in the light, as God is the light! Demons flee when near light or the name of Jesus or God is mentioned. They have power, but they do NOT have any power against God, or true believers with the holy spirit. As you can imagine, they have the WRONG power.

The only thing that can separate us from God is sin. Satan is the ruler of the demonic spiritual kingdom and is the current ruler of our world. That explains a lot when you look at all the things that have been going on in the world for some time now. There is a major battle going on in the spiritual realm and we need to be armed with everything God has given us. Spiritual battles have everlasting consequences.

Did you ever hear anyone say, “God gives the biggest battles to his strongest soldiers?” It’s true. God never gives you anything YOU are not equipped to handle. You are stronger than you think and don’t ever let anyone tell you different. We need to watch what we say and do as Christians and be ready, because in case you haven’t noticed, God is shaking things up. We all need to be aware and prepared for whatever comes our way.

Three Heavens and Satan's Short Term on Earth

According to my research, there are supposedly three heavens. The first heaven is the physical atmosphere, such as the sky and our universe. The second heaven is the heavenly spirit realm where Satan and his demons reside, and the third heaven is the heavenly spirit realm where God and his angels reside.

The second heaven is also considered the “abyss” and it is connected to earth. This is how demons, and their demonic forces affect us directly and how they roam the earth looking to devour who and whatever they can and wreak havoc with witchcraft and demon spirits. They have limited power but possess individuals to do their bidding. They can only possess individuals who let them. We hear many times how some have sold their souls to the devil. But that statement is not accurate. You cannot sell your soul to the devil. Jesus Christ is the creator and owner of our souls.

When people are possessed by Satan or his demons, they are given instructions by the devil to deceive, and destroy. The devil cannot create or destroy, so he can only occupy human souls to accomplish his missions. The devil and his demons HATE unity, it paralyzes them. This is why true Christians who pray together create unity and cannot be touched by demons. Hence, the phrase “power in numbers”. A circle represents unity, and when you have groups of Christians praying in a circle together, it is a great defense that the devil cannot compete with!

So, we all know that God created Satan. Well, he was an angel, that eventually wanted to be “GOD”. That didn’t work out to well for him and he was tossed out of the Third heaven, where God and his angels reside, and went into the demonic realm. As this realm has a connection to earth, we are stuck with him for a short time. It feels like forever to us, but God’s timing is different. God exists outside of time and space as we know it.

God knew when he created Satan, that he would fall. God gave us free will, and because of this Evil exists. You cannot have one without the other. Basically, evil is sin. It is the opposite of God and everything God isn’t. It is being non-caring, non-giving, self-absorbed, and rebellious. He is the “father” of lies deceit, delusion, intrigue, temptation, and destruction. As humans created in God’s image, these are ALL characteristics we should avoid!

God is only allowing the devil to rule this earth for a short time. At Jesus’ second coming, the beast system, the anti-Christ’s, and the devil will all come to an end, and we will begin again in paradise like it was in the beginning. There are many events happening daily, and we need to be faithful and patient, until God's judgment comes.

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How to Spot Demonic Forces

If you know about God, have the holy spirit in you, and know what God expects of you it isn’t that hard to spot “things of darkness”. For example, I can sense the “eery” feeling around me when I am out and about and I’m no “holy roller”. I just feel it, I don’t know how else to explain it. I have always had a gift for feeling what others feel sometimes, and it's easy for me to “listen” and “help” when I am given the chance.

We all know that God did not create fear and he does not put bad thoughts or ideas in our minds. If you are listening to others or watching things with dark content, it did not come from God. There is so much music, art, movies, video games, etc that are influencing young minds. Sometimes, I even catch myself watching movies with dark content that I don’t realize, and I am prompted to change the channel. My point is that if you are living a Christian life, God has a way of letting you know when you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing. He will also keep you around people who follow the narrow path if you let him.

The Devils’ Intentions

Satan’s intentions are to deceive and destroy people by using other people, media, music, tv, drugs, sickness, etc. He teaches his demons to use evil spirits and witchcraft to bring sickness, addiction, confusion, suicidal thoughts, etc. He is the “father” of lies deceit, delusion, intrigue, temptation, and destruction. As humans created in God’s image, these are ALL characteristics we should avoid!

You get the point. He can only hurt you if YOU let him. We are to be watchful of false prophets, and people who distract us away from anything good. He wants to turn us away from God and make us slaves. He uses our weaknesses and fears against us. He encourages sin, which separates us from God. The devil has an extensive toolbox, and he knows exactly what tools to use and how to use them to get the results he wants. Therefore, we need to be aware of what we watch, listen to, say, and do.

Strategies to Fight Demonic Forces

Here is where I am going to add a list of strategies to fight spiritual darkness. It’s a small compilation of things I have learned over time.

*Keep God as your focus always

* Anytime you want to complain, PRAY instead

* Believe the bible and be armed with God’s word

* Pray unceasingly

* Submit to God completely

In conclusion, most of the world follows the broader path. This road will eventually lead to destruction. The narrow road is the road to Jesus Christ and eternal life. As for me and my family, we will follow the latter.

Jesus says in Mark 3:36, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Just something to think about.

Until next time………….

© 2022 Dee

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