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How to Make Moon Water

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How to Make Moon Water

We are connected to the moon and its phases. It oversees our ocean tides and our moods. Although there are several phases in the lunar cycle, one is more powerful than others. That is the full moon phase.

During the different phases of the moon, particularly the full moon, you can feel he increase levels of energy in your body, you can feel the intense flow of your emotions, you can feel it in your fingers and your toes!

According to many people more expert than I, the full moon phase is the best time to make yourself some moon water. In this article you will find out how and why.

“All of the full moons for the entire year are special in that they have particular names.” ~

— Neil deGrasse Tyson


What Is Moon Water?

Moon Water is water that has been energized by the powers of the moon. It has literally been charged by exposure to the moon light, yes, literally charged. Most people like to make Moon Water when the moon is in its full phase, but you can make it anytime. So, when you decide which phase, you'd like to make your water in here is how to do it.


Each phase of the lunar cycle passes on different vibrations and energies, so you must decide which of these vibes and energies your intentions need. In other words, what do you want your Moon Water to do? How do you want it to affect you and your surroundings. Read about what each phase of the lunar cycle does, and how it affects the Earth. This will help you to decide the best time to charge your water. Below you will find how exactly how to make this energized water.


Choose A Phase To Make Your Charged Water Under

What phase did you decide upon? When are you going to set your container of water outside? Once you think about and decide what results you want to get from this charged water, it's easy to find the right date for you. Check your calendar for the moon phases and the dates each different phase will occur.

Think about your intentions for this water and focus on what results you want from it.

Different phases of the moon give off different energy so choose which energy your intentions need

Different phases of the moon give off different energy so choose which energy your intentions need

Phases Of The Moon And It's Energy

New Moon - New Beginnings

Waxing Cresent - The Start

The First Quarter - Moving Forward

The Waxing Gibbous - See The Growth

The Full Moon - Achievement

The Waning Gibbous - Time To Reflect And Re-balance

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Last Quarter - Emotional Release

The Waning Cresent - Time To Restore

You can see the energy in the phases of the moon. It grows and wanes again so we can start all over. Life, after all, is constantly in motion.


The How To Make Moon Water Recipe

Fill a Container with Water

So now you know when you will make your moon water. It's time to think about what container you want to use. Some people use a glass jar or vase, and that is what I use. I like Mason jars but you can pick any glass container that "speaks" to you as being the right one. Think about how you feel when you are deciding which container to use and you will feel comfortable about one of them. Choose that one.

Also make sure it's a safe place to store water if you are going to drink any of it. You don't want to use a container that is not safe. You also might want to consider filtered water or make sure your water comes from a safe to drink source. I know people who like to use rainwater, but they aren't planning to drink it.

You will then fill the container with water.


Put Your Water Outside Where It Will Absorb The Moon's Energy

When moonlight appears in the sky place your water container in a spot where it is in direct light from the moon. Think about your intentions for this water and the energy it will receive. Concentrate on your desires and prayers. You can meditate or pray if you like.


Your Intentions

Whatever your intentions are, think of them. Let the Universe know what it is you want from these infused waters. Many people clean with this water, some drink it, others use it to clean and soak their crystals to help recharge them. visualization is a great way to picture your intentions. See yourself using the energized water.

Rest well and wake up the next day to retrieve your container of charged Moon Water.

What Do People Use Their Moon Water For?

Spiritually: The Moon affects us and our planet in ways we do not fully understand. Many believe there is a connection and a spiritual quality to this relationship.

Cleansing: Some believe the charged Moon Water will clean us and energize us, so they bathe or wash with it.

Energizing: Some believe drinking it will energize and enhance our well-being.

Cleaning: Some people like to clean their homes with it to impart a peaceful energy to their living space.

Crystal Energizing: Some people like to energize their crystals by placing them in the water.

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