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How To Make A Voodoo Doll


Learn How to Make Two Kinds Of Voodoo Dolls Right Here!

Why make a voodoo doll? Because making Voodoo dolls can be a lot of fun. It is an activity that elicits laughter and is food for some great and potentially therapeutic conversation among family and friends.

Invariably, the stereotypical reasons as to why people make Voodoo dolls comes up, and you have an opportunity to discuss who pissed you off, hurt you, and who deserves a good hexing. What a great forum for a self-help group!

Now, I am the first to admit that there are people in this world who deserve as much bad luck as is humanly and spiritually possible. Child molesters, rapists, sadistic and cruel parents, partners, and world leaders, those involved in the trafficking of women and children for prostitution, my ex-husband...I could go on and on. But, I choose not to engage in such practices because they are spiritually toxic to myself, my family, and the universe. There are other, more constructive ways to make an impact that won't subject you or those close to you to the dark forces of the collective shadow of humanity. Few are prepared to deal with such energy. Moreover, there is the law of three that governs our fate as related to our behavior and the choices we make; in short, everything we do will come back to us three-fold. So, don't come crying to me if you decide to stick somebody with a pin with the intent of hurting them and sudden "bad luck" befalls you. Having said that, these instructions are for your entertainment only. Consider yourself warned!

Barnyard Ju Ju - How to Make Voodoo Doll Out of Anything



One of the first things to consider for this activity is what type of Voodoo doll you want to make. There are countless types of spirits and purposes to inspire the creative process. Here, I will present instructions for making an all-purpose Voodoo doll.


As in most creative projects, you must first gather your materials. The basic idea is to take a walk outside and look around you. What do you see that looks like potential materials? Really, anything goes when making a Voodoo doll, but here are some suggestions. You'll want to find 2 rather sturdy sticks. I recommend using sticks that are 8 to 12 inches long for the body. The other stick will serve as arms and should measure half the size of the body. Next, you'll want to find something to stuff the doll with. Although Spanish moss or pine needles are commonly used in New Orleans for this style of doll, anything that speaks to you that is a natural element will work.

These two things form the foundation of the Voodoo doll.

Next, find some scrap material and cut into one or two inch strips. Two inch strips are best for bigger dolls. Don't worry if the material frays or is not cut straight or imperfect. These are the kinds of things that will give your Voodoo doll character when all is said and done.

For the purpose of this article, I have made a list of suggested materials to use as you follow along.


2 strong sticks

Spanish moss

scrap fabric cut in 2 inch strips, 2 to 3 feet long (color of your choice)

yarn that complements or contrasts fabric

string, hemp cord, or waxed thread

2 black-eyed peas or beads to use as eyes

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needle and thread in a color to match or contrast your fabric

tacky glue

7 pins with heads in the following colors: red, blue, green, purple, yellow, black, white

Symbolism of the 7 pin colors:

yellow - success

white - positive

red - power

purple - spirituality

green - money

blue - love

black - repelling negative energy

Books about Voodoo Dolls



Make a cross shape with your two sticks.

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Take the Spanish moss and wrap it around the sticks, starting at the middle for reinforcement. If possible, use moss that is connected together in a piece long enough to cover the sticks without breaking the moss apart. The idea is to wrap the doll in one continuous motion.



Continue wrapping the moss up around the head, down to one arm, back across to the other arm, back to the middle, and down to the bottom. If you break the moss apart and have to use more than one continuous piece, that is okay. However, you may have to wrap string around the moss to keep it from falling off. If you wrap tight enough, you shouldn't have to use string over the moss.



Take your fabric strips and wrap around the moss. Make sure to leave some of the moss showing, such as on the head (for hair), at the ends of the arms, and at the bottom. Secure with tacky glue. You may want to reinforce with a couple of stitches with your needle and thread.



Take your beads and attach them with the needle and thread for eyes, or glue 2 black eyed peas to the face for eyes. Add a button or bead for the mouth. I used a small plastic flower for the mouth of this doll.

Congratulations! Add youR seven pins and you have made an all purpose Voodoo doll!



This step is entirely optional. However, I always add details like clothes to my dolls because they begin to speak to me and tell me what they want to wear, whether they are male, female, gay, lesbian, or androgynous, and what types of items they want to carry, such as a mojo pouch or gris gris bag.

Take some yarn or contrasting material and wrap it where you want it for accent. You can make a belt or use it for hair, for example, or make some clothing. I made a skirt for this Voodoo doll, who has turned out to be a female spirit. I added some dark, courser Spanish moss for her hair,gave her a lace shawl, and wrapped her head in an orange kerchief. Because she is a domestic guardian Voodoo doll, she also wanted a broom talisman, so I made her one of those to carry.



For the final touches, I added some dark, courser Spanish moss for her hair,gave her a lace shawl, and wrapped her head in an orange kerchief.



Because she is a domestic guardian Voodoo doll (don't ask, she just turned out that way!), she also wanted a broom talisman, so I made her one of those to carry. In Louisiana, the broom typically symbolizes good health and fertility. This broom is made of sweetgrass and sage. I added an evil eye bead to ward off negativity, a white dove for peace in the home, a gold coin for blessings of bling, and a heart, which signifies the Goddess Spirit that is at the heart of the home.

How to Make a Voodoo Doll on YouTube!

The Voodoo Doll Spellbook - A Compendium of Ancient and Contemporary Spells and Rituals

by Denise Alvarado and featuring contributions by Doktor Snake, Sharon Marino, and Carolina Dean

This book is exactly as the title implies - Voodoo doll spells! You will find Voodoo doll spells never before printed anywhere! These are all ancient New Orleans voodoo, hoodoo, witchcraft, Greek, and Egyptian Voodoo doll spells!

How would you like to open Marie Laveau's trick bag of Voodoo Doll spells? The Great and Powerful Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveau, was known to create little dolls and place them on the doorsteps of enemies, or use them to win court cases, or to unite lovers. She had a veritable trick bag of brilliant methods for gaining the knowledge he needed for her spells to be effective. One ploy was to surreptitiously place a Voodoo doll near the front door of her victims, more often than not the house-servants of well-known New Orleans families. When the Voodoo doll was discovered, the victim was convinced they had been hexed by someone other than Marie, and would run to the Bosswoman (as Marie was known by the locals) for help. Marie would agree to render the doll harmless if the victim agreed to act as her spy and provide her with information about the affairs of the prominent family where the victim worked. Now that is one hell of a magickal manipulation!

Inside this book you will find countless secret spells that help you to bind your enemies, banish naysayers, bend people to do your will, and win court cases. Learn how to break up a couple, destroy all of your problems, get a job, cure sickness, call forth spirits, win in games of chance and attain success. Inside, you will find spells to make yourself irresistible, find a lover, make your lover faithful, and spice up your sex life. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

How would you like to know how to make your wishes come true? Or find true love? Catch a thief? Keep your dog or cat from wandering off? Break a curse? Or drive someone crazy?

Giant Voodoo Doll with Voodoo poppet and mandrake doll baby

Giant Voodoo Doll with Voodoo poppet and mandrake doll baby

Giant Voodoo Doll with Voodoo poppet and mandrake doll baby

Giant Voodoo Doll Totem - by Dave Goldy


There are many ways to make Voodoo dolls, and this lens only covers two. Occasionally, I will receive emails from people who have created their own Voodoo dolls either by following my instructions, or using their own ingenuity. This giant Voodoo effigy was created by Dave Goldy, who demonstrates just how creative and unique Voodoo dolls can be.

"I thought that you might get a kick out of the life-size voodoo effigy that I created about 5-6 years ago after a pre-Katherina visit to New Orleans. I like to think that it is now protecting our home, here on the Gulf coast, from far so good!"

When asked about his process, he replied:

"The head and headdress piece are from 2" plankstock; from there down, the covering is a water-repellent fabric hand-painted with a variety of mystical designs. The inner body is a dense bunting that can accept penetration of the 6" white & black pins and hold them in place w/o sagging downward. The arms & spine armature on which the body is supported is a lashed criss/cross of two lengths of bamboo: the arms pole is encased in horizontal reeds. Over time, the effigy has collected a number of milagros, charms, religious objects, and misc doodads. As you might imagine, this project took an enormous amount of time from drafting the original designs, finding materials, hand-sewing, hand-painting, sawing, more painting, and on & on. But........., I do have the satisfaction of knowing that it is the only one on this planet Earth!"

I know exactly what you mean. Thank you Dave for this fabulous contribution!

Would you like to see more readers' Voodoo dolls?

The pictures I received from Teresa McCoy of her Voodoo doll were so awesome I thought it would be very cool to see what other people are doing with these instructions. What do you think?

White New Orleans Voodoo Moss Doll - For Blessing, Healing, Protection, Purification, & Wish-Granting

White Voodoo Doll made During the 2010 Lunar Eclipse

White Voodoo Doll made During the 2010 Lunar Eclipse

In New Orleans, Voodoo moss dolls can be found all over the French Quarter in a variety of styles, sold as magickal curios infused with the power to heal or hex. These dolls are popular due to their affordability and flexibility. The purpose of the doll corresponds with the color of the doll. White dolls are typically associated with blessings, healing, protection, purification and wish-granting. If you or someone you know is ill, for example, you can take one of the pins and stick it in the doll where the illness originates and say "Illness be gone".

How to Make a Voodoo Poppet

Here's another type of Voodoo doll...

There are a multitude of ways to make a poppet. You can literally make it out of any material you want; you are limited only by your imagination and intention. For example, a Voodoo poppet doll can be made out of muslin or felt, or a beautiful fabric that you love and makes you feel good. Use the color guidelines below to make your poppet suit a particular purpose. Stitch the dolls up the sides leaving a space at the head open for stuffing. Use batting, herbs, or moss to stuff your Voodoo poppet, stitch up the head and viola! you have your very own handmade Voodoo poppet!

Color Symbolism:

yellow - success

white - positive

red - power

purple - spirituality

green - money

blue - love

Make a Voodoo Poppet - Step One

Make a Voodoo Poppet - Step One

Make a Voodoo Poppet - Step One

Make a Voodoo Poppet - Step Two

Make a Voodoo Poppet - Step Two

Make a Voodoo Poppet - Step Two

Make a Voodoo Poppet - Step Three

Make a Voodoo Poppet - Step Three

Make a Voodoo Poppet - Step Three

Make a Voodoo Poppet - Step Four

Make a Voodoo Poppet - Step Four

Make a Voodoo Poppet - Step Four

Sacred Clown

Sacred Clown

Sacred Clown

Available as a Paperback book and instant download!

Download: 1 documents, 41376 KB

Printed: 213 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, cream interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink

Tracing the Voodoo doll's roots back in time, this book provides a fascinating account of the most provocative and mystifying icon of the African-derived healing tradition of Creole Voodoo. The author explains the multicultural history of the Voodoo doll, dispels stereotypes and myths, while at the same time showing the reader how to make and use Voodoo dolls to enhance everyday life. Learn how to make three kinds of Voodoo dolls, find over 40 spells and rituals to find love, attract wealth, offer protection, and promote healing and happiness. The book is richly illustrated with over 50 photographs of all kinds of Voodoo dolls, both vintage and contemporary.

Copyright Year: 2009

Language: English Country: United States

Keywords: voodoo, voodoo dolls, New Orleans, religion, spells, rituals, magick, vodou, Africans, slavery, Creole, Haiti, folk magick

 Preview this book

To purchase a copy of this book, head on over to Creole Moon Publications.

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How to Voodoo on Amazon

Voodoo Doll Photoshop Brushes by Planet Voodoo

Voodoo Doll Photoshop Brushes by Planet Voodoo

Voodoo Doll Photoshop Brushes by Planet Voodoo

More Voodoo Stuff on Amazon

How to Voodoo With Voodoo Dolls

Free Voodoo Doll Baby Template

FREE Voodoo Doll Baby Template in the premiere issue of Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly

Your wish is my Command!

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