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How to Speak to Your Guardian Angel

Rich E Cunningham is a life long follower of non denotational spirituality, astrology, automatic writing, and guardian angel parapsychology.

Your very own, special Guardian Angel

Did you know every person has their own guardian angel? According to this study at ABC news.

    55 percent of all adults believe that they have been protected by a guardian angle during their life, according to a new survey by Baylor University. The findings echo what other research has found over the years -- that many Americans are religious.

Is it so hard to believe a floating, angelic chub or dashing, white winged saint is floating about you at all times to keep you safe in walmart when you are buying oreo cookies? I think not.

Although some guardian angels take a more passive rule in peoples lives. Some people are blessed with more vocal guardian angels, which want to intercede in your life and help guide you to the proper results you desire.



Have you ever made a decision that made you feel bad after? Of course you have, we have all felt that way some time or another. Consider that could be your guardian angel talking to you. They want to show you the right way, they want you to listen to your guidance.

How do I know all this? Because my guardian angel spoke to me about it. Indeed with time and practice you can also speak to your guardian angel and I would like to show you how in this little lesson.

Then why doesn't everybody do it?

Now you might be wondering why doesn’t everybody speak to their guardian angel if it is so easy? That is a good point, a very good point. But let me ask you this. Everyone of us, is a product of the love between two parents. So, we all have parents. Now barring unforeseen circumstances, such as you being such a bad child that you were put up for adoption at an early age. We all had the chance to know, and learn from our parents.

How many of you listen to your parents advice?

Parents are old, and they don’t know how the world works these days. You consider yourself an independent person and your going to live your life the way you want!

Most people, subconsciously of course. Feel that way about their guardian angel. They want to lie, steal, and cheat on their spouse. Your guardian angel doesn’t want that, and they will be so disgusted with your actions that I doubt they will talk to you.

If you are a deviant like I suggested, you will have some work to do before you can talk to your guardian angel at will.

A good dog is closely related to an angel

A good dog is closely related to an angel

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How to speak to your guardian angel

The first step to speaking to your guardian angel, is to find a place to be by yourself.

One cannot have a conversation with their guardian angel in a crowded subway, or a court room. When surrounded by others, their is to much external stimulation for both of you.

By yourself is the only place to speak, but a prison cell or dark deserted alleywayt isn’t good enough.

One must contact their guardian angel in a place of beauty and peace. I would recommend a place that is seeped in the majesty of nature, such as early morning at a lake, a sunset at a oceanic beach, or mid day on a small mountain hike.

When you are surrounded by the wonders of nature, your soul. By soul I mean that innate being that constitues yourself, that resides in your body is more atune to the harmonic connection with your guardian angel.

They love us

They love us

Start with small talk.

When you meet a person, you don’t just talk to them their political beliefs, or what the most gut wrenching painful thing in their life they have experienced. “Hello there, has anyone you know been murdered?”

You must start with a bit of small talk. Guardian angels are the same way. Don’t just ask them what the meaning of life is, what you should be doing with your life, or if you should leave Joey for Kevin because he has a convertible.

Ask your guardian angel how they are doing, get to know them a little bit. Did they have fun that time you went to the local amusement park?

Your guardian angel has been with you since you were just half a bottle of wine, and a cd of “Under pressure” by david bowie set on repeat, during the long weekend. So they know a lot about you. They have been with you, and they may have enjoyed the same experiences in life that you did.

If you have never talked to your guardian angel before, you might have to have several sessions of conversation before they grow to trust you. I mean how would you feel about somebody who has been ignoring you, your entire life?

Once you have befriended your guardian angel, we can move on to the deeper topics.

"Shes doing what now?"

"Shes doing what now?"

Reflecting on past events.

Think back to a difficult choice you have had to make, then ask your guardian angel what it thinks. You don’t have to ask for words, ask with your heart. I think I know what you mean.

Captain Picard, a character in the popular show Star Trek the Next Generation, often wondered what his life would have been like if he had followed the path of archaeology, one of his main interests, over being in the star fleet and becoming a captain of the enterprise.

This all comes together in the episode “The chase” where his former archeology teacher comes to him, begging him to join him on a complicated mission and give up his position on the star fleet.. Picard after much soul searching refuses, but by the end of the show, due to his position in Star Fleet he is able to complete his mentors mission. Spreading a small seed of hope for future peace between the races as a Romulan captain messages him and suggests that perhaps the two races aren't so different after all.

No doubt we have less dramatic (Or maybe even more dramatic.) examples in our own lives.

Do not spend your life in self doubt with such difficult choices, why not ask your guardian angel?

In our place of peace and beauty. Ask your Guardian angel what they thought of that choice.

Your angel will tell you, with feelings, and if you are lucky they might even let you know what the solution is. Is it time to bury the hatchet? Is it time to forgive yourself? Your angel knows.

I hope this simple process over time, helps you as it did me.

Make time for the good moments

Make time for the good moments

Listen to your Guardian angel.

Although this article says its about talking, it is really about listening. But nobody wants to listen to anybody so nobody would have clicked on it. My grandmother use to say we were born with two ears but only one mouth, because we are suppose to listen twice as much as what we talk.

Maybe that was Judge Judy now that I think about it. Regardless the point is the same. You must consider what your guardian angel tells you about your life.

If you need to change your life, you must.

Your guardian angel wants you to do good things, and to be a good person. They want to show you how.

To often to life we spend all our time, trying to get a bigger house, a nicer car, stock options. When we should be focusing on what is really important? Being happiness to yourself and to others.

Your angel doesn't care about those things. They are an ethereal, immortal and multi dimensional being. They don't really care, maybe you shouldn't either?

We can get through this together

We can get through this together


Frequently asked questions.

Can I make my guardian angel do stuff? Like get me a beer ?

Typically no. Although occasionally to save somebody's life a guardian angel has affected various things, such as having you miss your stop on the titanic. (the other people, who did get on the titanic’s guardian angels must have felt they needed to develop a little character.)

You can not usually expect a guardian angel to get involved with the physical realm on command.

I am not religious or do not believe in angels, can I still speak to my angel?

Fortunately, your guardian angel believes in you. So this is not a problem. You are taking the world angel literally. Although some of them may in fact look as angels. You should not typecast them into the classic christian thought of angel. Do you remember when you were a child, and you were sure there was a monster under your bed? Although everybody said there was nothing to be afraid of you knew the truth didn’t you? You didn;t have to believe in monsters to feel that they were there did you?

If you are not religious.I would recommend that you deeply need a spiritual connection and should attempt to contact your angel as soon as possible.

I have multiple angels, and they constantly fight in my brain. Help!

Most likely you are in fact schizophrenic and not talking to angels. It is a mental disorder that often arises in the teenage years due to genetic, environmental and chemical factors (such as the use of cannabis). Some of symptoms can include hallucinations, voices and a disconnect from reality.

Contact your normal doctor or a local mental health professional for a diagnosis and a suitable treatment plan.


As you can see, like all relationships it takes a bit of work when it comes to talking to your guardian angel. But just like other relationships it can be a rewarding experience for the people involved.

Getting to know your guardian angel, can help you develop as a person and allow you to make the right choices for yourself. What a wonderful gift.

Before you go...

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2020 Rich E Cunningham


Maurice Glaude from Mobile on May 20, 2020:

I believe this is one of my guardian angels many confirmations. I recently posted a quote I came up with, likely a message from my Angel, that says, “Silence speaks louder! Go within and listen this time.”

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