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Hell is Real and You Don't Want to Go There !

Both Geophysical Science and the Holy Bible confirm there is a Lake of Fire beneath the Earth.


The Solid Inner Core of the Earth is the Hottest Part

Geophysical studies have revealed that the earth has several distinct layers. The outermost layer of the Earth is the crust. This comprises the continents and ocean basins. The crust has a variable thickness. The next layer is the mantle, which is about 2900 km thick, and is separated into the upper and lower mantle. This is where most of the internal heat of the Earth is located. The last layer is the core, which is separated into the liquid outer core and the solid inner core which is the hottest part of the earth.


The "Lake of Fire" in Hell is in the Mantle beneath the Earth

Geophysical scientists that have studied the volcano inform us the mantle under the earth is so hot that the rocks are in a molten or liquid state called the magma. This layer is where the "the lake of fire" may be located. During the eruption of a volcano the lava that flows out of the crater gives us the evidence that the "Lake of Fire" in hell is under the earth.

Section across a Volcano indicates fire coming up from the Lake of Fire beneath the Earth


Molten Lava comes out from beneath the Earth spill out and overflow from the Crater of the Volcano

Russian Scientists Drilling in Siberia Recorded Sounds from Hell


The following article appeared in the well respected Finland newspaper "Ammenusastia "

As a communist I don't believe in heaven or the Bible but as a scientist I now believe in hell," said Dr. Azzacove. "Needless to say we were shocked to make such a discovery. But we know what we saw and we know what we heard. And we are absolutely convinced that we drilled through the gates of hell!"

Dr. Azzacove continued, ". . .the drill suddenly began to rotate wildly, indicating that we had reached a large empty pocket or cavern. Temperature sensors showed a dramatic increase in heat to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit."

We lowered a microphone, designed to detect the sounds of plate movements down the shaft. But instead of plate movements we heard a human voice screaming in pain! At first we thought the sound was coming from our own equipment.""But when we made adjustments our worst suspicions were confirmed. The screams weren't those of a single human, they were the screams of millions of humans!"

Sounds of Tormented Souls from Hell recorded by a Research Team in Siberia

The Geophysical Description of the "Lake of Fire" under the Earth fits the Biblical Description of Hell

The Holy Bible has many references to hell and over 162 of them are in the New Testament alone. There are more than 70 references that were spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what He said about hell. The unsaved persons are thrown into a place of "fire" (Mt. 7:19; 13:40; 25:41); "everlasting fire" (Mt. 18:8; 25:41); "furnace of fire" (Mt. 13:42, 50); "the fire that shall never be quenched" (Mk. 9:43-48). Revelation describes hell as "the lake of fire" (Rev. 20:13-15).

Hell is the Place reserved for the Devil and his Angels.

After Lucifer and his wicked angels lost the war there was no place for them in heaven any more and they were cast to the earth (Rev. 12:7-9). Lucifer fell from heaven and was brought down to "Sheol, to the lowest depths of the Pit" (Isa. 14:12-14). The Lord Jesus Christ said that hell is the place with the "everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels." (Mt. 25:41).

The Hebrew word "sheol" is hell. The "pit" is a hole on the earth (Num. 16:30-33; Isa. 5:14). "For if God did not spare the angels who sinned, but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment;" (2 Pet. 2:4). Hell is described as a "bottomless pit" in which the wicked descend (Rev. 20:3; 17:8). From these biblical references we know that "hell" is a real place under the earth.

Hell is a Place of Torment

Hell is a place of torment (Lk. 16:28). The Lord Jesus Christ described the unsaved man as "being in torment in hades" (Lk. 16:23). In hell the man said, "I am tormented in this flame." (Lk. 16:24) "And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever, and they have no rest day or night, . . ." (Rev. 14:11)

To Hell and Back – a book by Dr. Maurice Rawlings

Originally Dr. Maurice Rawlings was not a Christian. He is a cardiologist. Dr. Rawlings encountered some near death experiences (NDE) from his patients that made him a believer. He is the author of a book "To Hell and Back" that describes life after death. Dr. Rawlings writes of the experiences of his own patients brought back to life. Here are some excerpts from his book.

"I (Dr. Rawlings) was giving CPR to a patient when the following incident occurred. I inserted a pacemaker through the shoulder and guided it through the vein into Charlie's heart. His heart stopped so I began to pound on his heart, but as I did blood spurted out, I stopped to adjust the pacemaker. And as I did, Charlie's eyes would roll back in his head, he would sputter, turn blue, and convulse. This happened several times. Once while I was stopped to adjust the pacemaker Charlie screamed, 'Don't stop, don't stop, I'm in Hell, I'm in Hell.' Hallucinations, I thought at first, but most victims say, 'Take your big hands off me, you're breaking my ribs,' but he was saying the opposite 'For Gods sake don't stop! Don't you understand, every time you stop I'm in Hell. When he asked me to pray for him I felt downright insulted. I told him to shut up, I'm a doctor, not a minister or a psychiatrist. Then the nurse gave me that expectant look. What would you do? That's when I composed a make-believe prayer. I made him repeat the prayer to keep him off my back. Say it! Jesus Christ Son of God, Keep me out of Hell. And a very strange thing took place. He was no longer that wild-eyed screaming lunatic. It was then that I too (Dr. Rawlings) became a Christian." (pg 37).