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Haunted Antique's

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Supernatural experiences haunted objects ... Do you have a possession that is possessed by a spirit

So, Can antiques or an inanimate object really be possessed, haunted? Do you love antiques, is your home brimming with them? Do you spend hours in search of wonderful treasures to add to your décor? When you find a treasure do you purchase it without little thought to where your treasure lived, and who owned it before you? Have you ever wondered what attracts you to certain antiques? When you spot something you just know you must have, does your sixth sense just kick in, and you just purchase it? Have you ever purchased an antique that once it's in your home you noticed odd occurrences happening? Such as, unexplained bumps in the night, quite ghostly murmurs in the still of the afternoon, or perhaps even things being moved or go missing? You just may have brought home a haunted antique. It seems hard to believe that an inanimate object could carry some residual energy from its previous dead owner. Whereas the previous owner has in some way attached itself to that object and has the power to project itself in the form of a "haunting".

There are so many paranormal television shows today that deal with the paranormal, one such show "Haunted Antiques".Haunted Antiques is an interesting show. Each week the show deals with hauntings that are believed to be caused by antiques or an inanimate object. It's very interesting to see how once the object that is believed to be haunted is removed, the ghostly hauntings as a rule stop.

I am Curious?


"The Magic Mirror

Visitor Jennifer wrote to me and offered to share her haunted antique experience ...

August 6, 2013

I have a mirror dated pre-1850s that came from an old house that caught fire. I've been in possession of this mirror for thirty years, never contributing my weird bad luck, odd sensations, and eerie feelings to an object until recently. My daughter and I call it our Snow White" magic mirror because if we do our makeup or hair in the bathroom mirror, it shows flaws, freckles, clumped eyelashes, but a step in front of the magic mirror and within a few seconds the image peering back at you is flawless! Unfortunately, the magic seems to have a "dark side"; My family has suffered multiple catastrophic incidents. Traumatic car accidents, illness, financial woes, and it's been repetitive for thirty years, no matter where we move, new employment opportunities, financial stability, it all gets taken away again. The mirror has graced the wall of every home I have moved to, seems very coincidental. The bad luck is not the only issue, our dog frequently comes in my bedroom, hair raised, fighting stance and stares up at the ceiling growling, cowering, and backs up to get out of the room. There are times when I walk past the mirror and become chilled if I stop and look into it I honestly feel like it's "mocking " me. There are times when I dust it, I swear the wood frame feels warm as if the mirror is preening at its tender care. I know this sounds crazy, and I would like to think it's all nonsense, but once again, my family is suffering huge hardships, my mother included ( who just recently moved into my home). Any comments would be welcomed!

I am Curious ?


I Have Actually Had An Ouija Board Experience

I have had my own experience with an Ouija board. I actually purchased an Ouija board at an estate sale. Many years ago my husband and I went to an estate sale in a prominent metro Detroit suburb. The home had belonged to a well-known business person in the area. This made the sale a must, I love antiques, and was hoping to find some great treasures at this sale.

Everything at the sale seemed to be picked over or well beyond my budget. In the basement there was a grand game room, I noticed on the floor in one of the corners a stack of old games. I discovered a very old Ouija board in the pile and decided to purchase it. On the way home, we were rear-ended! Needless to say, the Ouija board was never played with. I had heard never to destroy an Ouija board. So, I just left in in the garage and told all in the house, it was never to be opened! It is still sitting in my garage and has never been opened. Call me superstitious, and you would be right on.

Tea for Two ?


I thought I would post this photo just to get some feedback.

In the photo you can see I am setting a table, I was preparing to have friends over for a Christmas tea party. Shortly before my tea, I had purchased two different tea sets, both being very old antique sets. I felt very drawn to both, so I purchased both sets.

As I set up the two tables my husband took several photos, the photo here is one of the photos he shot. As you can see I have a rather odd phenomenon in this photo. This white ghostly phenomenon only showed up in one of the many shots my husband took that day?

My Fastidious Aunt, And Her Beloved Grandfather Clock


The Haunted Clock

Actual Photo of my aunt's beloved Herschede grandfather clock.

My tale is of an old grandfather clock that I inherited from my favorite aunt. As a girl, in the year 1962, I accompanied my aunt on the shopping trip that she actually purchased the grandfather clock. My aunt was a hard-working woman and worked in a factory for the better part of her life. She was known to only pay cash for anything she bought and would save money to make a special purchase, as she did for the clock. As we drove to the store where she was to purchase the clock from, she confided in me that she had always wanted a Grandfather clock, and she knew just the one she wanted. It was a Herschede Grandfather clock, that was known to have wonderful sounding chimes.

When the clock was delivered it was placed in her dining room, and she would fuss over keeping it spotless and well cleaned. You would never find a smudge on its glass or dust on the clock at any part of the clock. My aunt had high standards when it came to keeping her home clean, one might say she was a "fastidious housekeeper."

The years passed, and my aunt passed away. The clock was passed on to me. I placed it in my formal living room, I wanted the clock to have a special place in my home, where it would be seen daily and enjoyed by all. I had the clock in my home for some months, and Christmas was coming, and before decorating as a rule I would give all wood pieces in the house a good polishing. When it came time to clean and polish the Grandfather clock, I was astonished! There was not only not a bit of dust on the clock, the glass inserts were sparkling. To make a long story short I have had the clock for over 15 years, and it always appears clean and dust-free. I know this may be hard to believe, I find it hard to comprehend myself? I feel my wonderful aunt, that has long left this earth, keeps her clock clean, and up to her fastidious housekeeping standard.

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Can You See The Face Of A Spirit, and the writing at the spirits forehead?

Can You See The Face Of A Spirit, and the writing at the spirits forehead?

Can You See The Face Of A Spirit, and the writing at the spirits forehead?

Please take my poll... - Do yo see the writing on the forehead of this apparition, if so please leave commet on what you think the word is?


Shannon Henry from Texas on April 22, 2020:

Interesting. Thanks.

Sharlee (author) on April 22, 2020:

The photo was taken by my niece. I have no idea how she enlarges it to produce the final image. The actual woman in the photo is my Mother.

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 21, 2020:

May I ask what that picture is of? Is it one of yours?

Sharlee (author) on April 21, 2020:

Yes, I see the 7 and know that I look at that area it looks like there are several numbers. And if you look at the blue line that is around the picture top right I think I see another small face. looks like a child. I never noticed these things. I am sure they were there but took another to pick it out.

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 21, 2020:

It's tiny at the far right of the word.

Sharlee (author) on April 21, 2020:

Where did you see a 7?

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 21, 2020:

Oh, okay. What's the number 7 about?

Sharlee (author) on April 21, 2020:

If you look at the picture in the center you might see two nostrils, this should make the eyes and mouth and chin become clearer. At the forehead there seem to be letters I seat the left side an S and an H. Other than that I can see an E. But it appears to have other letters. I don't know what the word is. I was hoping someone visiting might see something I do not. My Mom did call me Shar. So I thought maybe there are two words.

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 21, 2020:

Hi Sharlee. Interesting concept you've written about.

I have a question for you: what is the word? Your last poll doesn't have an answer for someone like me who sees the face but not the writing.

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